Top 15 Pictures Triple H And Stephanie McMahon Don't Want You To See

Undoubtedly the biggest couple in wrestling, ever since Triple H and Stephanie got together – which in itself was shrouded in controversy - their relationship has generated plenty of intrigue from all corners of the wrestling world, fans and the media.

Stephanie, being the boss's son, has always been in the limelight. Over the years we’ve seen her blossom in front of our eyes into the leading lady of wrestling, although we’ve also witnessed some cringeworthy moments, moments I’m sure Stephanie, the McMahons and Triple H won’t be looking back upon with fond memories.

Triple H, right from the moment he signed the contract that took him to Vince’s company way back in 1995, has been destined for great things. It’s as if he was Vince’s prodigal son who had come to where he belonged, and Vince took an instant liking to him, and gradually began moulding him into the next big thing in wrestling. Evidently Stephanie took a liking to him too, as they began dating around the year 2000, when their onscreen storyline developed into something more. They’ve been together ever since, are happily married with kids, and are now the power couple of the wrestling industry. You can therefore imagine that there’s been plenty of highlights along the road. But there have also been a bunch of lowlights, stuff both Stephanie and Triple H won’t really want to remember, or want anyone else to remember for that matter. Sorry, I’m digging up the past and bringing some stuff back. These are 15 pics depicting moments from Stephanie and Triple H’s past they certainly don’t want you to see.

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15 Triple H’s WCW Days

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Triple H developed into one of the biggest wrestling superstars on the planet when he arrived at Vince’s company in 1995. But he arrived having not tasted much success. Having already been in the industry for about three years by that point, Triple H was still finding his feet, and judging by those initial performances, no one could have predicted how his career in wrestling would eventually unfold. That’s because during those early years, during his WCW days, his performances were pretty dire. He was only with the promotion for a year, but had to contend with some horrible gimmicks and certainly didn’t set the world alight.

In the end, WCW turning down his request to wrestle as a singles competitor was the best thing that happened to him as it meant he could explore other options, which he did when he moved to WWE, and the rest is history.

14 Hollywood Comes Calling

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Tons of wrestlers have made the transition from the ring to the big screen at some point in their careers with some – like The Rock and John Cena – achieving more success than others. Plenty know by now that having good mic skills and playing to the camera at a wrestling event is a world apart from actually tasting success on a Hollywood film set – no one knows this more than Triple H. He had the opportunities, being one of the biggest wrestling stars around, but poor old Hunter – his Hollywood career just didn’t really take off. Perhaps it was a lack of passion, or maybe he just sucks at acting, but one thing’s for sure; Stephanie certainly won’t be showing his movies to the kids during family movie night at the McMahon-Levesque household.

13 Cena Dishes Out A Spanking

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Obviously Triple H wouldn’t want people reliving the tons of times Stephanie’s been sexualized during the course of her in-ring career. But he certainly wouldn’t want anyone seeing that ‘spanking’ segment again, because it would’ve been pretty weird for Triple H to witness. That’s because it seemed that Stephanie was actually kind of enjoying getting a spanking by John Cena.

Just picture the fact that Cena would go on to be the company's biggest star for the next 15 years and yet, when he was still a WWE novice, he got to spank the boss's daughter and the wife of the heir apparent. This was par for the course in the Attitude and Ruthless Aggression Era, as Stephanie was sexualized plenty of times. They probably want this moment deleted.

12 Triple H Puts On A Few Too Many Pounds

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Wrestlers come in all different shapes and sizes, but the type of people the WWE loves, are the fitness fanatics, the bodybuilding junkies. Muscular physiques like that just add to the whole wrestling superstar persona. There’ve been some jacked guys in WWE over the years, but in terms of an all-round aesthetically pleasing physique, Triple H’s body’s got to be up there as one of the best. He knows his way around the gym of course, from his days as a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, but sometimes, it’s been evident that the pressure of the industry he’s in, and life for that matter, have kept him from doing what he loves to do – training.

