Top 15 Photos Of Vince McMahon Clearly Trying To Be 'One Of The Boys'

Vince McMahon is wrestling. Period. End of story. The man who gambled everything on himself over 30 years ago, and came out billionaire has revolutionized the world of professional wrestling. Sure he had help, but for the most part, McMahon was able to turn a carnival attraction into one of the largest forms of entertainment in American history.

Though he is filthy rich, at his heart Vince is still just a wrestling fan. Sure he holds the fate of our weekly wrestling obsession in his senile old hands, but he is still a fan. With that fandom comes wanting to shake loose the role of boss, and transition into being just one of the boys. For a boss like Vince McMahon acting like one of the boys creates an interesting dichotomy. If you are friendly to everyone you lose your edge, but if you act like too much of a boss, you will never be accepted among the locker room. By my count, Vince is a boss who pretends to be one of the boys, and today we have compiled 15 pictures that show him doing just that.

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15 One of the Girls?

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This photo is more like Vince being one of the girls, as he likes to interact with his talent. Standing between both Alicia Fox and Eve Marie, this is less of a candid shot than others. It’s funny that this photo was taken during one of the Tribute to the Troops shows in Afghanistan, yet no soldiers are posing with these three. We all know that being one of the boys means cozying up to some of the girls, and it’s clear that Vince is doing that in this picture.

I mean at over 70 years old, is it possible that Vince is still mingling with female talent? Who knows we could be wrong, as this picture originally was posted on Eve Marie’s Twitter, so maybe she asked for the snapshot.

14 Fallen Friend

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This picture captures a light hearted moment between the owner of WWE, and his then WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero. Judging by the ring gear he is wearing, this picture looks like it was taken right after Guerrero defeated Brock Lesnar for the title at No Way Out in 2004. The first person to greet Latino Heat must have been Vince, once again being more of a friend to one of his employees than a boss.

It looks as if the interaction is genuine though, with both men sharing an elated laugh at Guerrero’s accomplishment. Vince must have also been feeling proud for giving Guerrero a second chance in WWE. I’m sure Guerrero relished in this type of attention, especially after being he was vocal regarding being disrespected by the management in WCW and specifically Eric Bischoff.

13 Showing Off The Physique 

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So we all know that Vince got hammered in the 80s for funnelling steroids into the WWE. We also know how guys continued to look absolutely jacked well into the Attitude Era, and Vince McMahon was no exception. During his days as a commentator/interviewer Vince looked like a regular guy you would see on the street, but then one day he turned into this behemoth of a man you see above.

There is no way that Vince wasn’t trying to keep up with some of the boys in the locker room when he started serious weight training. I mean in this picture alone the guy who runs the WWE looks bigger than most of the men on his roster today! Again, not your average billionaire. 

12 Trying To Impress Hogan

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Remember that last entry when we talked about Vince using/distributing steroids in the 80s? Well this picture kind of represents why he may have started using them in the first place. Clearly, in the middle of some bromantic escapades, McMahon and Hulk Hogan are shown working out together. McMahon, who is obviously in the infancy stages of working out, is surely trying to impress Hogan in this picture. McMahon looks to only be curling about 135 lbs in this picture, something that I’m sure he could do in his sleep today. Impressing the Hulkster is something that many wrestlers have tried to do over the years, and though he was his boss McMahon was no exception.

As a side note, is Vince wearing a Slammy shirt?

11 Member Of The Kliq

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Vince was 100% a member of The Kliq. Despite what you may have heard from him in the past, there is no denying that Vince held a special place in his heart for each member. Why else would he allow all the members of the backstage faction to come and go so freely in the WWE? Well maybe it’s because he was one of them! Look at this picture of Vince hanging out in a hotel lobby with Scott Hall and Sean Waltman as proof. These guys have cost McMahon hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rehab fees, yet you know they just had a laugh before this photo was taken. WWE has a strict drug policy, and he still took the picture with Waltman wearing a shirt featuring marijuana leaves. I just wish that one day a photo featuring Vince throwing up The Kliq hand symbol will surface.

10 Better Times

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Think of this picture as a snapshot of the good times. We see a very much still primed Hulk Hogan and an up-and-coming Bret Hart having a good chuckle with Vince McMahon backstage at a WWE event. If I had to spitball it, this looks to take place around 1993, during Hogan’s feud with Yokozuna. This picture takes place before WCW was a real threat to the WWE empire, and Vince was on top of the world. As he stood in the corridor for this photo, it probably never even crossed his mind that both of these “friends” were going to betray him just a few years later. It seems that McMahon forgot one of the number one rules of the wrestling business (as taught by the boys), you never can trust anyone.

9 The Active Boss

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Deep down inside, Vince always wanted to be a wrestler himself. He had a gimmick in mind similar to the one eventually given to Ted DiBiase. So that's probably why Vince took the opportunity to perform when he could. Here he is, hanging out with some of his talent while shooting a music video for the album Piledriver. Vince isn't the type of boss to just sit around and bark orders at the talent. Sure, he'll bark, but rest assured he's going to work his butt off too.

Without any context to this photo, you would think it's just a group of hardworking guys at a construction site and you wouldn't be able to tell who the boss is. What do you think these wrestlers were thinking here?

