Top 15 Most Irritating Things Current WWE Fans Do

Every fandom has its own obnoxious demographic. You cannot help it.

A few Potterheads label everyone who shows an ounce of bravery as a Gryffindor. Eminem fans have a penchant for demonizing his ex-wife Kimberly Scott. An Arsenal fan flies WengerOut banner in response to the Gunners’ recent form, while his counterpart from the other camp flies a counteractive RespectAW banner to underline his support for Arsene Wenger.

You get the drill.

WWE fans are bizarre in many ways as a wrestling fan often brands everyone but himself a stupid idiot. He has developed the tendency to annoy the rest of the fandom, and many readers may even find the words of the writer himself annoying.

Although the relationship amongst the WWE fans is toxic, the situation is certain to persist for years to come. Here is to many more years of hurling abuses at each other on Facebook, Twitter and most importantly, Reddit.

The following article discusses the 15 most annoying things that a wrestling fan does.

If you think a certain annoying attribute of the WWE fans should have made the list, mourn about it like an archetypal WWE fan does in the comments’ section. You can bash the writer on TheSportster’s Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube — a place where you find list videos of unrivalled quality.

We are not trying to change the views of the readers. Neither are we trying to make you less annoying. Read on to high-five the writer virtually or be annoyed.

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15 Stupid WWE fantasy booking

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Fantasy booking is a part of every fandom. Harry Potter fans write their version of the JK Rowling’s novel in which Harry Potter is wiser or more sincere than Hermione Granger. Superman fans (yeah, they exist) pen their version of Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice in which the former triumphs over the latter. However, you seldom see persons belonging to a fandom slamming the product they adore.

Once a storyline commences, the fans begin fantasy booking online or at least, in their minds, and when their version of the feud does not play out on their television screens, they end up stating how stupid WWE’s booking is. WWE’s booking cannot be terrible when the company generates millions yearly, and the fans’ version of the feuds cannot look better than the WWE’s version as long as it only has three upvotes on Reddit.

14 Saying everything non-WWE is amazing

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Wrestling fans’ opinions can hardly be changed, with one such opinion being held by a good number of hardcore indie fans: anything that takes place outside of a WWE arena is legit and everyone involved in the independent promotions ooze passion.

A wrestler sticking a thumb up the rear end – or in worst case scenario, a number of wrestlers sticking their thumbs up each other’s derriere – is viewed as humor, while it almost always takes a lot to tickle the funny bones of those inside a WWE arena. A typical indie fan drools over superkick parties whereas a couple of superkicks on one night in a WWE program is frowned upon. The hypocrisy is endless, and you can hardly get away with criticizing Ring of Honor or Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

13 Ruining legendary WWE moments

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Many fans have no reverence for WWE’s Hall of Fame rings though it is a fact that there exists no proper alternative today. Although their having no respect for the HOF ring never warrants them the rights to trash what many wrestlers consider the pinnacle of their wrestling careers, their attitude is understandable. However, what I cannot fathom is a few fans’ response to what ought to be sensitive or legendary moments.

When The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak ended, many did not see it coming, and almost everyone in the arena stood in silence as Brock Lesnar saw his hand raised. However, one cool fan felt it was the right time to tell the most badass WWE wrestler that he sucked as he struggled to get on his feet after seeing his feat collapse in front of his eyes. It is safe to say not many were happy with his action.

12 Obscene chants at WWE women

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The McMahons are still cashing in on their female talents’ sex appeal in spite of their relentless bragging about the Women’s Revolution. For every Becky Lynch they have hired, they have aired an Eva Marie malfunction segment. For every Charlotte versus Sasha Banks Hell in the Cell match they have booked, they have had Enzo Amore hit on Rusev’s on-screen and real-life wife Rusev.

However, the company is not to blame completely for they only do what is best for the business. With that being said, the fans ought to act a tad bit more mature as they sometimes chant obscene things during divas matches and segments. Chanting 'Better Than Men' during a Charlotte match may seem a compliment, but the WWE women certainly deserve being praised for what they put on rather than being perpetually compared to men.

While conceptualizing women is forgivable, many fans often chant sexist or in certain occasions, sexual things during female segments. Although such chants have been on the wane for a while now, those are not extinct, sadly.

