Top 15 Pictures Of Paige Alberto Del Rio Doesn't Want You To See

Ever since Paige began wrestling with WWE in 2011 she’s become a household name in the industry. She’s young, gorgeous, has the skills and the personality to match, and has risen to become one of the top divas on the roster. She’s currently on a hiatus – a combination of her suspension and due to her having neck surgery – but fans can’t wait to see her back in action, whether it’s with WWE or another promotion – there’ll be no shortage of promotions offering her contracts, wanting Paige on board.

Paige has never been the shy and reserved type; she always wants a piece of the action, wants to be in the limelight, and she’s been in the news quite a bit over recent months. Firstly, there’s that whole sex scandal in which private pictures of Paige and a couple of her ‘buddies’ were leaked. Then there’s her relationship with Alberto Del Rio, another enigmatic figure in the world of wrestling. He’s had his own fair share of controversy over the years, but now that he’s with Paige, he probably wishes he could eradicate certain moments from her past. These are 15 pics depicting such moments, moments Alberto wants you to forget, pictures of Paige he doesn’t want you to see.

14 With Xavier Woods

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It’s always been evident that Paige and Xavier Woods have been friends, have shared a close relationship, but until recently, no one had a clue that they’d been this close. In the light of that recent sex scandal, when video footage and images were leaked, we came to know that Paige and Xavier were a lot closer than we originally anticipated. We discovered that they’d been doing the dirty, that they’d been friends with benefits, and Alberto, who was with Paige at the time, couldn’t have been best pleased, although he did put on a brave face and support his girl. But seeing pics of Paige with Xavier must really get his stomach churning a bit; it’s never nice to see pics of your girl with an old fling.


12 Smooching Bradley Walden

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You definitely don’t want to see the person you’re currently with cozying up to someone under the bedsheets, but seeing them kissing an ex is also up there when it comes to moments you don’t really want brought up, images you don’t want to see.

Paige once dated Emarosa singer Bradley Walden, and their relationship was pretty public, there for all to see, as it was played out on the Total Divas reality TV series. From what we could see, it wasn’t the greatest of relationships, they seemed totally incompatible and in the end, the relationship ran its natural course. The way Paige got dumped was also rather unceremonious; she was dumped by text, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is beyond cowardly, and so I reckon Alberto and even Paige herself wouldn’t want anyone seeing this pic of them snogging.

11 Crying

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No one wants to see the person they love in tears, getting emotional, and pouring out their heart, talking about emotional moments from their past. It must have been hard for Alberto to see footage of this on Total Divas, seeing Paige in tears, and he probably wishes she’d kept it private.

This pic depicts a moment from Total Divas during which Paige is confiding in her besties, telling them she’s been used by guys in the past, and because of these past relationships, she finds it incredibly hard to trust people. Alberto wouldn’t want you to see this, firstly because she’s crying, but also because she’s revealing she finds it hard to trust, which must have some kind of effect on Alberto and Paige’s relationship.

10 With Brad Maddox

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Xavier Woods wasn’t the only guy in those sex tapes. Brad Maddox, currently wrestling on the indies, also made an appearance. In fact, he made more than appearance – he was the guy filming the whole thing, videotaping Paige and his best buddy in the wrestling industry, Xavier, getting it on! He obviously wanted to be in the action, if not between the sheets, on camera in some way or another, because he ended up videotaping himself videotaping them. Not a smart move Brad, or incredibly smart depending on how you look at it, because Brad’s popularity has skyrocketed because of that incident.

He’s not too popular with Alberto though, someone who wouldn’t want people seeing pics of Paige and Brad together, as it’ll only make people think of one thing – those leaked pictures/footage.

9 Raunchy In-Ring Antics

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Sure, there have been many divas who have revealed a lot more than Paige has during their time in the wrestling industry. But that era of wrestling is well and truly over, people thought it had been put to bed, and that those provocative stunts were a thing of the past. That’s because those at the helm of WWE have made a conscious effort to make wrestling entertainment more family friendly, which is why they wouldn’t appreciate Paige getting herself into these compromising positions.

