Top 15 Most Shocking WWE 2K Video Game Models From The Last 5 Years

Video games and wrestling, they just go hand in hand. We can forget the days of playing hours upon hours of WWE No Mercy; seriously, that game had little faults and lots of wrestling fans even continue to play the game today - it was truly that good. Nowadays, 2K has altered the gaming experience. The grappling and match experience aren’t as good as THQ’s No Mercy, though the graphics have taken things to another level with some wrestlers looking like exact replicas in terms of their video game models - key word: some.

In this article, we look back at the last five years of WWE 2K video games and take a look at some of the very worst models from the past. Now these models aren’t just bad, their pretty embarrassing. Those featured include lesser known names like Dana Brooke along with announcers who were horribly portrayed such as Michael Cole, Lilian Garcia and the very worst, Renee Young. Though, even the higher profile names have been butchered, hell the greatest in-ring performer of all-time and the boss himself looked like complete disasters recently. The lesser known names aren’t the only ones getting destroyed.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share this hilarious article with a friend. Without further ado, here are 15 of the most shocking WWE video game model from the last five years. We begin with a horrible model from the 2K17 video game.

15 Dana Brooke - WWE 2K17

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An exciting part of WWE 2K video games is the addition of NXT Superstars. Well, in this instance, not only was Dana a bit of an afterthought in general but the video game model might have been even worse, looking like a possessed demon of herself. The video game model was quite baffling and one of the worst from the entire video game. One thing they did get right was her rating of 74 overall, one of the lowest in the game. That rating seems pretty legit even to this day given the fact that she hasn’t done much ever since leaving the side of Charlotte Flair.

Thankfully, her model was improved on this year in 2K18 and actually fairly accurate. However, well always prefer her 2K17 model as it gave us a pretty good laugh....

14 Lilian Garcia – WWE 2K16

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Over the years we’ve come to understand that 2K doesn’t really care about certain features. One of them, is the ring announcers as they’ve looked pretty awful in the last couple of years. For the 2K16 game, it was announced that Garcia would be the chosen one for the game to perform the ring announcer duties, sadly, after looking at her model from the game she likely wishes the company selected someone else. The model was simply awful and the worst part, she actually looked better in years past. You’d figure the developers would take a little more time with an employ that had been with the company since the late 1990s!

Garcia is just one of the many examples on this list of a non-wrestlers just looking flat out terrible.

13 Edge – WWE 2K18

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For the most part, WWE 2K18 did an excellent job with the models. However, some completely missed and Edge might have been the very worst of the bunch. Just go on YouTube and watch his entrance in the game, everything just seems so off including his hair that’s just flopping around and glitching as he makes his way to the ring- his facial features are also horribly inaccurate as he kind of resembles a homeless looking dude.

Perhaps even worse however, his vintage coat which is absolutely disastrous in the game. Watching his entrance, it seems like the thing is dragging on the floor, kind of look like Sting’s trench coat from WCW but somehow even longer. We forgot Edge wears a size triple XL to the ring...

12 Bo Dallas – WWE 2K17

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Poor Bo Dallas, the guy went from the talk of the developmental system to a complete and utter flop on the main roster. It turns out, 2K video games don’t have a soft spot for him either, not only was his character model absolutely awful but his rating was the very worst in the entire game. Putting things into perspective, Carmella had a higher rating than Dallas. The only character that has the same overall as Bo was wait for it, Eva Marie who was also a 67, yikes.

As we said, making matters worse, his model was completely messed up from the hair to the facial features both looking awkward as hell. If there’s a conciliation at the very least his rating went up in the 2K18 video game and his character model was also very accurate and a huge improvement from the terrible flop in 2K17.

11 Kevin Owens – WWE 2K16

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If a dude who kind of looks like Kevin Owens would dress up like him, he’d likely look like Kevin’s model from 2K16. Something just felt extremely off about the model, now messing up his attire was completely impossible, hell the guy wears a pair of basketball shorts and cut off t-shirt so that wasn’t the problem. It was his facial features that just came across as weird, he looked like a created character more so than a model made by 2K.

He looked a lot better in 2K17 and the same can be said for his model from 2K18. Rightfully so, KO has become one of the highest rated wrestlers given his body of work in the last couple of years. He was in the high 80s this year and we hope to see him in the 90s sooner rather than later.

10 Justin Roberts – WWE 2K14

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One can argue that 2K might hate Roberts just as much as JBL hates Justin. Of course, Justin did not shy away making his feelings be known pertaining to his run with the company behind the scenes. One of his main targets was JBL discussing the veteran's bullying tactics. However, 2K might have been just as bad – as we discussed earlier in the article the game tends to overlook ring announcers but this one was just flat out bad. Seriously, Roberts looks nothing compared to his real-life self, this might have been one of the worst ring announcer models in the history of the game.

Thankfully for 2K, Roberts wouldn’t last with the company as he parted ways the very next year. At least it saved them the hassle of once again trying to remake the hideous model.

9 Carmella – WWE 2K18

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You can just tell the WWE has high hopes for the potential of Carmella. The company loves homegrown talent and the Miss Money in the Bank is exactly that with a background in cheerleading and entering the Performance Center with absolutely no experience whatsoever. She’s a future Women’s Champion and it seems like 2K got the memo, well, at least somewhat particularly in her rating as she was granted a generous 79 overall.

