Top 15 Pictures Of Hulk Hogan's Family He Doesn't Want You To See

All-American hero, Hulk Hogan, is arguably the greatest – he’s certainly the most recognized – wrestler of all time. His accomplishments in the world of wrestling, combined with his grand persona and antics outside the ring, have meant that during the 80s and 90s, he was pretty much solely responsible for bringing wrestling to the mainstream – he was the reason why people flocked to the wresting arenas and turned on their TV sets. Because of this level of popularity and the fame and fortune he achieved in his heyday, his every move’s scrutinized; whatever he says of does is put under the microscope, and there’ve been plenty of noteworthy and controversial moments over the years for the media to sink their teeth into.

Due to the Hulkster’s superstardom, it was always going to be inevitable that his family would slowly emerge into the limelight, and build careers for themselves off the back of being a Hogan. We got to see a lot of them, their family dynamic, when they took part in their very own reality TV series, but their family dynamic’s changed a lot since then; Brooke and Nick are all grown up, Linda’s no longer in the picture, and Hulk’s got a new woman on his arm. Plenty’s happened in Hulk Hogan’s family over the years, and these are 15 pics depicting such moments he wouldn’t want you to see.

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15 Brooke Revealing A Little Too Much

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Now let’s face it, Brooke’s absolutely stunning. She’s beautiful, has a drop-dead gorgeous physique and a bikini body to die for. It’s therefore no wonder the paparazzi take delight in clicking their cameras around her – even better when they can get her in such a situation. We can all agree Brooke’s sultry pics are a sight for sore eyes. But her doting and protective dad certainly wouldn’t be thinking anything of the sort. Imagine seeing your daughter not wearing very much in a picture for the whole world to goggle at – he knows no one’s going to be paying attention to the beautiful beach in the background.

This pic leaves little to the imagination, and must have gotten Hulk squirming in his seat a little bit, although I’m sure Brooke, and every other guy on the planet, was delighted at how it showed off Brooke’s figure.

14 Hogan Knows Best

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Around 2005, Hogan’s career and popularity had taken a bit of a nosedive, so what did he do to get himself out there a bit more? He decided to jump on the reality TV bandwagon and release his own reality TV show, Hogan Knows Best. The show centred around Hogan, his kids, Brooke and Nick, and wife at the time, Linda – probably another reason he’d want you to forget all about that series. It was basically what it said on the tin – reality TV – watching the Hogan clan doing what they do and go about their daily lives, which wasn’t really a riveting watch. It was an epic flop and can definitely be considered to be one of the low points of his career – it didn’t paint his family in the best light either.

13 Brooke Knows Best

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If you searched hard in an effort to find a smidgeon of positivity from the Hogan Knows Best series, it’d have to be Brooke. We didn’t really know much about the stunning blonde bombshell before that series; sure, every so often, we’d see pics of her out and about with her family, but we got to really know her during her stint on reality TV. Like I said, if you had to find something positive about that series, it’d be Brooke coming into the limelight. Well, VH1 certainly liked Brooke, because after her dad’s show was cut, she got her own gig on reality TV – Brooke Knows Best. But that too was a complete failure. And looking back at it, Hulk Hogan couldn’t be best pleased with how his daughter came across, not really doing her or the family’s image any favors.

12 Nick Hogan Jailed

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When on their family’s reality show, we also got to know about the youngest of Hogan’s kids – Nick. He was a teenager at the time and was growing up, but it was interesting to see how he fitted in with the family – with the strong personalities around him of Brooke and his dad. We also got to learn of his love for all-things cars and racing, more specifically, drifting. In the middle of the Hogan Knows Best series, he actually earned a Formula D competition license from Formula Drift; he wanted to make a career out of it, but his driving’s ultimately what sent him to jail. He had to do jail time as a result of a serious crash – his son in cuffs is certainly not a pic the main man would want people to see.

