Top 15 Most Insane Wrestling Road Stories

Ah, life on the road. The sense of adventure, the excuses to cheat on your diet, the thrill of seeing the world…who doesn’t love embarking on a good road trip? Indeed, for many of us, the very best st

Ah, life on the road. The sense of adventure, the excuses to cheat on your diet, the thrill of seeing the world…who doesn’t love embarking on a good road trip? Indeed, for many of us, the very best stories happen when we depart from our comfort zone and start living like there is no tomorrow as we cruise from destination to destination. In many ways, it’s the best way to live.

That is, of course, unless you’re a professional wrestler. For them, life on the road isn’t an occasional joy that allows them to escape the doldrums of their life; it’s a hard necessity of their profession. Even if you’re not a full-time professional wrestler, you can bet that you’ll be spending a significant amount of time away from home as you move between gigs and shows wherever they may come. This style of living is no doubt a contributor to the many personal problems and financial issues that famous pro wrestlers have found themselves in over the years.

Of course, when you do spend half of your life on the road, it’s only natural that your road stories are going to top those of the average person. Indeed, pro wrestling has always been a source for some of the greatest traveling stories ever told. The antics that some of wrestling’s finest have managed to find themselves into while traveling over the years are nothing short of astonishing, and rarely fail to make you simply hang your jaw in awe over just how it is that people ever find themselves in these wild scenarios.

While a list of the all-time greatest wrestling road stories could stretch well into the hundreds and keep going, there are a select few too incredible to not share. These are 15 of the absolute craziest wrestling road stories you are likely to hear.

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15 Edge And Crew Sink Into The Ice


Life on the indie wrestling circuit can often be a hellish series of awful occurrences, but few compare to what happened to Edge, Christian and Rhyno one night in Canada. While driving to their next show, the promotion’s entire crew accidentally drove onto a frozen lake and began sinking into the water below. Not only was the ring van and their entire equipment load falling slowly to ruin, but Christian and some of the other wrestlers began to sink into the ice as well. Eventually, Rhyno – the biggest performer – helped rescue the van, which according to Edge is where the phrase “Get the Rhyno” came from.

14 DDP Shows Why You Don’t Take Cookies To Bed


By all accounts, Diamond Dallas Page was a guy that could roll with the punches so far as road pranks go. However, there was one time when Mick Foley and Steve Austin managed to upset the yoga master in a most unusual way. Apparently, Foley and Austin knew that DDP liked to sleep in the nude. Having just received a bag of cookies from a fan at a show, they decided to sneak into his room one night and lay the cookies between the sheets of DDP’s bed. The incident ended with DDP covered in cookie gunk, chasing Foley and Austin around the hotel while they laughed uncontrollably.

13 Mick Foley Gets Stranded On The Wrong Beach


Even a day at the beach isn’t a day at the beach when you’re a professional wrestler. Mick Foley discovered this the hard way when he decided to join Steve Austin and William Regal at a beach across from the group’s hotel one day. While bodysurfing, Foley was puzzled to see Austin and Regal make their way back across the street to hang out by the pool instead. What initially seemed like a bizarre choice of recreation suddenly made a lot more sense as Foley noticed the “lack of females” on that particular beach, and came to the conclusion that he had indeed been stranded in the middle of a gay beach.

12 Owen Hart Makes Ahmed Johnson Believe He’s Going To Be A Star


If there were a wrestling prankster hall of fame, you can bet that Owen Hart would be the first man inducted. While his legendary antics are far too numerous to recount in full here, one of the more endearing Owen pranks would have to be the time he prank-called Ahmed Johnson and pretended that Ahmed was going to be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. After spending quite a bit of money on a new suit for the occasion, Ahmed waited outside of his hotel for his promised limo to arrive when Owen Hart asked if the car had come yet. As Ahmed had not told anyone about this, he knew immediately that Owen had gotten him again.

11 Andre The Giant Loses His Temper


Though there are enough Andre The Giant stories to recount over a lifetime, a favorite among those who witnessed it would be the time that Dick Murdoch and Blackjack Johnson got the giant to lose his famous cool. After Andre had drunk about 60 beers, Mulligan and Murdoch began play fighting with him. Apparently one of them hit Andre a bit too hard, and Andre proceeded to pick both the large men up and carry them to the beach where he held them underwater. Luckily for them both, Ric Flair was there to calm the big man down and convince him to release them.

10 Haku Doesn’t Care About Handcuffs


According to wrestling legend, Haku is legitimately the toughest man to ever step in a wrestling ring. His road antics are simply beyond belief, but one of the best would be the time he tried to break up a bar fight. While Haku is usually the source of bar fights, on this particular night he was having a few drinks when a scuffle broke out. Trying to assist, he was actually put under arrest by nearby police and put into handcuffs. Undeterred, Haku looked at the police, snapped the handcuffs apart and proceeded to try again to break up the fight.

