Top 15 Most Spectacular WWE Entrance Fails

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression and a wrestler's entrances acts as that first impression every time a company puts on a show. No matter what the level, a wrestler’s match can be made or broken by how the fans view them – wrestling is all about perception, after all.

Specifically in the WWE, a number of wrestlers lay claim to some truly awesome entrances, especially when the WrestleMania altered entrances come into play.

However, given how often the men and women of the WWE have to make their way down to the ring with such a heavy event schedule, it’s no surprise that it sometimes goes horribly and hilariously wrong.

Think about the current stars today – you can’t deny imagining Brock Lesnar missing the ring apron on his leap up, John Cena splatting into the side of the apron when diving into the ring side-on or even Finn Balor tripping on his own feet and completely ruining the illusion during his demon entrance.

It’s not uncommon to see a few technical difficulties make life hard on the Superstars, with titantron and minitron screw ups a regular sight for those with an eye for failures. These mistakes may not be the fault of the wrestlers, but sometimes they have no choice but to hold themselves accountable for their mishaps.

With technical difficulties aside, these are the top 15 biggest WWE entrance fails.

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15 Jack Swagger

This almost works as the perfect representation of WWE's watered down ECW. As ECW Champion, Jack Swagger - just vomited a little typing those words together - made his way to the ring, he got so caught up in the weird, inexplicable chest pounding he did before his patriotic gimmick change that he chest-pounded the belt right off his own waist. It was kind of like when a really obese person has one last piece of chicken that forces a button on their shirt to shoot off.

14 Brock Lesnar

You'd expect something as face-palmingly stupid as the title dropping off a guy's waist on WWE's ECW, but not when it comes to the WWE's top prize or Brock Lesnar. As a young guy only being paid millions rather than squillions by the company, Lesnar made his way to the ring with the WWE Undisputed Championship loosely fastened around his waist. One too many tentative-jumping-castle-bounceys later and the title came loose and dropped to the ground. Almost as awkward as the grown men crying when Lesnar defeated the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.

13 The Undertaker

Speaking of The Undertaker, a year after losing for the first time at Wrestlemania XXX to Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker made his long-awaited return to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 31. After months of hype, the bell tolled with Wyatt awaiting his opponent in the ring. As the cameraman walked through the fog on the stage, a figure emerged; apparently one of the stage crew decided it would be a good idea to run across the stage at the wrong time. The chances of him still having a job are 22-1.

12 Paul London

It's odd to think that London spent six years with the WWE, but that's a story for another day. Although he went on to hold the WWE Cruiserweight and World Tag Team Championships, the latter with Brian Kendrick, London struggled to break out in his early years despite his highly energetic performances and entrance. On one hilarious occasion, London raced down the ramp and slid into the ring as normal, only this time he slid with more speed than he intended and came flying out the other side of the ring. Definitely a 'smile and wave' moment.

11 Santino Marella

This is a sad case where someone likely lost their job at the end of the night. As Santino Marella came out for Raw in 2012, his music was playing, but the Titantron was showing the entrance video for Alberto Del Rio instead. Santino didn't appear to notice and did his normal entrance to the ring, but the fans quickly noticed and laughed at the obvious mistake.

10 Melina's Camera Man

This is a reminder that walking backwards on loose carpet in a crouched position while trying to take pictures isn't as easy as you'd think. As Melina walked down the ramp at One Night Stand in 2008 to face Beth Phoenix, one of the three paparazzi snapping pictures of her stumbled on his feet and took a tumble right in front of the former MNM valet. As a face, Melina simply gave the poor guy a pat on the back before walking to the ring paparazzi-less. The poor dear.

9 The Undertaker Again

As Taker prepared to take on John Cena at Vengeance, there was a couple of hilarious things to note. First, John Cena was a heel; in hindsight, it's hard to ever imagine Vince McMahon's cash cow as a bad guy. Secondly, as The Undertaker rolled onto the ramp on his motorbike, the crowd worked themselves up into a frenzy awaiting the familiar roar of the engine. Instead, the motorbike stalled and refused to start up again, leaving Taker to make an extremely awkward stroll down the ramp.

