Top 15 Most Ridiculous WWE Conspiracy Theories

The professional wrestling industry is one that has a long history of wacky real-life stories. There are numerous World Wrestling Entertainment tales that a non-fan would not believe because those

The professional wrestling industry is one that has a long history of wacky real-life stories. There are numerous World Wrestling Entertainment tales that a non-fan would not believe because those stories sound so ridiculous. Grown men, adults who are paid large sums of money, have thrown fits about not winning what are fake championships. We know about real affairs that happened involving WWE personnel. In fact, the company has, in some instances, gone out of the way to inform viewers about these real affairs that affected real people and not just the characters that are presented to fans during shows such as Raw.

With that said, there are also a plethora of WWE conspiracy theories that are too bizarre to believe even with all that has happened in that organization over the years. Some of those stories are, in the grand scheme of things, relatively harmless. After all, rumors of somebody's significant other being involved with a different person happen in just about any line of business every now and again, let alone in a world where performers are on the road with each for literally hundreds of days a year. It is easy to understand why such conspiracy theories would somehow become public knowledge.

Other WWE conspiracy theories are downright creepy. The one that probably tops the list involves the actual deaths of multiple individuals, a tragedy that forever changed how the WWE evaluates the physical and mental states of wrestlers. This story is one that is straight out of fiction, and it arose in part because some fans simply did not want to believe that a favorite wrestler of theirs could be capable of such a despicable act. If nothing else, this WWE conspiracy theory exists as a reminder that one would be wise to ignore certain things that he or she sees while surfing the Internet.

15 Vince McMahon Ran ECW 


We start out with an example of how a conspiracy theory proven to be true can berth other inaccurate stories. It is no secret that the WWE financially supported Extreme Championship Wrestling during the 1990s. Both Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman have talked about this on multiple occasions. There is, however, no truth to the notion that McMahon was calling the shots for ECW feuds and programs. While McMahon and Heyman had a working relationship, Heyman was the creative genius behind ECW both in storyline and in actuality. Heyman deserves the praise and also the blame for all that occurred in ECW.

14 Multiple Kanes 


This is a conspiracy theory that is easy to make up because the Kane character wore a mask for years. The WWE may have even had some fun at the expense of fans who believe this theory when the company presented multiple Kanes on television at the same time. Sorry to everybody out there who wanted to believe this one, but Glenn Jacobs is, by all accounts, the only official Kane to ever be featured in WWE storylines. That Jacobs has been a mainstay of WWE television for roughly two decades says a lot about how talented and dedicated he has been even though the company has not always treated the Kane character all that well.

13 Hulk Hogan's Black Eye 


It has long been rumored that Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were enemies behind the scenes, in part because Hogan allegedly had a role in the real-life breakup of Savage and his wife Miss Elizabeth. The feud between the two supposedly resulted in Savage giving Hogan a black eye days before WrestleMania IX. Hogan has since discussed this conspiracy theory, and The Hulkster has said that the black eye came as a result of a Jet Ski accident. It is more fun for fans to believe that Savage slugged Hogan in a fit of rage, but the theory has been debunked by Hogan and by the WWE.

12 The Hardcore Title 

This is a conspiracy theory that is enjoyable in part because the WWE has gone out of the way to keep it alive to this day. While feuding with Hulk Hogan, Mr. Perfect once used a hammer to destroy the WWE Championship during an episode of Saturday Night's Main Event. The story goes that the company held onto that destroyed championship, and that the belt was eventually made into the original Hardcore Championship that was first presented to Mick Foley. Why would the WWE hold onto a broken championship belt for years before turning it into a different title? We don't know, and thus the conspiracy theory exists to this day.

11 Lost Smile 


Shawn Michaels was not always the great Christian man that he is these days. His reputation at the time is why the conspiracy theory that Michaels faked a knee injury in 1997 so that he wouldn't have to drop the belt to Bret Hart at WrestleMania is so believable. Some out there have even suggested that Michaels' back injury that kept him sidelined for four years was fake and an excuse to cover up the fact that Michaels was such a mess personally and needed years to get his life together. The fake knee injury is a reasonable angle, but the idea that Michaels did not have a seriously injured back is, quite frankly, laughable.

10 Pipe Bomb 


There are pockets of wrestling fans out there who are desperate for something that airs on WWE television to be a “shoot” and be real. This includes the infamous “pipe bomb” that CM Punk once dropped during a famous Raw segment. While Punk may not have been reading from a script, the entire idea was, in fact, a work, the WWE's own version of the “Summer of Punk.” It was even planned ahead of time that his microphone would cut off at what was supposed to be the end of his promo. Sorry, conspiracy theorists, but Punk was in on the whole thing. Wrestling can still be fun every now and again.

