Top 15 Most Impressive Homes of WWE Superstars and Divas

Longtime fans of the Hart family will remember their sprawling Calgary homestead, including the infamous “Dungeon” where men were stretched into pretzels by the late, great Stu Hart. The mansion is now under different ownership but still referred to as the “Hart House,” showing the historical impact of wrestling on Calgary and its locals. Wrestling fans can also recall a time when Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan were the kings of the business, living in their own wildly expensive estates in Atlanta as well as along the southeast coast that would later fall to the mercy of courts after messy divorces. Most people have heard about the huge salaries of WWE’s top stars, but how many have taken a closer look at the life these men and women are living? You might be surprised at a couple of names who come up when the subject of palatial homes of WWE talent is raised.

lWWE superstars who save their money find that they can make a comfortable living, if not live a great life in a huge mansion. Your favorite NXT up-and-comer might not yet be ready to make known his or her residential bragging rights and there are of course a good number of WWE veterans and legends who live modestly (or less) without ever having lived a life of million dollar splendor. However, it’s the big spenders who get the most attention. More than a few WWE talents have had their homes featured on television, or like real-life WWE couple Rusev and Lana experienced recently with their Nashville home, buying a new house can even get the media’s attention.

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15 Kofi Kingston

An avid comic book fan and collector, this former Intercontinental Champion and current member of New Day's house in Florida definitely doesn’t suck. Kofi’s house has been featured on WWE’s YouTube channel as a part of their “Superstar Toyz” video episodes, where he has a man cave he has dubbed his “Boom Room” full of pop culture and comic collectables (including championship titles, a display of his favorite WrestleMania gear, sports gear, and even a collection of swords). Nobody appears to have asked Kofi yet if he plans on collecting memorabilia of Big E Langston or Xavier Woods as well.

14 Brock Lesnar and Sable

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Upward and onward for the Mayor of Suplex City, as Lesnar has sold his longtime home, a 43-acre rural estate outside Minneapolis, Minnesota he shared with his wife Rena, better known as former Women’s Champion Sable, and their children. It’s likely that the former WWE Champion will be moving on to bigger digs now that he has signed a new deal with WWE, but it’s hard to imagine getting any better than the four bedroom, three and a half bathroom home with tillable woodland and a pond on the property.

13 Rey Mysterio

Now that it’s time for this legend to have a moment to rest, we can all rest assured that Rey is living quite comfortably out in Chula Vista, California. As they did with Kofi Kingston, WWE cameras caught up to the 619’s most beloved luchador to film his house, which features a beautiful backyard pool. Also like Kofi, Mysterio also owns a collection of swords, the exception being that Rey’s swords are all antique. Rey’s home, which also features a large collection of wrestling memorabilia and action figures, has a huge aquarium on display with an assortment of fish of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

12 CM Punk and AJ Lee

Love them or hate them, you can’t deny that man and wife are doing pretty well for themselves since their respective departures from WWE. Punk, whose return to the spotlight will be in the form of a mixed martial arts match later this year, finds himself among the well-heeled of Chicago in the apartment building he purchased for $2 million. Punk’s apartment, which has never appeared on WWE television, can be seen in media that Punk has allowed to be filmed from his home. The apartment’s finest point is its enormous window that allows a spectacular view of the Windy City.

11 Goldberg

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Back out on the West Coast, Bill Goldberg purchased a glamorous Mediterranean-style home in Bonsall, outside of San Diego, in spring 2001. Goldberg’s sprawling California estate sits on nearly 18 acres of land and features a large swimming pool. The mansion provides Goldberg a nice recluse from the continuous and rampant rumors of a WWE return, which doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon – especially if there’s a place as nice as this to call home instead of making international appearances. The West Coast location of Goldberg's estate is also easier access to the MMA fights in Vegas he prefers to attend.

10 The Undertaker and Michelle McCool

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When The Undertaker’s not one of the focal matches on the annual WrestleMania card, he spends the rest of his time off the road as Mark Calaway in Austin, Texas with his wife, former Diva’s Champion McCool. Spending a lot of his time being active in real estate management, Calaway owns several other properties across the United States, including a ranch in Cedar Creek, Texas. The Cedar Creek property also boasted a gym with a wrestling ring in it, and A-list celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are listed as having rented the property not long after Calaway moved back to Austin.