8 Melina

Having had the best seat in the house to watch a guy paid to fake taking pictures of her falling over, it's only fair that Melina had an entrance fail of her own. She quickly became known for her acrobatic routine of standing on the ring apron, launching into the air and landing in the splits position before sneaking under the bottom rope, and one time it all went stupidly and awkwardly wrong. After the leap into the air, Melina misjudged where the apron was and ungracefully dropped to the mat. What's surprising is that she didn't fail this more often - that deserves a golf clap in itself.

7 Sin Cara

We should have all known the original Sin Cara, Mistico, was going to be a flop as soon as his first entrance was completed. Before Hunico took over the Sin Cara duties and teamed with Kalisto to form The Lucha Dragons, Sin Cara was meant to be the superstar all of Mexico would idolize. As Sin Cara ran down the ramp to launch himself onto a trampoline hidden to cameras, which is funny enough on its own, something went hilariously wrong as he got caught on the top rope and ungraciously rolled over the top. Welcome to the WWE.

6 Shawn Michaels

Having one of the most exciting entrances in WWE history, including the special WrestleMania entrance where he zip-lined his way to the ring, Michaels made his appearance at a 2005 Raw show and dropped to his knees for his pose while the pyro fired in the background. As Michaels attempted to launch back to his feet, part of his unnecessarily leather-and-chainy entrance gear got caught in the ramp, leaving The Heartbreak Kid to awkwardly shrug himself out of it like an unwilling bondage participant wanting out midway through.

5 Roman Reigns

During the WWE's tour of Europe in 2014, Roman Reigns chose an unusual way to enter the ring in Dublin. After The Shield's theme music hit and the trio made their way to the ring, Reigns launched himself over the top rope, got his legs caught underneath him and landed on the canvas square on his backside to the crowd's amusement. It's kinda hard to pass yourself off as an ultra-badass when you've just been foiled by a ring rope, but the group collectively pushed forward.

4 Seth Rollins

Once again, a member of The Shield just couldn't help failing. It's a pretty simple entrance; you come down from the crowd, jump the barrier and enter the ring menacingly, right? Seth Rollins says otherwise. As Rollins leaped over the padded guard to ambush Daniel Bryan with his buddies, a stray announce table top had been thrown right where he had intended to land. A slip, a few dramatic flips and a minor tantrum later, the angle was ruined.

3 Matt Hardy

This could possibly be the first sign that Matt Hardy needed to lose weight, bulging belly aside. During an episode of Raw in London, Hardy entered the ring with NXT rookie Justin Gabriel following in his footsteps and mounted the ring ropes for his signature V1 taunt. Despite pulling the action off multiple times, Hardy leaned forward a tad too much and found himself falling over the top rope and crashing to the floor. There's an obvious joke about Hardy's career continuing to drop since that moment there, but it would be far too obvious.

2 Lillian Garcia

Given her long list of botches on the microphone, are we really surprised to see Lillian Garcia fail at walking to the ring as well? Consider this entry a two-for-one deal, as Garcia messed up her Smackdown entrance twice in just over a month during 2012. On the first occasion, Garcia's pair of shoes with a heel thinner than Shawn Michaels' hair gave way underneath her as the left shoe appeared to explode, but that wasn't enough. One month later, Garcia decided to top it by stumbling on a pyro setup on stage before tumbling forward down the entrance ramp, all followed by an awkward wave to the crowd.

1 The Undertaker Again… Again

You'd think the future Hall of Famer would have had enough but apparently not. Before entering one of the most brutal matches in WWE, the Elimination Chamber, The Undertaker first had to survive his own pyro. As flames shot up out of the stage, someone mustn't have told 'Taker where to be at what time as he found himself surrounded by fire with his trench coat lit up. Like a small child running from a spider, he took off running down the ramp before ditching the trench coat and resuming the regular Deadman act. Way to shake it off.

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