Top 15 Most Insane Wrestler Cheating Scandals

The wrestling business is unlike any other job in the world. The talent has to travel all over the world with very little down time at home with their friends and family. This schedule creates a smaller community considering how much time they spend together. With such a predicament, it is just natural that wrestlers will begin to date each other rather than meeting someone on Tinder or at the local bar. Jim Ross has stated numerous times that his main advice when working as the head of talent relations was to advise wrestlers not to date each other.

The reason the majority of minds would suggest dating within the business is a poor choice comes down to mixing business with pleasure. Unlike other forms of entertainment, there are only so few spots available in pro wrestling companies on television and seeing your partner pass you in the rankings can be quite the ego deflator considering everyone is competing for the same thing. There is also more of a tabloid aspect to wrestling than other sports with the media breaking stories on every little detail of a performer’s personal world, including their love life. Everyone is on egg shells in wrestling and it can harm a relationship.

Many relationships end up working out but the majority of them will fall apart rather easily. Some of them end more applicable but then there are the more explosive stories of a wrestler cheating on their partner with someone in the locker room. This details both wrestlers cheating on their significant others outside of the business with a co-worker or just going from one wrestler to another. Both are equally terrible but the latter provides an uglier situation of getting past it. We’ll take a look at all scenarios across the board and break down how it all went down with the top fifteen wrestling cheating scandals of all time.

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15 Seth Rollins and Zahra Schreiber 

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The most recent cheating scandal in the pro wrestling world featured Seth Rollins getting in hot water on social media during his big push. Rollins was apparently cheating on his fiancé with then-WWE Diva prospect Zahra Schreiber. The fiancé of Rollins would out him and get revenge by logging into his social media accounts to post nude photos of both Rollins and Schreiber from his phone. WWE didn’t punish Rollins and actually had him win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 31 just a few months later. Schreiber was released by WWE for having controversial and implied racist comments on old social media posts. Rollins recently broke up with Schreiber and all parties have apparently moved on.

14 Robbie E and Brooke Adams 

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One of pro wrestling’s biggest overachievers in terms of dating was Robbie E but he got there by being a slime ball. TNA’s resident comedy jobber dated Brooke Adams but cheated on his wife at the time before splitting to get with Brooke. His former wife ranted about the situation on multiple occasions online. The two dated for quite some time and ended up making it as a pair on CBS’ reality show The Amazing Race. Despite making it to the finals, the TNA couple finished fourth overall and decided to split after the experience. Robbie E has since re-married his former wife and Brooke is now having a child with her new significant other.

13 Vince McMahon and Everyone 

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12 CM Punk and AJ Lee 

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This has been a fan theory but there are quite a few factors making it interesting. AJ Lee and Trent Barreta were an item for years in WWE developmental program FCW and later when both finally made their debuts on the main roster. Lee’s star would shine in WWE but Barreta would never get used in a noteworthy or prominent role and the relationship would come to an end. CM Punk’s relationship with AJ started coincidentally around the time of Barreta’s release from WWE, making fans suspicious. The theory is Lee cheated on Barreta with Punk and Barreta was let go to make things less dramatic.

11 CM Punk and Traci Brooks 

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Another theory to make its way online involving CM Punk’s love life came about a decade prior to the aforementioned one on this list. Punk and Daffney were one of the more popular couples on the independent wrestling circuit with both performers being fan favorites full of potential. Everyone is well aware of Punk’s womanizing ways but the popular story online claims he cheated on Daffney with Traci Brooks while Daffney was in OVW. Daffney would get blackballed out of Ring of Honor when released from OVW due to Punk’s power in the company. This has never been proven or confirmed by any of the parties involved but it has also never been addressed or shut down either.

10 Terri Runnels and Shawn Stasiak 

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The on-air chemistry between Goldust and Terri Runnels worked perfectly as the actual married couple enjoyed working together. That was until the nature of the wrestling business caused issues that would have them split in real life and later on the air. Terri entered a television storyline with young wrestler Shawn Stasiak and the rumors were that was due to becoming an item with him backstage. Many believe Terri cheated on Goldust with Stasiak and it caused the bitter divorce. After years of badmouthing and resentment, the two are on good terms now for the betterment of their child Dakota.

9 John Cena and Victoria 

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Kenny Doane had a short time period of spilling the beans in regards to WWE gossip since he was released and had nothing to lose. One of the juicy stories told by Doane involved Victoria cheating on her husband while on the road with John Cena. Victoria admitted that she was indeed involved with Cena but claimed she was separated from her husband at the time before getting back together. Doane portrayed Cena as a scumbag that would specifically go after the taken women on the roster to throw around his powerful position in WWE. This isn’t the only cheating scandal Doane shared about Cena, as you’ll see later in the list.

