Top 15 Pictures Of The Four Horsewomen That Are Too Hot For TV

They may not be a faction on WWE television, but the Four Horsewomen — Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley — are the clear cut top stars in the WWE's women's division.

Flair is the leader of the pack, as she's positioned as the best female on the roster. Further adding to that narrative are her four reigns as Women's Champion. Sasha Banks isn't too far behind her, as she's a three-time Women's Champion while competing in plenty of history making matches, including a Hell in a Cell match versus Flair.

Lynch — the lone member of the SmackDown Live roster — is the figurehead of the female locker room on the blue brand and was the inaugural Smackdown Women's Champion. Meanwhile, Bayley is back on the RAW brand and is currently their Women's Champion.

The success of the Four Horsewomen is known — but as good as they are in  the ring, they're just as gorgeous outside of it.

While the WWE doesn't focus on looks like they used to, there's no denying that this foursome are beautiful in their own right. Let's take a look at 15 pictures of the Four Horsewomen that are too hot for television.

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15 Everyday Attire 

via wwe.com

Sasha Banks tends to show the most intensity of all the Four Horsewomen on WWE television. You likely won't see her on Total Divas in any future season, because she's all business. However when certain photo shoots pop up every now and then, she flips a switch and amps up her assets. Sasha sure packs a lot on a small frame and here, she has a seductive look while walking in the pool. The WWE did a photo shoot a couple of years ago of their NXT women hanging out for a summer party and Sasha turned heads with this shoot. There are plenty of other great photos of Sasha from this particular photo shoot, but we could only pick one. Feel free to browse through them after getting through the rest of this list.

14 But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

via mixedmartialarts.com

As a sports entertainer, Charlotte Flair is currently positioned as the female version of her father, the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair: she’s the top talent in the division, is booked a step ahead of the rest, and is already a four-time WWE Women’s Champion. One of the top stars on Raw, she puts on tremendous matches every time she’s in the ring and has the distinct honor of being one of the only true heels in the entire company. And just like the elder Flair would style and profile outside of the squared circle, Charlotte proves in this picture that it runs in the family. Whether it’s her sexy smirk, extremely low cut top, or mesmerizing eye color, Flair looks the part just as much as she acts it.

13 Legit Boss

via dailywrestlingnews.com

When looking at all of the females in the company — whether it be on Raw, Smackdown, or NXT — there isn't one that's more fierce than Sasha Banks. Despite being small in stature, The Boss is one of the best workers inside of the squared circle — and when she's on top of her game, she can cut a strong promo as well. Another aspect of her character that takes it to the next level is her looks, as Banks is one of the prettiest female talents in the world.

This picture that was taken backstage further backs up that claim as her combination of swagger and a great figure can be seen in a major way. At 24 years of age, Banks has a long career ahead of her — and that will delight fans in more ways than one.

12 Becky Balboa

via wwebulletin.blogspot.com

While Bayley, Charlotte Flair, and Sasha Banks are competing week in and week out on Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch is the lone member of the Four Horsewomen to take her talents to SmackDown Live. The move was great for her career — not only has she received more spotlight than she ever did competing next to the trio, but the WWE is firmly behind her as being one of the faces of the brand. The inaugural SmackDown Women's Champion is only known for her in-ring work, however — she's also one of the best looking competitors on television. With the Irish Lass Kicker showing off her toned figure, fiery red hair, and seductive look in this picture, it is hard to argue with that claim.

11 Business Casual

via dailywrestlingnews.com

When you're a fan of the WWE, you get used to seeing wrestlers wear the same things every week, with colors being the only thing that's really in rotation. That's why seeing talents in everyday clothing is even better — and when it comes to Sasha Banks, it's a treat more than anything else. Posing in her hotel room before a show, The Boss and her sassy nature are on full display in the picture. Fortunately for readers, so are her curves, which are clearly visible in her romper. The glasses, too, add to the look, further showing why plenty of fans adore Banks. When in the ring, she's usually kicking ass and taking names. She's not as physically aggressive outside of it but she looks just as good, if not better than when on television.

10 Fun In The Sun

via superhero hype.forums.com

As stated in her first picture, Bayley isn't one to be featured in any of the modeling photo shoots that the WWE typically does with their female competitors. But she did appear in NXT's swimsuit pictures a while back and showed off in a major way. Is she posing in a tiny bikini showing off all her assets? No, but that's not what Bayley is about. Instead, her playful nature is captured in this picture as she's shooting off a water gun at other female NXT talents. Her smile, however, is tantalizing and her kid-like attitude shows why she's such a hit with young female viewers of the WWE product. Again, she's not going to be someone with a low-cut top and tiny bottom posing for pictures — but that doesn't take away from her beauty.

9 Curls

? ?: @mrs_lindysue @wweglamsquad (hair & makeup) #RawPhilly

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Let's shift our focus back to Charlotte Flair. While she does look good each and every week on Raw, by the time her matches are complete, her makeup is all but gone from the sweat, her hair is a mess, and she's usually pretty beat up. But this picture proves that she's as pretty as any other female that's signed to the company. Her curly hair is a look that's rarely showcased on Monday nights but fits her to a tee. Her makeup, too, looks great and her "duck face" makes this picture an instant hit. There's no denying that Charlotte is a hit inside of the squared circle — but after looking at this picture, the same can be said when he's out of it as well.

