Top 15 Most Worthless Titles & Trophies In WWE History

Winning a title in the WWE comes with a lot of honor and prestige. Whether it’s a championship or a title like being the Royal Rumble winner, Superstars are put on the map with significant title victories. The WWE has a rich history of championships and titles including the WWE Champion, World Heavyweight champion, and Intercontinental Champion. Even newer titles like the WWE Universal Champion instantly create a sense of domination and importance in the industry.

This is not always the case with titles in the WWE. In the long history of the WWE, there have been some titles that about as worthless as a clearance-priced belt from JCPenney. Winning the title does nothing to the careers of the Superstars that held them and, in some cases, it can be embarrassing to be the title holder.

While WWE Superstars like Christian, Big Show, and Stone Cold Steve Austin may be remembered for their World Championship runs, they were also holders of worthless and seemingly pointless title reigns. Relive these moments and try to figure out what the WWE was thinking with some of the decisions to create these titles and championships.

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15 The New ECW Championship

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After a few successful “One Night Only” ECW events, the WWE decided to capitalize on the name of ECW even further by creating their own show and brand that would air on Tuesday nights. The new ECW was an oddity in the WWE. It featured random ECW roster members from the past and mixed in a few well-known WWE names. Airing on the SyFy channel, vampire characters like Kevin Thorn and a random zombie creature may seem like the oddest part of the show, but it was the ECW Title that didn’t quite fit into the WWE programming.

The new title was huge and bulky, looking like a fan-made piece of plastic. With World Champions on both SmackDown and Raw, the title was pointless and only served as a way to award championships to WWE Superstars that couldn’t quite reach the top of the regular WWE roster. Champions like Matt Hardy, Christian, and Mark Henry would have title reigns that mean nothing now and eventually the brand was replaced with NXT.

14 The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Trophy

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When the original Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was announced for WrestleMania XXX, it seemed like a great way to award a special title to one deserving WWE Superstar. The original match was great. It featured a lot of drama and exciting moments up until the very end when Cesaro body slammed the Big Show out of the ring. In the weeks that followed Cesaro’s historic win, it was evident that winning this battle royal truly meant nothing for the Superstar to claim the prize. A brief push for Cesaro was quickly stalled and him carrying the winning trophy around just became annoying.

Now the battle royal simply acts as a way to get multiple roster members on the WrestleMania card. It’s become a huge cluster of disappointment, when it could have been a prestigious honor that fans looked forward to watching every year.

13 Canadian Championship

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During the '70s and '80s, the WWE took over several territories in both the United States and Canada. In Canada, Dino Bravo was one of the biggest stars and became an official WWE Superstar in 1985. To help promote his acquisition and hype up the WWE, Bravo was awarded with the Canadian Championship. The championship was merely handed to Bravo and he began to defend it at live events throughout Canada.

Sure, Canada has produced some great wrestlers through the years, but this title was a pointless promotional product that was quickly made defunct in 1986. Bravo would not win any other singles titles in the WWE, making this championship his longest reign in the promotion. It is rarely mentioned in the history books of the WWE and has never been pulled out of retirement.

12 The Million Dollar Championship

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When Ted DiBiase continuously failed to win the WWE Championship, he decided to make his own title and dubbed it The Million Dollar Championship. With a solid gold waistband and jewels that formed money symbols, the title was cool to look at, but meant nothing in the form of prestige and honor in the WWE. After his manager Virgil turned on him, the two would have a brief feud for the title, but it all just seemed like fodder because DiBiase could have easily recreated the belt for himself.

As DiBiase transitioned into the role of manager, The Million Dollar Championship would be seen in the hands of the WWE Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin and his son Ted DiBiase Jr. Stone Cold tried to make the belt look cool again, but holding the title up was nothing compared to his beer chugging salute that would quickly replace it.

11 Intercontinental Tag Team Championship

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Feeling like one Tag Team Championship wasn’t enough, the WWE introduced the Intercontinental Tag Team Championship in 1991. The championship was won by Perro Aguayo and Gran Hamada. Don’t know those names or recognize their title reign? This is because the titles were abandoned by the WWE in the same exact year that were introduced.

The singles Intercontinental Championship is a great way to promote rising WWE Superstars, but using the same format in the tag team division doesn’t come with the same feeling. The WWE Tag Team Championship is a classic title and the division already had enough competition and matches for one type of championship. WWE was smart to quickly get rid of this title. Unfortunately for the pair of champs, their wins are worthless and merely a footnote in the history of WWE tag teams.

10 Slammy Award Winners

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Every year, the WWE honors moments and Superstars with an awards ceremony known as the Slammys. The show used to have its own special, but now the ceremony takes place on a special edition of Monday Night Raw. Winning a Slammy award means almost nothing in the WWE. It’s hard to remember who has even won Superstar of the Year in the past five years and, after the award ceremony ends, everything just turns back to normal in the WWE Universe.

There was only one time where the Slammy’s actually felt like they meant something. This was when Owen Hart won two Slammy awards in a single year. He used those victories to promote his character and would even carry the trophies to ringside. Now, the event is a way to get fans to download the WWE app and tap away on pointless categories.

9 The WWE Internet Champion

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During Zack Ryder’s rise in the WWE, he decided to push himself by creating a YouTube show that quickly garnered fans and millions of views. As a bit on the show, Ryder would declare himself the Internet Champion of the world. His custom belt featured his head and logos for social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. Even though he pulled a page from Ted DiBiase’s playbook, the title was never recognized on WWE programming and disappeared along with Ryder’s YouTube show.

Surprisingly, WWE fans can defend for the honor of the Internet Championship in multiple versions of the WWE 2K video game. It may be confusing for fans to see this random title, but it’s a great way to prove that it once existed. Luckily for Ryder, he didn’t have to rely on made-up championship, as he's a former US Champion, Tag Team Champion, and Intercontinental Champion.

