Top 15 Most Overrated Wrestlers On The WWE Roster

Week after week all around the world arenas and stadiums are packed to the brim with families and fanatics who spend their hard earned dollars to watch the most elite wrestlers on the planet. It's no secret that WWE shows are just that; a show, a scripted performance carefully planned and rehearsed for months before the public ever bares witness. Most of the time the creative team controls who's liked and who isn't but every now and then a wrestler gets a little extra push from the top. In many scenarios we've seen the WWE Universe turn on superstars who have been gifted opportunities rather than earning them. A lot of overrated stars have come and gone in WWE.

Having the right combination of athleticism and showmanship is difficult to come by and even harder to maintain in an industry where injuries are not avoidable. Stars leave the ring just as fast as they are built and pushed into storyline's to keep audiences interested. Sometimes the wrong stars get the right push leaving the roster with overrated talent.

Some of WWE's current so called best are being called into question in this article. We have wrestlers that have been given opportunities too soon and some too late. There are stars on the list that the company pushed so hard fans cant stand them. Like any list, this is just one writer's opinion, so feel free to share your own. Take a look and see who just made the list of Top 15 Most Overrated Wrestlers On The WWE Roster.

16 Roman Reigns

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There's no debate Roman Reigns is one of WWE's most overrated superstars. The company loves to push Reigns for reasons hard to figure out and whether he deserves it or not Roman has become one of the most hated wrestlers in WWE history. The Big Dog has had his share of history defining matches for example when he laid The Undertaker to rest at WrestleMania 33 or his record setting 12 eliminations in 2014 where he lost to Batista.

One thing is for sure; Vince McMahon and his creative team have given Roman more than his fair share of big moment matches. When you look at Roman's in ring abilities it's easy to see why half the WWE Universe hates the guy. Sure he can take next level beatings but other than a superman punch and a spear, both moves literally any average joe can do, what's he really got? And unlike say Enzo Amore, Reigns doesn't have the charisma and promo skills to compensate for his simplistic in-ring style.

15 Billie Kay

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Ever since her debut in 2015 Billie Kay has been one of the hottest acts NXT has to offer.  The overwhelming combination of bad attitude and questionable in-ring antics have turned Kay into one of the most disliked women ever to walk down the ramp at NXT. Right now the women's revolution is soaring to new heights. From the ladies on the main roster down to the extremely talented NXT division, the wrestling women of today are breaking grounds never thought imaginable.

Billie Kay and partner Peyton Royce are supposed to be the next big thing but honestly I don't see it whatsoever. She doesn't stand out from the rest of the women let alone her partner who is basically the same character. With superstars like Asuka and Ember Moon representing their division Kay just doesn't cut it.

14 Dolph Ziggler

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From the Spirit Squad to World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler has done it all. He's aptly nicknamed "The Show-off" because he loves to strut his stuff but nowadays he doesn't have a whole lot to show off. There is no denying Ziggler has been on top but today his uninspired character is mainly used in mid-card matches or in short rivalries with newer stars on the roster. Dolph is definitely a talented wrestler his college and professional careers are evidence enough but still he never truly reached heights he was capable of. Now he just sort of stews around eager to prove that his best is still to come but it's less than likely. WWE hypes him up but Dolph's just not the same Show Off he once was.


12 Kassius Ohno

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This is one of the more obvious entries on the list of overrated wrestlers. Kassius Ohno is living proof "it's never too late." The 37-year-old has recently made a comeback to NXT leaving a lot of fans asking themselves one question, why? At the end of the day it's not Ohno's age that put him on this list. Kassius Ohno makes the list because other than hard strikes what else does he bring to the table? You can count the amount of times you've seen Ohno do something spectacular on one hand.

Don't get me wrong the guy is relatively agile, we've seen him kick off his back onto his feet and yes that surprised most of us but now what? You've got to show me more than hard hitting elbows and knuckle sandwiches to prove you should be on the WWE roster.

11 No Way Jose

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Who doesn't love a good conga line? A little bit of salsa never hurt anyone either. When No Way Jose dances his way down to the ring the fans go bananas cheering him. The stand out NXT sensation has become a fan favorite on the show. At 6'3 and nearly 250 pounds the native of Dominican Republic towers above a lot of the other wrestlers in the locker room. For a man of his size and strength No Way has yet to prove how dominant he can be and instead seems a little too focused on the entertainment aspect of the business. The routine is fun and exciting for a couple weeks maybe months but sooner or later the jolly giant needs to prove he can throw down with the best. After all this is WWE we're talking about not Dancing With The Stars.

10 Gentleman Jack Gallagher

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Gentleman Jack's routine is supposed to be what makes him unique. The thing is in the WWE acts come and go. People often fade into the background after just short a period with the company. It's not that the character in particular isn't good or that the wrestler isn't technically sound but often the combination of the two along with the lack of creative ideas or scripting. Right now Jack Gallagher gets to enjoy his the ride  to the top of the industry but give it a year and wait and see if  you still enjoy watching Jacky Boy in the same routine over and over.

You can arguably compare Jack to the former members of The Vaudevillian tag team. A very technical mat wrestler who uses his different but entertaining style to hook the fans. Just like most acts that revolve more around the character and less on their fighting abilities Gentleman Jack's reign will likely be a short one.

9 Nia Jax

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This former plus sized model has left a path of destruction since the moment she arrived at NXT. Some people say Nia Jax is the next big thing. I say unless you mean literally the next big thing considering how huge she is, in the wrestling world she's far from special. At 6 foot tall Jax is almost twice the size as nearly every other female on the roster. Realistically there is just no competition for Nia Jax, other than maybe SmackDown Live's Tamina. In today's WWE the women are elite athletes. Every show now a female superstar has a good entertaining, technical match but we've yet to see that from Jax. She just tosses the other ladies around then pins them with ease. It's not her fault but unfortunately until they can find someone her size the advantage just makes watching her compete kind of ridiculous.

