Top 15 Nicest "Booties" in Wrestling History

Sure, sure, everyone says out loud that they watch wrestling for the dramatic storylines or the technical theatrics (or both of those reasons). Fans will communicate with one another day and night on

Sure, sure, everyone says out loud that they watch wrestling for the dramatic storylines or the technical theatrics (or both of those reasons). Fans will communicate with one another day and night on forums and social media about which of their favorite wrestlers should be a champion or how women should be utilized better in their onscreen roles. When it comes right down to the truth, though, we all look at a wrestler’s physique and judge just as keenly on the quality of someone’s body just as we would the quality of their push. We like what we see, too, for the most part. There are men and women in wrestling who are simply blessed genetically and we’re thankful for whatever time they have on television to display their physical attributes in nicely form-fitting attire.

Somewhere around the early ‘90s – maybe thanks in part to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s now-classic “Baby Got Back” becoming a hit – society in general began embracing the fully shaped backside. Where before only a small sector of the populace appreciated a fat-bottomed girl, during the 1990s it seemed everyone and their best buddy loved the “bootie” and showed off their butt-loving pride with a resurgence of women - and some men - sporting short shorts (the “Daisy Dukes”) and wrestling featured gimmicks based completely on buns. The craze hasn’t slowed down, either. Even in modern day wrestling, males and females are lauded for their well-rounded backsides – of course, in addition to their superior in-ring skill and above-average storytelling ability when working matches or cutting promos. There are men and women in the wrestling business who have a lot to be proud of, including their attractive shape. Taking notice of their assets shouldn't be taken as an insult but as just another compliment to one of the great things about the in-ring workers we love to watch.

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15 Molly Holly


One of the few women in wrestling who can actually boast an all-natural muscular physique, Molly Holly was not one for bikini photo shoots or lingerie cheesecake shots. In fact, one of Holly’s most memorable feuds involved her notion of chastity and preserving feminine dignity as opposed to Trish Stratus’s overtly sexualized character. Molly Holly played the prudish heel well, inciting insults from both Stratus and Jerry Lawler about her straitlaced ideas about morality. Despite her prim ideals and the conservative attire she wore to the ring, Molly Holly had quite a flattering figure underneath it all. Holly’s well-muscled, curvaceous form was quite underappreciated, but fans would get a glimpse of what she kept hidden when Stratus pulled her pants down on WWE television, revealing not the usual diva in a thong but proper Molly Holly’s shapely bottom was covered well with a pair of “granny panties,” much to the crowd’s delight (or desire for just a little more skin).

14 Victoria


Better known as Lisa Marie Varon to some, the gorgeous former bodybuilder, fitness model, and Women’s Champion holds bragging rights on one of the most muscular posteriors out of wrestling’s many shapely beauties. Before her days in the ring, Varon would also appear alongside fellow former champion Trish Stratus in fitness competitions - imagine being a judge on that panel! Appearing for the WWE as Victoria gave fans a chance to see Varon at her physical peak as she competed in various specialty women's matches and swimsuit competitions. Her time in TNA didn't see any diminish in her sexual attractiveness either as her outfits continued to wow the crowd and show off her excellent muscular form.

13 Sunny


At her peak, Sunny had an unstoppable body. Not even Elizabeth, who did her fair share of bikini photo shoots in the 1980s, got the camera and onscreen time that Sunny would get during 1995 through 1997 just to show off her best assets. WWE magazines featured Sunny on their cover in memorably skimpy lingerie. Her crowning moment would be at the 1996 Slammy Awards where she would (quite obviously) take the win in the “Best Buns” category, a win that Sunny would boast constantly as her ring outfits got skimpier and her photo shoots got racier, featuring her Slammy-award winning bottom in bikini thongs and sheer, lacy panties.

12 Kimberly Page


“The Booty Babe” was a good gimmick for Kimberly Page’s onscreen character to break away from her relationship with Diamond Dallas Page, even though Brutus Beefcake’s “Booty Man” gimmick could have used a little work. Kimberly was likely the most memorable one of the entire Booty Man/Page feud, as her booty was the ones fans preferred to look at over Beefcake. Fans wouldn’t be disappointed by Kimberly or her ever shapely bottom as the years went by, either, as she and the Nitro Girls made a lot of money for WCW as they came out each week to shimmy and shake their goods for the fans.

11 Mickie James


Michelle McCool and Layla may not have been big fans of Mickie James’s ample curves, but that doesn’t mean the former Diva’s Champion didn’t have plenty of her own fans for her unforgettable figure! Notable for being as skilled in the WWE ring as she was sumptuously sensual in her ring attire, Mickie was a direct rival to Trish Stratus in her curviness and sex appeal. The matches between the two are memorable for more than just the great display of athleticism shown. Opting for curve-hugging "Daisy Dukes" shorts as a part of her TNA ring gear, fans were thankfully not denied an opportunity to enjoy Mickie's physical charms.