Unfortunately, the generosity stopped there as her model was one of the very worst in the entire game and as a matter of fact, it actually regressed in comparison to the previous year. The model was pretty accurate in 2017 but for some reason, her face changed dramatically in 2K18 and it was for the worst. The attire was decent but the facial features were insanely off. Once again, she looked more like a fan created version of herself.

8 Naomi - WWE 2K17

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Poor Naomi just couldn’t catch a break in WWE 2K17. Not only was her rating very low as a 73 overall but her character model was twice as worse. From her face to her attire, everything seemed completely off. Even the way she walked during her entrance was completely cringe.

She’s become one of the better female talents on the entire roster with her GLOW persona, thankfully, 2K was able to capture that in this year’s 2K18 video game. Not only did her rating go up but her attire and facial features we both completely altered giving us a much better representation. From her entrance to the GLOW attire, Naomi was one of the better Superstars from the recent video game - a hell of an upgrade looking at her awful 2K17 model.

7 Ryback – WWE 2K14

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We give 2K credit for this one as they wisely altered Ryback’s facial features before the game was released. However beforehand, the picture you see above is an awful representation of what Ryback looked like before. His face seriously looks so bad that it would even be regarded as a fail if you were creating him in the game. He looks like a mixture of Stone Cold, Goldberg and a chimp all meshed into one.

The following years his model were always fairly accurate. However, you shouldn’t expect Ryback in a WWE 2K video game anytime soon in the near future as he’s burned a lot of bridges since his release from the company. Heck, we believe CM Punk has a better chance of being in the game in the future than Ryback does.

6 Paige – WWE 2K16

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Before we begin to breakdown Paige’s awful character model let’s just take a moment and acknowledge how happy we are to see her back in a WWE ring. The company is a better place with Paige and wisely, they decided to hang on to the talent despite her troubling ways throughout 2016 and during most of 2017 as well. She’s now back with the company and looking to be in great ring shape despite missing so much time. Great stuff.

Okay, now to the not so great and that’s her model from 2K16. We’re not sure what the developers were smoking here but her face was terribly off. Once again, 2K wisely improved on the Paige graphics during both 2K17 and 2K18. However, this disgraceful model will still live in our memories as a major fail.

5 Michael Cole – WWE 2K14

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Okay, we can give the 2K franchise a pass for destroying Justin Roberts video game model however, come on now, Cole’s been a part of the WWE system since the 90s - put some darn effort in a guy that was even in the No Mercy n64 game as a playable character! Which might we add he looked even better in than his 2K14 model.

In truth, if you don’t put a name plate under his model many would fail to recognize who the hell his model is, yea it’s truly that bad. He was slightly improved on during the 2K15 game, though he was still pretty awful in truth. Some would make the claim that his commentating in the past games might have been even worse... but we won’t go that far... or will we?

4 Stephanie McMahon – WWE 2K16

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Things we love the most about Stephanie; one, her body which is known for her curves and wonderful thick structure. Second, her face is also a winning asset and one of her better qualities. Well, 2K overlooked both those assets and it resulted in a horrible character model. For whatever reason Stephanie’s model was insanely thin, perhaps 2K was trying to score points with the family on making her look leaner? To top it off, her face design was one of the absolute worse in the video game, her chin was absolutely huge, she looked like Jay Leno’s daughter more so than Vince’s.

As you’ll see in the next entry, she wasn’t the only McMahon the game struggled with to create...

3 Vince McMahon – WWE 2K18

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If Gerald Brisco got into Vince’s body and put on his attire, he’d look like the McMahon model from the recent 2K18 video game. His attire was on point however his face was a complete mess. You’d figure the boss of the company would get his character portrayal pretty much on point by the video game but for long time fans of 2K or any other game for the matter, we know that hasn’t been the case as his model has continually been a flop leading us to believe that Vince himself might be pulling a gag on us with these awful models from numerous video games.

At the very least, if you miss Gerald Brisco you can always pretend that he’s in the game, just select Vince and you’re golden.

2 Shawn Michaels – WWE 2K15

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Like Vince McMahon, we really aren’t sure why but 2K has had an awful time in trying to recreate Shawn Michaels in the past and present. His attire is usually fairly similar however his face is most always a complete fail. The game has captured his Attitude Era look but the Shawn from the 2000s continues to be a complete and utter disaster. 2K15 was perhaps the very worst as the picture above clearly shows. We really aren’t too sure who or what he resembles but it’s not Shawn Michaels that’s for sure. The question remains, how in the hell can you botch the greatest in ring performer’s model? Shame on you 2K!

Once again, the model was improved on this year, but still not as accurate as it should and can be.

1 Renee Young – WWE 2K16

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We end the article off with one of the very worst character models in recent memory and perhaps one of the worst of all-time. How such a fail can take place just a couple of years ago is truly beyond us however it happened. I can remember myself purchasing the game and playing in the story mode, and then, there it was, a disturbing version or Renee Young interviewing my CAW backstage. Not only was her mannerisms completely off and awkward as hell, but the model looked terrible and just flat out uncomfortable to look at. From her wavy hair to her inexplicable teeth and mouth, everything was so bad. Hell, she looked like she was interviewing wrestlers with braces on.

Wisely, 2K18 completely altered her look from her hair, to face to even body. However, we’ll never forget this past fail as one of the all-time worst.

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