Top 15 Most Memorable Moments in Professional Wrestling, 2014

As we rapidly approach the end of 2014, what better time than to compile the list of the top 15 most memorable moments of the year in professional wrestling (or “sports entertainment” as the WWE prefers to call it these days). There's no point in waiting for the start of the new year because the WWE recently aired their December pay per view (TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs) and TNA Impact Wrestling is in the process of moving programming to Destination America (beginning in January 2015). By all accounts, the WWE won't really advance any storylines until the start of the new year. However if anything does occur that would compel you to question or dispute this list, you're always welcome to leave any comments you may have below.

Overall 2014 was a great year. One wouldn’t necessarily call it the best but it was certainly leaps and bounds better than 2013. Simply reflecting on some of the more “memorable” moments of 2013 can cause even the most diehard fans to start cringing. Fortunately 2014 was full of countless memorable moments that will be fondly remembered and reflected upon for years to come. Some of these moments are actually so significant that they will continue to live on forever in the annals of professional wrestling history. In putting this list together, it proves to focus on what was most memorable regardless of promotion (meaning this list is not limited to World Wrestling Entertainment) however it will in fact occupy the majority of the year’s most memorable moments. With no further adieu, we proudly present to you the top 15 most memorable moments of 2014.

15  15. Cesaro wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal


14 Roman Reigns Breaks The Royal Rumble Elimination Record

13 Eric Young wins the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

12  12. Brie Quits


11 Bully Ray Powerbombs Dixie Carter through a table

10 The Three Biggest Names In WWE History All In One Ring

Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE

9  9. Sami Zayn Wins The Big One

8 Paige’s Big Debut

7  7. AJ Styles Wins The IWGP World Heavyweight Championship


6 The Ultimate Warrior's Return and Farewell

5 Why Seth, Why?

4 Brock Lesnar manhandles John Cena


3  3. Sting arrives in the WWE


2  2. Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania Moment

1 Brock Lesnar conquers The Streak

Although WrestleMania XXX had wonderful moments like Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and Cesaro winning the first ever over-the-top-rope Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, there was one moment that was violently thrust into all the history books. In a night full of WrestleMania moments, Brock Lesnar shocked the entire world by defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX thereby conquering the streak and leaving The Undertaker with an overall WrestleMania record of 21-1.

There is absolutely no other moment that could even be considered the most memorable moment of 2014 other than this. Furthermore, this specific moment is so significant that it will continue to live on for all eternity in the annals of WWE history.

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Top 15 Most Memorable Moments in Professional Wrestling, 2014