Top 15 Pictures The McMahon Family Doesn't Want You To See

Good old Vince. People can’t argue with the fact that wrestling would be pretty dull without him involved in some capacity. He’s an enigmatic fellow who wields his powers and makes things happen, regardless of how ludicrous his concoctions may seem to you and I, the rest of the wrestling world, and his own family for that matter. Due to his ludicrous nature, things have shocked, wowed, amazed, but have also horrified – his ideas and some of his antics haven’t always gone to plan or been received well. But one thing that’s great about Vince – although he might not think so – is that due to his standing in the world of wrestling, plenty of what happens in his personal life also comes to light, and some of these things are as crazy as what he cooks up in the ring. You’ve got to say, it all makes for some terrific entertainment though.

With Vince being the character that he is and leading the life he’s led, it’s inevitable that some of the craziness is going to have had a detrimental effect on his family. So, his wife and kids have also had their fair share of such moments – some have been their own doing, some have been by total accident or as a result of creative decisions.

There have been plenty of cringeworthy and downright distasteful moments involving the McMahon family over the years, moments they’d like to forget about and banish from the history books and wrestling archives. These are 15 images of such moments that certainly won’t be a part of the McMahon’s family photo album – moments they won’t look back on with fond memories and won’t want you to see and remember.

15 In Memory Of Chris Benoit


Hailing from Canada, Chris Benoit turned himself into a wrestling superstar after slogging it out for over two decades in the industry. Arguably the best phase of his career was with WWE, a promotion with which he spent seven years and won a stack load of titles. He made an impression in WWE and on the wrestling world, which is why fans and everyone involved in wrestling were distraught when news arose of his untimely death in 2007.

14 Stephanie Showing A Little Bit Too Much



In WWE, shows and events are often broadcasted live, and on live TV, despite all the hours of preparation carried out before hand, there’s no knowing what’s going to happen. Sometimes things get out of hand or mistakes happen – mistakes that are very hard to rectify when live in front of an audience and in front of the cameras.

13 Woof Woof Trish


Trish Stratus is arguably the hottest and most successful diva to have ever graced the ring. Looking back at it, it’s amazing to think she managed to achieve that level of success, fame, and popularity, and had the determination to stick it out and keep on going as a women in wrestling with Vince as her boss.

Hopefully by now, Vince can recollect and recognize the way women were once treated in WWE was pretty disgusting. That’s why he’d want to forget about those times, and especially this particular instance where he ridiculed Trish and seriously degraded her, making her get down on all fours and bark like a dog.

12 Vince Tearing His Quads


11 Stephanie Getting A Spanking


This segment on SmackDown involving John Cena and Stephanie McMahon was actually pretty comical. Cena laid on the charm really thick the only way he knows how and began talking about Stephanie’s “assets” among other things, and Stephanie actually looked like she was enjoying all that attention. Finally, Cena asked Stephanie if he could spank her, and Stephanie, much to everyone’s amazement, gave Cena the go ahead. Both Cena and Steph were having a great time! That is before Sable interrupted events.

10 Tender Father-Daughter Moment


Stephanie was put through the wringer during the early 2000s, and a lot of it was because of her dad. Issues and disputes between the father and daughter had been building, and things finally came to a head in the form of an "I Quit" match at the No Mercy pay-per-view.

9 Shane All Up In His Daddy’s Crack


Of all the touchy-feely father-son moments between Vince and Shane, this isn’t one that they’ll recollect and think back to with fond memories.

8 Vince Gets What’s Coming To Him



After taking delight in dropping his pants and making a host of wrestlers, including his son, get up close and personal with him, it was time for Vince to get a taste of his own medicine.

7 Stephanie And Triple H Steal The Limelight


President Trump’s election wasn’t great news for a lot of people, but it was brilliant for the McMahons. The Trumps and the McMahons have a close bond with each other and Vince and Donald are pretty tight – just look at all the storylines Trump’s been a part of in WWE over the years, and the vast sums of money the McMahons donated to Trump’s campaign.

6 Stephanie Showing Support For Her Dad


When Vince was being put through the wringer during the WWE steroid trial, he must have been delighted that his daughter wanted to speak out and show her support for him. But Stephanie probably should have stuck to a script and rehearsed what she said, because some of her comments would’ve even had Vince – the guy that’s made of Teflon – squirming in his chair.

She compared the steroid trial to 9/11; there is of course, no comparison, but Stephanie somehow found a way to link the two as if they were on par with each other. She faced plenty of backlash because of those comments, and rightly so.

These are her comments: “A few years ago, some people tried to destroy my family. They attacked my father’s reputation, they attacked my mother’s reputation, and they attacked the World Wrestling Federation. They tried to rip us apart…but all they did was make my family stronger. And that’s exactly how America feels right now. Because on Tuesday, America was attacked. Because America is a united nation. And together, we stand strong. I am incredibly proud to be an American citizen, and I will stand up for my rights and my freedom.”

5 Stephanie Slaps Linda


There’ve been on-screen family feuds between various members of the McMahon family. Generally Linda McMahon was exempt from getting involved physically, but in the buildup to WrestleMania 2000, a main event that would see a McMahon in every corner, the company took things a step further. Shortly before the event, in a SmackDown segment, Stephanie slapped her own mother.

While it was done as an act, Stephanie herself has said that slapping her mother made her sick and she hated the fact that she had to do it. It also isn't something the McMahons would want you to see over and over again as they aim for a more wholesome family image.

Either way though, Attitude Era fans sure haven't forgotten about this moment and likely never will.

4 Steph Gets Bigger


Daddy’s little girl was all grown up! In the early 2000s, Stephanie didn’t appear on our TV screens for quite some time. When we saw her again in the summer, she’d returned but something was evidently different about her, and it was obvious from the moment she reappeared on our screens what that difference was. Her breasts had become noticeably larger. They’d obviously become surgically enhanced, and she didn’t dispute the fact, but they were just over-the-top massive; a lot of people instantly picked up on it and she drew plenty of mockery from all corners of the wrestling world.

3 Getting Pally With Chyna


That whole Triple H – Chyna incident has been spoken about tons of times, but no one’s any the wiser as to what actually happened. Basically, it was alleged that Triple H and Stephanie were having an affair while Triple H and Chyna were together – they certainly got together, but whether they did or not while Chyna was involved, we’ll probably never know. Anyway, apparently Vince and the entire McMahon family knew of the affair – the affair which Chyna credited for ruining a large part of her career, and life for that matter.

2 Vince’s Stringent And Ridiculous Rules



A lot of people within WWE and critics of Vince and the promotion have laid into him about the control he loves to exert over his performers and staff. It’s kind of made things seem really forced and staged – it ultimately is, but it’s not the impression you want to give – and it has stifled the creativity of the guys and girls in the ring. But the announcers have also had to put up with a load of stuff – they basically have to study a script with a lot of content telling them what they can and cannot say.

1 The Steroid Trial


The 1994 steroid trial was definitely the most turbulent time for the McMahon family. Allegations had risen that Vince McMahon had willingly distributed steroids to his wrestlers and he was facing jail time if he was convicted. However, the prosecution fell apart when several key witnesses, including Hulk Hogan, said Vince never ordered anyone to take steroids and never distributed any.

While Vince was able to walk a free man and the company was able to survive this massive scandal, it still sent the WWE into a dark period where profits fell, their public standing was affected and they almost went bankrupt by the time 1997 rolled around.

All's well that ends well, but the image of Vince walking into court facing federal charges is certainly something the family wants us all to forget.

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Top 15 Pictures The McMahon Family Doesn't Want You To See