Top 15 Must-See Pictures Of Female WWE Wrestlers In Their Personal Lives

When I was a boy in the 80s, my friends and I would gather around the Bunny-eared TV and turn the channel to an upcoming wrestling match. At the time, the professional circuit was dominated by Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Ric Flair and the Ultimate Warrior. Rarely, if ever, a female was given a platform. There are reasons for that. Reasons too long drawn and lengthy to explain right now. So, I'll stay with the task at hand.

Enter the late 90s, and females not only acted as the sexy card bearers’ in-between matches, but began to pick up steam as wrestlers, too. I mean, why not? WWE carries with it an avid, and predominately male fanbase. Men, specifically, who like to watch WWE matches enjoy the easy entertainment. So why not conjoin a couple of their fascinations, by including barely clad women in the endeavor?

Bingo. Light bulb. The new moniker of pro wrestling, no longer the old-school men with their violent and steroidal muscles, but fit, sassy, brash women with a body for days and an athleticism that rivals their male predecessors.

With this new-found popularity, comes intense celebrity status. These WWE women are followed on all of the social media platforms. Their pictures are snapped in public by paparazzi. Their personal lives written about in tabloid news. The result is a mad hunt by fans alike, to see them when they’re off the air, when it's just them doing normal human things.

It's easy to arouse thoughts of someone on TV. After all, that person becomes just a character. But what's more difficult, and therefore more exhilarating, is discovering who that star is, personally.

Here are 15 must-see pictures of female WWE wrestlers in their personal lives.

15 Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella is normally known as the hot fiance to famous pro wrestling dogma, John Cena. The two concoct a duo worthy of heavenly fire and ice. One, because they're both so damn hot, and two, because they've dominated their respective sport off-and-on for over a decade.

We have all seen, and if you haven't hurry up, the infamous YouTube strip show both did to commemorate their anniversary. I am not allowed to show you that here. As that, alone, has the power to take down this list of hot, fun, divas, and I really don’t want to do that.

But I do have pictures like this: Nikki Bella rocking a Phoenix Suns crop top and tight jeans. This photo fulfills many fascinations for her fans. She’s the sexy, fit, fashionista with the trim tummy and a kick-back style of appeal.

14 Brie Bella

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And then there is Brie Bella, the other hot sister. The one, who gets less credit for her good looks and her career as a wrestler, than Nikki Bella does. But don’t be fooled by her less popular status.

She too has the goods to make fans sweat. She is an equal in the ring, and holds the same sway online with her social media presence. By the looks of what we see her, I think we'd all say yes rather quickly to any submission Brie plans on putting us in. Here we see her and her hubby Daniel Bryan on a night out. Those will probably be rarer, as Brie is set to give birth to a daughter very soon. Better enjoy those nights out!

13 Stephanie McMahon

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When you’re Stephanie McMahon you get no say in what your future will hold. Okay, that might be a little bit extreme, but you get my point. She’s the granddaughter of the famous Vince McMahon, owner and operator of the WWE.

With that born fame, and perhaps a little family expectation to either wrestle or run the business, comes many perks. McMahon’s ascent into the annals of All-Time female wrestlers, was quick. Sure, she was sexy and fit, and had an ability to work a camera like a real actress, but her pedigree also gave her a wider, more open door, by which to succeed quicker. She ran with that open door, and has become arguably the face of the WWE, as it stands today.

She’s also the wifey to infamous Triple H, who like John Cena, is one of the most sought-after, renowned, entertainment wrestlers, ever. In fact, one could make the assertion, that Triple H is the star who carried pro wrestling, when the lengthy Hulk Hogan era officially came to an end.

12 Chyna

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WWE fans lost a legend, when Chyna passed away in 2016. Not only was she was instantly famous, the moment she stepped in the ring in the early 90s, but along with her theatrical personality and brutish, hard-nosed playfulness, blazed a trail for future divas of the Sport.

