Top 15 New Gimmick Ideas for Struggling WWE Superstars

Understanding the struggle means appreciating the progress. Quite often those who march ahead of the pack forget to look back with sympathetic eyes at those who continue to crawl their way through the

Understanding the struggle means appreciating the progress. Quite often those who march ahead of the pack forget to look back with sympathetic eyes at those who continue to crawl their way through the mud; just hoping someday to be upright and strong enough to walk with pride and purpose.

The struggle is life itself. Each and every day another unnoticed series of events will transpire while people become prone to agony and despair - all too familiar with the idea of failure. Simply going through the motions of a melancholic existence. The hopeless do not understand the concept of hope.

Empathy for those less fortunate is a need but not a desire as the "haves" will often disregard the "have-nots." Genuine generosity is rare and those who attain this personality trait are along the lines of an endangered species. The world is getting worse; no matter how much we deny and attempt to defy this notion.

We may be the Millennials but we are also the addicts and the self-absorbed. The unfaithful and the undetermined. Kanye West is wrong. We will raise our children to hate because its the only thing we have ever known. The struggle will only end when humanity has gone extinct.

Have you been keeping up with WWE these days? Have you noticed the faces of the struggle within the company? Those who have been placed in a pointless and powerless position. Those who actually love what they do but are held back from being all that they can be in their profession ... much like everyday life.

In this article we will take a look at some WWE talent that could use a boost; a repacked image, a new gimmick, and a brand new direction.

These are the top 15 new gimmick ideas for struggling WWE Superstars:

**Keep in mind these will never actually happen**

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15 Zack Ryder: The Serious One


Zack Ryder has hit his popularity peak with the whole "Broski" persona in WWE. Which is why he has been sent down to NXT where he is now a "Hype Bro" and still acting like a less-orange Jersey Shore-type character.

It's time to make something serious out of Zack Ryder or he will always be remembered as a WWE joke. How do you accomplish this? Lose the colors, the shades, the hairdo, and the annoying slang - give Ryder some serious promo material to cut in the ring.

Perhaps change his name to Zackery Ryder; providing a more serious feel.

14 Los Matadores: The Oppressed


Los Matadores has been a terrible gimmick from the very beginning. It is cartoonish and stereotypical and the addition of a miniature sized bull did not help matters. The whole idea is absurd.

These competitors should be repacked as themselves. Edwin and Orlando Colon (real names) and made to looked like an oppressed trio of performers who were forced to wear ridiculous costumes and act like an animal while eventually dropping the man behind the bull suit; in a sense "setting him free."

The new name of the tag can be simple: The Colons.

13 Tyson Kidd: The Hero of Harts


Tyson Kidd has never really had much of a personality. Kidd is a great wrestler but WWE has never really provided him with much gimmick-wise. What do we know about Kidd? That he was the final graduate of the "Hart Dungeon." Let's use that fact.

Tyson Kidd is currently injured but upon his return could become known as "The Hero of Harts." The final man around to maintain the legacy that has been built by the legendary family. Providing Kidd with a mouthpiece (manager) to do his trash-talking would be great. Someone who could articulate all the troubles Vince McMahon has caused the Hart Family.

Paul Heyman would be perfect for this role but it doesn't seem to appear as though Heyman will be taking on any new "clients"any time soon.

12 Heath Slater: The Poser


Whether he was acting as a "One Man Band" or was part of an ensemble known as "Three Man Band," Heath Slater has always been overlooked by WWE; perpetually placed in the lower-tier section.

Heath Slater has some comedic chops and could work well as a "poser" of sorts. Ditching the rock-and-roll style and adopting a new hip-hop gimmick. Something along the lines of the original John Cena character.

Heath Slater acting like an old-school version of John Cena could make for some funny television.

11 R-Truth: The Intellectual


R-Truth has been around for a while now and has always been placed in situations that make him look and seem dumb. It has been happening for years and it has just about run its course.

How about a more intellectual side of R-Truth? Change his name to "Ronald, the Bearer of Truth." Place him in a suit and have him act as though he is a highly educated man. Have Truth misquote great poets but never have the announcers point it out.

Allow the fans to research and have a little interaction with a new character.

10 Natalya: The Outcast


The current "Divas Revolution" has been missing woman who can actually help propel the movement to places it needs to be while also putting over the younger talent who WWE are aiming to push.

Natalya doesn't really have much going on at the moment so place her on the fringe of the revolution. The outsider looking in on the girls that were invited to the party. Leave her to play the role of "tweener" and not side with anybody.

Sure, the "outcast" character has been done before but with the girls essential split into "cliques," a female outcast could really help the angle moving forward.

9 Fandango: The Fighter


There seems to be this recurring thought in the wrestling world that the fans want a character who dances. The lifespan of a dancing character is certainly not anywhere near the lifespan of a legend.

