Top 15 Older Divas Who Still Have Great Bodies

Even though there is a supposed “Divas Revolution” these days in the WWE, it seems like the company has primarily used their women for show instead of in-ring action. A lot of former models have made

Even though there is a supposed “Divas Revolution” these days in the WWE, it seems like the company has primarily used their women for show instead of in-ring action. A lot of former models have made their way through pro wrestling’s largest company, only to leave when they find a better opportunity.

Not all of them achieve the star status that they had hoped for, but to be honest, most of them are still gorgeous. The kind of travel and aging (naturally) can have an affect on someone’s figure, but there have been a ton of former WWE Divas that could still come back to the company thanks to maintaining their good looks.

Out of the female wrestlers that are no longer with the WWE, we want to take a look at 15 of the older ones that still have rocking bodies. The only rule here is that they can no longer be with the company (in a wrestling capacity) and they must be 35 years old or higher.

15 Mickie James 


Mickie James was subject to a bit of body shaming in her time with the WWE (remember the awful “Piggy James” angle?), but still stayed from 2003 to 2010. James then left to return to TNA where she had signed from, and stayed for another five years. At the moment, she is currently working with Global Force Wrestling in Las Vegas. James has always had a better body than WWE gave her credit for and she looks just as good now as she did in her time with the company.

14 Gail Kim


Even though Gail Kim won the WWE Women’s Championship in her first match, her time with WWE wasn’t as memorable as James’ run. After three years there, Kim went to TNA, then back to WWE, before a second stint with TNA where she had multiple championship reigns, including one as the current Knockouts Champion. Suffice to say, you can see how good Gail is still looking every week and Robert Irvine of Restaurant: Impossible (her husband) is a lucky guy.

13 Christy Hemme


Christy Hemme barely makes this list since she just turned 35 years old in October 2015, but we’ll take it. Hemme was the winner of the WWE Diva Search in 2004, but was gone after just a year and became a mainstay in TNA where she is still on the staff. TNA seemed to know what they had in Hemme, so they showcased her as a ring announcer and she still sees camera time (for very good reason).

12 Debra Marshall 

Our first former Diva that was firmly in the Attitude Era of the WWE, Debra Marshall is the former wife of Steve “Mongo” McMichael and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Marshall made her debut in WWE in 1998 after two years with the WCW and stayed around with sporadic appearances all the way into 2002. Now 56 years old, Debra is one of the older Divas on our list and she looks absolutely fantastic at her age. She could probably still make Jerry Lawler scream “Puppies” at the top of his lungs.

11 Layla El

After a career as a dancer, Layla El joined the WWE in 2006 and is a recent retiree from professional wrestling after hanging them up in July of 2015. It might surprise some people that she had just turned 38 years old at the time (and still is), because she certainly looked much younger. Even though it’s been less than a year, Layla is still looking fantastic and seems to be taking it easy professionally these days.

10 Melina 

One of many former models to join WWE, Melina Perez was a beauty pageant winner that made her way through the developmental territory of WWE before making her debut as a manager in 2005. After making a name for herself by managing Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury, Melina became a singles champion and eventually left in 2011. Melina had a couple of brief runs in the independent circuit and now makes appearances and runs her own website, while still looking fantastic at 36 years old.

9 Lita 

Not many women would be willing to take the bumps that Lita did during her WWE career, which might be why she retired after just six years in the company (despite a few random appearances here and there). Lita is now on the creative staff for WWE and she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 while looking amazing. Lita still looks that way on the last check at the age of 40. We still might see her come back to take a bump or two, but no chance at a full-time run.

8 Stacy Keibler  

Perhaps more than any other Diva, Stacy Keibler has been the most recognizable in her post WWE career. Keibler, who was a professional wrestler from 1999 to 2006, was featured on Dancing With the Stars and started dating George Clooney to become a subject of pop culture for a couple of years. Keibler is now married to Jared Pobre and had her first child in 2014. At 36 years old and already with a child, Keibler is just as hot as you remember.

7 Michelle McCool 

Michelle McCool started wrestling in developmental for WWE in 2004 and made her way to the big stage in 2006. After five years of being one of the more high profile Divas, McCool retired in 2011. McCool is still very much involved in wrestling, however, as she has been married to The Undertaker (Mark Calaway) since the summer of 2010. The couple had their first child in 2012 and, at 36 years old, we are definitely jealous of The Deadman.

6 Victoria 

A former fitness model that made her way to the WWE after meeting Chyna, Victoria (real name Lisa Marie Varon) stuck with the company from 2000 all the way up until 2009. Victoria then joined TNA (like many others have on this list) and spent some time in the independent ranks and had a brief stint with Ring of Honor in 2013. Still making some waves in the wrestling business at 45 years old, Victoria definitely still has it. She has even made some waves in the restaurant industry, as well.

5 Candice Michelle 

Candice Michelle was another one of the Divas that was a part of the 2004 WWE Diva Search, and has been well known outside of wrestling thanks to her appearances in Playboy and GoDaddy commercials. Candice Michelle retired from pro wrestling in 2009 and is now living a quiet life married to a chiropractor. That, and the fact that she’s had three children, hasn’t stopped Michelle from keeping up her fantastic body.

4 Alundra Blayze


The only other former Diva on our list over the age of 50 (alongside Debra), Alundra Blayze became a big name when she departed the WWE after 1995 to rejoin WCW. Blayze finished her pro wrestling run in 2001 and we didn’t hear much from her afterward. That was, until, she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015. When she showed up on stage, those that hadn’t seen her in a decade were floored by the fact that she looked better now than in her wrestling days somehow.

3 Sable


Ask just about any wrestling fan between the ages of 30 and 40 who they think the hottest Diva in WWE history is and they are likely to tell you Sable. Sable, now 48 years old, was far and away the most popular Diva during her run in the late 1990s and then early 2000s. Sable left for good in 2004 and had a brief stint with NJPW. Now, Sable is still as hot and you can see her with her husband, the infamous Brock Lesnar, once in a while.

2 Torrie Wilson 

For some reason, Torrie Wilson’s age (40 years old) was the most surprising out of all of the former Divas to me on the list. Wilson was a fitness competitor in the late 1990s before joining up with WCW and then WWE through 2008. Wilson appeared on a reality series after her run was over, and started making the news again when she was dating Alex Rodriguez from 2011 to 2015. In case you didn't seen her hanging around A-Rod, she is still smoking hot.

1 Trish Stratus


Our list ends with the timeless Trish Stratus, who is now 40 years old. Like Sable, Trish Stratus was the most popular Diva during the height of her career and was named the Diva of the Decade after winning the Women’s Championship seven times. Stratus has been busy in the yoga studio since leaving the WWE in 2006 and everyone was excited to see her during her 2014 WWE Hall of Fame induction. Needless to say, none of the fans were disappointed.

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Top 15 Older Divas Who Still Have Great Bodies