Top 15 Most Impressive Wrestling Championship Resumes

WWE is a title dominated promotion. It has never claimed to be anything more, which means that some of the best Superstars from the last few generations have managed to become some of the most decorat

WWE is a title dominated promotion. It has never claimed to be anything more, which means that some of the best Superstars from the last few generations have managed to become some of the most decorated in the history of the company.

Jobbers come and go, but the following list is made up of some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and some of the most recognizable.

Of course, we all know about WWE's record-breaking world Champions. We obviously have Ric Flair at the top of the pile with his 16 World Championship reigns, closely followed by 'The face that runs the place' John Cena on 15.

Further down the list, there is Triple H on 14 Championship reigns. WWE must be superstitious because there are no Superstars currently on 13 World Championship reigns, but Randy Orton comes in at 12 closely followed by former Rated R Superstar Edge on 11.

There is currently a debate as to whether or not John Cena deserves to match Ric Flair's World Championship record before he retires from the company, or whether Triple H should be the first person in history to equal the incredible feat.

It is unknown where WWE are going with these incredible reigns, but some of the Superstars on the current list are unable to add to their current tally, some have retired, or moved on to another promotion or given up on the wrestling scene altogether.

What is known though is that the following list is made up of some of the best-known faces in WWE history and some of the best wrestler of their day, which is why they were rewarded with such incredible resumes.

15 Rey Mysterio


The 175 pound Luchador from Sand Diego California burst onto WWE screens back in 2002 and became one of the best-loved characters of the last generation. Rey Mysterio was the biggest underdog in WWE history; an underdog who became World Champion at just 165 pounds.

Mysterio amassed an astonishing 17 Championship reigns during his 13-year tenure with the company, this includes an unlikely run towards the World Heavyweight Championship following his 2006 Royal Rumble win as well as a staggering eight reigns as Cruiserweight Champion. Mysterio also had a second reign as World Champion a few years later and four Tag Team Championship reigns with Edge, Rob Van Dam, Batista and the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

14 Jeff Hardy


One of the greatest high-flying Superstars of all time, as well as a star who's light went out much too soon. Jeff Hardy as a death-defying Superstar had no off switch and no reason to falter. It was that attitude that lead him to many Championship both before, after, and during his WWE career. But at the same attitude that has caused him such pain in his personal life.

Jeff Hardy will always be remembered for his 19 Championship reigns. These include his two World Heavyweight Championship runs, and his incredible fight to his only ever reign as WWE Champion. His six reigns as a Tag Team Championship with his brother Matt are the stories that legends are made of. It is just so sad that someone with Jeff's talent has ended up with a career that he can only look back on.

13  13. Bubba Ray Dudley


The record-setting nine-time Tag Team Champion along with his brother D-Von Dudley, Bubba Ray's stats are inflated somewhat by the fact that he has held the Hardcore Championship an unprecedented 10 times.

Under the rules of the Championship, Bubba was able to compete for the title anytime in 24 hours and this meant that many reigns were usually less than a few minutes. The title was one of the best creations WWE produced in the late 1990s and it kick started many feuds and careers. D-Von and Bubba Ray are also record breakers outside of WWE given that they are the only team to have held Tag gold at IPW, TNA, ECW, NWA, WCW, WWF, and WWE.

12  12. Christian


The former World Heavyweight Champion and legendary Tag Team Champion of the 1990s, Christian was once described by Vince McMahon as a Superstar that he wanted to put a blue dot over his face whenever he was on WWE TV. This was because he didn't look the way Vince wanted him too, but despite this, he has still managed to retain an incredible Championship resume over the past few decades.

Christian has an incredible 20 Championship reigns under his belt which includes being a two-time World Heavyweight Champion, a nine-time Tag Team Champion and a four time Intercontinental Champion. Christian and Edge paved the way for many wrestling tag teams that made their way into the company after the 1990s and despite his retirement last year he has secured his place in WWE history.

11  11. Stevie Richards


The former ECW Original only joins the list because of the 24/7 rule of the Hardcore Championship. Richards incredibly managed to lift the title 21 times but the fact that the title was defended all the time meant that many Superstars held the title an incredible amount of times.

A number of reigns a superstar had with the belt became meaningless with the WWE Universe. Instead deciding that the person that was pinned for the title was more important. Many WWE Superstars fell victim to the Stevie Kick in order for him to take the title 21 times, but sadly Stevie Richards failed to lift any other Championships during his short stint in WWE.

10 Big Show


The Worlds Largest Athlete began his career in WCW where he is a former World Champion before he made his way to WWE and held a further 17 Championships. While in WCW Big Show (known as The Giant) held the Tag Team Championships three times and the World Championship twice.

Over the past two decades, Show has become the only person to hold the WWE, WCW, and ECW Championships as well as being an 11-time Tag Team Champion, three-time Hardcore Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and two-time WWE World Champion. Big Show is shockingly still with WWE despite the fact that he has announced that he will retire following his match with Shaquille O'Neal at WrestleMania 33 next year.

