Top 15 Pictures That Prove Chyna Was Hot AF

Late wrestling superstar, Joanie Marie Laurer aka Chyna, had a long and glittering career in the industry. It was a career that was filled with plenty of notable moments, plenty of high points, but in amongst all these triumphs, there were a ton of controversial moments too.

Chyna is a name that transcended across different industries. Sure, she was a superstar in wrestling, but also a bodybuilder, and was known to the masses as a glamor model, an adult film actress. Wherever Chyna was, whatever she was doing, her antics warranted plenty of attention, and people just lapped it up, much to her delight. But despite all this attention, this great deal of fame and fortune, Chyna was going through a tumultuous time in her personal life, problems that continued to mount, issues she couldn’t get sorted and that ultimately led to her death by way of what was deemed to be an accidental drug overdose. Those circumstances were truly tragic and the wrestling world lost one of its greats, but we all need to remember her as I’m sure she’d want us to; a great wrestler, great person, and a thing of beauty. Chyna might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but we certainly think – and I’m sure plenty of you are in this camp, or you will be when you see these pics! – that she sure had her moments. Here are 15 pics that prove it, that show that Chyna was hot AF.

15 Ninth Wonder Of The World

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There are pics out there of Chyna looking beefy, looking all muscular and menacing, but this pic just shows that muscular women can be hot AF too. Chyna looks absolutely stunning in this pic. There’s some sort of graceful elegance about her, about the way she’s posing. You can also appreciate her physique in this pic. She might have rippling muscles, but clearly that hasn’t taken anything away from her feminine charm; she’s still got all the right assets – a hot and really really big set of twins – that are sure to have gotten the guys drooling. The Ninth Wonder of the World isn’t all about looking freaky; she’s all woman, is toned to perfection, and is basically someone women want to be and men want to be with – set your eyes on this pic and it’s evident why.

14 Not Afraid To Show Her Assets

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One reason so many people loved Chyna – still do even though she’s no longer with us – is because she was not afraid to bare all for the cameras. She knew she’d got it, had a hot set of twins and gorgeous assets, and thought nothing of flaunting it, much to our delight. Most people know about her career as an adult film actress and so it wouldn’t really come as a surprise to know that she’d partaken in a number of racy shoots over the years.

In addition to being in movies, she’s also a glamor model, and judging from this pic, we can ascertain that she gained quite a fan following – wrestling and non-wrestling – during the course of her modeling endeavours.

13 In Her Prime

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Wow, just wow! This is a pic that shows just how amazingly gorgeous Chyna was. She had the looks, had the body, and just had the complete package, one that had caused plenty of guys to salivate over when she was in the ring and doing what she did best.

She really does look amazing in that strong, muscular, yet still feminine pose. Her physique, which is toned to perfection, shows off her rippling muscles; this could just have easily have been a pic from her bodybuilding days – she was obviously still at it, pounding the iron when this pic was taken – but we know because of the logo on that skimpy bit of material covering her twins, that this is a pic that was taken from her wrestling days. She was certainly in her prime when this was taken, and it acts as a prime example that Chyna was hot AF.

12 With X-Pac

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This is a pic from her post WWE career, right after she was involved with Triple H and that whole saga with Stephanie McMahon, when she was with X-Pac. It’s amazing to see how different she looks here in comparison to some of the other photos on this list, pics depicting later stages of her life. She looks like a different person, but someone who’s still sultry, still manages to pull off that super-sexy look. Just feast your eyes on the outfit she was wearing. That’s what you call dressing to impress, dressing to wow and to make an impression, and Chyna certainly did just that with that very revealing top. Those puppies look like they’re about to burst out and make an appearance; no wonder the paparazzi were in their readiness!

11 Racy Red Carpet Appearance

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If you thought the previous pic was more than a tad racy, set your eyes on this and it’ll be giving you palpitations! By now you must be able to tell that Chyna certainly wasn’t a shy woman. She saved her best and most shocking outfits for when the paparazzi were out in full force, and she certainly gave them a reason to endlessly snap her pics. This pic is Chyna at yet another appearance, out and about, and this time she was walking the red carpet. Most stars dress to impress, dress conservatively yet still elegantly when they walk the red carpet, but not Chyna, oh no.

Conservative isn’t in her vocabulary, because she dresses to shock. This looks like something she pulled out of her dominatrix wardrobe; it’s very revealing and people were just lapping it up – just look at that old man in the background, his eyes are popping out of his head, bless him!

10 Looking Seriously Cute

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Chyna could dress to shock, dress to impress, had a tremendous amount of sex appeal, and you wouldn’t expect someone like that to be able to pull off the seriously cute look too. But Chyna could – she could switch between being a sultry, seductive goddess, the ninth wonder of the world, to being seriously cute, and this is a pic depicting the later. Look at this pic and you wouldn’t really think Chyna’s a wrestler turned adult film actress. From this pic, you could perhaps make the assumption that she was a lingerie model, because it’s yet another pic of her that’s showing off her ample assets. She did show them off a hell of a lot, but I suppose when you’ve got assets like that, it’s hard to keep them under wraps!

9 Warrior Princess

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This is Chyna in her natural domain, a warrior, a beast ready for action. Has there ever been a hotter warrior princess? Don’t think so – Chyna owned is and just looks absolutely stunning.

This pic was taken as part of a photoshoot, and turned out amazingly well. You can bet that this would’ve been in Chyna’s photo album, and adorning the walls of all of her fans. It’s just hotness, sultriness personified; those – what appears to be – suede boots, her trussed up in that outfit, and Chyna’s steely yet alluring look all makes this one super-sexy pic.