8 Training Day

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When it comes to all WWE wrestlers — whether it be male or female — your body needs to be on point, as it's going to be seen on national television each and every week by millions of people. By the looks of this picture, it's obvious Becky Lynch doesn't skip any days at the gym — and what's even better is that she looks good while doing so. Not only is her ripped chest on display in this inverted pushup position but her shoulders, too, look jacked in this picture. Everyone knows how talented Lynch is as a wrestler, but her body isn't showcased due to her attire. This picture, however, proves that she's dedicated to her look just as much as anything. No wonder she's so beloved by the WWE Universe.

7 I'm A Hugger

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Bayley didn't choose the hug life, the hug life chose her. Known for her connection with the audience, she's usually seen hugging young girls — including superfan Izzy — who are around the ringside area. But that's not the only thing that makes this photo a hit. Bayley's beautiful smile is on full display and her geeky side is also featured in her throwback Batman and Robin t-shirt.

Again, she won't get confused with other women's wrestlers like Nikki Bella or Alexa Bliss in terms of looks, but that doesn't change or affect the fact that she's one of the most popular talents on the roster. Bayley's combination of being a terrific worker, someone that's loved by the fans, and is beautiful in her own right — and that's exactly what you see here.

6 #MirrorPic

via dailywrestlingnews.com

There aren't many things better than a good old fashioned mirror pic. Sasha Banks takes it to the next level as her aforementioned fierceness is out in full force in this self-taken photo. There isn't much to the picture — her clothing isn't revealing, she isn't doing anything crazy, and she's just in the bathroom. But her long, curly hair with purple tint is different in a positive way while her blank stare is sexy and intimidating at the same exact time. Every time she's wrestling in a match, Banks gets the crowd going. It's hard to argue that the same can be said in her pictures — and when it comes to the three-time Women's Champion, she does that and more in this one too.

5 Gun Show

via sportsgrid.com

Even in the prime of his career, Ric Flair was never a Rick Rude look-alike — someone with a clear-cut six pack and muscles built on top of muscles. But when it comes to Charlotte Flair, the same can't be said, as her genes have transformed her into one of the most well-built females in the WWE. If you don't believe that statement, look no further than the picture taken above. Flair — who went down the Sasha Banks route and took a mirror selfie — is showcasing her biceps and six-pack, making fans wonder which one is actually more defined. When in the ring, it's not unusual to see Flair overpower nearly everyone she wrestles against. It is now easy to see why.

4 Stretch It Out

via wrestlingforum.com

If you've played any type of sport, stretching is key to not getting injured. Of course, the WWE can be compared to sports like the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, so it's not a rare sight to see wrestlers warming up before going out in front of a live audience. It's one thing to get a good stretch in, but it's another thing to get a good stretch in while looking good — and somehow, Becky Lynch does just that in this picture. She's wearing her everyday attire and doing nothing out of the ordinary but the look in her eyes says it all. Couple that with that red hair and you have a fierce look that isn't replicated by anyone else on the WWE roster.

3 Becky Mirror Selfie 

via wp.com

Like the last picture, Becky Lynch isn't doing anything out of the ordinary, as she's simply posing in the mirror before and seems to be in some workout attire. But whether it's her pose, gaze, or — once again — her hair, something makes this picture extremely easy to look at. Lynch's quirky attitude, fun-loving nature, and great in-ring work makes her someone the fans love but her looks take her to the next level, which could be a huge reason why there's never a boo in the arena when she makes her entrance. She's prominently featured on all SmackDown Live advertisements and is a figurehead of the brand — while her in-ring skills have a lot to do with it, her beauty makes the decision a no-brainer.

2 Beauty And The Beach 

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With three pictures in the books, there isn't much more to say about Charlotte Flair. The four-time Women's Champion is not-so-arguably the best all-around female talent on the roster and the WWE clearly believes that as well. But she's not just a great wrestler — she's the total package. That package includes looks, and Flair's are never more apparent than they are in this picture on the beach. In a behind the scenes look at a WWE photo shoot in Hawaii, Flair is showing off all of her assets in a tiny bikini, something that will get fans even more excited than when watching her matches. You may not see this side of Flair on weekly episodes of Raw, but here's a friendly reminder that she's just as sexy as she is talented.

1 Knockout

via wwe.com

When highlighting amazing pictures of the Four Horsewomen, there is no better member to finish it off with than Sasha Banks. In this picture, The Boss trades in her wrestling career for that of a boxer and has never looked better. Once again, the smug look on her face comes off as sexy, and her ripped shirt and short shorts look better than her than on anyone else who would wear them. And although she's not the biggest person — far from it, actually — she looks like she can kick anyone's ass with those boxing gloves on. Sasha Banks is a star on the rise and could develop into one of the best female wrestlers in WWE history — and when viewing this picture, her looks will play a big part in that as well.

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