Top 15 Pics Of Wrestling WAGs Their Men Don't Want You To See

Wrestlers live a rockstar lifestyle, traveling from town to town and performing in front of millions of people every week. But when they aren't tearing the house down for the fans, they are just normal people who live extraordinary lives. Part of those extraordinary lives includes dating beautiful women that you either meet in the industry or because of your celebrity. These women are often beautiful and usually got their start by modeling or working for other wrestling promotions. What that means is that the wives and girlfriends of the men in the WWE often have fan followings of their own. Sure that isn't always the case, but you better believe that if they weren't famous before dating a wrestler, then they sure will be after.

Due to the constant interaction with fans, most wrestlers want a line of separation between the WWE Universe and their personal lives. For example, just because you know of a wrestler's wife doesn't mean you should give that person a hug if you meet them. Some wrestlers take it a step further by not even letting fans get near their significant others. That is why today we will be featuring photos of 15 wrestler WAGs, that their significant other probably don't want you to see. I think it's important to note that while some of the photos on here are from hacked accounts, The Sportster is in no way condoning the action of any hackers.

Let us know how you would react if your wife or girlfriend had pictures like these ones floating around in the comments section.

15 Reby Sky (Matt Hardy)

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Before she was a member of the "Broken Universe", Reby Sky was your everyday model looking for her big break. Her biggest break before entering the world of wrestling was being featured in Playboy magazine as the Cyber Girl of the Week in 2010. The photo featured above is one of the shots from that photoshoot seven years ago, and although it's censored, it's one of the tamest photos of the bunch. Unlike some Playboy shoots, Sky bares it ALL in these pictures and that may be something that the Hardy family wants front and center. Matt Hardy and Sky were married on October 5, 2013, and together they had their first child - King Maxel - in 2015. I mean what would Senior Benjamin think...

14 Brandi Rhodes (Cody Rhodes)

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Brandi Rhodes has never been known for her risque behavior or provocative clothing choices since joining the wrestling business. In fact, she had a very limited role in the wrestling business until her husband Cody Rhodes left WWE in 2016. Now with him on the independent circuit Rhodes isn't just working as a valet, but is actually participating in matches as a wrestler. If I were a betting man, I would wager that the Rhodes duo wouldn't want the Impact Wrestling fans more focused on this photo than on Brandi's wrestling career. This picture is without a doubt the most revealing one of Mrs. Rhodes, and I think I can speak for most fans when I say that I wish there were more of these out there.

13 Lana (Rusev)

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Before joining the WWE, Lana was an experienced model, dancer, and actress. The WWE rarely acknowledges Lana's past, and that may be due to her modeling career more than anything else. Under her birth name C.J. Perry, Lana got naked...a lot. In fact, there was an article published a while back where many of them were featured. This photo is just the top half of a picture that shows off some parts of Lana that aren't exactly PG. Rusev, who married Lana in 2016, has caught a ton of flak on the internet for marrying way out of his league. It makes you wonder if having so many of these types of pictures of his wife floating around will eat at his insecurities over time.

12 Kimberly Kessler (Randy Orton)

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Not much is really known about Randy Orton's new wife Kimberly Kessler except that she really really realllllly loves her husband. The mother of three joined the Orton clan in 2014 and has since added a fourth child to the mix. Kessler is very open on social media about their lives, which has led to many intimate moments being posted on social media. Sprinkled in with those pictures of weddings and family hikes are also photos of Kessler looking pretty good. Multiple pictures of Kessler rocking bikinis were posted near the beginning of their relationship but have since come to a halt.

This could be due to Kessler having a baby, or Orton not wanting the world to see his wife scantily clad. Orton has always been known as something of a hot head, so it's not unreasonable to think the latter.

11 Renee Young (Dean Ambrose)

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Renee Young has slowly transitioned into being a featured face in the WWE. Whether it's hosting shows or being featured as a cast member in Total Divas, Young is slowly turning into more than just an interviewer for the company. The Canadian-born Young has always had a playful relationship with her boyfriend Dean Ambrose on screen, with it reaching new levels since it has been acknowledged on WWE programming. Her playful banter and role as a journalist for the company distract from the fact that Young is gorgeous, which is something that fans get to see more of as she pulls back the curtain on Total Divas. Photos like the one above have proven that Young has just as much beauty as anybody on the WWE roster, and we hope that more stuff like this becomes available.

10 Velvet Sky ( Bubba Ray Dudley)

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Like we are going to see many times on this list, some people didn't actually choose to show off their goods to the world. This photo was part of the 20134 celebrity hacking scandal that saw dozens of famous women's pictures stolen. Velvet Sky was one of those women, and even though she only had one picture released, it was a major violation of her privacy. The couple had every right to be upset.

The two-time TNA Women's Knockouts Champion didn't comment on the photo, and neither did her boyfriend Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba, who has never bit his tongue, stayed remarkably quiet about this incident and that may be because he didn't' want to draw any more attention to it than he had to.

9 Michelle McCool ( The Undertaker)

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The Undertaker may be the most private wrestler who ever lived. Even though the wrestling business has been exposed for nearly 20 years, Taker has only done like three shoot interviews out of character - talk about commitment. His hesitance to incorporate his real life into wrestling is something that can be respected, but his wife of seven years - Michelle McCool - has finally lifted up the veil a little bit. McCool may not show off the faces of her family on her social media, but she has shown off plenty of herself.

The picture above is an older picture of the former Divas Champion and was taken prior to her marriage to The Deadman. While I can't say with 100% confidence that Taker would have a problem looking at this, he strikes me as the kind of guy that doesn't take kindly to others ogling his wife.

