Top 15 Most Uncharismatic WWE World Champions In History

It's no secret that charisma is one of the most important aspects of professional wrestling. Some guys, like The Rock and Steve Austin, have it in spades, as their characters were larger than life because of their personality. Others, like Daniel Bryan, have a different kind of charisma, the kind where fire and perseverance wins over the WWE audience.

Unfortunately, not every top guy in WWE history has been oozing with charisma. In fact, we're in the midst of seeing one of the least charismatic WWE World Heavyweight Champions in recent memory, as Roman Reigns is the current Champ and it doesn't look like that's going to change any time soon.

Most wrestling fans would agree that guys like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and Dean Ambrose would be much better at being WWE's top guy than Roman Reigns. But, the fact is, that some of your favorites will never get that shot, regardless of how charismatic they are or how beloved they are by the fans.

Other guys, like The Undertaker for example, get a shot at the top because they're able to get their character over, and not because they're the most charismatic superstar in the locker room.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the 15 Most Uncharismatic WWE World Champions In History

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15 The Undertaker

via WWE.com

Speaking of The Deadman, here he is kicking off our list!

The Undertaker has one of the most memorable personas in professional wrestling history, but, to be honest, his promos throughout the years have been average at best. Luckily he was talented enough to get his ridiculous gimmick over and keep the fans away from realizing how mediocre most of his promos were.

Sure, The Undertaker will be remembered as one of the greatest characters in WWE history. But will he be remembered as one of the best promos of all-time? Is he even in the top 50? Probably not.

14 Batista

via WWE.com

To be fair, Batista ended up becoming a much better character later in his career. But, during his first run as WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he wasn't exactly the most charismatic guy that WWE had. All we got was a lot of shouting and flexing, and little more.

Despite lacking charisma early in his career, Batista was able to get over really huge, as WrestleMania 21, which he main-evented with Triple H, was the most successful WrestleMania of all-time at that point. So people were definitely interested in seeing him capture the gold, despite his lack of outward charisma.

13 Roman Reigns

via WWE.com

This is a weird one because it's not like Roman Reigns isn't capable of being a charismatic guy. In fact, if you listen to him in non-scripted interviews outside of WWE, he's actually a likable, quick-witted guy. But, unfortunately, WWE writers still haven't let him put that on display while he's on WWE television. Instead, we get bland catchphrases like: "I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm THE guy." Come on.

WWE is clearly dead-set on making him into their next Steve Austin, but until the writers let him be himself, the boos will continue to get louder and louder and he'll end up being a complete flop as WWE's new top guy.

12 Goldberg

via WWE.com

Goldberg held the World Heavyweight Championship a handful of times, both in WWE and WCW. But, his popularity and rise to the top wasn't because of his charisma.

The once undefeated professional wrestler almost never spoke on the microphone and when he did, it was in short bursts. When WWE did try to improve his character in 2003, he couldn't quite pull off the material that they gave him.

Despite his lack of charisma, Goldberg obviously had something that the people loved, because there's still a desire among WWE fans to see him wrestle one more match. He's even been selected as the pre-order for the upcoming WWE 2K17 video game.

11 Brock Lesnar

via WWE.com

This is another weird one, because during his time in the UFC, Brock Lesnar was phenomenal on the microphone, especially after he defeated Frank Mir at UFC 100, where he bashed all of the UFC's sponsors, and ended the promo by saying "hell, I may even get on top of my wife tonight!" Those kinds of outbursts had MMA fans clamoring for more Lesnar before he inevitably went back to the WWE.

When he's in a WWE ring, he seems a bit uncomfortable on the microphone, which is why he has Paul Heyman do all the talking for him. But, much like Goldberg, Lesnar's lack of charisma and personality in WWE hasn't hurt him one bit, as he's one of the company's most popular stars.

10 Chris Benoit

via Kevin Mazur / Wire Image

Chris Benoit's success in the world of professional wrestling certainly wasn't because of his charisma. In fact, it he were better on the microphone, then he may have ended up getting to the top of WWE or WCW a lot sooner than he did.

If you can look past how his life ended, which is quite difficult and which we're not suggesting he deserves, his World Heavyweight Championship win at WrestleMania XX may be the single greatest and most emotional moment in the history of the event. But, unfortunately, that moment won't ever be replayed unless you go out of your way to seek it out.

9 Mark Henry

via WWE.com

It was great to see Mark Henry win the World Heavyweight Championship after all that he had been through in the professional wrestling business. But, can anyone say that he was even one of the most charismatic stars on the WWE roster at the time? Probably not. Can anyone remember a Mark Henry promo? Crickets again.

