Top 15 Most Spectacular WWE Entrance Fails

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and a wrestler's entrances acts as that first impression every time a company puts on a show. No matter what the level, a wrestler’s match can be made or broken by how the fans view them – wrestling is all about perception, after all.

Specifically in the WWE, a number of wrestlers lay claim to some truly awesome entrances, especially when the WrestleMania altered entrances come into play.

However, given how often the men and women of the WWE have to make their way down to the ring with such a heavy event schedule, it’s no surprise that it sometimes goes horribly and hilariously wrong.

Think about the current stars today – you can’t deny imagining Brock Lesnar missing the ring apron on his leap up, John Cena splatting into the side of the apron when diving into the ring side-on or even Finn Balor tripping on his own feet and completely ruining the illusion during his demon entrance.

It’s not uncommon to see a few technical difficulties make life hard on the Superstars, with titantron and minitron screw ups a regular sight for those with an eye for failures. These mistakes may not be the fault of the wrestlers, but sometimes they have no choice but to hold themselves accountable for their mishaps.

With technical difficulties aside, these are the top 15 biggest WWE entrance fails.

15 Jack Swagger

14 Brock Lesnar

13 The Undertaker

12 Paul London

11 Santino Marella

10 Melina's Camera Man

9 The Undertaker Again

8 Melina

7 Sin Cara

6 Shawn Michaels

5 Roman Reigns

4 Seth Rollins

3 Matt Hardy

2 Lillian Garcia

1 The Undertaker Again… Again

You'd think the future Hall of Famer would have had enough but apparently not. Before entering one of the most brutal matches in WWE, the Elimination Chamber, The Undertaker first had to survive his own pyro. As flames shot up out of the stage, someone mustn't have told 'Taker where to be at what time as he found himself surrounded by fire with his trench coat lit up. Like a small child running from a spider, he took off running down the ramp before ditching the trench coat and resuming the regular Deadman act. Way to shake it off.

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Top 15 Most Spectacular WWE Entrance Fails