Top 15 Most Promiscuous Female Wrestlers Of All Time

Wrestlers seem to hook up almost exclusively with other wrestlers. Perhaps this is due to the travel schedule or the time they spend with each other in road trip type scenarios. For whatever the reason, however, backstage stories involving wrestlers seem to be more scandalous than in other industries, Hollywood excluded. It's a group kept in tight quarters and often there is some overlap with which wrestlers are dating whom at what time. That's when things get particularly interesting.

The women featured in this article are the ones who have had the most scandals in regards to their romantic life. Perhaps they have or had a reputation for sleeping around, or maybe they had an affair which became public. Often times such situations lead to a wrestler getting fired and sometimes it even gets woven into WWE storylines.

If WWE had a Human Resources department that showed the least bit of interest in keeping a non-toxic workplace, there would probably be some rules put in place to prevent these things happening as much as they do. WWE wants to consider their roster as independent contractors, however, so there is a limit to what they can ask of them in terms of keeping their personal and professional lives separate.

Here are the 15 most promiscuous female wrestlers of all time.


15 Terri Runnels 


Terri Runnels got her start in the pro wrestling industry by working as a hair and makeup artist in WCW. The promotion eventually put her in front of the camera as a manager. She met and married Dustin Runnels while working there and eventually jumped ship with him to WWE to become Goldust and Marlena.

While in WWE, Terri cheated on Dustin with Shawn Stasiak, who she'd had something of a scripted relationship with on-screen during her final run with the company. Stasiak was paying the role of "Meat" at the time and was basically a play-thing for Terri and Jacqueline, the members of PMS.

After WWE, Terri ended up in a relationship with New Jack of all people. Not surprisingly at all, the two had a nasty split. They ended up in court as Terri sought to prevent New Jack from leaking nude photos of her.

14 Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly is believed to have hooked up with a bevy of male professional wrestlers during her WWE stint. She was in a long-term relationship with Andrew "Test" Martin, but the rumor mill has her having been with plenty others. Randy Orton took some fairly nasty shots at Kelly in an interview once, claiming she had slept with over ten WWE Superstars. Why Orton decided to speak poorly about Kelly in such a public manner is not currently known.

The Miz, Batista, Justin Gabriel and Chris Jericho are all thought to have taken part in Kelly's "Extreme Expose" at one time or another. The now 30-year-old Kelly had married NHL player, Sheldon Souray, though it was just announced the couple is splitting up. The relationship had been Kelly's in-road to the TV show, WAGS.

13 Mickie James


Mickie James seems to only date wrestlers. For the most part, it doesn't work out too well for her or the wrestlers she was involved with either. To put things in perspective, her storyline infatuation with Trish Stratus from 2005 to 2006 was healthier than her real-life relationships.

James had been engaged to a then 21-year-old Kenny Dykstra (James is seven years older than Kenny) when they were both in WWE together until James began having an affair with John Cena. Kenny discovered the affair when he caught James on the internet looking to see if news of her and Cena's affair had leaked. Dykstra ended up getting moved to another show and eventually released. James ended up getting released herself after reportedly going ballistic after learning Cena was not interested in furthering their relationship. James is now married to and has a child with Magnus (Nick Aldis), another pro wrestler.

12 Chyna


Nobody has ever been more heart broken over by backstage relationships than Chyna was. She was once on the path to becoming one of the most well-known female wrestlers in history when Triple H ended their relationship and started one with Stephanie.

Chyna spiraled after that. She ended up in a relationship with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman, who didn't seem to be doing too great at that time either. The two made an adult tape together, something almost nobody was asking for. After that, Chyna then moved into a career in the adult industry.

In her later years, Chyna had seemingly decided to leave her celebrity life behind and look for something new. She moved to Japan and taught English for a few years. She was found dead on April 20th, 2016, believed to be the result of combining alcohol and several prescription medications.

