Top 15 Polar Opposite Tag Teams in Wrestling History

When you think of tag team wrestling, you think of two individuals who are either brothers or have similar backgrounds. With those similarities comes a natural chemistry outside the ring which leads to them jelling inside the squared-circle. Whether it is knowing where their partner is when they need to make a desperate tag or when they are ready to catch their opponent off guard with a devastating move, it is important for to have a relationship with their partner in order to be successful. In the world of professional wrestling we have seen such tag teams gain much success. However, there have been some teams who are polar opposites.

So how do two people who are polar opposites become a tag team? A common enemy can cause two people to come together for one night. While they may not necessarily like each other, their distain for someone else can make them put their differences aside. Then there are times when they are forced to team up. The powers that be may force two individuals who do not like each other to team up so that they will be weaken for their upcoming match. There are some cases where a wrestler may reach out to someone bigger and stronger for help. We also see some teams form because quite frankly they cannot get over by themselves. They found that coming together will get them noticed.

Throughout the years we have watched a lot of impromptu tag teams. However, the polar opposites are embedded in our minds the most because usually they win Tag Team Championships. Here are the top 15 Polar Opposite Tag Teams in wrestling history.

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15 The Miz and R-Truth

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The Miz and R-Truth came together in 2011 in what had to be one of the most surprising tag teams in WWE. The Miz was a former WWE Champion, and R-Truth was a former #1 Contender who had seemed to be getting a push but once CM Punk dropped the infamous “pipe-bomb” Truth quickly became yesterday’s news. As the WWE was focusing on the year long build up for WrestleMania XXVIII that would feature a returning Rock vs. John Cena, The Miz and R-Truth found a way to stay relevant. They even faced the two at the 2011 Survivor Series.

14 Kane and Rob Van Dam

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When you think of Kane, you think of The Devil's Favourite Demon. When you think of Rob Van Dam, you think of the ECW legend, the high-flying free-living Superstar who just loves having a good time. They were kind of thrown together but RVD and Kane worked well as a tag team. These two remained together through the beginning of 2003 until Kane choke slammed RVD after losing a match to Triple H which forced him to remove his mask.

13  13. Kofi Kingston and CM Punk

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Before Kofi Kingston was leading fans to the power of positivity, he was one of the most loose, high flyers in the company. He would become known for his annual Royal Rumble spot where he would use anything around the ring to save himself from elimination. Before CM Punk was dropping pipe bombs in the main event, he was known as the Straight-Edge Superstar who was very outspoken. On one end you had Kingston who seemed like he didn’t really care and on the other, there was Punk who always spoke his mind. The two became a team when Kingston rescued Punk, who was then World Heavyweight Champion and was attacked by Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Manu) at Unforgiven 2008. Punk who was unable to compete the Championship Scramble match and a new champion was crowned. The two of them paired together in an act of revenge and would win the Tag Team Championship. While these two are good friends outside of wrestling, they are not your traditional tag team.

12  12. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H

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If you went under a rock when the Monday Night War officially ended, you may not know that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H were a tag team. In fact, they were Tag Team Champions. For years, Stone Cold Steve Austin was a loner. He lived by the term DTA (don’t trust anybody). Triple H on the other hand was a Degenerate and a Cerebral Assassin who aligned himself with either like-minded individuals or those who he could control. These two became a tag team when Austin joined Vince McMahon and they dominated the WWE until Triple H’s quad injury in 2001.

11 Batista and Rey Mysterio

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On one hand you have The Animal, Batista. He was a member of Evolution where he mentored under Triple H and Ric Flair before eventually going out on his own. Then you have Rey Mysterio who is known for his high-flying and often being the “David” in the David vs. Goliath matchups. While both were babyfaces, they did not seem like they would be a tag team. One is over 300 pounds, the other under 200. Batista and Mysterio became a tag team when Batista saved Mysterio from Kane and Big Show, the two men who double choke slammed him and tore a muscle in his back. There formation also came on the heels of the death of Eddie Guerrero as they would win the tag team titles in honor of Guerrero.

10 Kane and The Hurricane

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Anytime you pair Kane with someone more than likely they will be considered polar opposites. But who would have ever thought of Kane teaming with a super hero? This tag team formed when Hurricane showed up as a surprise partner in a tag title match. They would win the titles and though their title reign was short, it was still strange seeing Kane teamed up with a superhero. You just never know who may end up together in WWE.

9 Chris Jericho and Big Show

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Chris Jericho and Big Show are both former World Champions, but its more than their height that makes them polar opposites. Chris Jericho is a rockstar while Big Show is the World’s Largest Athlete who with one punch can send his opponent into next week. This team was formed when Edge, Jericho’s tag team partner and one-half of the title holders was sidelined due to injury. Big Show replaced Edge and they would remain Tag Team Champions for 140 days, before falling to D-Generation X. While these two are polar opposites, there is no denying the success of Jeri-Show.