Just imagine if she went into a battle dressed like that; guys would submit to her, sink to their knees before her, before she would even have to draw her sword!

8 Leaving Little To The Imagination

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This is one pic that rendered a lot of people speechless, and probably still does – lucky I’m writing this and don’t have to verbally narrate anything to you!

This is another pic which you have to say is of Chyna in her prime. She looks amazing, every bit the superstar athlete she was at the time, and took delight in showing off her hot body, all her hard work. You just don’t get many women like this nowadays. You get women doing these kind of poses, but not many have the type of physique that Chyna possessed. She had muscles everywhere, an extremely well-developed physique, one that would put any top-level bodybuilder to shame. She’s also revealing a lot too in this pic – that left arm’s strategically placed to stop her from showing off too much, much to our dismay – but it still makes for a seriously sultry pic, one of Chyna’s best.

7 Music Awards

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This was Chyna out and about, once again wearing practically nothing. She’s got some threads covering the essential areas, and has thrown on a hat too to go with that whole wild west cowboy look, but apart from that, she’s basically naked. From the way she’s playing with her, well, let’s call it a skirt, we can also tell that she’s bare under there, isn’t wearing anything and is going commando. She’s teasing us by playing with those skirt strings, and there’s not much covering her twins either, which again look like they’re about to pop out and make an appearance.

It’s a pic from the Billboard music awards in 2002, and it’s one that’s sure to live long in the memory of everyone who attended, just because of Chyna’s appearance.

6 Repping That Leather

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Chyna’s a woman who liked leather, we’ve certainly deemed that from these pics. This is a picture from another one of her photoshoots, and it shows her once again repping that leather. She must have gotten this outfit from the same wardrobe she got that red carpet outfit from, because they’re pretty similar in that they both shock, wow, amaze, and are kind of bondage, dominatrix outfits. Due to what Chyna’s gotten up to over the years, it’s safe to assume she was into some pretty kinky stuff; this was probably one her outfits she wore around the house on a Saturday night – it’s a nice thought anyway! Chyna in leather; there aren’t many better sights, and it’s yet another pic that proves why Chyna was hot AF.

5 Wonder Woman

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And another appearance at a famous event on the music calendar, the VMA MTV Awards. If you thought that Chyna was going to dress conservatively for such an event, think again, because Chyna amped up the heat at the awards ceremony by attending in this racy outfit. We’ve seen Chyna the warrior princess, so how about a bit of Chyna as Wonder Woman? Again, it’s safe to assume – and nice to think so – that Chyna just had this knocking around the house. Those puppies are still popping out, although she isn’t actually revealing a whole lot this time around. But we can still see her assets, her amazing physique, her beauty, and the fact she’s dressed up as everyone’s favorite fictional female superheroine makes it all the more alluring.

4 Sultry Beach Pic

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Beach pics are always the way to go, are always amazing. Any half decent model can look a million bucks posing in sultry attire on the beach, but Chyna’s certainly not just a half decent model. She’s a glamor model, and pretty much everything about this pic is glamorous, incredibly sensual and seductive. She’s in a two-piece bikini, we can see her amazing physique, but this time around it’s the pose, her facial expression that makes this pic so stunningly hot. She’s got those piercing eyes that are kind of dancing and flickering, teasing at the same time. Pretty much everything’s perfect about this pic; it shows that she’s a physical specimen, had a drop-dead gorgeous physique, and was hot AF too.

We don’t even see much of the beach in this pic; it’s all Chyna, and that’s all we need, all we want to see – any palm trees or a sun-kissed beach in the background would only act as a distraction.

3 Another Beach Pic

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Another beach pic, another pic of Chyna in a strong, muscular pose – we just never tire of seeing them!

Chyna must have been at the peak of her powers during this time. As a bodybuilder, well, we can see how seriously she took that, and as an athlete, a wrestler – it all just kind of merged into one, and the result was one amazing package, one she never tired of showing off and flaunting for the cameras.

When seeing Chyna, most people just couldn’t get over how muscular she was. She was muscular, and she was big muscular, had a considerable amount of mass, and this pic shows that perfectly. She’s just massive, but her femininity is there, is clear for all to see. This has certainly got to be one of the hottest pics she’s had taken, one of the sexiest photoshoots she was involved in.

2 Sweet Smile

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This is actually a pretty famous pic of Chyna. It’s been plastered around the internet, used on various articles about her – partly because it’s one of not many pics that can be used of her because there’s nothing racy about it, but also because it’s just a super-cute pic and shows Chyna in a different light.

Because of what Chyna had gotten up to in the past, people assumed a lot, used to judge her due to the image she portrayed, an image that was at time enhanced and exaggerated by the media. But a lot of people who knew her would say that Chyna was actually a really sweet, down-to-earth woman. This pic shows she had a softer side to her personality, wasn’t all about racy outfits and shocking to impress. It’s a really sweet, seriously cute smile. It’s a shy little smile, and just shows that Chyna could be vulnerable, could be uber cute and didn’t always have to sexualize herself to get noticed.

1 Workout Pic

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Nowadays every Tom Dick and Harry with a little bit of muscle gets picked up and gets their pics on a website or in a magazine. But you’ve got to say that there aren’t many better gym shoots, better workout pics than this one. Chyna’s home in this pic, and her home was where the iron was, where she could pound and tone her physique to perfection, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that this pic is certainly perfection.

If this pic doesn’t get you motivated to get out of bed and punish your ass in the gym, I don’t know what will! Chyna’s obviously very comfortable in this pic, in familiar surroundings, and it shows, because this is one awesome gym pic of Chyna flaunting her triceps.

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