11 Ashley Massaro


Reby Hardy won't be inviting Ashley Massaro over to the Hardy family compound anytime soon. The now 38-year-old was once involved with Matt Hardy but the relationship grew somewhat complicated when Massaro also began seeing Paul London.

A news report in 2008 then revealed Massaro's previous life as a high-rolling escort. Oddly enough the agency she was named "The Bella Models", you can't make that stuff up... Massaro apparently charged $25,000 for her company. She initially denied the report but evidently some reporters were quite motivated to prove it was actually her because the world absolutely needs to know what famous people once worked as escorts.

Massaro ended up requesting her release from WWE the same year as she wanted to spend more time with her daughter.

10 Maria Kanellis


Rumors are that Maria Kannelis has gotten around a bit backstage. Granted, it was probably Nikki Bella who started those rumors. Maria began dating CM Punk while both were in OVW. Maria was said to be devastated when Punk left her but there were never any reports the two had heat with each other.

In 2009, there was some friction between Maria and the Bellas which is believed to have started during her on-screen relationship in 2009 with Dolph Ziggler. Nikki Bella, who was with Dolph at the time, was apparently not thrilled that some of the on-screen mannerisms the two exhibited were making their way off-screen as well. There was believed to have been an incident between the three at a club one night. Upon leaving WWE, Maria married Mike Bennett, who has now taken her last name in storyline with he company. 

9 Stacy Keibler


If we told you there was a person in existence who has dated both Hollywood hunk, George Clooney, and former WCW Tag Team Champion, David Flair, would you believe us?

Well, that person does exist and her name is Stacy Keibler. After Clooney left her, Stacy ended up marrying a guy (Jared Pobre) she had kept in the "friend zone" in case of emergency. Whether he is more like Clooney or David Flair is not currently known.

In addition to Clooney and David Flair, Stacy is believed to have dated Test, Jamie Foxx, and Kevin Connolly. That's sort of a weird group of people, huh? She clearly has diverse tastes. Jared Pobre ended up being the guy at the finish line - the couple married in 2014. They welcomed their first daughter to this world, Ava Grace Pobre, that very summer.


8 Lita 


We all love Amy "Lita" Dumas, but she has been no stranger to romantic backstage scandals. In fact, she has been in two of the most highly profiled ones.

Fans of the Hardy Boyz needn't be reminded of her scandalous fling with Adam "Edge" Copeland. Lita and Matt Hardy had been together for six years at the time and many fans had grown up watching them perform together. Then in 2005, it all crumbled in a very public manner. It's been speculated the situation led to her eventually retiring from WWE in 2006 due to her tarnished name.

After WWE, Lita went out on the road with a punk band and began a relationship with one of her bandmates. When that relationship ended she eventually began another one with CM Punk. That relationship also led to a high-profile split when Punk left Lita and dated AJ Lee shortly after.

7 Nikki Bella

Neither Nikki Bella nor her future newlywed husband John Cena has a reputation for being overly monogamous. In fact, both have had their fair share of backstage scandals. Some rumors made a claim that Nikki and sister Brie called wild at time while on the road, even having a little too much fun in a hot tub in front of wrestlers.... Whether that's true or not, we'll never know for sure.

While the actual history of events is likely altered from the version shown on Total Divas, Nikki has been married before and was also involved with Dolph Ziggler. She evidently broke Ziggler's heart as well. Poor Ziggler, he would only go on to date nearly every other woman in the industry.

Nikki has said she married her high school sweetheart when they were only 20 years old. The marriage didn't last, however. As for sister Brie, her private life hasn't involved many scandals. She dated the guitarist from Poison for five years, who is surely a lot different from her current husband.

6 Major Gunns


While the wrestling faction, Misfits in Action, might not be remembered fondly there are still many wrestling fans with warm memories of Major Gunns. This was during the Vince Russo era of WCW you might remember, so things were a little weird at the time.

After WCW closed, Major Gunns felt as though transitioning into the adult film industry would be the best move for her. From Vince Russo booked wrestling to the adult industry is not that far of a jump.