8 Brawl for All Championship

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The Attitude Era was filled with some of the most memorable moments in WWE history. It’s also filled with some of the biggest busts. The WWE Brawl for All tournament was a real-life boxing event where WWE Superstars would strap on gloves and compete in boxing matches. The tournament was long and drawn out for several weeks.

The first (and only) Brawl for All Champion was Bart Gunn. Gunn had several knockouts during the tournament and eventually won by knocking out Bradshaw. Winning the Brawl for All championship came with the reward of a real boxing match at WrestleMania. His opponent would be Butterbean, a real Heavyweight boxer with an impressive record and a vicious punch. In a matter of seconds, Butterbean would make WrestleMania history by knocking out Gunn and making his whole Brawl for All victory seem useless. The tournament would never return to the WWE and Gunn wouldn’t either.

7 Kuwait Cup Tournament Champions

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In 1996 and 1997, special tournaments were held during the WWE tour of the middle east. Known as the Kuwait Cup tournament, WWE Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Bret Hart, and The Undertaker would compete in a large bracket of singles matches. Even though these tournaments were large and lasted for several days, the ultimate winner had no impact on WWE programming or future storylines.

In 1996, Ahmed Johnson was the winner after defeating Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, and Triple H. One year later, Tiger Ali Singh took home a surprise victory after defeating Owen Hart in the finals. Tiger Ali Singh could have used this win to propel himself on the WWE roster, but the results were not used and the tournament feels like a massive waste of potential.

6 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

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When the WWE announced the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament, many fans got excited at the prospect of seeing their favorite stars team up and compete in a huge tournament. The tournament ended up being an NXT exclusive and had a lot of filler teams taking up the early brackets. The tag team duo of Samoa Joe and Finn Balor dominated throughout the tournament and were proudly awarded the championship trophy after winning the finals against Rhyno and Barin Corbin.

Other than the trophy, nothing really happened with the winning tag team as they eventually feuded against each other. While it was a great way to honor Dusty Rhodes, something a little more rewarding should be given out to the tournament winners. A guaranteed Tag Team Title match could go a long way in making this tournament relevant.

5 Shawn Michaels 1993 IC Title Reign

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In the fall of 1993, Shawn Michaels was forced to vacate his Intercontinental Championship due to steroid allegations. As a result, a battle royal was held to determine the new championship and Razor Ramon ended up winning the title. When Shawn Michaels eventually returned to the WWE, he brought the title back with him. For multiple months, Michaels paraded around as the IC champ until the two battled in an epic ladder match at WrestleMania X. Ramon won the match and was declared the undisputed Intercontinental champion.

The good part was that HBK's title reign set up this epic match which did help to bolster Shawn up the card, but the fact remains that his title reign is not in the history books and Razor Ramon won the match anyway.

4 Light Heavyweight Championship 

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When it came to actual in-ring action, there truly wasn’t much that the WCW was doing better than the WWE. WCW used the nWo and the entertainment aspect of it all to steal viewers, but the in-ring product was generally awful with matches being put together at the last minute.

The one thing WWE did fail however in comparison to WCW was their rival Light Heavyweight Division that attempted to compete with WCW’s Cruiserweights. From the day that Taka won the title in December of 1997, the championship failed to live up to any kind of hype. This was particularly because the WWE booked it as a lower card title, unlike the current Cruiserweight Championship of today which is given a huge spot light on Monday Night Raw. Ultimately the title had an uneventful run and was rebranded as the Cruiserweight Championship just a few years later in August of 2001.

3 WCW Tag Team Champions in WWE

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When WWE bought out WCW, many people expected to see a lot of roster acquisitions. One of the more surprising aspects of this time was when they decided to bring the titles along with the members of the current WCW roster. While a feud and eventual unification of the World Heavyweight Title made sense, the WCW Tag Team Championships just became confusing.

Kane and Undertaker were the current WWE Tag Team Champions when they challenged the WCW champs Chris Kanyon and DDP. After winning a steel cage match, Kane and Undertaker held both championships, but they were not officially unified. Instead, the duo lost the WCW Tag Team titles in match and still held on to the WWE Titles.

The situation was confusing and the tag team roster become cluttered with worthless titles. A few months later, they were finally unified when The Dudley Boyz defeated The Hardy Boyz to win both titles.

2 Modern Era King of the Ring

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The title of King of the Ring used to come with prestige, honor, and a large push for the Superstars that won it. Bret Hart, Macho Man Randy Savage, and Stone Cold Steve Austin all took advantage of their King of the Ring wins to rise up the roster and become wrestling legends. Now, the King of the Ring tournament is Raw filler that eventually turns into a goofy gimmick.

Sheamus and Wade Barrett were two of the more recent winners in 2010 and 2015. Sheamus went on to become King Sheamus and drifted in and out of the mid-card picture. Five years later, Wade Barrett did nearly the same thing, becoming King Barrett and not getting much of a push. The King of the Ring needs a major revamp if it wants to be considered a title worth holding in the future.

1 24/7 Hardcore Championship

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The introduction of the Hardcore Championship was a great way to infuse the WWE Attitude Era with violent matches, unique gimmicks, and new feuds. Then the WWE creative team decided to make the title available for defending 24 hours and seven days a week. As a result fans were witness to overbooked matches, random backstage brawls, and title changes that came in the blink of an eye.

From 1998 to 2002, there were 240 different title changes. Raven officially won the title an astounding 27 times. This rule completely watered down the value of the title and made it joke in the eyes of fans and viewers. It was hard to follow who was the champion and the fun gimmick quickly grew bland. The last person to hold the championship was Rob Van Dam, who unified it with the Intercontinental championship.

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