Top 15 Pictures Of Reby Sky That Matt Hardy Wants DELETED!

Mark Hardy should have listened to... "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife..." if he has any issues with Reby Sky's sexy, flirtatious, and seductive photos all over the internet. She's 12 years younger than him (sorry Hardy dude, soon she's gonna need a younger man), she's a model, dancer, actor, and though they have 2 children together, he will soon fade away as a wrestling has been and her eyes will wander, if they haven't happened already.

Big Buff Matt does have reason to worry. If she regains her senses, she'll be bored with his cartoonish ways. When she starts thinking about the rest of her life over the next few years, where will the big man fit? To all the sharks out there, there is blood in the water.

Aside from the obvious: she's gorgeous, sexy, and not afraid to flaunt it. She's tough as nails so even if you've had sand kicked on you, she can take care of business. She's also got the desire to keep working, becoming more successful, and behind every successful woman is a solid partner. Plus, she's rich, gonna be richer, and man that's important.

Perhaps most important is she is creative and invested in life. She's been on Broadway, performed at Radio City Musical Hall, performed with Ringo Starr, appeared in "Playboy," "GQ," and "Esquire," and there isn't nothin' Hard Boy can do to destroy her work. And there is hope, for as Hank Williams sang, "Move over little dog cause the big dog's moving in."

16 Draped in Manning

via primewagers.com

Reby Sky is a huge Giants fan (don't hold that against her) and as such, she's never been shy about showing it. There are plenty of pictures of her out there in Giants gear and as you'd expect, all the pictures are very suggestive. Here is just one of Reby sraped in a cutoff Eli Manning jersey and no pants on. For all we know, Matt has embraced the Giants as his team, even if he's a Carolina boy. In any event, you'd have to think a husband would want his wife draped out in his team's colors and not for all other men to see it. If the Giants want to advertise some of their player apparel, Sky would make a great model for them. After looking at this, could you argue?

15 2 for 1

via theworldaccordingtozah.com

So let's start on the left hand side. Basically, what this picture doesn't show, it might as well show, because the imagination can be a lot more detailed. First, her face looking down is shameless and erotic, as well as the pose with her left and right arms. Now if this was a private photo, Matt would have it in his top drawer but it's not, so it could be in anyone's desk. On the right, we have the lustful hair throwback and parted lips look. But we also have a tantalizing view of her upper body. More so, the imagination can once again run wild with the curve of her back at the lower right side of the photo. And by the way, he's got a sexy thumb!

14 Dean Ambrose

via rebysky.com

There's no way around it, Hardy has to find a way to destroy (or, DELETE) this photo. You've got a one-track mind, sweaty man licking her face like a dog. To make it worse, he's a competitor and she's not even flinching. In fact, she seems to like it! I gotta' feel for Hardy on this one because this isn't a "pose," but an in the moment photo of a man going dog crazy on his lady. But the picture on the right is just as damming. What's worse, a man moving in for a kiss with his hand on her chin and her eyes caught between hesitation and willing, or her open palm (not a fist) firmly resting on his chest. Something tells me there's a video out there!

13 Howard Stern Part I

via howardstern.com

Where was Hardy, better yet, where were you when Reby was on the Howard Stern show? I can't imagine a WORSE place worse for a woman to be interviewed. This isn't Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer. First, Howard had her go from fully dressed (pictured here) to a bikini with and without a football, to posing all over the studio and wearing bright blue heels heels (that image comes later). He's a genius for sure. But that's not the worst part. Underneath all the laughs and fun is Howard, BabaBooey, High Pitch Eric, and Beetle staring, drooling, and visualizing everything they would do to her. It's not like a movie where Robert Redford offers you a million dollars. This is Howard and his crew psychologically controlling your wife to exploit every bit of sex appeal.

12 Bikini

via wrestlenewz.com

So this is obviously not as exposing as some of the other shots, but what does it tell us. She has a tattoo above her... and it also shows 99% of her... It also shows she is not a stick figure and has some curves that just make her even more real. Her eyes and smile are gorgeous, and in many ways she comes off as a down to earth, fun loving, summer/ beach girl.

But again, that is one heck of a ... the entire world can see. As the late Prince wrote, "Girl, you got an ...  like I never seen." I wonder how she parks her car. With shots like these, it's a little surprising WWE never showed more interest in her.

11 Neveah

via flickr.com

There's something to be said about sitting ringside and this has got to be the best action photo ever taken in the history of sport. Where was this photographer during the immaculate reception or the JFK assassination? Fitting word and spelling, eh? This photo blows away the Beckham and Tyree catch, and I'd bet both would be willing to trade autographed photos. Who ever was there to witness this body slam sure enough got their moneys worth, except the poor referee who was way out of position. Where have you heard that before? Thank you Neveah, you made this happen. By the way, when is the rematch?