Real name, Tylene Buck, she signed on with the Seymore Butts Talent Agency which couldn't be more perfect. She has also done work as a cam girl. It's not currently known how well she got along with General Rection while in the MIA. Considering some of Bill DeMott's later activities while a trainer with WWE, there are probably some interesting stories there....

5 Melina


Melina Perez had a controversial run in WWE. She was once thrown out of the women's locker room for having a bad attitude and has her fair share of detractors.

Melina is believed to have cheated on Morrison with Batista during the course of their long relationship. She has stated that when she and Batista were together it did not overlap with the time her and Johnny were together. There didn't appear to be any animosity between the two of them as they were reunited briefly in Lucha Underground...only Johnny would then have his new fiancee, Taya Valkyrie, in that role for future seasons. So perhaps there were some bitter feelings the public wasn't privy to.

Before Melina got together with Johnny Nitro she is believed to have been with Mike Knox, which is a rather odd pairing to say the least.

4 Torrie Wilson


Much like her good friend Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson also appears to have a wide variety of tastes when it comes to relationships.

Wilson's two most high profile relationships have been with Billy Kidman and Alex Rodriguez. Again, that is the Cruiserweight from Raven's Flock and statistically one of the greatest baseball players of the modern-era.

Wilson and Kidman began dating while in WCW and married when both were in WWE in 2003. Some of the timelines here are a little sketch, as they wouldn't officially divorce until 2008 but Wilson is believed to have entered a relationship with Mitch from the Spirit Squad before then. She began dating A-Rod in 2011 but they broke up in 2015.

She appears to be single at the moment. Wilson is currently working as a blogger and fitness expert marketing her own line of workout videos.

3 Charlotte Flair


Much like her father, Charlotte Flair runs through relationships like she does World Championships... okay not exactly, but you get the point.

The 31-year-old has already been married and divorced twice. One of those husbands was Bram who was in Impact Wrestling for a decent stint. She is also believed to have dated Alberto Del Rio, who is not exactly earning too many, "partner-of-the-year" medals for his relationship with Paige.

In her recent shared biography with her father, Charlotte revealed that she was the victim of multiple domestic assaults during the course of her first marriage to Riki Johnson. She was still only in her early 20s at the time of the marriage and has expressed regret about making such a decision while so young. Currently, Charlotte is not believed to be dating anyone aside from frequent tea-dates with Becky Lynch.

2 Missy Hyatt


Missy Hyatt may have pioneered the role of promiscuous women in wrestling. Whether that is a good or bad thing is not clear, but Hyatt's contributions to the wrestling industry are significant either way.

Hyatt had been dating wrestler John Tatum when she began an affair with Eddie Gilbert in the 1980s. Their marriage only lasted two years as Hyatt would turn out to be someone not easily confined to just one man.

Her rumored backstage activities are said to have included Jake Roberts, Road Warrior Hawk, Brutus Beefcake, Tom Prichard and even actor Jason Hervey. Now 54 years young, she has fully retired from the wrestling business. Hyatt managed Lance Storm in her final match. She lives in Florida and was inducted into the Women Superstars Uncensored Hall of Fame in 2009.

1 Sunny 


While Missy Hyatt may have invented the role of the promiscuous wrestling valet, Sunny perfected it. Unfortunately, the 44-year-old has had a rough last few years. Drug and alcohol problems have plagued her post-wrestling life.

When she entered the business, Sunny was dating her high-school sweetheart, Chris Candido. While still dating Candido, Sunny would be involved with other men, including a lengthy affair with Shawn Michaels. HBK is believed to have wanted Sunny to settle down with him, but she wanted to make things work with Candido instead.

The list of rumored names Sunny has been with is quite long. Ahmed Johnson, Hardcore Holly, Billy Gunn, Droz, Jake Roberts, Raven, Sabu, and even Taka Michinoku have all been mentioned. Famously Bret Hart has also been accused of seeing some "Sunny Days" as well.


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