Consequently, there’ve been occasions during his career that Triple H has been out of shape. Today, both he and Stephanie are pillars of the fitness community, so those podgy days are something they’d certainly like you to forget; they’d want people to see them as they are now and not remember those days when training evidently took a backseat.

11 Triple H And Stephanie Steal The Show

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This is probably a forgotton moment for a lot of you and that's because you probably don't remember the 10th anniversary RAW special from 2003. The WWE decided to pay homage to a decade of RAW with an awards show from their World restaurant in Manhattan. Among the awards was a best couple award which Triple H and Stephanie, then divorced on-screen, won.

Ironically while they were split up on-screen this was around the time when their relationship had gotten really serious, as they would get married later that year. Triple H jokingly suggested they kiss 'for old time's sake'. Triple H then proceeded to drop his pants and seemingly wanted Steph to join his kiss my ass club. Stephanie responded by handing her trademark slap right on Hunter's keister.

With the family friendly image the couple projects today in media appearances, they probably don't want you remembering Stephanie spanking her husband in front of a live crowd.

10 Stephanie Showing Too Much

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Live events can turn out to be brilliant, but can also be treacherous for wrestlers. You just never know what’s going to happen in the heat of the moment, with all the cameras pointed in your direction and adoring fans cheering you on. Preparation is of course key for such events to go by without a hitch, but sometimes preparation and rehearsals can only take you so far. Sometimes unforeseen events occur – mistakes that you really can’t rectify live on TV.

Unfortunately for Stephanie, she’s experienced the perils of live TV a couple of times, and unfortunately for Triple H, one occasion was down to him. His botched Pedigree resulted in Stephanie ‘popping out’ of her outfit; it must be mightily embarrassing for the two, firstly because it shows Triple H attacking a woman – which rarely occurs in today’s day and age – secondly because they’re now husband and wife, and thirdly, because Triple H’s future wife was left showing a bit too much skin, skin which he’d probably want for his eyes only.

9 Stephanie Likens Steroid Trial To 9/11

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It’s no secret that during the WWE Steroid Trail in the mid-90s, Vince was in some serious strife. It certainly knocked Vince off his pedestal for some time anyway and almost toppled his empire. During this time, plenty of derogatory comments were being flung Vince’s way, and they were beginning to have an effect on the entire McMahon family. Stephanie too, was affected by the way her dad was being treated, so decided to show her support, but couldn’t have shown her support in a worse way. She went on a rant – that obviously wasn’t scripted – and ended up comparing aspects of the steroid trial to 9/11. Of course, she got plenty of heat for that comment, and it didn’t really have the desired effect of getting people to lay off her dad – I suppose it shifted some of the heat from him onto her – but it was a ridiculous statement and not one that Stephanie and Triple H would want to hear again as it doesn’t show Stephanie in the best light.

8 Stephanie Flaunts Her Assets

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In the early 2000s, daddy’s little girl was little no more. Despite everything Vince has done, even he must have been cringing a little to see his daughter turn into a Jugasaurus-Rex, seemingly overnight. It was around the time Steph began getting involved with Triple H – he may have liked the change, but must have been mightily embarrassed with all the ridicule and mockery that was being directed towards Stephanie.

The fact that to us, the change seemed pretty drastic and was very obvious, meant that lots of mocking ensued. Stephanie had disappeared from our screens for a while, but when she came back, there was more of her, a lot more of her. The fact she had breast enhancement surgery was evident, but apparently, there was lots of swelling which made those puppies pop out even more.

7 The Whole Stephanie-Triple H-Chyna Affair

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Before Stephanie and Triple H began dating, he was in a relationship with the "Ninth Wonder of the World," Chyna. That relationship had plenty of ups and downs, most of which has been well documented. Which version of events are actually true is anybody’s guess; Triple H has basically denied everything that Chyna has come out and said, and has stringently denied that he and Stephanie were having an affair behind Chyna’s back. It was a pretty rough time, especially for Chyna who later claimed those events had a part to play in ruining her career. It’s also a time, I’m sure, that Stephanie and Triple H would want to forget. They don’t really have fond memories of Chyna, so they wouldn’t want to remember, or want people to remember.