8 Noam Dar

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The Scottish Super Nova is one of 205 Live's cruiserweight stars. He's a full 5'9 and every inch of him is cocky as can be. I'll give credit where it's due becoming the first ever Israeli-born superstar in WWE at 23 is impressive. Noam has earned the chip on his shoulder but if you sit back and look at the abilities of Dar's direct completion in the cruiserweight division he just doesn't stack up to opponents like Cedrick Alexander or Rich Swann. Dar kicks hard and has good stage presence but don't you want that out of everybody on the roster? Pretty well all the WWE roster can kick hard so unless The Super Nova does something super special sometime soon he is going to stay kayfabe girlfriend Alicia Fox's lap dog.

7 Mojo Rawley

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Mojo Rawley has everyone so hyped up they're missing what's right in front of them. This guy is basically a modern day version of Goldberg on 10 Red Bulls. Goldberg is infamous for his Spear and Jackhammer, two moves. Mojo Rawley has a corner Splash and a  Hyperdrive and that's pretty much it. Don't get me wrong Mojo is cool but as far as wrestling skills I'm still not convinced. Winning the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal in 2017 is supposed to take Rawley to a higher level. The WWE knows a character like Mojo is a one show act. The Hype Bro won't be able to maintain interest from the fans without adapting and evolving his style overtime like legends Ric Flair or Randy Orton have done. Mojo has got to run out of juice eventually and when he does it's likely WWE and Rawley just part ways.

6 Shinsuke Nakamura

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Shinsuke Nakamura has become one of the WWE's most popular superstars over the last few years. The fanbase and following that the Japanese super talent receives is incredible. Nakamura has stage presence like no other. It's memorizing to watch tens of thousands of people singing along to Shinsuke's entrance as he makes his way down to the ring. It is one of WWE's greatest entrances of today and if he stays with the company for a while could go down as one of the all-time best. After the music dies down and the bell rings you realize Nakamura's fighting technique is actually quite bizarre.

Flying knees and kicks are Nakamura's main weapons but again you expect athletes of their caliber to be able to demonstrate at least some strength. The self proclaimed King of Strong Style is quite the performer however his in-ring moves are far less exciting than his one of a kind entrance.

5 Peyton Royce

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Iconic Duo is a tag team formed up of Australian superstars Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. The two ladies split the honour of being named 2016 NXT breakout star of the year but just like her tag team partner when it comes to list of accomplishments there is not much to talk about. Peyton does show impressive athleticism and her on screen acting isn't terrible either the fans just need to see a little less talking and a lot more of those crazy high kicks Royce can pull off. If the former ballerina doesn't have a few stand out matches or put some sort of winning streak together in 2017 she may just have to reconsider dance as a career and leave the role of "Venus Fly Trap" and the wrestling world behind.

4 Brock Lesnar

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Everyone knows Brock is a decorated MMA fighter but in the WWE he rarely shows his face let alone his ability to dominate. Lesnar drops by here and there demanding main event fights. It's embarrassing to watch a guy who commits to a handful of days get in the ring and just toss superstars who work hard all year around like little ragdolls. Suplex, followed by a suplex and then an F5 and its 1,2,3 you're winner Brock Lesnar. It would be nice to actually see WWE force him to compete in a storyline or let other fighters get a chance to dance with The Beast Incarnate. Some one who shows up out of the blue to win a title and then disappears again isn't the kind of superstar the WWE has ever needed around or ever will but throwing Brock Lesnar on a bill draws insane amounts of viewers.

3 Dean Ambrose

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It seems that Dean Ambrose has gotten incredibly complacent in his work for about the past year and a half. While he still gets a decent pop when he enters an arena, his character really hasn't done anything interesting in a long time. His character is supposed to the Lunatic Fringe, yet he doesn't really do anything crazy besides making some weird faces in the ring. Ambrose had a ton of momentum going into WrestleMania season last year, but following his feud with Brock Lesnar that ended with a disappointing No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 32, Ambrose hasn't had a memorable match, nor a memorable program.

Stone Cold challenged him on his podcast to reach for the next level, but it seems he hasn't accepted that challenge.

2 Bayley

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Everyone loves Bayley's feel good story. The dream of a young, small town girl that came true. From a fan in the crowd to the Raw Women's Champion Bayley's story inspires kids everywhere. As long as kids will watch her, parents will pay and the WWE will keep the positive role model gig afloat. Bayley is not a bad wrestler but she is certainly not great. Small miscues and poorly timed moves are still too common for the up and coming star. You can find fault in more matches than not. Bayley is still relatively new to WWE so she has time to get better. As of right now all of the attention Bayley is earning comes from her bubbly personality and inflatable tube-men and not so much wrestling talents. Until her in-ring performances become more solid on a consistent basis Bayley will be considered just another children's fad.

1 Seth Rollins

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Seth Freakin Rollins needs to take his own motto into consideration because he's not showing us anything new and exciting whatsoever. It has been Seth Rollins vs. the world for a too long now and the repetitiveness is a little boring. Even with the same routine somehow The King Slayer just keeps coming out on top of the world. Most superstars don't exactly have new unique moves anymore, they just put their spin on old ones. However Seth Rollins wrestling arsenal is seriously lacking flavor. You see almost 7 foot men like Luke Harper diving through and over the ropes making Seth's Suicide Dive a lot less impressive.

Now that Rollins has slayed the King of Kings, Triple H he has began to utilize a new knee strike finishing move instead of using his one time mentors Pedigree but even the high knee is kind of lame. We need more "redesign rebuild reclaim" from The Architect before the foundation he built crumbles.

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