8 Ultimate Reconciliation 

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You wouldn’t be one of the boys if you weren’t badmouthed by The Ultimate Warrior before his untimely death in 2015. The former WWE Champion insulted nearly every pillar of the WWE during his 20 year exile from the company; McMahon was no different. Like most of the boys, Vince eventually made peace with the man from Parts Unknown, and even posed for a cheek-to-cheek picture during WrestleMania. You know that Vince still had a soft spot in his heart for one of his top draws of the '80s.

Wrestlers aren’t exactly known for their ability to let go of a grudge, but these two men were able to bury the hatchet. Now if Vince was truly one of the boys, he would have started talking bad about Warrior the second they stopped posing for the picture.

7 Keeping Up With The Times

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Hmmm is it just me or does Vince McMahon look like he is doing his best impression of The Undertaker in this picture. Sure he is wearing his signature ring attire, but the fingerless gloves make the Chairman look like he is training for UFC more than WWE. This is another example of Vince trying to train like one of the boys, going through his punching regiment before a match.

This photo was taken prior to what could in retrospect be McMahon’s final match, facing off against an ultra hot CM Punk on an episode of RAW in 2012. If McMahon wrestles again, maybe we will see a picture of him trying CrossFit with the likes of Seth Rollins to prepare for his match. All Rollins has to do is challenge him and McMahon will do it.

6 Better Times For Titus

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Given his harsh punishment of Titus O'Neil last year, it’s a little awkward to see the two hanging out backstage. You can immediately tell that the conversation is jovial from the photo above by the way that Darren Young is nearly touching Vince McMahon’s neck. Maybe if Vince wasn’t so comfortable having physical interactions with his employees backstage, they wouldn't be confused as to when was an appropriate time to horse around with their boss.

Titus famously grabbed Vince’s arm during Daniel Bryan’s retirement celebration, leading to an immediate suspension in 2016. It’s easy to see from a picture like this one that if you act like one of the boys backstage, it’s likely to spill over into other areas of the business. You just never know how Vince will react.

5 Backstage Generals

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A few things to note about this picture. First, McMahon is standing with two of the most influential members of the WWE locker room having a good laugh. Secondly… is this actually a picture of The Undertaker laughing?!?! Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, then this one is writing an essay on how much Vince McMahon loves JBL and 'Taker. Given that there is a plane over their shoulders, we can assume that this snapshot was taken during a Tribute to the Troops show.

Seeing as how this isn’t the first picture where no troops are featured with McMahon, we can assume that when Vince is overseas, he just hangs out with the boys as much as possible. It's probably his best chance to bond with the talent.

4 Casket 

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Vince McMahon is just your everyday normal guy, hanging out with on-screen talent and lying in coffins, you know normal stuff. In the picture above, Vince looks like he is having a great time testing out a coffin for what we have to assume is a casket match. As you could probably guess, Paul Bearer is in this picture, and is a dead giveaway that the two are gearing up for an Undertaker match. It’s hard to say if this is Vince acting like one of the boys, or just being a weirdo testing out a casket. There are a ton of strange stories about the WWE talent doing crazy things backstage, so for all we know this could have been an attempt to draw attention to himself.

3 Mentoring The Miz

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There are two types of relationships between wrestlers who share the locker rooms with each other. One dynamic is that of a buddy-buddy relationship, and the second is a mentor-protege relationship. The photo above highlights the latter of those scenarios, and features Vince McMahon embracing The Miz following his WWE Championship victory in 2010. In reality this is a screenshot of a video, where McMahon and Miz embraced for about a minute in the gorilla position. Though their conversation can’t be heard completely, McMahon tells Miz that he is proud of him before letting him go and celebrate the victory. With the way that The Miz grinded his way up the later, you can’t blame McMahon for showing him the respect he did that night.

2 New World Order

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How intimidating would it be to walk up to this circle. I could just imagine the conversation coming to a screeching halt as anyone else tried to eavesdrop in on this meeting of wrestling giants. Now I can’t say that I have ever been backstage at a WWE event, but you have to assume that Vince McMahon isn’t just striking up conversations like this with anybody.

The original members of the New World Order are among some of Vince’s favorite employees of all time. Some might even say that he got a bit too chummy with Hogan, Hall and Nash, but time heals all wounds and it appears that the Monday Night Wars are a distant memory in this photo. Vince was clearly happy to have these guys back.

1 Two Men, One Business

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Not every photo on here has to be mocked. This picture, which features McMahon embracing The Undertaker, is truly special for many reasons. Despite McMahon being a businessman through and through, the Chairman of WWE LOVES the wrestling business. His respect for the business is probably only matched by one man; The Undertaker. This photo not only shows two men who respect wrestling, but two that respect each other for everything that they have given to the business.

At the time 'Taker was just about to compete in what many thought would be his final match at WrestleMania XXX. Vince also knew 'Taker was about to do something very unselfish for the business in letting his streak come to an end. For McMahon, this hug wasn’t simply for the match he was about to deliver for Brock Lesnar, but rather for nearly a quarter-century of friendship and dedication.

Following the match, Vince proved his respect for 'Taker by leaving the event early to rush to the hospital with 'Taker after he was concussed.

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