8 Bret Hart and Goldberg

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Bret Hart and Goldberg are polar opposites when it comes to professional wrestling. Hart is a second-generation Superstar who has been wrestling in his father’s dungeon since he was a child. Goldberg was a football player who was forced to retire due to an abdominal injury. When he joined WCW, he was on the fast track to the World Championship. However, he had a very limited set of moves. Meanwhile Bret was an in-ring technician who could have a great match with a paper bag. Like many others, the two were thrown together and they won the tag titles but their reign was short lived. Ironically it was Goldberg who ended Bret Hart’s career

7 William Regal and Eugene

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William Regal has always been known to be a very serious competitor. He was a wrestle’s wrestler who could virtually have a match with anyone. He had no time for games. Eugene was a fun-loving child stuck in a man’s body. He loved to play around. These two became a team when Eric Bischoff forced Eugene, his on screen nephew, on Regal. They actually went on to capture gold. If you did not watch Breaking Ground and you saw Regal in the training facility there is no way you would have believed that he once partnered with Eugene.

6 Owen Hart and Yokozuna

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Owen Hart and Yokozuna may have a rich family history in the wrestling business but their style and backgrounds is what makes them opposite. Owen was high-flying ring technincan, while Yokozuna was a sumo wrestler who was the super heavyweight of the WWE. This duo was formed when Owen promised a mystery partner for his tag team title match at WrestleMania XI. He shocked the world with a returning Yokozuna. His reasoning was that this was the man that beat his brother Bret for the WWE Championship. The two had a successful tag team run, but they would not be a pair that you could imagine hanging out together at a the bar.

5 X-Pac and Kane

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X-Pac and Kane were brought together after the two were double crossed by Triple H and Chyna, respectively. X-Pac was a Degenerate while Kane was the Corporate Monster, but they both experienced being double-crossed by someone they trusted. Kane showed passion towards Chyna for the first time in his career, and when she turned on him, it made it hard for him to trust anyone. X-Pac did everything he could to earn his trust but it took awhile. The two would win the Tag Team Championships and remain a team until X-Pac betrayed Kane. There are not many people who are similar to Kane, but considering the success of these two, you have to rank them high on the list of polar opposite tag teams.

4 Stone Cold Steve Austin and Dude Love

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Mick Foley had three faces: Mankind, Cactus Jack, and Dude Love. Mankind was a deranged individual, Cactus Jack was a hardcore legend who would go even further than Mankind to inflict pain on his opponents. Then there was Dude Love, the fun-loving party guy. Foley often described Dude Love as the guy he wanted to be growing up, the guy who got all the girls. With Stone Cold Steve Austin being the tough SOB that didn’t take anything from anybody, pairing with Dude Love seemed like a huge stretch. However, when Austin needed a replacement for his partner Shawn Michaels who was sidelined due to injury, Mankind said he would help. Austin did not want anything to do with him. Thus setting up the debut of Dude Love. Love would come save the day in the middle of Austin’s match with Owen Hart and British Bulldog and they would become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Its hard to imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin teaming with a guy wearing tie dye and a bandana.

3 Daniel Bryan and Kane

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Daniel Bryan was a global superstar prior to entering the WWE. Kane was already an established superstar for well over a decade before Bryan even joined the roster. On one hand you have a mat technician who loves the sport of wrestling and the other hand is a 7-foot monster who walks through hellfire and brimstone to terrorize his opponent. When Daniel Bryan lost his first World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXVIII in 18 seconds, his career skyrocketed. His imfamous “YES!” chant filled sports arenas everywhere. Bryan, who was a heel decided he wanted to reprogram the audience so he started the “NO!” chants. Bryan and Kane who were in a feud during SummerSlam 2012 were forced to go to anger management classes. There they were told to “hug it out.” This would lead them to form the tag team known as Team Hell No, A named chosen by the fans.

2 Booker T and Goldust

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When you look back at the history of Vince McMahon’s creations, Goldust has to be one of the best. When he steps in the ring, one can instantly feel uncomfortable. Then there is Booker T, who grew up in the streets of Houston Texas and has always been a hard worker who doesn’t take any smack from anyone. Unlike Goldust, Booker T isn’t down for the mind games. The two came together after Booker was kicked out of the nWo (2002 version). Not having a partner to get his revenge, he finally joined Goldust who had been trying to team with him for a while. Booker T was part of the legendary tag team Harlem Heat with his brother, Stevie Ray but they were raised together. He and Goldust were polar opposites, and when you think about polar opposites, you have to think about these two.

1 The Rock 'n' Sock Connection

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When you meet a woman who loved wrestling during the Attitude Era, more than likely it was due to The Rock. He was the Most eEectrifying Man in Sports Entertainment who commanded attention everywhere he went. Then you had Mankind. Mankind was a character who enjoyed inflicting pain on others as well as himself. In 1999 he created Mr Socko. Socko was his puppet that like Mankind was a champion of the underdog. So, with this team you had one guy who was the popular kid in school and the other who all the kids made fun of. Clearly they were on the opposite ends of the spectrum. If you followed The Rock and Mankind, you would be familiar with the beatings they gave each other during the late '90s.

This strange tag team became possible when the Tag Team Champions, The Undertaker and Big Show attacked The Rock. The Rock would then challeng them to a one-on-two match. Mankind asked to help and The Rock accepted as he and Mankind would go on to win the titles. While there have been many teams that were polar opposites, none were more opposite than The Rock 'n' Sock Connection.

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