10 Velvet Sky

via flickr.com

Call me shallow, call me anything you want, but I might have just found my favorite female wrestler of all time. It doesn't matter what she wears, a blue one piece or pink whatever that was, this woman is all that. And I'm not talking about Velvet Sky, because whoever Reby is in the ring and manages to get her into positions and situations the entire sporting world can enjoy. It also goes to show that you never know what you're gonna see, which is the great thing about sports to begin with. A three pointer at the buzzer, a walk off home run, an overtime goal, a knock out, or a picture of Reby Sky's ... Whoever designed this ring attire... well done.

9 Reby

via rebysky.com

So this is starting to feel a little creepy, but just a little. Though the forced lusty lip look is way too fake and I'm not a huge fan of the eye shadow, she's just too much fun to write about. Now she is obviously doing the Model 101 thing, but let's return to Matt's perspective for a second. I am sure he's confident enough to be secure in his relationship, but is it weird at all to see your lady posed to stare down every person who has a key board? Not only that, there are millions of adolescents and prepubescent teens day dreaming and who knows what else. But darn, she's got sexy arms, what a waist, arced back, and hands too.


7 Howard Stern Part II

via flickriver.com

So let's return to the whole Howard thing for a second. This is what the "interview" turned into, and it must have been radio made for TV. How did he get her into those shoes? And though I don't want to dwell on this and ruin her in my mind's eye, I just would never want to know my wife was dressed like this in front of those guys. They must have thousands of these photos and the ones that weren't released plastered down the hallways, bathrooms, and dressing rooms. They probably made even more copies of what went on that morning and everyone associated with the show has unlimited access. Can you imagine what "The Wack Pack" has in mind? I bet she would have done just as well with Barbara Walters.

6 Reby in Red

via rebysky.com

You got me. I want to know where she got this and no, not for me. I also want to meet the designer and find out how they conceived this outfit. Who loves the gloves? I do.Who loves the top? I do. And what is that top? What is that material? And who loves those shorts... yep, me. And she's so confident in every aspect of her body that despite the Modeling 101 cliched pose, she can pull it off 100%. Though I was NOT a fan, Chris de Burgh should see this and come out of retirement. He should put the band back together, sing "The Lady In Red," and have Reby dance across the stage in this get up. Now that would be a world tour that could sell out.

5 Reby

via pwpop.com

Really, who is this girl? We know she's 30, from New York City, and is married to Matt Hardy. She's a wrestler (we've seen that)," an actress, TV personality (we've seen that), and model (you're kidding). But did you know her first name is Rebecca? Alright, enough B.S and time wasting but really, what can I say? Could this shot be any more revealing? Do you see what everyone in the world sees? Do I really have to point it out and ruin it by putting it in words? Anyway, whether Reby ever makes her way to WWE or not, we feel she's more than proven that she can get plenty of modeling gigs and even though she's a mother now, she still looks as great as ever.

4 ... Go Giants

via inquisitr.com

There are certainly more provocative photos of Reby on the net. She sports her with a Giants "Ted" teddy bear, nighties, and rolling down her thong.  But this one kinda has the posing and submissive thing going on. All this, with all the white certainly sends a subliminal message. There are multiple shots of her cheering at games, sporting half top jerseys of Eli and the crew, as well as being properly wrapped up in a Giants ribbon. There's also her good friend "Ted," and I'd love to know what he's thinking and saying. Maybe Hollywood should start thinking about another sequel, "Ted 3." Reby should be front and center at Giants games as often as possible. She gives all the cheerleaders a run for their money!

3 Jessie Belle Smothers

via youtube.com

One of the all time great matches between female wrestlers, this one is a must see. There are more shots to see and think about than anyone could imagine. In the shot above, in the middle of round 1, Jessie has Reby in a scissors and rolls her around in circles. The fans on each side of the  ring get alternating views of Reby sitting like this and being rolled on all fours. Jessie holds and rolls long enough for everyone to get just what they paid for. But the highlight of the match comes in the opening minute when Jessie trips her and takes her back. Jessie turns Reby on all fours and rides her around the ring, pulling her hair with one hand and slapping her butt with the other. Yee Haw!

2 Does it Matter?

via loopit.in

Now I have no idea who this dude is and if the action just fell into place or if it was scripted. But I do know that many wrestlers have a long memory and love to agitate each other. I also know this is not a picture a man wants of his wife on the internet. Now maybe all these photos have got me thinking someone, whether it's a promoter or photographer, has got a plan out there. They either want to catch poor little Reby in the most unfortunate moments or they want to show Hardy just how many male wrestlers she's been tangled up with. Either way, though I don't believe in conspiracy theories, where there's smoke there's fire.

1 Reby and Matt

via hollywoodlife.com

I hate to end a party on such a miserable note but as the title says, it's about pictures Matt doesn't want anyone to see. In 2014, Matt and Reby were arrested  and charged with assault and battery after he beat the heck out of her at a Hampton Inn. Come on man, that's just so %$#@! weak. An employee called 911 to report their alleged brawl and the police were on it. Both Matt and Reby got restraining orders against each other after the incident, and according to a witness, he was seen beating the ... out of her. Though she did some damage as well and fought back, it's just sick and horrible. But after issuing restraining orders, the couple made up. What to do?

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