8 Maryse (The Miz)

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Remember before when I said Lana gets naked a lot? Well, Maryse used to get naked... a lot more. After winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Canada in 2003, Maryse posed in the buff for multiple publications with the most famous one being Playboy. Ironically her appearance on the cover of the Playboy calendar came one year after she was signed to the WWE in 2006. The photo above is just a cropped version of one of many fully nude photos of the former Divas Champion. This was a time period where the PG Era was just beginning, and the WWE was distancing themselves from racier content. Maryse had a great run in the WWE until she left in 2011, with the running theory being that she was forced to turn down another offer from the adult magazine. Since then she has gotten married and rekindled her relationship with the WWE, so it's not unreasonable to think her husband - The Miz - doesn't want all of her pictorials seeing the light of day.

7 Catalina White (Jack Swagger)

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Before marrying recently released WWE Champion Jack Swagger (now going by Jack Hager), Catalina White was a model who tried her hand at wrestling under the name Saylor James in 2008. By 2009 White parted ways with the company but was in a relationship with Swagger when she found out that a sex tape she made with a prior boyfriend was being auctioned off. Apparently, her ex-boyfriend distributed the video without her permission and created a bidding war between adult film companies.

The video eventually got out prior to her 2010 marriage to Swagger, and the above screencap is from the aforementioned video. Usually, men don't want others to watch videos of their wife having sex with other men, and I'm going to guess that Swagger is no different.

6 Maria (Mike Bennett)

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Falling victim to a phone hacking, former WWE Diva and current independent wrestling star Maria Kanellis had personal photos released earlier this year. Although Maria posed for the cover of Playboy magazine in 2008, her entire situation in life is different now. Keep in mind that Maria was hesitant to pose for Playboy and actually turned down multiple offers from the company before finally accepting an offer while in employed with the WWE in 2008.

Now at the age of 35, Maria is a bit older and more importantly a devoted wife to former Impact Wrestling star Mike Bennett. I'm sure that Bennett is super protective over his wife who was most likely taking those private pictures with the full intention of sending them to him.

5 Paige (Alberto Del Rio)

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The biggest scandal in wrestling this year had to be when the private photos and videos of former WWE Diva's Champion Paige were leaked in March. Paige already had a ton of baggage with her professional career, having taken leave from the WWE due to injury. This leak added insult to injury by showing Paige performing sexual acts with ex-boyfriend and former WWE general manager Brad Maddox...well... not just Brad Maddox. A video featuring Maddox and Paige along with WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was also released, and the internet lost its mind.

Paige, who has been in a hot and heavy relationship with Alberto El Patron since May of last year, was understandably upset about the leaks when she finally broke her silence on the matter. But I have a feeling she wasn't nearly as mad as Alberto was when he found out that Paige used to take turns with the WWE locker room...awkward.

4 Nikki Bella (John Cena)

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So maybe this doesn't technically count as a picture, but I feel like a single picture won't do this image enough justice. What we have here is a GIF from a YouTube video that featured Nikki Bella and fiance John Cena celebrating their channel getting 500,000 subscribers. Their celebration consisted of getting "naked" on screen, but obviously, due to YouTube standards, their goodies were all blurred out. What Bella may not have known, was that the users of Reddit are very good at maximizing situations like this.

Not only did they turn the video into a high def Gif, but they also slowed it down and were able to discover that Bella was actually wearing pasties over her breast the entire time. That didn't stop a ton of Redditors from enjoying plenty of sideboob from the future Mrs. Cena, but you can't help but feel cheated out of a promise right?

3 AJ Lee (CM Punk)

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AJ Lee and CM Punk have remained extremely private since becoming a couple in 2013,  with the couple rarely releasing any information about their relationship unless it's in a very controlled scenario. That's why CM Punk was so angry when photos of their wedding leaked in 2014. Punk even went as far as to threaten fans on Twitter who were retweeting the candid flicks, saying “Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple.” along with “And I block you because I can’t punch you in your disrespectful f—ing face. Pigs”. The picture that prompted that tweet was one of Punk and Lee together, but if he was that mad about one picture, he would probably be equally as angry about the photo above of AJ Lee in her wedding dress.

2 Sable (Brock Lesnar)

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It's no secret that Sable posed nude multiple times while employed with the WWE, and her 2004 photoshoot with Torrie Wilson for Playboy was a dream come true for many of the young male fans of the WWE. Shortly after that stint in the WWE Sable fell off of the map, only showing up on television during her husband's (Brock Lesnar) UFC fights. Her disappearance from the public eye is a stark difference from her public persona during the height of the Attitude Era when she was front and center for the WWE.

Perhaps being married to the reclusive Brock Lesnar has turned Sable into more of a private person. Which makes me wonder how Brock feels about the world having full access to a catalog of photos that show his wife completely naked over the course of five years.

1 Stephanie McMahon (Triple H)

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This photo has been making the rounds for years and features a younger Stephanie McMahon preparing to be Pedigreed by future husband Triple H. There was only one little problem with the Pedigree that night, which was that Stephanie was wearing a skin tight leather dress. For those of you keeping score at home leather doesn't really stretch, so if your body is being contorted you might have something pop out. McMahon was no different and fell victim to the dreaded nip slip, and the picture has circulated ever since. Given that the WWE is now a PG company with Hunter and Stephanie as prominent figures, you better believe that this is one picture that Stephanie, Triple H and the entire management of WWE don't want out there!

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