Top 15 Outrageous Claims Made By Hulk Hogan

If you were to ask any random stranger walking down the street to name one professional wrestler, the name that would be said the most would without a doubt be Hulk Hogan.

In his early days with the WWE, in New Japan Pro Wrestling and in the AWA, Hogan went from a bodybuilder to someone who had enough in-ring talent accompanied by his immense charisma to carry him to the big time in the wrestling industry.

That’s exactly what happened when he made his return to the WWE in 1983. Not only did Hogan become the face of the company, but he also became a worldwide sensation. Whether it was telling kids to eat their vitamins and say their prayers, feuding with the likes of Randy Savage, Andre The Giant and The Ultimate Warrior or putting WrestleMania on the map, Hogan was adored by fans for nearly 10 years.

When he made the jump to rival WCW, he ditched the fan favorite persona to become a bad guy. And while people originally thought that the character change would hurt his career, it brought Hogan to new heights. Now a part of the famous nWo stable, Hogan’s new, edgier look and “Hollywood” nickname made him one of the biggest heels in the world at the time.

Whether he was wearing the black and white or the red and yellow in his return to the WWE, he was beloved by the fans.

Multiple time wrestling champion. Movie star. Cultural icon. Pathological liar?

I know, I know, one of those descriptions stands out above the rest. But for every championship he and for every movie he starred in, Hogan has told a lie that you can tell right off the bat is downright false. Maybe it’s because of all the times he got hit in the head or because he buys into his own hype, Hogan is now just as famous for the insane fibs he’s told than the things he’s done inside of the squared circle.

However, there are some lies that stand out above the rest. Check out this list of 15 outrageous claims that Hogan has made in the past.

15 He Was Asked To Fight In UFC

In an interview that took place just a few years ago, Hulk Hogan claimed that he was asked to join a startup company, known as UFC. While UFC wasn't nearly as popular as it is today, Hogan said he wouldn't have joined because “guys get beat up when the fight should be stopped.”

And while Hogan in the octagon would have been a sight to see, according to Campbell McLaren, he was never asked to join the company. Who is McLaren, you ask? You know, only the co-founder of UFC. In a hilarious twitter exchange with a fan, McLaren said “Hulk Hogan being asked to fight in #originalUFC is absolutely false. Not in real life anyway.”

14 He Was Supposed To Be The Lead In “The Wrestler”

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The critically acclaimed film “The Wrestler” details what it is like to at one time be on top of the professional wrestling world, only to squander to small shows in gyms to dozens of fans. Although Micky Rourke did a great job as Randy “The Ram” Robinson, that wasn't director Darren Aronofsky’s first choice - according to Hulk Hogan.

The Hulkster has claimed that the script was sent to him numerous times, only for him to turn the deal down because he believed he didn't deserve it. Well, Aronosky himself has denied that he ever offered Hogan the role. Not only was Nicholas Cage the other rumored actor for the lead role, but the director himself stated, “We never mentioned Hulk Hogan, nor any other wrestlers. We just wanted to keep the fiction alive, and not pull people out of it.”

13 Mike Tyson Was Scared To Face Him In A Boxing Match

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In his autobiography, Hulk Hogan brought up that both he and George Foreman were supposed to take each other on in a celebrity boxing match for charity in the 1980s. While that doesn't seem so farfetched, there is no concrete evidence that this dream match was supposed to take place.

However, that isn't even the biggest lie of the interview. While he was in WCW, Hogan said that a pay-per-view bout between himself and Mike Tyson was supposed to commence. Hogan’s excuse as to why it didn't happen? “Tyson was too scared.” Yeah, I’m sure that was it Hogan.

12 He Was Supposed To Be The Face Of The George Foreman Grill

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The lies with George Foreman don't stop in the last slide. Although Foreman was one of the best boxers in his generation, there is no denying that he is more famous nowadays for the infamous grill named after him than his boxing career. However, according to Hogan, it was his name that was originally supposed to be there.

