Top 15 Politically Incorrect Moments in WWE History

The world is wonderful to some people, a beautiful land of prosperity and purpose. While to others the world is a wicked placed, a rotten reminder of the nothingness that is our human existence. It doesn't matter which side you fall on. the end result is all the same. we are stuck with each other until the day we no longer breath.

Which is why so many of the planet's so-called “good” citizens strive to make the world a better place and in many cases the cause is admirable: raising money for diseases, feeding starving children, housing the homeless. It is hard to fathom but sometimes people are not concerned with self-worth; no gimmick, no scam, no hustle – just good people.

Then there are those who must nitpick every little aspect of life. Those who believe that every child should receive a medal for participating in the game, transforming the next generation into a swarm of whimps and sore losers. Learning to lose is an essential part of life, as simply taking the field does not make your child a superstar. Sure, one or two of those children will excel at the game but if it isn't your kid, move on and spare the hissy fit for Twitter.

The language police are everywhere these days; nothing can be said about anything anymore without some group of sensitive saps being offended. There are obvious exceptions as there truly is no place in this mean world for racial intolerance, as no one person is better than another strictly based on the color of their skin and anybody who still subscribes to this notion is a moron – a cosmic clown whose tragedy is his own bitter everyday life.

However, there are times when certain individuals simply needs to grow a thicker skin, especially when something that is meant for comedic purposes is deemed “politically incorrect.” The following article will take us into the already arduous world of the WWE as we examine isolated cases of “political incorrectness.”

Are these cases truly offensive or are they simply a character playing a role? Draw your own conclusions as we take a look at the top 15 politically incorrect moments in WWE history:

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16 The Miz Interupts the National Anthem

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National Anthems mean a lot to those who wear their patriotic pride on their selves. In some cases, a national anthem means little to nothing to an individual. One's position on the topic is usually based on political/social stance.

Needless to say; members of the National Guard surely take to heart the “Star-Spangled Banner.” During a house show in 2011, The Miz was sent out by Fit Finlay – who was producing the show – to interrupt the American National Anthem; an action that was heavily booed by the crowd including members of the National guard who were in attendance.

The Miz was en route to WrestleMania XXVII where he was set to defend the WWE Championship against John Cena in the biggest match of his career. The intentions of Finlay were to simply build more heat on The Miz heading into his match at 'Mania but the negative reaction was enough for WWE to release Finlay from his contract. (Finlay has since been reinstated)

15 Bret Hart's Gay Joke

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The story of Bret Hart and the WWE is a tale full of tragedy, anger, bitterness, despair, and long-awaited redemption. Following an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2013 – while in Calgary, Alberta – the WWE decided to put on a “Bret Hart Appreciation Night.”

The Calgary native was greeted in the ring by long time rivals Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon as well as fellow Canadian and the very first Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson. When Patterson decided to get down on his knees to shake hands with The Hitman; Hart would make a disparaging remark about Patterson: “When Pat starts getting on his knees, I start getting scared.”

This comment was in reference to Pat Patterson and his lifestyle as a homosexual man. Hart would later apologize via Twitter for his insensitive comments.


13 Chris Jericho and the Brazilian Flag

During a match with CM Punk at a WWE Live event in Brazil, Chris Jericho would attempt to receive some major heel heat by crumpling up and kicking the Brazilian flag. That heat that Jericho had hoped for would come by way of law enforcement.

The Brazilian police would intervene and threaten to arrest Chris Jericho for his behavior. Jericho would issue a live apology to the crowd in order for the event to continue as planned. The following day WWE would suspend Chris Jericho for his actions.

National pride runs deep within the hearts of the Brazilian people and WWE management felt as though the suspension of Chris Jericho was a necessary measure.

12 The Rock Gives Kane a Nickname

The Rock has been a master of the microphone since his early days in WWE; quick-witted, sharp-tongued, and comical; The Rock has always provided the “millions and millions” of fans with great and entertaining promo work.

One night on Raw is War, The Rock would provide Kane with a brand new nickname. Kane who was brought in to WWE as a mute character was finally given the chance to cut promos. This did not impress The Rock as The Great One would lay his patient verbal smackdown on Kane.

The line which The Rock used in reference to Kane and his ability to speak went as follows: “the big red r*****d can finally speak.” This was of course a very different time in WWE and while Kane has been nicknamed many things over the years; it is safe to say that he will never again be referred to as such on WWE programming.

11 Shawn Michaels and the Canadian Flag

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The '90s decade was the decade to push all boundaries, break all traditions, and reinvigorate the professional wrestling industry in a way that had never been done before. One of the men at the forefront of this new-look industry was Shawn Michaels.

Prior to the Montreal Screwjob at the 1997 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View, Shawn Michaels was involved in a long-running rivalry with Bret Hart. When Michaels aligned with Triple H to form D-Generation X and Hart began running The Hart Foundation; this rivalry would intensify – at one point turning into a wrestling border war between the United States and Canada.

Shawn Michaels would take his blatant disrespect for The Great White North to complete new levels of indecency when he decided to stick the Canadian flag up his nose or even worse, hump the Maple Leaf in the middle of the ring.

10 Roddy Piper Inquires About "Soul Food"

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper is one of the most controversial characters in the history of professional wrestling. Piper was Attitude long before Attitude meant something in WWE. During the “Golden Age” of wrestling, Piper was the counterpart to all that was wholesome.

In 1984, during an episode of Piper's Pit, Tony Atlas would appear as a guest on the program and was quickly belittled by Piper who asked if Atlas ate “all that soul food stuff.” The interview would continue with Piper making reference to pig's feet and watermelon.