8 Bubba Ray Dudley and Velvet Sky 

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TNA has been home to many embarrassing moments in wrestling and many of them have taken place behind the scenes. Chris Sabin and Velvet Sky were a couple for many years while working in TNA and it made sense since both seemed likable enough. The pair would split right around the time it was revealed Sky was dating TNA main eventer Bully Ray/Bubba Ray Dudley. Sabin would be booked quite weak after that and Bully Ray had a big role of influence in the TNA booking committee. It doesn’t take too much detective work to realize Sky crept on Sabin with Bubba and this led to TNA using Sabin poorly. The relationship between Bubba and Velvet is also a bit awkward considering he’s ten years older than her.

7 Melina and Batista 

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The cheating scandal between John Morrison and Melina has been met with a world of speculation but confirmed by basically every wrestler asked about it. Morrison and Melina have had a very on-again, off-again relationship for the past twelve years but the story goes that she would openly cheat on him with Batista. Paul London and Brian Kendrick were the first to discuss it in their shoot interview claiming Morrison knew all about it but would pretend nothing was wrong and various other wrestlers said the same. Morrison’s once promising career would see him peak in the midcard and the online reports dictated it was due to Vince McMahon respecting him less after the Melina/Batista situation.

6 Chris Benoit and Nancy Sullivan 

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Kevin Sullivan and Woman, real name Nancy, were a married couple for years until she left him for Chris Benoit during the mid-90s in WCW. The real life situation played out on television with Sullivan trying to make money off his misfortune by having personal matches against Benoit that felt very real due to the circumstances. The matches were incredible and some of the best of that era but the situation was very tricky at the time. Benoit was one of the company’s rising stars and Sullivan was a booker for many years so it could have gone down more ugly, but instead they all went about their business.

5 Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle 

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One of the biggest controversies in TNA history featured the big scandal of Karen Angle leaving Kurt Angle for Jeff Jarrett. Kurt was the biggest star in TNA and Jeff was one of the most powerful minds in the promotion, so something had to give. Dixie Carter made the decision to strip Jarrett from his former position and lowered him down the totem pole. Kurt continued to wrestle and Karen chose to leave him in favor of marrying Jeff. Things were ugly for quite some time but all three appear to be on good terms these days and actually worked together as a heel faction for a show in AAA at one point.

4 John Cena and Mickie James 

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The relationship between John Cena and Mickie James is well documented thanks to James’ ex-boyfriend Kenny Doane revealing the cheating that took place leading to it. Doane claimed James cheated on him with Cena and that Cena would use his influence as the biggest star in the company to get Doane moved further down the card to get him out of the picture. The claims of Doane were that the timeline saw Cena dump James right before the infamous “Piggy James” storyline conveniently took place and she was ultimately released shortly after. If Doane is telling the truth, things ended just as poorly for her as they did for Doane thanks to Cena.

3 Shawn Michaels and Sunny 

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A large percentage of professional wrestlers and wrestling fans view Tammy “Sunny” Sytch with very little respect due to the scandal involving her cheating on longtime boyfriend Chris Candido with Shawn Michaels. Sytch has always been a very power hungry person that looks for any opportunity to improve her standing, so the idea of sleeping with main eventer Michaels behind Candido’s back isn’t too surprising. The issue has been that she flat out brags about it to this day like it’s something to be proud of. Various wrestlers have stated that other members of The Kliq would look out for Candido while Sytch was sleeping with Michaels in the locker room.

2 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon 

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The biggest cheating scandal in terms of ramifications that changed the course of wrestling history has to be Triple H cheating on Chyna with Stephanie McMahon. Once it all hit the fan, Chyna was the odd one out considering Triple H was a main eventer and Stephanie was Vince McMahon’s daughter. Chyna's life would fall apart as she struggled to return to a normal life after getting the boot from WWE. Triple H has become the most powerful man in the wrestling business and the future of the wrestling industry lies in his and Stephanie’s hands. Chyna likely never getting an invite to return for an appearance or Hall of Fame induction shows the bad blood still exists on all sides.

1 Edge and Lita 

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No other cheating scandal caused as much drama or fodder for the wrestling world as Lita cheating on Matt Hardy with Edge. Wrestling fans loved Hardy and Lita so the idea of the two as a couple made them one to root for. The realization of Lita cheating on Hardy with Edge caused a lot of negative emotion from the fans as Hardy revealed it all on the internet and was the one ultimately fired for it. Fans chanted “We Want Matt” out of anger at live shows to the point that WWE were forced to bring him back to enter a feud with Edge and make money off the very personal issue. All parties deserve credit for being professional and doing business in a volatile situation that could have gone very wrong rather easily.

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