While there’s a real possibility that Hogan was one of the names to be considered, it is the reason why that would make you scratch your head. Hogan claimed on an episode of Hogan Knows Best that the reason he didn't get the offer was because he was out picking up his kids from school. If he was who the company originally wanted as the face of the grill, don't you think they would have waited for him to give them an answer?

11 He Wrestled 400 Days In One Year

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No, I didn't misspell the title of this slide. Hulk Hogan did claim that, back in his heyday, he wrestled in 400 days in one year. How is that possible? Aren't there only 365 days in each year? Sure there is; but of course, Hogan has a simple explanation how this was possible.

When explaining the situation in an interview, Hogan claimed that since he traveled so frequently between the United States and Japan, the time difference made the 400 days a possibility. And while it is known that wrestlers compete over 300 days per year, this would indicate that Hogan wrestled in every single day of the year. Yeah, I highly doubt that happened, let alone the time difference adding another 35 days to his calendar.

10 He Lost “Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars”

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Listen, there is no denying that Hulk Hogan is arguably the most popular wrestler of all time. Not only was he a face of a generation in terms of wrestling, but movie roles and endorsements added a nice chunk of change into his bank account as well.

But, according to Hogan, he wasn't very good at saving his money during his youngers years. In an interview with Good Morning America, Hogan said that the way he used to live cost him hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars. He was obviously richer than nearly every wrestler at his time, as evidence by the leak of his WCW contract. But to waste hundreds of millions of dollars seems very farfetched.

9 He Outdrank John Belushi After WrestleMania II

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WrestleMania was in its infancy stages but had already attracted celebrities such as Cyndi Lauper, Billy Martin, Liberace and Mr. T. The rock and wrestling connection made WrestleMania very popular in their early years.

That’s why it isn't so odd to hear that John Belushi not only frequented WrestleMania II, but also hung out with Hulk Hogan after the show. Not being outdone, of course, Hogan claimed that they were partying so hard that Belushi had to leave, simply because he couldn't keep up with Hogan. The story seems rather legitimate, except for one caveat: Belushi passed away in 1982. WrestleMania II took place in 1986.

8 How He Broke His Ribs At WrestleMania X-8

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The contest between Hulk Hogan and The Rock that took place at WrestleMania X-8 was truly a once and a lifetime event. Seeing two of the WWE’s biggest stars in company history square off at the granddaddy of them all was the equivalent to having two undefeated football teams competing at the Super Bowl. After the match, it was obvious that Hogan was in pain, as he was seen grabbing his ribs.

Hogan originally said that it was The Rock’s signature Rock Bottom that did the damage to his body. And with Hogan being nearly 50 at the time, that could be plausible. Yet leave it up to Hogan to lie about something that could even be true. In an interview on a podcast with Bill Simmons, he stated that his ribs were broken in a house show match with Rikishi that happened before WrestleMania X-8. What’s the real story Hulk?!

7 Elvis Was A Hulkamaniac

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Another story to come out of Hulk Hogan’s autobiography was that Elvis was a huge Hogan fan. Before joining the WWE, Hogan was a part of the professional wrestling scene in Memphis. Not only was he a part of it, but he was so popular that even the infamous Elvis Presley would come out to watch him wrestle.

That would be a really cool story - only if it was true. Similar to the John Belushi story, Hogan must have just been confused; he began his wrestling career in Memphis in 1979. Elvis died in 1977. Is this claim the reason many people believe Elvis is still alive?

6 His Fight With Randy Savage On Saturday Night’s Main Event Was Real

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One of Hulk Hogan’s greatest feuds in his career was with the Macho Man Randy Savage. Starting with their team as the Mega Powers and culminating at WrestleMania V, the two had one of the most popular programs in WWE history. According to Hogan, it was their real life animosity that made it even better.