9 Murder Cover-up?  


For all we know, this conspiracy theory could be proven to be true at some point down the road. The girlfriend of “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka was found dead in May 1983, and the wrestler was arrested and charged with third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in September 2015. While it has been widely reported that Vince McMahon and the WWE fully cooperated with all facets of the investigation, it has been suggested by some that the company, in some way, covered things up to protect Snuka in '83. Snuka's trial is scheduled to begin in March 2016, and McMahon could be called to testify.

8 Triple H and Stephanie 

We don't know Triple H personally, so maybe there is some merit behind the WWE conspiracy theory that he became involved with Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of Vince McMahon, just so that he could get to the top of WWE cards. All indications are, however, that the two have a great relationship. They are an on-air couple for the second time, they have been married in real life for years, and they have three children. Here is hoping that the leaders of “The Authority” enjoy their happiness and that they are able to carry the WWE banner to a new and glorious era!

7 Montreal 


It is the WWE conspiracy theory that will likely only die if it is proven to be fact. Some WWE fans will always believe that Bret “The Hitman” Hart at least knew about the Montreal Screwjob ahead of time. It has even been suggested that Hart was in on the whole thing. Hart and Michaels have both debunked this theory on multiple occasions, as have wrestling journalists such as Dave Meltzer. Nevertheless, the conspiracy theory will live on in infamy, as there will be people who just do not want to believe that the WWE would pull off such an event with everybody involved knowing of the plot.

6 WWE Held Daniel Bryan Back 


A recent WWE conspiracy theory involves the leader of the “Yes Movement.” Some fans believed that the WWE was preventing Daniel Bryan from returning to the ring in 2016 because the company did not want Bryan to negatively impact the push of Roman Reigns. We now know for a fact that Bryan was not being treated poorly by the WWE. The WWE actually had Bryan's best interests in mind. Bryan has suffered multiple concussions during his pro wrestling career, and he learned in January 2016 that it would be best if he retired from in-ring action. Bryan announced his retirement during a Raw segment in February.

5 Vince Russo Was a Plant 


Remember when Vince Russo left the WWE to become a “creative” mind for WCW?  The conspiracy theory linked to this move is that Vince McMahon wanted Russo to join up with WCW because McMahon wanted Russo to ruin the competition. Regardless of what McMahon may have known about Russo's booking ideas, there is no base for this conspiracy theory. Russo, in fact, just found a job offer that was better than what he had in the WWE, and he has since lived off of his name and reputation and found gigs in companies such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

4 Two Warriors 


You can, to this day, find somebody on the Internet who is sure that there were two people who played The Ultimate Warrior character. This conspiracy theory is based on the idea that somebody who was not Jim Hellwig was presented as Warrior at WrestleMania VIII. The story became so well spread among fans of the WWE that the company even mentioned it in an article years ago. There was, by all accounts, only one Warrior, and it is the same Warrior who had a falling out with the WWE and who eventually was re-embraced by the company and inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 The New World Order Was Legit 


We can blame those running WCW at the time for this conspiracy theory, because it is one that was mentioned on television as part of a storyline. According to the legend, Vince McMahon sent Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to WCW to begin the New World Order faction and, from the inside, destroy WCW. In reality, Hall and Nash went to WCW in the 1990s when that company was basically throwing money to performers to jump from the WWE. Poor business decisions and horrible storylines killed WCW way more than Hall, Nash and the nWo did harm to what is now a dead organization.

2 Stephanie McMahon and Randy Savage 


This rumor has existed for well over a decade, and it is one that Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has mentioned on the podcast that is available on the Observer website. According to the conspiracy theory, “Macho Man” Randy Savage had an inappropriate relationship with Stephanie McMahon when Stephanie was a minor. This, allegedly, is why Savage was banned from the WWE Hall of Fame until after he passed away. There has never been any legitimate confirmation that anything of the sort ever happened, but the story continues on among those in the Internet Wrestling Community.

1 Kevin Sullivan Killed Nancy and Daniel Benoit 


Even typing this portion of the piece causes the hair on the skin to stand because of the fact that the conspiracy theory is so creepy. This one cites the relationship that Kevin Sullivan had with Nancy Benoit decades ago as an explanation for why Sullivan and not Chris Benoit was responsible for the deaths of Nancy and her son Daniel. There is, of course, zero physical evidence that anybody other than Chris was to blame for the deaths of the three Benoit family members, and we actually feel bad for Sullivan that he has had to discuss this matter in the past.

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Top 15 Most Ridiculous WWE Conspiracy Theories