If you’re going to do it right as a female diva in the WWE world, you’re going to model what Chyna did. Not always liked, mainly because of her ongoing rants about the brutality of domestic abuse within the sport, along with her very vocal and public expectations, for equal pay, Chyna consistently delivered. It was her draw, a draw that brought a female fan to a genre of entertainment religiously male dominated, that kept her in the forefront and the limelight. And she relished it.

One thing Chyna made very clear, was her dislike for many of the WWE men, personally. She usually dated, and was drawn to the more rocker-style bad boy, a lifestyle that may have ultimately resulted in her untimely death.

11 Mickie James

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Mickie James has one of the catchiest names of all WWE stars. It’s quick hitting, unforgettable, and carries with it, a starlit celebrity.

Over her career, she’s had much success, including two mainstage titles. But James has also had her fair share of drama, resulting in tabloid news and an explosion of stories passed among ravenous fans.

One such story broke out, during her return to the WWE in 2017, after a five-year hiatus. After making numerous calls to WWE’s head office, only to be brushed off and ignored, James made headwind, by calling out her employer, across social media.

Her offense was not only over the time it took, to relaunch her wrestling career, but also where WWE officially placed her in their lineup of events.

She was asked to join “SmackDown,” John Cena’s spin off, side project. It sounds great, right? But not at all. James dated Cena for some time in 2012, and the two had a public and bitter split. Her placement brought up old memories like this one.

10 Torrie Wilson

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Wilson has accomplished more than most of us ever will. She’s, bar none, the most diversely accomplished of any WWE diva, having dabbled in acting, modeling, modeling management, and fitness competitions. She’s also the lady who snagged Alex Rodriguez in 2013, the two dating for nearly two years.

Because of Wilson’s modeling background, she has no problem showing off the goods on her own social media pages. Her life nowadays mostly revolves around fitness and even into her 40s, Wilson looks amazing. Heck, she probably looks even better now than she did when she was wrestling. Here she's not working out, but relaxing on a boat and with the amount of time she devotes to perfecting her body, she likely earned this break. We're okay with it!

9 Maria

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Maria is another former WWE Diva, but unlike many others on the list, her name was made on portraying a ditzy interviewer in the WWE. For much of her time as a diva, she sat in the background of many of these larger, more popular female wrestlers. It wasn’t until her infamous underwear battle royale on live TV, with the likes of Torrie Wilson, that she blew up. Since leaving WWE though, Kanellis has improved as a performer and word is, she and her husband Mike Bennett could be on their way to WWE.

It is easy to see why Maria did. She’s beautiful, built, and has a nasty character with a need for validation. Here we see her showing off in the mirror and we sure would like to believe this is what she wears around the house all the time.

8 AJ Lee

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Lee is the girl who “moved on” from professional wrestling. Now an author, a successful one, Lee rest on the financial laurels of her former success. It’s estimated during her time with the WWE she netted close to a million dollars a year. The result was enough left over in retirement to fund her new endeavor.

In 2014, she married comic book writer and mixed martial artist, CM Punk. They enjoyed a quiet wedding with, according to sources, a group of fifty friends and family. This was a huge thing for Lee to do, as she’d long been known as quite the player. The wedding was very private so not many photos of it surfaced, but here was one gem that popped up. It's likely the most gentle picture of Punk out there and Lee looks beautiful in her dress.

7 Kelly Kelly


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Her name was easiest to remember, that’s for sure. But her looks didn’t hurt either. Feel me? Over her decade-long career with the WWE, Kelly enjoyed quite the run in with many characters.

Kelly would last about five years from 2007 to 2012, as an actual wrestling diva, before moving on into a valet job with wrestling divas – a role allotting her time for her blossoming modeling career.

She has gone on to star on the reality show WAGS on the E! Network due to her marrying former NHL player Sheldon Souray. Unsurprisingly, she still does modelling today and loves to hang by the beach in her spare time. We figured we'd share a stunning picture of her on the beach with you.

6 Sable

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Along with Chyna and Sunny, Sable was one of the first major WWE Divas. Unfortunately for her, her time with the company ended poorly. She cited sexual harassment charges with multiple people, a $110-million claim that eventually was settled outside court.