9 John Cena


'The face that runs the place' and the 15 time World Champion has been at the forefront of WWE for the past 14 years. Cena has climbed the ranks since his shocking debut back in 2002.

Cena then set his sights on the United States Championship, a title he has held five times. He is also a five-time Tag Team Champion with The Miz twice, Batista, Shawn Michaels, and David Otunga. Cena then went on to win his fifteenth WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Money in the Bank in 2014 before dropping the title to Brock Lesnar in one of the most physical matches (a match that contained 16 German Suplexes) at SummerSlam a few months later. Cena returned from shoulder surgery a few months ago and looks on track to equal Ric Flair's World title record in the coming months.

8 Triple H


Shockingly the two men who are most likely to equal Ric Flair's world title record and two of the most recognizable stars of the last generation are currently stuck level on 24 Championship reigns.

Triple H has held the World Championship an incredible 14 times, which includes his first reign in almost seven years when he won the historic 2016 Royal Rumble. Triple H is also a former five-time Intercontinental Champion, a three time Tag Team Champion with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels and a two-time European Champion. As already stated Triple H along with John Cena are the most likely of all WWE Superstars to equal Ric Flair's historic World title record.



The current SmackDown commentator is a former legend inside the squared circle, Aand as with many Superstars on this list, their stats are inflated because of the unpredictability of the Hardcore Championship and its 24/7 rule.

JBL is one of these stars because he is a former 17-time Hardcore Champion. He has only won WWE's biggest Championship on one occasion, but he is a former three-time Tag Team Champion and has held the Intercontinental, European ,and United States Championships on one occasion each which takes his total to 24 Championships. This ties JBL with Triple H and John Cena. JBL retired from WWE in 2009 and has since made sporadic appearances but has retained his place behind the commentary desk.

6 Crash Holly


'The Houdini of Hardcore' Crash Holly joins the list at number six after his incredible 22- time Hardcore Championship reigns. Holly brought a new level to defending the Hardcore title and truly earned the above nickname.

As well as an insane ability to retain his Hardcore Championship he has also held the European Championship on one occasion, the World Tag Team Championship, and the Light Heavyweight Championship. Holly only ranks second in the all-time Hardcore Championship reigns with Raven having held the title an astonishing 27 times. These frequent exchanges of the Championship have ensured a place in the list of records for both men.

5 Booker T


The former WWE Commentator rose to fame in WCW where he is an astonishing 11-time Tag Team Champion and a five-time World Champion. Booker then made the switch over to WWE where he became a legend.

He has held an incredible 27 titles throughout his career and these include three Tag Team Championship reigns, two Hardcore Championship reigns, four runs as United States Champion, and one World Championship reign. Booker has also held the Intercontinental Championship once during his storied wrestling career and is also a WWE Hall of Famer.

4 Chris Jericho


The self-proclaimed Greatest of All Time or 'The best in the world, at what he does' has a lot of statistics to back up these claims.

Jericho has been a part of WWE for the past 17 years and over the course of his career in both WCW and WWE, he has held an incredible 29 Championships. This includes a record-setting nine Intercontinental Championship reigns, seven tag team championship reigns and four Cruiserweight Championship reigns. Jericho is also a two-time WCW Champion, a former European Champion, a Hardcore Champion and a WWE Champion. Jericho has recently become more of a part-time performer in recent year (even though he is currently working a regular schedule) in WWE and splits his time with the company and touring with his band Fozzy.

3 Ric Flair


The Superstar who holds the record for the most World Championship records in history. It is well-known that Flair is a 16-time World Champion but Ric Flair over the course of his career with has actually held 29 Championships.

He is a former five-time United States Champion, Three-time WCW Tag Team Champion, and WCW Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair has also won Intercontinental Championship in WWE on one occasion and the Tag Team Championships on two occasions. He is also the only Superstar to have been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame twice.

2 Edge


The Rated R Superstar and one of the greatest characters and wrestlers of the past generation sadly had his career cut short by a neck injury. But not before he managed to pile up a resume that is second on the list of all-time record holders. No doubt if Edge had continued to wrestle past 2011 he would definitely have topped this list.

Edge held an outstanding 31 Championships during his tenure with WWE and was part of one of the greatest Tag Teams of the 1990s with real life best friend Christian. He is a 14-time Tag Team Champion, an 11-time World Champion, five-time Intercontinental Champion, and had one reign as United States Champion. Edge left WWE in 2011 and was inducted into the 2012 Hall of Fame.

1 Raven


Raven tops this list after becoming an unprecedented 27-time Hardcore Champion. Raven has held the title more times than anyone else and along with his other Championships he has won an incredible 3o Championships overall.

This his two reigns as ECW Champion, one which included a 252-day reign in 1996-1997, which is the third longest in ECW history. Raven is the more decorated Champion of all time. He has held the United States Championship once, the WCW Tag Team Championship once and the WCW Light Heavyweight Championship once. Raven may be the most decorated Champion in history but he is one of the more forgettable Superstars of his era, which says more about his character than his wrestling ability.

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Top 15 Most Impressive Wrestling Championship Resumes