11 The Car Crash

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Hulk Hogan would want people to forget this whole incident, but one person that can’t, someone who’ll never be able to forget it, is Nick’s – it’s safe to say former friend - John Graziano, and his family for that matter. I’ve just mentioned that Nick spent time in jail, and that’s because of the car crash which essentially ruined his then-friend’s life. On that August night in 2007, Nick was driving his best buddy in a Yellow Toyota Supra to go and get some dinner. They began to drag race with other friends who were driving with them in another one of Hogan’s cars, when Nick lost control. The former marine, John, sustained severe injuries, including very serious brain injuries as a result of the crash. Consequently, he’s brain damaged for life and requires round-the-clock care and attention.

10 Nick’s False Sponsorship Deal Claims

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Nick wanted to make it big in the world of racing and drifting and was active, racing in various events across America in an effort to make that dream happen. Understandably, because of his celebrity status, he attracted a lot of attention to the sport and to such events, and you would have thought it wouldn’t have been a problem for him to get a sponsorship deal. But he actually felt the need to exaggerate, and at times lie, about various deals that had come his way. He divulged that he was a Dodge driver, but company spokesman, Todd Goyer, refuted these claims, saying whatever relationship they had was brief and had already been terminated.

It happened again; Polaroid briefly sponsored him, but were still listed as sponsors of Nick’s car long after they had finished the sponsorship deal. Plenty of companies split with him and no longer wanted to be associated with him after that 2007 crash, but Nick still claimed they had a relationship. This just heaped yet more controversy onto Nick, and in turn – because of their association – Hulk Hogan.

9 Applying Sunscreen

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A recurring topic of conversation among observers of Hogan and his family keep pointing to the relationship between Hulk and his daughter Brooke. Hulk has said some things that give people purpose for pause and what didn't help was when pictures were posted of Hulk applying sunscreen to his daughter's body. While these pics are likely just innocent situations of a father looking out for his daughter's well-being in the sun, this obviously isn't a moment a father would want captured by cameras.

We'll get into Hogan's relationship with his daughter, and all the women in his life, later in the list, but for now, it's safe to say Hulk wishes the cameras weren't around when he was trying to relax on a sunny day.

8 Brooke Getting Down And Dirty

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Considering everything that’s comes to light over the years about the Hogan family, it might shock some of you that Hulk’s actually pretty protective over his family – he’s the daddy bear looking after his kids. But with Brooke having the personality she has, dressing up the way she does, and just because she’s his daughter and dads are generally very protective over their daughters, she must have caused him plenty of sleepless nights – not to mention more than a tad of embarrassment over the years.

Brooke’s certainly not shy and loves to flaunt her assets and strut her stuff when the cameras are about. But this pic’s definitely provocative – she’s way too close for comfort for Hulk’s liking – and it must have given him a few palpitations when he laid eyes on it for the first time; it’s projecting the wrong image he’d want for his daughter.

7 Women In His Life All Have A Freaky Resemblance To One Another

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Look at Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife, and his new wife, Jennifer McDaniel, and it’s safe to say that he has a preference for a certain type of woman – blonde bombshells. Then look at his daughter, Brooke, and she’s pretty much the same – of course she’s going to bear some resemblance to Linda, being her daughter and all. But she could just as easily be Jennifer’s daughter – in fact, in some pics Brooke and Jennifer look like they could be sisters. There really is a freaky resemblance between the important women who’ve been in Hulk’s life – his new wife to his daughter, and ex-wife.

When he was married to Linda, sure, it was fine that she and Brooke looked very similar, but now Jennifer – who in some pics looks identical to Brooke – that’s kinda weird; it’s almost as if he has a thing for people who look like his daughter, and Jennifer’s a similar age to Brooke too – put them side by side and it becomes as clear as day. He’s also made some weird comments in the past saying only he would be Brooke’s ideal husband - very strange indeed.

6 Brooke’s Failed Relationship With Phil Costa

via larrybrownsports.com

No doubt Hulk, or his entire family for that matter, would want to forget Brooke’s former flame, Phil Costa. In fact, he was more than just a flame – they were actually engaged – but luckily for all parties they went their separate ways before getting hitched, because stuff would’ve gotten complicated had they done so.