9 Mr. Fuji Wakes Up In A Bad Way


As time has gone on, it’s become more and more apparent that Mr. Fuji was the cruelest road prankster of them all. His stories are coming later, but this one is about a prank actually pulled on him. Apparently, Mr. Fuji had a little too much Crown Royal one night and ended up passing out after a show. Fellow wrestlers Dutch Savage and Lonnie Mayne escorted Fuji back to his apartment and noticed a retirement home across the street with a pond in front. Acting quickly, they stripped Fuji, laid him in a raft, put a shotgun in his lap and pushed him to the middle of the pond. Both Fuji and the home’s residents were quite confused by the time morning came around.

8 Bret Hart Gets Hit With A Most Mysterious Substance


Nobody ribs on each other harder than family, and that’s especially true if you’re a member of the Hart family. So perhaps Bret Hart shouldn’t have been that surprised to find himself in the showers one night and see his brothers run at him with a jar of urine to throw in his face. Not human urine, mind you, as that would have been too simple. No, this was bear urine collected from the bear their father Stu used to wrestle. That may sound like a small detail, but according to Bret the burn from the bear urine was shockingly painful.

7 Roddy Piper Should Stay Out of Fresno


One night in Fresno, Roddy Piper and Bob Orton decided to grab a couple of post-show drinks. They ended up drinking until early in the morning and tried to stop at a liquor store for more after last call. After being denied and starting a fight, the men sped off into the night where their car got stuck on train tracks. So they took a cab back to their hotel instead, only to find several police officers waiting to arrest them. This proved to be a problem in the case of Bob Orton who was tasered twice without going down. Eventually, they decided to talk him down instead and just arrest Piper outright.

6 Jim Duggan and The Iron Sheik Break Kayfabe and The Law


In the world of ‘80s wrestling, there was no greater crime than breaking kayfabe rules, and the biggest kayfabe rule of them all was that good guys and bad guys should not be seen with each other. So when All-American Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the famous American hating Iron Sheik got pulled over together in a car in 1987, it was already bad news. Things would only get worse from there, however, as it was discovered that both men were incredibly high and transporting large amounts of marijuana. Hacksaw believes this to be the moment that permanently derailed his WWE career.

5 Mr. Fuji Goes Way Too Far For Revenge


Remember when I mentioned we’d get to Fuji pranks later? Well, brace yourself because this one is beyond belief. As the story goes, Fuji was working the territories with a fellow Japanese wrestler named Tanaka. After discovering that Tanaka was trying to muscle him out of the territory, he invited Tanaka and his family over for a spaghetti dinner. Fuji told his guests he was feeling too sick to eat, but that they should go on without him. After finishing their meal, Fuji brought out a silver platter that contained the head of Tanaka’s dog. Yes, he apparently fed them their own dog.

4 C.W. Anderson Almost Kills A Groupie


There was apparently no shortage of wrestling “groupies” to be found on the road back in the day, and no shortage of wrestlers willing to spend a crazy night with them. For instance, one night ECW wrestler C.W. Anderson found himself with a groupie in Japan. Everything was going well until the young lady began to bleed profusely from a most unfortunate source. In a state of panic, C.W. Anderson contemplated stuffing the young woman into a suitcase to hide her. Luckily fellow wrestler Steve Corino was there to help and quickly proceeded to give the girl large amounts of orange juice in order to help the hemorrhaging. Remarkably, the young lady survived.

3 The Plane Ride From Hell


There is perhaps no more infamous wrestling road story than the “Plane Ride From Hell.” This seemingly simple flight back to America from a European tour soon turned wild as a private plane full of wrestlers began to take advantage of the open bar and other substances. Before it was all said and done, Ric Flair flashed a stewardess, Brock Lesnar and Mr. Perfect got in a real flight on the plane, almost breaking the emergency door open and Michael Hayes had his ponytail cut off. Remarkably, this just scratches this surface of what all happened aboard that fabled flight.

2 Jerry Graham Takes A Gun Into A Hospital


Dr. Jerry Graham wasn’t just wrestling crazy, he was – by all accounts – a legitimate madman. There’s no better evidence of this claim than the time that Graham found out his mother was dying while traveling on the road. After calling the hospital and actually threatening the doctor if he didn’t manage to save her, Graham was dismayed to learn that his mother had passed. In what can be most generously described as a tremendous show of grief, Graham proceeded to enter the hospital with a shotgun and carry his mother’s corpse out with him. He was sent to a mental facility for some time afterward.

1 Sting And The Steiner Brothers Play A Most Unusual Road Game


Sting and the Steiner Brothers used to like playing games on the highway. Not games like you and I play, however, but rather games involving hanging Rick Steiner out the window while driving so he could open other car’s doors and scare the wrestlers inside of them. Wise to this, Paul Heyman, Samu and Fatu decided to simply lock the doors when they saw the trio coming. Angered at their resistance, Sting and the Steiners began to throw everything they had at the group’s car until it was declared to be totaled by the rental agency. To this day, Paul Heyman is not allowed to rent a car in North Carolina.

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Top 15 Most Insane Wrestling Road Stories