This was a segment filled with racial overtones as Piper was certainly pushing the envelop during an era that was built on heroes.

9 CM Punk and the Fan

CM Punk once made it his personal mission to not only be the best wrestler in the world but the most hated wrestler in the world as well. Punk was cool as a babyface character but excelled as a heel; the more natural fit for CM Punk.

In 2011, while on a tour of Australia, CM Punk would get involved in a verbal altercation with a fan in attendance. Punk has often communicated with fans in such a manner since his early days in Ring of Honor. However, this time; Punk would be forced to admit his own negligence for the feelings of others.

In the heat of the argument with said fan, Punk would blurt out a homophobic slur which was frowned upon by WWE. Although no major actions were taken, Punk did apologize via Twitter.

8 Eugene

The following entry is not an isolated case. However, every single WWE moment involving Eugene can make this list on its own wicked merits. The character of Eugene was brought into the WWE as the “special nephew” of Eric Bischoff.

The idea of a mentally-disabled person making their dreams come true is a story that would warm the hearts of most but Eugene was not meant to be any inspirational story. Eugene was the cruel joke of somebody backstage who was getting a cheap chuckle every time the character was out in the ring.

Everything about Eugene reeked of a rotten storyline: the way he walked, the way he acted, the way he spoke, the way he buttoned his jacket … even his entrance music was meant to make him look foolish.

7 Vince McMahon Degrades Trish Stratus

In early 2001, a storyline began which would see the on-screen demise of the Vince and Linda McMahon's marriage. Linda was then “institutionalized” while Vince would gallivant around with other women; one of which being Trish Stratus.

The abused climax of this angle would see Vince and Trish in the ring where Vince would force Trish to strip down to her bra and panties and bark like a dog in front of the live audience in the arena and the millions of viewers watching on television.

This storyline was riddled with sexism and shame. Trish Stratus was made to look ridiculous as Vince McMahon was made to look like some sort of proud bastardized alpha-male.

6 Jerry Lawler's Homophobic Outrage

Jerry “The King” Lawler has become the WWE's version of your lovable Uncle whose jokes are corny and his language is slightly perverse. However, Jerry Lawler was once a great heel – both in the ring and at the announce table. In the '90s, Lawler rooted for every heel in the industry while feuding with Bret Hart, waging war of ECW and taking exception to a new and provocative WWE character known as Goldust.

In a memorable backstage promo; a rage-fueled Jerry Lawler would shoot-off on a homophobic tirade against Goldus,; using what is considered the worst word one could call a gay man.

5 Triple H Simulates Necrophilia

The “Katie Vick” storyline that went down in 2002 involving Triple H and Kane is now an infamous part of WWE history. The angle would have Triple H accuse Kane of having sexual relations with the corpse of a girl named Katie Vick following a car accident which claimed her life.

The controversial storyline was catching heat but would continue on with Triple H presenting footage of Kane committing the act in question. The aired video would show Triple H wearing a Kane mask and simulating sexual intercourse with a mannequin in a casket.

Necrophilia is definitely a taboo subject but leave it to WWE to incorporate everything into their storylines at least once.

4 Masked Men Attack The Undertaker

September 11, 2001 was a day of darkness as the world stood still and sent all their love and support to New York City in the wake of the terrible disaster that had occurred. The world was on high alert as suddenly safety was a uncertainty.

One would think that WWE would steer clear of anything related to 9/11 as it pertains to their storylines but one would be wrong. Introducing: Muhammad Hassan – an Arab-American fed up with the stereotypes and prejudice he was forced to face following the 9/11 attacks.

The character was dropped by WWE following a controversial angle that saw Hassan praying at the top of the ramp before five masked men came out to attack and choke out The Undertaker.

3 Roddy Piper in Blackface

Blackface is the theatrical act of painting one's face entirely black in order to portray a black person on stage. This was once a common practice in the entertainment industry before those involved came to their senses and realized the absurdity and racial insensitivity of such an act.

Well, if anybody in the history of WWE was going to cut a promo in blackface; it was bound to be “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – which is exactly what happened when Piper became involved in a feud with Bad News Brown.

Roddy Piper, in the build to his match with Brown at WrestleMania VI, would paint half his face black before painting an entire half of his body for the match itself at 'Mania.

2 JBL's Nazi Salute

Somewhere in the sleazy scum-ridden corners of this planet are those who believe that Adolf Hitler was right in his demented, nonsensical, narrow-minded vision of a German utopia. Those who truly believe that they have a belief system but are really nothing more than pawns and puppets.

During a European tour, while WWE made a stop in Munich, Germany; JBL would use the outdated gestures of the Third Reich to attain heel heat from the crowd. JBL was seen performing the Nazi salute as well as goose-stepping around the ring.

Apparently, no repercussions came of this incident as it was virtually forgotten sooner rather than later and JBL was off the hook.

1 Vince McMahon Uses the N-Word

Have you heard the story about Tom Hanks' son Chet feeling as though he has the right to use the N-Word because he “identifies with hip hop culture?”Chet Haze (rapper name) grew up white and privileged with no sense of any culture outside of Rich Kid Hollywood.

Vince McMahon was raised in the same fashion. There is nothing cool about Vince McMahon. The man is pure uncut vanilla; a rich, old, out-of-touch, money-hungry maniac whose fortune was made on the blood and sweat of others.

During a backstage segment with John Cena, McMahon felt as though dropping an N-Bomb was the right move, in front of Booker T and his wife nonetheless. While the inclusion of Booker T in this segment was clearly a dig at an infamous promo Booker once cut in WCW where he called Hulk Hogan the N-Word; it was still unnecessary and simply Vince McMahon trying to stir the pot of controversy.

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