Sable is a two-time champion, and has returned once, after her initial hiatus for sexual harassment. During her return in 2003, her role was written in a direct feud with super-villain, Torrie Wilson. She'd have a moderately successful run and met her future husband Brock Lesnar. Nowadays, you don't see a whole lot of their personal lives, as they are very private people. They live in a secluded area up in Saskatchewan, Canada. 

One thing her and Lesnar have done in the public eye, is attend some Winnipeg Jets games. The couple has two boys and by living in Canada, they've caught the hockey fever.

5 Stacy Keibler

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Keibler is hands down the finest diva ever to exist, at least in my mind. She’s got that adorably tasty smile and a body for days. The lucious long-legged Keibler has moved on from WWE butt-kicking days, and thriving.

Her first gig after retiring from WWE was former hit-show How I Met Your Mother. It was there she played a love interest, killing in the episode she starred in. Since then, Keibler’s branched out further, doing things like Dancing with the Stars, where she finished 3rd overall.

Her nickname, “the Legs of WWE,” says it all. It was Vince McMahon who said that Keibler was the seductive killer, who’d swoop you up with her smile and noose your neck with her gorgeous legs. Nowadays she's married and like several other women on this list, is also a mother.

4 Lita

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Lita, otherwise known as Amy Dumas, is a semi-retired diva. She rarely fights anymore, but does still work with the WWE, as an analyst. In 2006, she retired to pursue music, producing one album under the title of her punk band, the Luchagors.

When Lita fought, she was one of the best. She won four championships over a seven- year career, a career spanning all the way back to what was formerly called the WWF.

Lita is also known for her tremendous tattoos. Both arm are half-sleeved, with intricate art. She has a habit of getting new ink each time she accomplishes something or experiences something special. At some point though, I’m sure she’ll run out of space. What then?

3 Paige

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Paige has been all up in the news. But it’s not the kind of news I’m sure she wants. This last year for Paige has been rough. During that span, she’s battled a neck injury and had numerous sex videos leaked online. Not only is that difficult to cope with, but it’s caused WWE to contemplate her future with the league.

One thing Paige has never lacked, is drama. She is THE drama star of the WWE. Her character chronically getting up in peoples’ business and spreading lies to fragment formerly strong alliances.

Yet, would the league really be the same without this sexy British diva? I can’t show you the juiciest of her drama. For that, you’ll need to do a simple google search. And please do enjoy. But seriously, the league would feel empty with that accent.

Because of her famous standing with so many fans, WWE has yet to cut ties. In fact, rumor is she might be getting a raise. Yep, you heard me right. Paige might be getting a raise because of her broader draw after the sex tapes.

Hey, can’t knock a girl who gets pushed down and turns it into gold.

2 Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is sorely missed. Not only was the 10 out of 10 babe talented, but an OG, Original Gangster, her early days rooted back when the league was called WWF. She was also the vixen, the mistress, drawing men in with her web of storylines, beginning with an affair with Mr. McMahon. For most of her time with the league, she carried the purely sex role, and did so unashamedly.

But the girl had game. Stratus won a record best, seven championships, a record that still holds to this day. When she retired in 2006, she went into fitness modeling, and now works fulltime modeling in high fashion. She's also given birth to two children and the photo you see above has her accepting gifts from her most recent baby shower.

Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

1 Maryse

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The girl in black studs and leather jackets, is the bad one of the group. Not only is she married to, bad boy The Miz, but can chronically be seen on ‘the Raw,’ where she challenges other divas on the fly, and if they’re willing, battles them head to head. Her resume is stacked. She’s a model, entrepreneur, WWE talent agent and actress.

The former Miss Hawaian Tropic Canada, competed in a WWE talent search, and won. Her win took her to the WWE’s developmental leagues, where she dominated and thrived, eventually signing to the Raw Brand, in 2008.

Maryse has won two Diva titles, and in 2011 launched her own clothing brand. She returned last year to accompany her husband and has been a mainstay ever since.

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