Paige has got it and isn’t shy about flaunting it, much to the delight of her many fans, but probably to the displeasure of WWE and Alberto Del Rio, who wouldn’t want her deliberately standing in such compromising positions, not in the ring for the whole world to see anyway.

8 Licking Nattie

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This is a GIF depicting a pretty racy moment between two of the best and hottest divas on the scene, Paige and Natalya. It occurred during an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2014, where Paige and Nattie faced up against each other. It was a pretty decent wrestling match too, but not many people will remember that night for any wrestling action. It’ll be remembered for Paige seductively licking the side of Nattie’s face, much to her displeasure. It’s safe to say most of those watching absolutely loved it, but for Alberto, looking back at that moment, he’ll probably be cringing a little bit; he’ll knows what people seeing this pic, watching the footage will be thinking, and so definitely wouldn’t want people setting eyes on this pic!

7 Twister Time With The New Day

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We, and Alberto, now know that Paige was seeing Xavier on the down low, was cosying up to him now and again but tried to keep it a secret. This must have Alberto a tad worried; when did they start, when did they stop, are they still at it? are just some of the questions that must be running through his mind, and pictures like this won’t help to put his mind at ease.

In June of last year, Paige took part in WWE Game Night and played a game of Twister with The New Day, including Xavier. But at this time, Paige and Alberto were already a couple. They’d begun dating the previous month and had been spotted on a romantic date at Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. So seeing some of Paige’s antics during that game of Twister, especially considering who it was with, must be making Alberto feel a tad uneasy.

6 Embarrassing Film Roles

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Most male and female wrestlers, especially the prominent names in the industry, have tried their hands at acting. But if they thought that portraying their gimmicks, their characters in the ring was easy, and that it’d be equally as straightforward acting in a movie, they would’ve gotten a nasty surprise.

Paige, bless her, is still very young, and so when the opportunity came for her to get involved in movies, she thought it was an opportunity not to be missed. Credit to her, she gave it a good go, but her performances were anything but spectacular, and were actually pretty cringeworthy. Alberto must secretly think so too – he wouldn’t say it to Paige’s face of course! – and must have been recoiling a tad when seeing Paige’s dire acting performances. He therefore wouldn’t want people watching her movies, or seeing pics of her in them, for her sake, because her acting is rather embarrassing.

5 From Paige’s Surgery

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There’s nothing bad about this pic, that’s not why Alberto wouldn’t want you to see it, it’s not horrific, shameful, embarrassing, or anything of that nature. Alberto wouldn’t want you to see this pic simply because he’ll wish this moment never happened. No one wants to see their loved one have a major surgery, any type of surgery for that matter, and nothing’s more major, more serious than neck surgery. This pic was taken on the morning of her surgery in October last year, and it’s a pretty cute snap, shared by Paige on social media, of her being comforted by Alberto who was by her side throughout.

This show of love and support is certainly something they wouldn’t mind seeing, but Alberto wouldn’t have wanted to be in that surgery room with Paige in the first place.

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Sure, everyone’s got a past, but when you’re in a couple, with someone, there’s always going to be aspects of your partner’s past that you’re going to want to erase, that you wish never happened. Yes, a person’s past makes them who they are, blah blah blah, but it’s still pretty hard knowing what your partner got up to once upon a time. It brings doubt into your mind, makes you think that because they’ve done that before, they could do it again, and you’re going to be the one who gets burned.

This is a pic from Paige’s Florida Championship Wrestling days. He’ll want you to forget about that entire period, because that’s when Paige first started to rise into the limelight and it’s also when she was pretty wild – more wild than usual anyway. It’s thought that her FCW days is when she got up to all of her sexual antics with her fellow wrestlers, so this is obviously a pic Alberto himself would want to forget, wouldn’t want to see, and wouldn’t want you to see either. 