11 Yelling Husky Harris at Bray Wyatt

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Repacking wrestlers has been a part and parcel of the wrestling business: Steve Austin had to perform as Ringmaster and Stunning Steve before transforming into the baddest SOB the industry has ever seen. Although the smart marks are often in the know about such transformations, it always takes an obnoxious fan to berate a talent by yelling his or her old in-ring moniker for the television camera to capture.

In the recent times, only a handful of wrestlers who have been repackaged are in the main-event scene as the McMahon empire have lately been electing to keep a wrestler’s indie name. One notable anomaly is former WWE World Champion Bray Wyatt, who paid his dues as Husky Harris before his ascension. A few cool fans often derive pleasure from yelling Husky Harris during his eerie promos, and it takes a person with a wicked sense of humor to laugh at such terrible attempts at humor.

Thankfully, the WWE Universe has never been a fan of such behavior.

10 Calling CM Punk Phil Brooks

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

While a few fans call wrestlers by their old ring names, a few go the extra mile, addressing wrestlers using their real names. This practice hardly existed in the yesteryears; however, with Wikipedia, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook shedding light on the real life persona of the WWE wrestlers, the WWE Universe now have a good knowledge of the talents’ personal lives.

CM Punk, during a meet and greet, was called Phil [Brooks] by an overly enthusiastic fan and, after CM Punk had laughed at him, he proceeded to refer Christian by his real name Jay [Reso]. Unsurprisingly, those in the gathering laughed along with the UFC fighter, but he went on to claim that he could not help it. Incidents of this sort have also happened to Dolph Ziggler and a few others.

9 Never letting non-WWE names go

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While some yell Husky Harris at the Eater of Worlds and some address wrestlers using their real name, some do the unthinkable: holding on to a wrestler’s indie name even years after seeing his ring name changed in the WWE.

Many wrestling fans still seem keen to call Kevin Owens Kevin Steen although it has been years since he stopped using his real-life name. A good number of fans still fancy calling Cesaro 'Claudio Castagnoli' while Sami Zayn still is mentioned as El Generico on social media.

While their difficulty in becoming familiar with the WWE names shortly after the wrestler had made the jump is understandable, we have trouble understanding how it is difficult to let indie names go years after the name change.

We apologize if we annoyed a Tyler Black or Jon Moxley fan.

8 Berating Young John Cena Fans

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Wrestling has always been a kids’ show. Even wrestlers and those who are actually involved in the business have often stated that their main target audience is kids. However, a good number of men-children that attend WWE shows will never want to pay heed.

Parents who take their kids to wrestling shows to make their dreams of watching their favorite superstar in John Cena and Roman Reigns in action often complain about the poor attitude of the fedora-wearing drunken fans at shows. Apparently, there have been many instances where entitled fans chant obscene things despite standing close to kids. Every fan attends the WWE shows to have fun, but maintaining a bit of decorum at least in front of kids often takes a Jack Gallagher.

In the worst case scenario, some so-called hardcore fans of the product even go on to berate kids who wear John Cena t-shirts, headbands and wrist bands for being stupid.

7 Chanting 'What' And 'You Deserve It' ALL The Time

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Chanting is a cornerstone of wrestling fandom, but the WWE Universe have lately begun chanting merely for the sake of chanting. They chant at inappropriate timings and sadly, they even chant irrelevant things to look relevant.

'Whating' wrestlers has existed since the Steve Austin times, and it is about time the fans parted ways with the annoying chant. While 'whating' wrestlers during awkward promos is fathomable, their decision to chant it at talkers even during Hall of Fame ceremonies irks more people than it pleases. CM Punk chants seem like the new 'What' chant, and those do not seem to be going anywhere.

They have also cultivated the habit of chanting 'You Deserve It' even for a roll-up win on MainEvent. AJ Styles bashed the 'You Deserve It' chant while being interviewed by Lillian Garcia recently, stating the chant sounds as though the said wrestler is entitled while those that get the title put on them only earn it.

6 Turning on WWE stars fast

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WWE fans can hardly like a wrestler for a long time unless he or she is perpetually in the mid-card. One needs to look no further than Roman Reigns for proof as he was one of the most over superstars on the roster during his Shield days before turning into the most hated babyface in wrestling history.

Goldberg also won the wrath of a good number of fans for holding the Universal Championship, while the rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg attracted attention from even former wrestling fans and mainstream media like now other WrestleMania bout did. Fans just can't seem to stick behind a wrestler for more than a short period of time, as if to seem like the 'cooler' fans in looking for the latest trend.