Even though he lacked overwhelming charisma, he was still a fun champion to watch. His reign of terror was the highlight of the SmackDown show for the length of his World Title run and it's a shame that he only held the gold one time in his career. His most 'charismatic' moments took place far away from the world title picture, when he was dubbed Sexual Chocolate during the controversial Attitude Era.

8 Diesel

via WWE.com

It's a well-known fact that Diesel was the lowest drawing WWE World Heavyweight Champion in company history and his lack of charisma was definitely part of that. But, much like with Roman Reigns today, WWE refused to give up on "Big Daddy Cool" because of his look.

Kevin Nash did end up becoming an incredibly entertaining and charismatic character after he made the jump to WCW. But, he wasn't quite as entertaining during his run as Diesel in the early and mid-90s.

7 Rey Mysterio

via sports.ru

Rey Mysterio was one of the most popular stars in WWE during his time there, selling boat loads of merchandise and getting huge pockets of the fans behind. However, charisma wasn't the driving force behind his popularity.

People loved Mysterio because he was a colorful superhero character, who did cool, innovative moves every time he wrestled. His World Heavyweight Title win at WrestleMania 22 was a nice moment, but, unfortunately, his run as WHC wasn't quite as nice, as he was beaten in non-title matches on a regular basis.

6 Kane

via WWE.com

Much like his on-screen brother The Undertaker, Kane was successfully able to get a somewhat insane gimmick over. But, not to the level of his fellow Brother of Destruction.

In fairness, Kane did become a more charismatic character as his career went on, especially as the ridiculous Director of Operations. But, he was a mute during his one-day WWE Title reign in the late-90s and when he did speak, he used a weird voice box that would make him sound like a robot.

As a character, Kane will definitely be remembered after he's done with WWE. But, will he be remembered as one of the most charismatic WWE stars of all-time? I think it's safe to assume that he won't.

5 Sheamus

via WWE.com

It's baffling to think that Sheamus got to the top of WWE as quickly as he did. He's a good performer, but he's never shown any qualities that make him WWE Championship material.

Sheamus' rise to the top of WWE had everything to do with his look and the fact that he was a Triple H hand-picked guy. His latest run as WWE World Champion was a complete flop and he was honestly one of the worst and most boring Champions that WWE has had in the last decade. He was so bland, that WWE needed to ruin the careers of three other WWE Stars, Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and Rusev, by putting them in a terrible faction with Sheamus to help him defend his title.

4 Yokozuna

via WWE.com

Yokozuna was a very good performer in the ring, who was incredibly agile for his size. But, he wasn't one of the most charismatic guy in WWE history, that's for sure. Vince McMahon does love giants though, which is why Yoko was frequently in the main-event picture during his WWE run.

On his own, Yokozuna did not have the charisma to stand out as a main-event-level star. But, when he was with legendary managers such as Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette, he was able to sustain a top spot in WWE.

3 Bob Backlund

via WWE.com

Charisma wasn't a major factor during Bob Backlund's first run as WWE Champion. But, when he returned to WWE in the 90s, the business had changed and he clearly wasn't prepared to be one of the company's top guys.

Backlund was pretty much used as the setup guy for Diesel, who was going to carry the company as the Champion for the next year. But, even as a setup guy, Backlund was disastrous and his short run as Champion in the early-90s isn't one of the most cherished or memorable runs in WWE history.

Hell, it's arguable that his current run as Darren Young's life coach has shown more flashes of charisma than his entire run as WWE Champion.

2 Jack Swagger

via WWE.com

WWE really tried to turn Jack Swagger into the next Kurt Angle, and he had all the legitimate wrestling credentials to be the next Angle. But, unfortunately, he lacked Angle's charisma and he quickly sunk back down to the mid-card after his short reign as World Heavyweight Champion. At this point, he really only appears on WWE television if an anti-American star needs someone to beat.

WWE fans have never really taken Swagger seriously and his lack of charisma is one of the biggest reasons why. Perhaps a career in mixed-martial-arts would've better served the former University of Oklahoma amateur wrestling star.

1 The Great Khali

via WWE.com

Not only was The Great Khali one of the worst WWE World Heavyweight Champions inside the ring, but he was also one of the most uninteresting ones. During his run, he never developed any type of character that would make the people care about him, nor did he have a guy like Paul Heyman to do his talking for him.

Khali got a major push because of his look, but he quickly sunk down to being a mid-card comedy act after the fans refused to take him seriously due to his lack of in-ring skill and lack of charisma. They could call him the Punjabi Playboy all they want, fans weren't buying his bland promos.

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