4 Nattie Getting Paige Back Backstage

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I mentioned in a previous entry how Paige got a bit sensual in the ring with her supposed buddy, Nattie, licking the side the of her face. But things took an interesting turn backstage, much to our delight, but Alberto probably wasn’t rubbing his hands in glee. Nattie was a bit miffed at Paige’s antics in the ring, and so basically decided to return the favor, and then some.

When the two of them were together, and of course the cameras were rolling for Total Divas, Nattie got her revenge Paige, licking her face, she started groping her and grabbed her boobs. It was all in jest, but Nattie was pissed off the match got so sexual, even after telling Paige to cool it, and Alberto must have been pissed off too after what happened next.

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To wrestling fans this was probably the hottest girl on girl kiss they’ve seen. Rosa Mendes, who’s been very open about her bisexuality, has been a permanent fixture on Total Divas over the years, as has Paige, and the two have ended up forming a close bond. There’s also been a tremendous amount of flirting between the two, but Rosa ended up getting the wrong end of the stick and thought that flirting meant something more.

She went in for the kiss and planted one on Paige’s lips, much to Paige’s surprise and probably to Alberto’s too. This was around the time she and Alberto started getting involved with each other – that kiss would’ve certainly thrown a spanner in the works, been an interest point of conversation between the two to say the least! Now that they’re together, Alberto wouldn’t want anyone to see any pics of Paige locking lips with anyone but him, man or woman.

3 Loved Up And Engaged To Kevin Skaff

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This is yet another major relationship from Paige’s past, one that I’m sure both Paige and Alberto would want you to forget.

Paige seems to have a thing for getting with musicians, guys in bands, because after her failed relationship with Bradley Walden, she began to date Kevin Skaff, the guitarists from A Day to Remember. This of course was played out on Total Divas and we could see that they were a whole lot more compatible that she was with Bradley. They were seriously in love, and things progressed pretty quickly to the point they got engaged and were making arrangements to move in together. But Paige was a commitment freak, got spooked at how fast things were moving, and ended up breaking everything off.

All this happened pretty close to the time she met Alberto, and it probably has some sort of an effect on their relationship. Aside from that, from Alberto’s point of view, he wouldn’t want anyone seeing pics of her and Kevin together, especially since that they’re now married themselves; you don’t want past relationships brought up, especially ones that were as serious as Paige’s and Kevin’s.

2 The Indecent Proposal

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First of all, the WWE weren’t crazy about Paige hooking up with Alberto, as he’s not exactly their favorite person. But when she started making appearances with him here and there on the indies, well, you can guess what they thought about that – a contracted WWE wrestler giving other promotions popularity. But what Paige did during one of his matches on the indies must have sent WWE around the bend, and Alberto couldn’t have been too happy with it either.

Paige proposed to Alberto in the ring in Puerto Rico, he took it in his stride, was smiling and they smooched afterwards, but secretly he must have been a tad put out by it. It’s not really the traditional way – the girl proposing to the guy – and although it was almost definitely a sham proposal, Alberto would’ve wanted people to see him proposing in his way and Paige accepting - that would’ve been the ideal situation. As for the grief it caused with WWE, Alberto probably couldn’t give a damn.

1 Kissing Mystery Girl

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So, Paige has been very open about her sexuality, and has revealed that she’s gone the other way and has had sexual encounters with women – “It’s the 21st century after all” were her words when quizzed on the subject by Rosa. She’s had plenty of hot and steamy moments with her fellow divas over the years, with Nattie, Rosa, and you can add AJ Lee to that list too. Alberto probably wouldn’t want you seeing these moments now that they’re together, but he definitely wouldn’t want us seeing pics of Paige kissing a random – no disrespect to her whoever she might be – woman. Here’s a pic of Paige locking lips with a mystery woman, a blonde bombshell, and because she’s unknown in wrestling circles, this pic’s sure to get a lot of people talking.

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