5 Slamming WWE faces to look cool

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One incomprehensible behavior that today’s WWE fans have developed is cheering the heels and booing the babyfaces. Cheering heels only happened when the said talent is unimaginably interesting in the yesteryears, with Steve Austin and The Rock often garnering cheers despite being heels for a good portion of their WWE careers.

However, in the recent times, any superstar that gains the fans’ approval seem to be heels. Charlotte Flair, Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho (before his recent face turn), Braun Strowman, Rusev and Lana, Alexa Bliss, AJ Styles, The Miz, Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt are few of the most over wrestlers today while the babyfaces such as Bayley, Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Becky Lynch are called stale just for doing babyface stuff.

WWE’s face and heel algorithm has lately changed, seemingly, with The Big Dog being the biggest heel in the company and AJ Styles coming across as the most over babyface despite being a face and heel in theory, respectively.

4 Certain Wrestlers Are Immune to Criticism

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While the WWE fans can never be convinced that Roman Reigns is, in fact, not as terrible a wrestler as they want to believe, they can also never be told that Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe can sometimes have bad days. They certainly deserve all the appreciation they are getting, especially since it is not easy to make a mark when they look like cannonballs, but the adoration has reached an alarming degree as anyone who is not a fan of those are slammed online.

Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura are a few other wrestlers who are immune to criticism, and you will trigger their fans if you point out that their indie roots is the sole reason they are being treated differently from the WWE products.

In addition, although AJ Styles has improved his microphone skills in the wake of signing a WWE contract, he still is a far cry from John Cena or Steve Austin. He still fumbles halfway through his promos, but you are going to gain the wrath of the fans in the event of you daring to point that out.

3 SmackDown is ALWAYS better than RAW

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Fans also seems unwilling to admit that RAW produces decent shows every now and then. In the eyes of a WWE fan, whatever RAW does is stupid, while everything that takes place on a SmackDown Live ring is awesome.

Both shows produce fantastic segments while either show has its share of horrible segments. However, almost every RAW video on WWE’s YouTube channel has a comment stating that the commenter is waiting for Tuesday night ranked among the top comments.

RAW consistently produces enjoyable segments, but nobody ever dares to praise a RAW segment merely for the fear of looking uncool. The buildup to the recent WrestleMania looked weak in the blue brand while the Stephanie McMahon-commissioned show produced surprises and a decent buildup.

The post-WrestleMania period has been stale in either brand, but RAW can never be as good as SDLive according to a lot of fans.

2 Bashing Vince McMahon For Every Bad Decision; Praising Triple H For Every Good One

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Fans have recently come to a conclusion that every poor booking decision that the company takes is Vince McMahon’s brainchild, while former NXT writers and Triple H are praised for every semi-decent to good things that take place on the main roster.

Their attitude toward the man who almost single-handedly built WWE is inexplicable as notable journalists such as Dave Meltzer claim that every business decision still goes through the Chairman’s desk before being made. He still is the micro-manager he always has been, but he is portrayed as an idiotic billionaire who loves watching big sweaty men with a little mainstream relevance in trunks hug each other.

The Vince-is-stupid rhetoric is stupid, and the hypocrisy needs to stop eventually as it is downright wrong. However, kudos to the Evil Genius for making his Mr. McMahon character so believable that most people are still struggling to see beyond what he chooses to be in front of the cameras.

1 The Roman Reigns heat

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One major baffling behavior of the WWE Universe is their response to Roman Reigns.

Some allege that they boo him because of his subpar wrestling ability; however, he has been producing four-star matches consistently, and his bouts hardly garner less than three stars. Some allege that they hate on him for the gigantic push that he has been receiving; however, they fail to see that the company cannot put the title on everyone on the roster just because of their employees’ dropkicking prowess. He possesses almost everything that caters to the casual fans, and WWE’s top stars have always catered to the casual fans, with Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and John Cena all exemplifying what WWE had stood for in their respective eras. Some claim that he has only a handful of fans while he has been a consistent merchandise mover.

In some circumstances, many fans openly claim that they have immense fun booing him without a proper reason. The Roman Reigns heat is getting out of hand, but the fans do not seem to understand that the more they boo him, the more successful WWE’s experiment is.

It is true that a wrestling fan loves wrestling so much that he hates it, but he or she can always choose to be less annoying.

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