Top 15 People In The Wrestling Industry Who Are As Racist As Hulk Hogan

Well, it would appear as though your childhood hero has created quite the controversy with his disparaging remarks about black people. Disheartening to hear racist remarks from a man who was supposed to stand for justice and integrity. Hogan's words were dumb and dated and he should most definitely hang his head in shame following this recent revelation.

Racism is alive and well and while progressive steps have been made throughout history, the idea of total equality still alludes the slack-jawed yokels who subscribe to their grandparents ideologies. Idiocy cannot be cured. The manic morons will continue to exist as society moves forward into future generations. The hard and horrible truth is that racism will never be fully eliminated from the everyday world.

Hogan has received a great deal of support from fans - many black fans as well - but the fact remains that he said what he said and thus must suffer the consequences which began with his termination from WWE and a comfortable spot as a judge on Tough Enough. The past has come back to haunt Hogan and now he must figure out how to save face. Apologies are often made in situations such as this and Hogan has taken time to apologize for his insensitive and offensive remarks but where does that leave the biggest star in the history of professional wrestling?

The WWE forgive and forget quite often but will they ever again bring back Hogan? Both parties have fallen out numerous times over the years only to find themselves right back together like the terrible couple who always find a way to rediscover love following the scent of one night stands and constant mistrust. However, this is different. This is a matter of racism and social tolerance.

The following is an account of racism in the wrestling world and those who have been more racist than Hulk Hogan.

**Disclaimer: accounts often vary on sensitive subjects such as race. Please keep in mind that we are here to discourage any form of racial hatred and simply make readers aware of how often such a thing occurs in everyday life - even in the fake world of professional wrestling**

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15 The Unknown Vandal

via 411mania.com

We begin this list with an unknown vandal who took to defacing the car of Ahmed Johnson following his victory over Goldust at King of the Ring 1996 where Johnson would make WWE history, becoming the first African American Intercontinental Champion.

While this list is supposed to point out specific individuals, the act in question is too heinous to ignore. Following a monumental victory, one would assume that most would appreciate the barrier-breaking moment but one would be wrong.

Some unknown bigot would actually vandalize the car of Ahmed Johnson, carving horrible racist terms into the side of his car.

14 Cody Barbierri

via tumblr.com

In these terrible times of social-media-mania, company's have taken to hiring "social media teams." In WWE, they have what is known as a "Social Media Manager." This role was once assumed by Cody Barbierri who apparently stuck his foot in his mouth ... not on Twitter ... but in real life.

The story goes that Barbierri made an offensive remark towards Alberto Del Rio - stating that it was the former WWE Champion's job to "bus his tray" which of course was taken as a racial commentary by Del Rio who in turn slapped that foot back out of Barbierri's mouth for his derogatory comment.

The WWE would part ways with Alberto Del Rio following this incident. However, Del Rio has been vocal, speaking out about the racism that runs rampant backstage within the company.

13 Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura: professional wrestler, politician, conspiracy theorist ... lunatic. Professional wrestling alone is enough to make a man made, add in politics and you have an all-out case of hysteria.

Recently, the former Governor of Minnesota stated that "the confederate flag is racist propaganda." This being a commentary on the recent debates regarding the South and their refusal to part ways with their symbol of delusional excellence.

However, if we go back to the days of Ventura on color commentary, many of his remarks about the talent (JYD, Santana) were unquestionably racist.

12 Road Warrior Hawk

via hfboards.hockeysfuture.com

The Road Warriors are a legendary professional wrestling tag team who did not go without controversy; particularly Road Warrior Hawk who during his lifetime was known to run off at the mouth.

One target of Hawk's aggressive language was eccentric professional wrestler 2 Cold Scorpio. Apparently, Hawk and Scorpio were not backstage buddies and the N-Word was used as a line of obscene offence on the part of Road Warrior Hawk.

11 JBL

via kevinsullivanbooks.com

Playing a character in a movie is a far stretch from playing a character in WWE. Nevertheless, John "Bradshaw" Layfield will maintain that there is no real difference. Therefore, his use of the Nazi-sault is completely justified. Wrong.

The Nazi-salute has been seen all over the Silver Screen; it is a necessary component to the story. In professional wrestling, heels are meant to draw heat but the use of Nazism is not the proper way to achieve this goal.

JBL seems to enjoy the salute a little too much for "entertainment" value.

10 1o. Don Muraco

via prowrestling.wikia.com

Was there anything great about Don Muraco? Not really. He was slow, sluggish and boring to watch in the ring. Yeah, he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice and the 1985 King of the Ring ... big deal.

Don Muraco was a slanderous man who had many less-than-flattering things to say about the Hispanic people. Following a racial slur directed toward Perdro Morales - in which Muraco implied the Morales was Mexican - it was pointed put that Morales was actually Puerto Rican, to which Muraco replied: "Who cares? They're all the same."