The Fandango thing has been played and its time for a twist on this dancing doofus. Fandango was once known as Johnny Curtis in developmental; a name which can be revised on the main roster.

Introduce the new character as a man fed up dancing and geared for a fight, allow a mean streak to progress with the new gimmick.

8 Curtis Axel: The Failure


AxelMania is dead thanks to the WWE parting ways with Hulk Hogan; who Curtis Axel had been (badly) portraying as a modern day knock-off character. Therefore, its time to move on to something new.

Curtis Axel is the son of "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig and the grandson of Larry "The Axe" Hennig; two well-accomplished professional wrestlers. Needless to say, Axel has not lived up to their standards. Which can be used as a new storyline twist for Axel by having him recognize his shortcomings.

Allow Curtis Axel to discuss how he has let his father and grandfather down and then keep him losing but always putting up a fight. Axel may grow to be a sentimental favorite.

7 Jack Swagger: The Oklahoma Hipster


Jack Swagger has never been considered a major star in WWE. Despite the fact that Swagger is a former World Heavyweight Champion, he was never quite a top-dog type of competitor.

It's time to completely reinvent Jack Swagger. Perhaps as the hipster of WWE. Have his beard grow out and style his hair. Provide him with some Buddy Holly style glasses, skinny jeans and striped V-neck t-shirts. Have him claim he is from Brooklyn but remind people he is from Oklahoma.

The fans may love to hate Jack Swagger as such a character but at least he would be back on the scene.

6 Adam Rose: The Anti-Christ


The "Exotic Express" has left the station with nobody on board. Meanwhile, the artiste (latest gimmick) has not made any kind of impact on the WWE picture, so perhaps it is time for a new and drastic direction.

Bring back the "party people" as " wicked disciples."  Have Adam Rose become the Anti-Christ of the WWE. Rose is just thin enough to pull off a convincing Jesus - a darker and more mysterious version.

Of course, this is the PG Era so labeling him the "Anti-Christ" would not sit well with anybody backstage.

5 Damien Sandow: The Ironic Imbecile


Damien Sandow began his WWE career as the "Intellectual Savoir of the Masses." Sandow would move on from this character to become a glorified imitator. Which somehow got over but WWE pushed  it back down.

It appears as though Damien Sandow is trapped in a spot where he will never again be taken seriously. Therefore, the best way to add something serious to Sandow is by having him play the idiot "they" want, but in an ironic sense.

Play the buffoon while being completely sarcastic. Have Sandow actually read aloud the promos written for him in the most smug way possible.

4 Wade Barrett: The British Bully


The WWE needs a good bully. They keep pushing their anti-bullying campaign with no great example. Allow someone to be the absolute worst person n the WWE locker room. Someone like Wade Barrett.

Drop the whole King gimmick and Bad News stuff and have Wade Barrett simply be a big, mean, ass-kicking Brit who picks on people and uses his brass-knuckle background to physically get want he wants.

Make it real. Make Wade Barrett appear as though he has genuinely hurt a helpless victim. Give the kids watching a dose of the real world.

3 Cody Rhodes: The American Nightmare


It you have not grown tired of Stardust yet, you must be really close. The whole concept was fine while Stardust was teaming with Goldust but now it is just a bad attempt at strange that nobody is buying.

Bring back Cody Rhodes as a disturbed version of himself; distraught and from a desolate place. Dusty Rhodes was "The American Dream," so why can't his son become "The American Nightmare?"

Have Cody Rhodes (attempt) to cut promos along the same lines of his father but with a much more gloomy perspective.

2 Cesaro: The Wrestler


The fans love Cesaro but what can be done with this man character-wise? Cesaro is a wrestler; plain and simple. Perhaps the best pure wrestling competitor on the roster. Which is why it would be best to play up his strong points.

Cesaro would definitely need a manager, someone who can cut a promo with the best. An ideal candidate for this position: Ric Flair. Pairing "" The Nature Boy" with "The Wrestler" and having Flair constantly remind everybody just how good Cesaro is in the ring.

Who knows: Cesaro walking along side Ric Flair could actually gain him a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

1 Dolph Ziggler: The Existentialist


Dolph Ziggler is stuck somewhere between high school pretty boy and main event Superstar and while "The Show Off" has grown on the audience, it may be time to pull out the bag of tricks for Ziggler.

Suggestion: Dolph Ziggler, The Existentialist. No more energetic entrance; just a slow, somber walk to the ring. No more bleach blonde hair; dye it black. No more caring about women; have Ziggler question human companionship.

Dolph Ziggler? Have him question his own name but ultimately not care what he is called as he dubbed everything to be "absurd" and "meaningless."

Postscript: Just some thoughts for you to ponder.

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