6 A Pregnant Steph Left To Struggle


Their relationship started off in controversial circumstances due to the whole Chyna thing, but soon solidified and became strong, proving that whatever actually did happen was all worth it in the end. For any married couple, family life becomes complete when kids begin popping out. It’s the most joyous time in a person’s life, but it’s also extremely tough, and parenting doesn’t come naturally to everybody. It’s also – as I’m sure a lot of guys out there will testify – pretty hard taking care of your pregnant ladies – of course they have it a lot harder, but it’s tough all the same.

Judging from his attitude in this pic, Hunter seems to have realized this. He seems pretty uninterested as a very pregnant Steph is trying to cope in the background. It seems like this was an adjustment period for the couple – tough times - but it’s all worked out for them in the end.

5 Triple H Showing Too Much

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The first entry in this article was about Stephanie’s various mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions, and how Hunter would be protective of his wife and not really want people to see those images. Well now the shoe’s on the other foot. Just like he wouldn’t want people seeing those pics of Steph, she – being very protective of her man and his image – wouldn’t really want people setting eyes on this pic. This was around the time Triple H had begun to come into his own. He went on a 280-day title run, so you’d think it would have been a memorable time, but the backstory and the way he went about things was pretty forgettable.

Another reason why the couple wouldn’t want you to see this picture, is because Triple H in his undies happened as a result of him being stripped and humiliated by Scott Steiner - not something Steph and Hunter would want people to remember.

4 Triple H Begs For a Peep Show

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A lot about Triple H has changed in the last 20 years. He's married Stephanie and he now has three daughters. Given some of the stuff Triple H did on-screen in the past, you wonder how he feels about it now. Back when DX was in full swing and pushing boundaries week after week on WWE television, they began instructing female fans in the crowd to flash their puppies for all to see.

Triple H being the leader of course, was usually the one coercing the female fans to do so and so on several occasions, we saw female audience members exposing themselves.

Nowadays, Triple H and Stephanie project a wholesome image off screen and try to stay PG, as well as being advocates for women. This moment tells a different tale.

3 The Katie Vick Storyline

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Triple H was already well on his way to dominating the industry in the early 2000s, but that doesn’t mean that every angle he was involved in was memorable for the right reasons. In fact, some of his storylines were downright disastrous – the Katie Vick angle was a prime example of that.

Kane and Triple H were having a championship feud, but the brains being WWE’s creativity decided that wasn’t enough. The plot ended up being pretty twisted; Kane was deemed to have killed his ex, but also embarked on some necrophilic activities. Triple H replayed the situation, and Stephanie was understandably horrified. It was a tasteless segment and certainly one of the worst of Triple H’s career and one the duo would most certainly want people to banish it from their memories.

2 The 'Marriage'

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A lot of people found that whole incident where Triple H drugged Stephanie and whisked her away to get married in Vegas to be an abomination. It occurred in 1999, before the two were ‘officially’ together, but they were still enjoying plenty of time together onscreen. During this time, Stephanie wasn’t yet the woman she is today in wrestling. She started off the segment with an awful promo, during which she got booed. Test ended up breaking things off with her and the whole angle led to a match between Triple H and Vince with Stephanie's freedom on the line. That was when Stephanie turned on Vince and professed her love for Hunter. It began her rise as the most hated woman in wrestling.

Sure, it was a storyline, but now they’re together for real, so it’s not really something they can look back on as being one of their best moments.

1 Injury Concerns

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Wrestlers get injured – no matter how safe you are, how good rehearsals go, what they’re doing is very physical and their bodies still take a lot of pounding, so they inevitably get injured – it’s just part and parcel of the industry. Generally, when a wrestler gets injured, WWE doesn’t try to hide anything. But Triple H was never the average wrestler – he never made up part of the general bunch of wrestlers within the promotion. So, it’s often been said that WWE have done their upmost to uphold his macho image, and that means not revealing some of his injuries, for fear of making him appear weak.

The company’s been pretty kind to him in this regard, but I’m sure both Steph and Triple H don’t want people thinking he got more attention and preferential treatment – even though it’s obvious, and always has been, that he has.

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