Top 15 Most Hated Divas of All Time

In case you didn't know this, most wrestling fans are also red-blooded males. If history has shown us anything, red-blooded males seem to enjoy smoking hot females. Wrestling fans also like a little more than just women's looks, as they're also interested in their skills in the ring and on the mic. No matter how entertaining it is to bathe in their beauty, eventually wrestling fans want to be entertained by in-ring action and wild characters.

For many who've tried, being a heel women could be tough. After all, when a bunch of rugged men are drooling over your looks, how could they hate you? That's why the best Divas are the ones who have mastered the art of getting a crowd to boo the heck out of them. Whether fan are booing them because they're mean girls, or worse, booing them for their sexual proclivities, or for their heelish deeds, the bad girls of the WWE and other promotions should all be forces to be reckoned with.

Obviously we're not supposed to hate them because they're beautiful, we're supposed to hate them because they were all great at being bad.

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15 Jillian Hall 

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We all love singers like Madonna, Britney, Xtina, and...Jillian Hall?! While being easy on the eyes (though once The Boogeyman ate her fake birthmark off), JBL's former image consultant was very hard on the ears. While not too shabby in the ring, Hall stood out in an era where the Divas didn't have to be good in the ring. She stood out because of her inability to sing. At times, she had X-Pac type of "get off of my TV heat," but for the most part, every fan loved to see Hall's mic get turned off or watch her get shut up in a more physical way.

14 Charlotte 

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When your dad is the dirtiest player in the game, you might actually have been born bad. Beloved in NXT as one of The Four Horsewomen, Charlotte came to the main roster and recently began showing her true colors as possibly the dirtiest woman in the game; feigning injuries, using her daddy for distractions, and mocking her opponents. Learning from her father has benefited her greatly as she has become a great female villain with the skillset to become one of the great wrestling villains (regardless of gender) on the roster. To paraphrase her shirt, if you’re going to be a heel, then do it with Flair!

13 Trish Stratus 

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In a testament to how good Trish was, besides winning Diva of the year about a bajillion times, is that at one point in her career the beloved Diva was also hated. She started as a heel, managing Test and Albert, but more importantly, at WrestleMania XX, she turned her back on Chris Jericho and sided with with Christian. From there, Trish went on a deliciously evil heel run as a viscous vixen, continuing to pair up with Christian and Tomko, along with humiliating Christy Hemme and reigniting her feud with Lita, before she became a heel herself.

12 Laycool 

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If Regina and Cady were wrestlers, they'd be Layla El and Michelle McCool. The former Miami Heat dancer and the current Mrs. Undertaker forged an unbreakable (even though they broke the women's title) bond. Together the two Flawless Divas ragged on every Diva who wasn't as perfect as they were (Piggy James, anyone?) and manipulated people in power to assist them in their bidding. In an era where it is hard to get real heat, these two didn't mind being hated and mostly likely didn't mind the money people paid to see them accomplish their misdeeds.

11 Jacqueline 

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She is one of the prolific Divas ever and hopefully Hall of Fame bound. Jacqueline has worked all over the world, in old school territories like Memphis and GWF, along with the WCW, TNA, and of course WWE. No matter where she has gone, she has dominated both women and some men in order to earn her stripes and do her best to be booed out of the arena. Considering her considerable...assets, that is even harder than one might think. But one half of PMS has always been ready to unleash heck on anyone from any gender. It was easiest during the Attitude Era, when the future Hall of Famer was consistently paired against Sable, so clearly she'd get it from most of the fans.

10 Ivory 

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Want a sure fire way to get tons of heel heat heaped upon you? Become a big ol' prude in an era where it was fashionable for every girl to drop trou at a moment’s notice. Ivory (who should also be Hall of Fame bound), wasn't overtly sexual during the Attitude Era, but she still showed enough that when she joined up with the Right to Censor, the former GLOW girl was instantly vilified. Of all people to save us from Ivory's psychobabble rhetoric–Chyna decimated her at WrestleMania X-Seven, perhaps a sign of things to come for the future adult film star to pin a woman who just wanted to instill family values back into the product.

9 Lita 

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Want a sure fire way to have tons of heel heat heaped upon you? Date one of the most popular and over guys in the company, have a storybook alternative/grunge romance with him and then cheat on him with one of his friends. Edge and Lita fell hard for each other, which made Lita's then–boyfriend, Matt Hardy more than slightly miffed. Not surprisingly, the fans completely turned on Lita and booed her for not just her in ring behavior, but the behavior of Amy Dumas as well. Lita decided to take the fans disapproval and turn it into a goldmine and she and Edge for a time were the number one heels in the company.