Muraco would use the same sense of slander when discussing Tito Santana with a terrible choice of words.

9 Triple H

via BigStockPhoto

Triple H is no longer an every day active WWE Superstar. His role has changed and his position within the company holds more importance in the boardroom than out in the ring. While Triple H sits and waits for the reigns of WWE to be handed over, accusations of racism have surfaced.

Triple H has always had a bad sense of humor - original DX days as the only exception. However, his lack of comedic sense has never stopped Triple H from potty humor, corny conversation, and awful punchline puns that can prove to be a gut-wrenching viewing experience.

8 The Iron Sheik

via BigStockPhoto

The Iron Sheik could have ranked higher on this list but one must question whether The Iron Sheik is racist or plain crazy? In recent years, The Sheik has made the rounds as an internet sensations with his outrageous behaviour and crass commentary ... but what can we conclude?

Is this a man who has sincerely gone over the edge and can longer find the foundations of sanity? Is this partly an act? The Iron Sheik is one of the greatest wrestling heels of all time but what about his true real life character? Do we laugh or cry at the insanity that has become this former WWE Champion?

The Iron Sheik has made some pretty harsh comments towards black and Jewish people (gays as well) over the past few years, which are clear-cut racist remarks.

7 Andre the Giant

via wrestlingnews.co

Andre the Giant may have been known as "The Eighth Wonder of the World" but the massive professional wrestling attraction was always known to have a dark side - a side without wonder.

During his career, Andre was heard on numerous occasions using the N-Word freely and openly around black wrestlers - even in the ring (Andre would slander Kamala due to a blown spot during a match).

Andre the Giant sounded a lot like a Giant A-Hole.

6 Mr. Fuji

via onlineworldofwrestling.com

You may recall Mr. Fuji best as a sand-throwing, cane-wielding, heel manager in WWE. Prior to his managerial duties, Fuji was a dirty professional wrestler in his own right but will probably be remember best for his role at ringside.

What we may not necessarily remember about Mr. Fuji was his racism - a broken-English style of racism but racism all the same. Fuji liked to throw around the term "honky" but that's all right. Honky is humorous and no white person should claim themselves to be a victim of racism (Save the self-righteousness).

What qualifies Mr. Fuji as a racist was his hard and horrible use of anti-black slang. Difference of language is one thing but Fuji knew full-well what he was saying.

5 Bill DeMott

via reddit.com

Bill DeMott once held a pretty comfortable position within WWE; serving as head coach of the Performance Center where aspiring Superstars and Divas would get their feet wet and experience the first steps of the WWE system.

Amid allegations of bullying and racism (from a number of performers), Bill DeMott would step down from his position - assuming the new title of "disgraced former WWE employee."

Of course, DeMott has stated that he is not racist (or homophobic, which was also an issue) and maintains that stance.

4 The Ultimate Warrior

via reddit.com

Childhood memories were brought about in a fanatical manner when The Ultimate Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Days later, Warrior would suddenly pass away and sadness was the overwhelming emotion ... then you went searching for Warrior videos and found some twisted stuff.

The Ultimate Warrior away from wrestling was a homophobic, racist who thought that his lecturing would actually appeal to the youth of America. These kids who showed up for his college "lectures" were surely in attendance for a good laugh; hoping that perhaps his speech would be as bizarre as his old wrestling promos.

3 Jessicka Havok

via tnainsider.com

Jessicka Havok is a female professional wrestler who gained some exposure in TNA - enough for somebody from WWE to take notice. Hence, Havoc was brought into the WWE Performance Center for a tryout.

Would Havoc has made the cut? Perhaps ... if she wasn't discovered to be a social-media-bigot when old tweets were found from Havoc which contained a number of homophobic and racist slurs.

The WWE lost interest in Havoc following these discoveries.

2 Michael Hayes

via fightnetwork.com

Every time Michaels Hayes appears on a WWE DVD or Network special, a sudden urge to get up and punch the television is the usual reaction from the viewer. Hayes' involvement in the CM Punk DVD is beyond smug but that's another story.

Michael Hayes has made racist comments in the past and The "Freebird" is a Southerner who actually painted his face to match the Confederate flag during his wrestling days - while also sporting the flag on his back as a cape.

In recent years, Hayes was suspended by WWE for racial slurs made towards Mark Henry ... and this is just one reported incident.

1 Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is an old white man with privilege and pedigree on his side who has also been accused by man former employees of being an full-blown racist. The same man who once called John Cena the N-Word on his own programming.

Take a look at the WWE gimmick list for example and all the racially-charged characters that have come along throughout the years. Who do you think approves these ideas?

Postscript: Are these people really "more" racist than Hulk Hogan? Bigotry is not a competition - everybody should feel equally ashamed of their ignorance.

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