Top 15 Nicest "Booties" in the WWE Today

The magic of wrestling can be boiled down to a lot of things. Sometimes, the most acrobatic moves that dazzle a crowd stand out. Other times, in-ring psychology rules the day, as two supremely intelligent competitors wage war not only with bombastic moves, but with intellect and cunning. Inescapably, though, sometimes it’s all about the butts. The singular round lump on every human’s backside for which battles have been fought and endless squats have been performed. Since the inception of WWE, the promotion has been home to the finest fannies in the entertainment industry.

This article, in essence, is a celebration. A celebration of booty. A celebration of the one constant WWE Superstars and Divas have in their professional lives. Some days, the finest of performers simply have bad matches. Other days, the promos they have to work with simply aren’t up to snuff and, through no fault of their own, just can’t get the crowd reaction they’re looking for. But day-in and day-out, these 15 women strut their taut gluteus maximuses to the delight of millions across the globe. And no matter the actual talent of the wrestlers attached to the booties on this list, it is undeniable that all of the squats, deadlifts, and other posterior-enhancing exercises have paid off in spades. So, in honor of the finest piece of investigative journalism I’ve ever done, enjoy the top 15 nicest booties in WWE today.

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17 Honorable Mention 

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(Picture of New Day’s Booties)

Was there any question?

16 Summer Rae 

Fandango’s dance partner-turned-competitive WWE Diva-turned-valet kicks off our list, as Summer Rae is undoubtedly in possession of one of the more impressive glutes the company has. It’s essentially a given that anyone approved by Fandango would shine in terms of popping posteriors, but Summer Rae eclipses her classically-trained predecessors in terms of backside. And, as the Total Divas advertisements so constantly insinuate: she’s single. So… there’s some crazy hypothetical chance for you, fine reader, I guess. I wish you the best of luck, and please don’t post creepy comments on her Instagram because of this article.

15 Cameron 

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Everyone’s least favorite Funkadactyl, who somehow believed that Alicia Fox vs Melina was the best match she’d ever seen, comes in at number 14, as despite a forgettable in-ring career, she is in possession of a prime posterior. While it doesn’t quite stack up to her former partner (more on her later), she still is undoubtedly one of the more attractive women the promotion has, and no lack of wrestling knowledge can undermine that.

14 Dana Brooke 

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The first NXT competitor on our list, Dana Brooke has not only proved herself to have one of the most appealing behinds the developmental system has to offer, but one of the most functionally impressive as well, as her feats of athleticism in the ring (and during her entrance) are genuinely spectacular. What a sentence that was. I digress. Since her debut, Dana Brooke has made incredible strides in improving her in-ring work, and has picked up the intricacies of the wrestling business at a pace rivalled only by Divas Champion Charlotte. It seems only a matter of time until we see Dana Brooke’s booty on our television screens.

13 Natalya 

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Natalya, one of the last survivors of the Hart Family Dungeon, has been wowing audiences for years with her technical ability and submission savvy. It seems only fitting that an athlete of her caliber would have a booty to match, and the toned tuchus of Nattie Neidhart certainly fits the bill. It’s a shame Natalya has been essentially left out of the Divas Revolution, as few would complain about seeing more of her in the coming months (Not how it sounds, I promise).

12 Bayley 

The current NXT champion and internet darling Bayley is one of the most beloved faces NXT has ever seen. Her remarkable skills coupled with an adorably quirky persona has set her apart since her introduction. This article, however, is about butts, and Bayley’s is delightful. A true testament to her training and condition, Bayley’s booty is unexpected, given the unassuming nature of the woman who calls it her own and, with any luck, we’ll be seeing it every Monday night in the near future.

11 Mandy Rose 

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Tough Enough runner-up and current developmental talent Mandy Rose made quite a name for herself on the controversial reality show. She was rude, aggressive, mean-spirited, and generally fairly unlikeable. And though reports have since come out that she was simply playing into a character that would be developed further inside the ring, many fans still carry resentment towards the bombshell from New York. And while her staying power in the WWE environment may be questioned, the quality of her rear end certainly cannot be.