8 Mickie James 

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Before garnering a ton of fan sympathy for LayCool's treatment of her, Mickie James debuted as a big Trish Stratus fan. Stalker–level big. She spent about eight months of her early career lurking in Trish's dressing room, appearing at ringside and doing all sorts of things that creepers do. It was all a mind game, as the then-certifiable James would challenge Trish for the belt at WrestleMania 22, where all the mind games, along with the most sexually charged move in the history of sports entertainment, would garner James her first title belt.

7 Vickie Guerrero 

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A beloved wrestler’s widow flourished as a top heel. One would surmise that when Vickie signed on to be a performer that no one would have expected her to become the most hated woman in the company. During her run, all she needed to do was belt out an "excuse me" and the crowd was ready to see her get trounced. Having lived with Eddie for so many years made her a quick study and because of all she accomplished in so little time with the company, Vickie is definitely the most hated Diva of the 21st Century.

6 Luna Vachon 

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With half her head shaved and tattooed with weird veins, along with a face that only her father Mad Dog Vachon could love, it was pretty easy to boo Luna Vachon. Having seldom seen her without her insane makeup, it's hard to envision her in the same bikini contests as Sable and Jackie, but that's what made Luna's involvement easy to hate. In the ring though, she was as tough as any male. Luna's place in the sport was a heel, as even when paired up with The Oddities, you knew she wouldn't be able to maintain a friendly air about her for long. Few Divas had the ability to be truly hated for their actions and few would take the actions Luna took, making her one of the best of the worst.

5 Fabulous Moolah 

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The Bruno Sammartino of Women's Wrestling; The Fabulous Moolah held on to the title like grim death for pretty much her entire career. She would, and still does, strike fear into the hearts of many Divas, but it was backstage where she drew the ire of many of her peers. She supposedly controlled the booking fees and rights of many of the girls and because of this was able to sabotage her match against Velvet Mcyntyre at WrestleMania II, prevented the proposed tag team match between the Glamour Girls and the Jumping Bomb Angels from taking place at WrestleMania IV, and forcing girls like Luna Vachon and Ronda Sing to take bookings elsewhere so they wouldn't have to share their pay days with her.

4 Alundra Blayze

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She seconded men like Rick Rude to the ring and was part of The Dangerous Alliance, all of before she dumped the Women's Championship in a trash can. When Jim Crockett needed to to develop a new heel stable, he placed Paul Heyman as the new JJ, and Blayze as a newer Baby Doll for the Dangerous Alliance. While she did garner some notoriety as the babyface Alundra Blayze, her career was made as Madusa and cemented when she dumped the belt in the garbage after appearing in WCW for the first time. Despite not having a real women's division, WCW still booked her to run with the Macho Man to add the Hall of Fame career of a girl who was great at being bad.

3 Stephanie McMahon 

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When your dad was the biggest heel of the late nineties, you have to work extra hard to be absolutely despised. When your corporate role is that of a trailblazing woman who has started a charity among joining several others, it's very hard to be booed out of arenas. But when your Stephanie McMahon and you've been in the professional wrestling business your entire life, it comes a little more naturally to you. Steph has come a long way from being just a shrill screeching voice and has become a dominate powerhouse heel with a killer promo. Some critics might not like a non-wrestler or non-physical person in the role, but that just means the rare occasions when she gets her comeuppance mean that much more.

2 Eva Marie 

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She might not be the most hated of all time (yet), but if the Red Queen plays her cards right, she can make a lot of money being hated and go down as one of the best bad guys of all time in the process. Eva Marie is actually hated because she is beautiful...beyond beautiful in fact. The bottled red head came to the company simply for her looks and the fans have moved beyond untalented beauties and want to see ones that can wrestle. Eva Marie has taken that hatred towards her and ran with it. Deciding to go to NXT to learn the craft of how to work and how to be booed for more than just her looks is quickly making her the top heel at Full Sail.

1 Sensational Sherri 

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If there was a doubt in your mind that Sherri Martel would still be the reigning queen of mean, you need to go watch just about everything The Sensational One had done over her career - first as a wrestler, then as a second to men like The Macho King, Ted DiBiase, and an early HBK. No, she wasn't nuanced on any of her heel machinations but that wasn't her schtick, she was supposed to be a shrill, badass woman who wouldn't back down from anyone she came into contact with and that means guys like Hulk and Warrior. Any man or woman today trying to get over as a heel should re-watch and pay close attention to Scary Sherri.

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