Top 15 Older Wrestlers Who Still Have Great Bodies

In their prime, wrestlers have some of the most jacked, carved, and downright jaw-dropping bodies that anyone could possibly imagine.

But when they get older, those spectacular bodies can begin to deteriorate quickly. There are many older wrestlers whose bodies are so far gone, that you wouldn't notice them if they walked right by you on the street.

Others, however, are able to maintain the physique that allowed them to step into the ring and in front of the camera (to an extent). Some even continue their illustrious careers despite being over 50. It's really quite impressive to see these guys come to the ring with chiseled chests, six packs and biceps the size of bowling balls so deep into their lives.

There are also those wrestlers who love the industry so much that they come back to be a commentator, producer and even promoter, with a lot of them continuing to make guest appearances in the ring.

Unlike most sports, organizations such as WWE welcome former stars to step out of the booth for a little to return to the square and the fans eat it up. Wrestling has some of the most passionate and loyal fans in the world and that driving force keeps these competitors looking their best for the cameras.

When clicking through this list, keep in mind that a few of these stars are old enough to be your grandfather.  Lots of wrestlers have great bodies when they grow old, but here are the Top 15.

15. Terry Funk, 71

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Some people start looking into retirement homes when they eclipse 70 years of age.

Terry Funk is not one of those people. In fact, he is far from it.

As far as wrestling goes, Funk can say he's seen it all. His legendary career has seen him inducted into the WWE, WCW, Professional, NWA, Hardcore, Wrestling Observer, Stampede and St. Louis Wrestling Halls of Fame. Today, he's mostly known for his hardcore wrestling that he displayed at the tail end of his time wrestling, but he's a heck of a lot more than that.

To get an idea of the great shape he's in, he competed in a retirement match at the USA Championship Wrestling against Jerry Lawler. He lost by DQ, but the fact that he was in the ring is insane.

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14 Dave Finlay, 57 

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Dave Finley is on the back-end of his 50s, but he still has the body and strength to mix it up with guys who are 20 years younger than him.

Finlay is currently a backstage producer who stilll makes occasional appearances in the ring.

Wrestling is a family tradition for the Finlays. David's father and grandfather both wrestled and his children are amateur wrestlers. Finlay has had himself a fine career, notching 20 championships around the world during his impressive career.

13 Jerry "The King" Lawler, 66 

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Remember how I said that Terry Funk lost a retirement match by DQ?

Well, this is the guy who beat him. Jerry Lawler, aka "The King," is 66 years old and is a color commentator/professional wrestler who has no probably making guest appearances on the mat. The Memphis born former 35-time AWA Heavyweight Champ was inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame in 2007 and still looks like he can dish out some pain in the ring.

12 Billy Gunn, 52 

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Monty Kip Sopp, known in the ring as Billy Gunn, was best known for being a Tag Team wrestler, particularly with Road Dogg as The New Age Outlaws. That wasn't his only successful tag team, as he also had The Smoking Gunns, with Bart Gunn, and Billy and Chuck, with Chuck Palumbo.

Though he was recently let go by the WWE for using PEDs, Gunn had one of the better bodies in wrestling at his peak and has maintained that impressive physique, even if it's through unnatural means..

11 Ivan Putski, 74 

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The oldest man on the list, Ivan Putski (surename Jozef Bednarski) is still in tremendous shape despite closing in on 75 years old.

Putski, who was also a bodybuilder, was known in the ring as "The Polish Hammer" and "Polish Power" and it becomes apparent why he was given these names when you take a look at him, even today. Though he retired in the 90s, he's obviously continued to work on his body, as he looks in better shape than most wrestlers today!

10 Sid Eudy, 55  

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Sid Eudy has gone by a variety of names, from Sid Vicious, Sid Justice, Psycho Sid, to sometimes just being called Sid, but he's also known for being one of the more physically impressive wrestlers of his era. During his wrestling career, that began in 1987 and ended in 2012, Eudy was an absolute terror in the ring and one of the most brutal wrestlers in the history of the sports. Well, by the looks of it, if Sycho Sid was to get back in the ring, he'd still look more impressive than half the wrestlers he'd face.