9 The Miz and Maryse

One-time WWE Champion Mike Mizanin is another WWE superstar living the dream out in sun-soaked California with his lovely wife Maryse, who also once held WWE gold when she reigned as Diva’s Champion. The couple resides (appropriately enough) in Hollywood, fitting right in with Mizanin’s WWE gimmick as a big time Hollywood player. Before moving to his current Hollywood home with his wife, Miz’s first Los Angeles home was a condominium seated not far from the famed Hollywood sign, visible from the rooftop. The house even had a “party room” where Miz kept massive amounts of Miz-based memorabilia, including action figures of himself and DVDs of all of his television appearances.

8 Big Show

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Of course one house would never be enough to hold Big Show, he’d have to have two huge estates! With one house in Miami and the other in Odessa, it’s clear that Florida has had as much of an impact on the superstar better known as Paul Wight as much as he’s had on WWE in his lengthy career. Wight purchased his multi-million dollar Miami, Florida home in 2007. His other property in Odessa, Florida features its own boat dock along with a large swimming pool. Wight purchased the latter in 2001 from his friend and fellow WWE veteran, The Undertaker.

7 Batista

Things just keep getting better and better for Big Dave. Thanks to the success of Guardians of the Galaxy and other film and media projects the former WWE Champion has lined up in his future, it’s pretty sure that his Lutz, Florida mansion will be one of many properties Dave Bautista will own. Along with his high-class home, Bautista also has an impressive automobile collection, including a 2003 BMW and a Mercedes SL 500 that he had to “buy back” from his ex-wife Angie. Bautista has also included super bikes into his collection of vehicles to display at his Florida home.

6 Chris Jericho

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Even though he may not have much time to spend at home with his family now that he’s recently announced a new working deal with WWE, The Ayatollah of Rock and Rollah still has one of the nicest houses in the Sunshine State, a location seems to have always been a popular real estate hot spot for wrestlers throughout the years, including Chris Jericho. The Canadian rock and roller and Fozzy frontman owns a home in Odessa, Florida with his wife and children and spends his time there when he’s not touring with his band or on the road with WWE.

5 Randy Orton

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Steer clear of the Viper; Orton seems to be the rather protective type of his spacious homestead and huge mansion in St. Charles, Missouri. No stranger to big homes, the Legend Killer sold his previous St. Charles mansion in 2013 (the property was originally purchased in 2008) for his current home in the Crest Over Katy Trail community. Orton’s classy mansion is located in a gated community and sits high atop St. Charles Valley in Missouri and boasts superb views of the Missouri River Valley. The house itself features three luxurious bedrooms, three full bathrooms, a half-bath, and a three-car garage.

4 John Cena and Nikki Bella

The hardest working man in sports entertainment and his fearless lady are far showier and fancier than Nikki’s sister Brie and brother-in-law Daniel Bryan, as the latter prefer a less splendorous residence in Phoenix, Arizona to John and Nikki’s enormous estate located in the private community of Land o’Lakes, Florida. Cena’s home features an indoor pool with a rock cave, waterfall, and waterslide. The property also has a boat dock at the end of the lawn and a large guest house for whenever visitors stay on premises or when Daniel & Brie want to fly over and spend some family time.

3 Vince McMahon

The Man Himself is exactly where you’d expect him to be – among the greenest lawns, biggest houses, and oldest money on the East Coast. Vince McMahon’s sprawling Greenwich, Conneticut property features impressive gardens, a large pool, a conservatory area, and a huge driveway. The McMahon estate itself remains well-secluded with a lot of land distancing it from other homes in the area. Notably, Vince's daughter Stephanie and her husband Triple H live not far away in Connecticut as well. The location is also, of course, convenient to WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, making it easy for the boss to get to work.

2 Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

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Stephanie McMahon, the princess of the WWE refuses to stay far away from the kingdom, so she and her husband make their well-maintained home in Weston, Connecticut, located not far away from Vince McMahon’s Greenwich estate or the WWE headquarters in Stamford. Stephanie, ever like her father, has her estate designed much like her father’s in respect to style and construction. The huge backyard pool is perfect for the McMahon children to enjoy time with the parents when they’re home from work. The Authority certainly boasts a nice place to step away from the day-to-day operations of the family business.

1 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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They call him The Great One for a reason – he lives in the greatest way possible! Success in both WWE and in Hollywood led Dwayne Johnson from being the face of the WWE to being a major player in the entertainment industry. The Rock’s huge Florida estate, located in Landmark Ranch Estates west of Fort Lauderdale, was purchased from Miami Dolphins player Vernon Carey after Johnson sold his previous home in Los Angeles. With over 2 acres of land and a movie theater on the property, The Rock has proven he’s worth every penny of the millions (and millions) that he’s earned.

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