10 Brooke Tessmacher


TNA’s Brooke is no stranger to the modeling or pageant worlds and she keeps her perfect figure on point accordingly, albeit slightly more muscular and curvy (and far more sexy) than the usual stick-thin pageant queen. Once a solid but ultimately unsuccessful prospect as a potential WWE Diva, Brooke then took her talents and her looks to TNA in order to try her luck there. In Nashville, Brooke was immediately recognized as a hot commodity. Tessmacher is quite proud of her extraordinarily attractive shape, especially her firm bottom which she uses as a part of her signature offense, the aptly-named “Asstastic.”

9 Daffney


WCW and TNA fans absolutely loved watching the antics of Shannon Spruill, better known as Daffney, and her and in-ring stunts as much as they loved watching the very uniquely attractive Daffney herself. The Scream Queen was an absolute stunner in her sexy ring gear that was inspired by DC Comic's Harley Quinn character, and even on the independent wrestling scene she also sported attire that hugged her curves just the right way without being as garish or ostentatious as the impressive costumes Daffney wore to the ring in her WCW and TNA days. Fans can only wonder how the WWE's costume department would have handled Daffney's dangerous curves.

8 Velvet Sky


There’s many things that Velvet Sky has accomplished in TNA and her fans should be quite proud of her – but we all know fans will always boast the most about her unforgettable ring entrances (with or without Angelina Love) where the sexy ring veteran would make the most of the cameran’s time as well as the ring ropes, sexily shimmying her shapely bottom on her way over the middle rope into the ring. The unforgettable entrances of TNA’s Beautiful People definitely left the crowd with an impression – a nice mental image of a shapely rear end in chaps and a thong!

7 Naomi


An innovator of what’s being called the “ass-based offense,” Naomi’s got curves for days and the girl just can’t help it. From her days as a Funkasauras along with Cameron, the fans could tell which of the duo had the true bootie, and Naomi won the fan’s admiration and support hands down when it came time for the funk to stop rolling. Naomi’s ring gear, however much it has recently changed, still reflects her finest attribute – that butt! As long as Mrs. Fatu remains a contender in the women’s division, fans can bet their own butts that Naomi’s shapely rear end will be, along with her skill in the ring, her most memorable attribute as the years go by.

6 Paige


Don’t let Paige’s sleek, slender appearance fool you – she has the curves of a beautiful English hillside when she’s all dressed down in a bikini. Paige’s Instagram photos show a different side of the Anti-Diva, who loves time spending time in the sun in sexy swimwear. Paige has been shown to fill out a bikini bottom quite nicely and realizes her talent as she poses for a bevy of bootie bikini shots for social media and for WWE’s program Total Divas. If the tough Englishwoman weren’t such a hard chick, she’d be a great featured photo shoot for Maxim or another magazine where her unique shape, her beauty, and her bootie could be appreciated on a grander scale!

5 Stacy Keibler


She had those legs and those legs couldn’t lead to anything bad at all! Although she's gone on to a different kind of fame after her turn on such shows as Dancing With the Stars and other various guest spots on television shows, Keibler's celebrated bikini and lingerie photo shoots from her days as a hot WWE commodity are still heralded as some of the sexiest in wrestling, and fans of the Attitude Era will always gladly recall the short skirts and short shorts, showing off her long legs and barely covering her taut, round bottom, which became a trademark of Keibler's character.

4 Bayley


The NXT hugger is lauded quite correctly for her in-ring skill, but Bayley aficionados can’t help but admit that a part of her appeal is her “thickness,” as fans so often refer to Bayley’s shapely hips and buttocks. Not many WWE Divas have this attractively unique shape to their hips, and word spread quickly around fans that Bayley was one to watch – not just for her good matches, but because her body was just so great and her butt was just that thick! The well-merited Bayley love proves that over the past two decades, there are those out there who still do find a big butt attractive over every other physical attribute.

3 Layla


A WWE Diva who’s proud of her shapely hips and rear, Layla has shown off her considerably sexy qualities on WWE television for well over a decade, and her good looks don’t seem to slow down one bit. Fans can thank the WWE’s professional designers and seamsters for allowing the crowd to see the best sides of Layla in her always form-fitting ring attire, especially in her days onscreen with her “bestie” Michelle McCool. Although McCool was the definite heel of the duo, it was Layla who was the body behind the LayCool operation. Fans couldn’t get enough of Layla in those days and would be an easy guess the crowds still haven’t had enough of taking in all of Layla’s considerable beauty.

2 Lana


Many WWE fans argue she’s currently the hottest WWE Diva in the company, and they may be right. There’s a reason why. Those form-fitting business suits Lana wore to the ring while accompanying Rusev showed the world why the WWE Universe wants Lana. Little is left to the imagination when checking Lana’s rear end out, as her skirts are short enough to see every sexy curve. Now that Lana’s earned a little more freedom in her character, it’s only a matter of time before fans see even more of that rousing rear end.

1 Trish Stratus


Even after some time has passed since her days as a burgeoning fitness model in curious beach and shower poses and she moved on to her later glory days as a WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus remains a goddess among women in wrestling when it comes to the look and shape of their lower body. Trish’s in-ring gear involved a busting bustier that should have been enough - but she wore the gear with tight pants that memorably hugged her shapely hips and round bottom – in particular Stratus's referee gimmick outfits where she sported short shorts along with a cropped referee’s shirt were a reminder that Trish Stratus’s body was definitely best for business.

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