9 Vince McMahon, 70 

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At the beginning of his career in front of the camera, Vince McMahon was mostly seen dressed up in a suit with a mic in his hand,  but that was when he was simply an announcer and commentator. Little did we know that beneath that suit was an impressive physique that he developed over time. When he finally became the Mr.McMahon character that famously feuded with Steve Austin and wrestled a little, we saw that McMahon was an absolute monster of a man.

If you were wondering if he still had all that muscle, in March of 2015, at the age of 70, he graced the cover of Muscle & Fitness and demonstrated that he's as fit as ever.

8 Bill Kazmaier, 61 

via worldsstrongestmen.tumblr.com

Bill Kazmaier did not make much of a splash in the wrestling world, competing for the Heavyweight Title in the early 90s against Lex Luger in WCW, but not proving himself to be a true main event star.

Kazmaier was better known for being a world champion power lifter and strongman, though he also tried out for the Green Bay Packers.

7 Alundra Blayze, 51 

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Alundra Blayze was a huge wrestling star in the 90s, who also went by the ring-name of Madusa. She broke new ground for female wrestlers when she became the first women to win Pro Wrestling Illustrated's Rookie of the Year back in 1988.

Sadly though, she's perhaps most famous for an incident that occurred when she moved over to WCW in 1995. On an episode of Nitro, she threw the WWE Women's Championship into a garbage, as she still had it from her time in WWE,

Regardless of all that, at the age of 51, Blayze looks like she could make a push for the Divas Championship.

6 Booker T, 50  

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There aren't many people that hit the big 5-0 and look half as built as Booker T, although it is common for a wrestler to still be fit at this age. However, Booker T is still a cut above and looked absolutely terrific when Harlem Heat reunited earlier this year.

Booker left the WWE in 2007 following his feud with Triple H and accusations of taking performance enhancing drugs. He eventually made his return in 2011 as both a wrestler and a personality. He is currently a SmackDown announcer, but looks more then capable of busting out from behind the desk and into the ring.

5 Sting, 56 

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Sting is one of the most popular wrestlers to ever step foot in a ring for WCW, and now WWE. Though he's definitely closer to the end of his career than the start, whenever Sting pops into a WWE ring, he looks like he can hang with the best, which he was able to do when he faced Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015.

His career has spanned over three decades now and, with the shape he's in, fans sure hope his career will span to a fourth.

4 Hulk Hogan, 62 

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

In the 80s and 90s, Hulk Hogan was about as mainstream as it gets in wrestling.

That was a long time ago though. It's been a tough year for The Hulkster, as WWE dumped him after a racist rant of his was made public. While we should expect Hogan to come back to the WWE in the future (not as a competitor), he definitely looks like he's keeping himself busy at the gym during his down time.

As far as his body goes, he looks like he could still be wrestling. Hell, if his knees weren't shot, we wouldn't put it past him.

3 The Undertaker, 50 

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The Undertaker may have turned a half century in March of 2015, but his WWE career is still going strong. One of the most well-known wrestlers in WWE history, The Undertaker is still in great shape for a man his age. While he did look a little bit off at WrestleMania XXX (where he lost to Brock Lesnar), he's come back strong in 2015 and looks as good as men who are two decades younger than him.

2 Scott Steiner, 53  

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In his prime, Scott Steiner was one of the most jacked wrestler of all-time. If you're going around calling yourself Big Poppa Pump, you need to have a body to match that. Well, he's currently 53 years old, but you wouldn't know it, as he looks like the same Scott Steiner who was tearing up WCW. Steiner still competes regularly on the indie circuit and signed up with Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling in 2015.

1 "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, 50 

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"Stone Cold" Steve Austin is currently retired from WWE, but he's considered by many to be the most popular wrestler in WWE history. On top of that, WWE chairman Vince McMahon declared Austin to be the most profitable wrestler in the history of the organization.

While his retirement came way back in 2004, the WWE Hall-of-Famer, still makes several appearances for the company. Sadly, none of those appearances involve active competition, though it looks like Stone Cold is more than capable of stunning anyone on the roster.

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