In the Randy Savage documentary that the WWE had produced this past year, the infamous backstage fight between Hogan and Savage that led to their breakup as a team was brought up. According to Hogan, however, the altercation wasn't a part of the script. He claimed that the WWE cameras happened to walk in on them while the two were engaged in a real life fight.

5 His Recollection Of The Montreal Screwjob

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Although Hulk Hogan was long gone from the WWE come 1997, everyone in the world of professional wrestling knew of or at least heard about the events that transpired that would famously be known as The Montreal Screwjob. In an interview with an Australian radio host, this is, word for word, what Hogan had to say:

"Well Bret Hart was supposed to lose to Shawn Michaels at uh, uh, WrestleMania..., uh, whatever the hell it was. You know, 16 or 17, I don't know; Where all the fans were chanting "Bret screwed Bret". Bret told Vince McMahon "I'm not losing to Shawn Michaels in Canada" and Shawn Michaels went out there and pulled a fast one on Bret Hart and held him down and pinned him and Bret couldn't do anything about it and so-called Excellence of Execution, who was supposed to be the greatest wrestler of all, little-teeny Shawn Michaels held him down and embarrassed him though. Bret Hart was being a horse's ass saying he wouldn't lose and Shawn Michaels pinned him anyway.”

4 Andre The Giant Weighed 600+ Pounds At WrestleMania III

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Sure, WrestleMania III featured arguably the biggest main event in the show’s illustrious history. However, there are many lies that surround the spectacle (case in point - the attendance numbers). The fabrications only start there.

Over the years, Hulk Hogan has stated that, although Andre the Giant was billed at 450 pounds, he was closer to 600 pounds at the time of the match. For the reason alone, Hogan claims that in the infamous body slam, he tore every single muscle in his back, yet never missed a day of work. Although many have said that Andre was indeed around 450 pounds at the time, that hasn't stopped Hogan from continuing to lie. In the podcast with Bill Simmons mentioned above, Hogan is now saying that Andre was over 650 pounds at the time. He must have a bad memory, I’m sure.

3 The Slam At WrestleMania III Was A Last Minute Call

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Continuing with the theme of both WrestleMania 3 lies and bodyslam lies, the move itself was supposedly called in the ring, just seconds before it happened. According to Hulk Hogan, he wasn't sure if Andre the Giant wanted to put him over, and he genuinely didn't know what was going to happen during the match.

That would be a cool story, but according to Dave Meltzer, it isn't true. While reviewing each WrestleMania, he said not only was Andre absolutely fine with putting over Hogan, but the body slam spot was done in numerous house shows leading up to the match as well.

2 He Could Have Been In Metallica

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Hulk Hogan is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time. Metallica is one of the greatest rock bands of all time. If the two were to somehow unite, it would have been a match made in heaven. Well, according to Hulk Hogan, that pipe dream almost became a reality before he was a wrestler.

Well playing in his band with his childhood friends, Hogan claimed that both Metallica and The Rolling Stones wanted him as their bass player, but Metallica member Lars Ulrich came to Hogan himself to ask him to play with the group. Unfortunately for Hogan, Ulrich didn't even know who he was when Howard Stern asked if that story was true in an interview.

1 He Didn't Know The Rock And Steve Austin Would Come Out At WrestleMania XXX

This outrageous claim made by Hulk Hogan was also the most recent incident to happen. At WrestleMania XXX, three of the biggest WWE stars of all time - Hogan, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin - shared the ring at the same time to cut a promo. With Hogan being the first man out there, he claimed that he had absolutely no idea that the other two would follow him out there.

If this was 1994, he could have gotten away with it. Back in Hogan’s day, cameras backstage that had nothing to do with the on camera product were basically forbidden. But with the WWE crew taping their “24” show for the WWE Network, they had a slew of cameramen rolling backstage to catch what was going on before the big show. What was one of the things they showed? Hogan, The Rock and Austin all sharing a laugh backstage before they were called to the ring.

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