Costa, a former NFL center and guard for the Dallas Cowboys, proposed to Brooke, she accepted, but they ended up breaking off the engagement in 2013. The reason that circulated at the time was because Brooke wanted to focus on her music career, but of course, Hulk had something to do with it. He actually forbade them to get married and just hated Costa: “He didn’t walk the walk and talk the talk. I put a bullet in that really quick. There was no way my daughter was going to marry somebody that I don’t like that got me mad, or has got in my face.”

Since Costa got him so mad and made him go Hulkamania, obviously Hulk wouldn’t want to see any pictures of Costa and Brooke together.

5 Brooke Posing With New Jack

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Hulk’s done some questionable things in the past, some may say he’s got a screw loose, but New Jack’s on another level all together. He’s hated pretty much throughout the wrestling world, so why Brooke would cosy up to him for a pic is beyond me, and probably beyond Hulk too. Perhaps she didn’t know just what a barbaric dude he is, but whatever the reason was, it almost certainly got Hulk riled up. In fact, New Jack posted this pic himself on social media for that sole purpose – to piss Hulk off – after the Hulkster made those controversial racist remarks. Posting it certainly achieved its goal – it’s pretty obvious why Hulk wouldn’t want anyone to see this pic of his daughter with New Jack.

4 Brooke Getting Too Close To Bully Ray


This kind of ties in to Brooke’s whole awful time in wrestling, but there was one such storyline that Brooke was a part of that must have made Hulk really uncomfortable – that whole storyline with Bubba when they were both in TNA. The storyline itself, sucked, but the fact that they were in an onscreen relationship together, were acting all lovey-dovey and were kissing, just made everyone gross out; we know how protective Hulk is over Brooke, so it must have made him apoplectic with rage. They even went on to have a wedding; it was just an all-round ridiculous storyline, and Bully Ray and Brooke should have never been paired together. Brooke as an overall wrestling personality was terrible and had no personality, and it’s just something the whole family, especially Hulk, would want to forget.

3 Brooke’s Awful Singing Career

via heavy.com

From one terrible career – her foray into wrestling – to the next. It’s as if Brooke’s still trying to find her calling in life, but as of yet, according to the vast majority of people, she hasn’t found it. It must be hard growing up in her dad’s shadow, trying to break free and go down her own career path. But even the Hulkster’s music is better than Brooke’s – she still hasn’t managed to live up to the greatness of her dad. Brooke’s awful, and what many deem to be embarrassing singing career, has been the subject of plenty of ridicule. Of course, Hulk would say otherwise, but her getting up on stage, doing what she thinks she does best, and having a ton of people hurl abuse her way, must make Hulk pretty enraged.

2 Nick Hogan Being Hacked

via thetwistgossip.com

In 2014, around 500 pics of various celebrity figures were leaked, so there were a lot of pics of celebs being in uncompromising positions, plenty of nudity - were posted online on various different platforms, after hackers breached Apple's cloud services suite iCloud. Apparently, Nick was the first male victim of that whole iCloud hack – some of his private pics were obtained, and nude pics of him were posted. The nude pics that were leaked are obviously something doting dad, Hulk Hogan doesn’t want to see, and wouldn’t want anyone else to see, nor would Nick of course.

There were also pics of his of him in his younger days with former girlfriends who were underage which obviously Nick wouldn’t have wanted getting out, and his dad wouldn’t want to know about.

1 Brooke Getting Naked

via zimbio.com

By now you’re probably clued up as to how close – some may say their relationship’s too close and pretty weird – Hulk and Brooke are. So of course, with them being so close, and just remember for a sec that she is his daughter, he wouldn’t want and would really feel comfortable about people gaping at her naked body, even if it was a piece of art and was for a good charitable campaign – for PETA.

It was actually Hulk’s 58th birthday on the day he saw those pics – it was certainly a birthday surprise all right, seeing his daughter naked in a cage. You can see that Hulk doesn’t really know where to look – he feigned shock and embarrassment and even covered the pics up – and although all that was for the cameras, some of those feelings must have been real.

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