10 Emma 

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Australian bombshell Emma is much more than a pretty face (and posterior). She’s a talented wrestler, has found immense success in NXT as both lovable goofball and despised heel, and is one of the better promos in the women’s division. And though she’s yet to find real success on the main roster, her booty has had no problem staying in impressive form.

9 Nikki Bella  

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Despite having one of the longest tenured careers of the current roster of WWE Divas, Nikki Bella has yet to truly make her mark on the industry. Seemingly surpassed by the younger talent brought in for the Divas Revolution, Nikki Bella never quite got to the point in her in-ring ability to compete with internet darlings like Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. However, with an impressively long title reign under her belt, and one of the most fantastic fannies right below it, Nikki Bella remains one of the most attractive Divas on the main roster. In fact, her booty has proved one of her main selling points, as her entrance revolves entirely around it. Get well soon, Nikki. We’re rooting for you.

8 Lana 

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While not technically a WWE wrestler in any capacity, The Ravishing Russian makes no pretenses about the quality of her posterior. In fact, it was often the first thing we saw before introducing Rusev and running down the good old US of A. And though she’s been off TV for several weeks (possibly because of backstage heat, but it’s tough to trust the dirtsheets nowadays), I’m sure many a hot-blooded wrestling fan would be eager to see her and her Ravishing Russian Rump (sorry), back in the spotlight.

7 Paige  

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Two-time Divas Champion Paige has been one of the most impressive wrestlers in WWE and NXT for years, with a wrestling pedigree that spans back to 2005, when she was merely 13 years old. The daughter of accomplished pro wrestlers, Paige had the business in her blood from the beginning, and has taken the mantle of her parents to find unprecedented success in wrestling for a woman of such a young age. And while her skill in all aspects of the sport is what made her a phenomenon, her booty is a testament to her relentless conditioning, making her a heartthrob for millions of men and women all over the globe.

6 Naomi 

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Somehow managing to find a promising singles career after her run as one of Brodus Clay’s funkadactyls, Naomi has been making a surprising climb up the ladder, putting on decent-to-good matches on TV and PPV while actually maintaining some solid heel heat. But the main attraction, arguably, is her booty, which is so impressive that her finishing move revolves solely around it. Though any time is a good time to retire the Rear View for good, the view of Naomi’s rear is never a bad thing (so sorry).

5 Becky Lynch 

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The most criminally overlooked of the acclaimed Four Horsewomen of NXT, Becky Lynch has been quietly and not-so-quietly putting on remarkable performances for the entirety of her NXT run, even bringing out stellar performances against less-world-class athletes like Naomi and Brie Bella (not to knock Naomi or Brie). The Irish-born Lass Kicker is also, unsurprisingly, gorgeous, with a booty to rival Finn Bálor in terms of Irish-made derriere.

4 Alexa Bliss 

via wrestlingforum.com

Dash and Dawson mouthpiece/valet Alexa Bliss is one of the most gorgeous women in the company, with wrestling acumen that belies her small stature and girl-next-door looks. That said, it’s tough to put into words exactly what makes Bliss’ bottom so appealing without coming across as a bit of a creeper. That said, what words can’t and shouldn’t do justice, pictures will, and anyone with access to the internet should be able to access those. So, do that if you want, but again, don’t be a weird about it. I’m trusting you here.

3 Eva Marie  

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Eva Marie, on the other hand, is someone who was brought into the company for her looks and her looks alone, as the star of Total Divas never had much to bring to the table in terms of wrestling skill. And though she’s been improving thanks to tutelage from The Brian Kendrick (remember him? He was pretty cool), it hasn’t been enough to make it seem like she deserves to be sharing a ring with the best women’s wrestling has to offer. That said, it’s easy to see exactly what brought her to the dance and it’s hard to dispute that she is in possession of one of the most remarkable rumps in the industry.

2 Sasha Banks 

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Sasha Banks is quite possibly the best women’s wrestler WWE has ever seen. Her move-set is breathtaking, her character is convincing and surprisingly well-drawn, and she has stolen the show in almost every opportunity she has received. Her matches against the likes of Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch have been met with universal acclaim, including two Match of the Year contenders against Bayley late last year.

Also, she has a nice booty.


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