Top 15 Wrestling Urban Legends You've Never Heard!

The wrestling industry has produced a lot of memories ever since breaking through into the mainstream media and has provided a whole lot of entertainment throughout the years. The WWE has established itself as the top brand of wrestling and has been providing entertaining programs for a long time now, but there are certain secrets about the company and its stars which many do not know about.

There have been many crazy urban legends which have been floating around the wrestling community and some of them are really raunchy. These urban legends are quite off-putting when one thinks about the scenarios they allegedly took place in, but one can wonder whether some (or all) of them are indeed true knowing the crazy nature of wrestling. These wicked urban legends involve some of the most popular superstars to have graced the ring and one's perception of them can change after reading about these.

These relatively unknown wrestling urban legends definitely reveal some of the darkest aspects of these superstars and it's up to the readers to judge whether they're true or not.

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15 Triple H Had An Affair With Christy Hemme

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Triple H has been the real Guy for WWE for almost two decades now, as he's been the man whose always been with them and has been doing a great job as a booker for NXT in the past few years as well. While he's normally been a loyal husband to Stephanie McMahon, The Cerebral Assassin apparently got a bit too close and personal with the hot WWE diva Christy Hemme when she came to the company. They were apparently having an affair and Stephanie only came to know when she saw Hemme "acting inappropriately" with Triple H and had her fired for it. It hasn't really been proved yet whether Triple H and Hemme really did have a physical affair or not, but knowing that Triple H didn't do anything to stop her firing probably points that he was guilty about something after all.

14 Goldust Wanted To Get Implants

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Goldust has been an extremely bizarre character in professional wrestling for almost over two decades now, portraying his weird gimmick really well during his time in WWE. He was quite high on creative's priority when he was thriving in the 90s and apparently he wanted to take it up a notch and pitched a crazy idea for his character. Goldust allegedly asked Vince McMahon to get breast implants which would help his character look even weirder and WWE was actually even keen on it, before pulling the plug at the last moment. This may be an urban legend, but it's not really that shocking to hear about this and knowing how bizarre Goldust (and the person portraying him) is, something as insane as this can definitely be a possibility.

13 Virgil Got His Job By Flashing Pat Patterson

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Virgil was never really the big wrestling star that he thinks he was, but he was pretty entertaining when he was "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase's butler and also later when he feuded against him. Things started to fall apart for Virgil after that as he went to WCW where he wasn't really that successful and he's been trying to recapture his lost glory in the past few years where he's been travelling to wrestling events to earn some money. But the incident which allegedly got Virgil a job in WWE is actually pretty shocking; he apparently flashed his private parts to Pat Patterson, who was impressed by what he saw. It's not really a secret that Patterson is gay, so this isn't really that surprising either and goes onto show the lengths one can go to get into WWE.

12 Andre The Giant Loved Taking Dumps In Hotel Bathtubs

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Andre the Giant was the original "Giant" in the WWE and undoubtedly the best one as well as his amazing work in the 80s helped the WWE attain mainstream status as he produced some top-quality entertainment. Andre had a disease which made him grow at a rapid pace and while he was over 7 feet tall, he had shockingly big body parts which would not fit in regular places at all! Andre would fail to use the toilet properly and due to being unable to use the washrooms, he used to "go #2" in the hotel room bathtubs at times. Apparently, Andre made it a habit of doing this and went on with it numerous times while on the road, and knowing about his size and weight issues, this doesn't really come off as shocking but is pretty disgusting at the same time.

11 Kurt Angle Fooled Around With Jacqueline On The Road

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Kurt Angle returned to the WWE as the current Raw General Manager after his Hall of Fame induction. He was going through a rough period a few months ago when his "secret" was threatened to be exposed. As it turns out, Angle's secret was that he fooled around with an African-American woman in college and hence Jason Jordan became his illegitimate child. Angle has confessed his love for dark-skinned women and while he has had confirmed relationships with Rhaka Khan of TNA, Angle was really into them in the 90s as well. Apparently, Angle fooled around with Jacqueline and had an extramarital affair with her when the two trained together in Memphis. This urban legend isn't confirmed like some of his other ones, but knowing Angle's love for dark-skinned women and knowing how hot and lusty Jacqueline was then, this could have definitely happened back then.

10 Stephanie McMahon Used To Go On "Wild Rides" With Friends In College

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Stephanie McMahon may be in a powerful position in the WWE right now, as she and her husband Triple H are expected to inherit the keys to the kingdom in the future but she wasn't always so responsible. Stephanie was still daddy's little princess before she entered the WWE and she decided to have a little fun with her friends when she was still in college. Stephanie would drive around in a limousine with her friends as they used to club hop. They apparently picked up random guys from pubs and "fooled around" with them inside the limousine; when they had finished up with the guys, they would leave them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Steph seems to have been quite the wicked one in college as this raunchy tale shows how she liked to have fun back in the day.

9 Bruce Hart's Relationship With A Teenager

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Bruce Hart may not have been as popular as the likes of Bret "The Hitman" Hart or Owen Hart but he is a major reason for The Hart Family's success due to his amazing work as a wrestler and a booker as well. Hart has been part of some controversial stuff in his life and allegedly he knocked up a 14-year old girl when he was working as a teacher before Stampede Wrestling became famous. Hart was then forced to get married to Andrea and while there are multiple variations of this story, it's still unknown what exactly happened. Regardless of whether it's true or not, Bruce was quite the character and if he had indeed gotten intimate with a teenage girl at the age of 33, then one can't really respect the man.

8 Raven Roamed Around In The Buff Backstage In TNA

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Raven was quite the eccentric and gothic wrestler back in the 90s where he did some amazing work for ECW and WCW with his unique character which was successful almost everywhere he went. Raven went on to join TNA after his WWE reign came to an end in 2003 and it seems as if he took things way too lightly in the promotion and thought that it was his home. Raven apparently used to roam around naked in the locker room and backstage during his time in TNA. It's okay to be naked in your own private area, but Raven's roaming wasn't liked by everyone (understandably so) and he had to be told to start wearing some clothes before Dixie Carter saw him like that. Raven may be a "nudist" of sorts, but doing disgusting stuff like this is what gave him a bad name.

7 Kevin Nash And Scott Hall Took A Dump In Jerry Lawler's Crown

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Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were part of one of wrestling's most notorious backstage groups in the 90s in the Kliq who pulled disgusting pranks over almost everyone in the back. So when Jerry "The King" Lawler came to the WWE and came off as arrogant to many, Nash and Hall decided to teach him a lesson. Apparently, the two took The King's precious crown and proceeded to dump all over it and filled it to the absolute brim of the crown. The King couldn't really do anything about it knowing how powerful the two were back in the day, as this raunchy act goes onto show just how bad some of the Kliq's pranks were and how even somebody as respected as Jerry Lawler fell victim to one of their disgusting pranks.

6 Shawn Michaels May Have Swung Both Ways In The 90s

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Shawn Michaels was undoubtedly at the peak of his greatness in the 90s when he shone as WWE's face during the New Generation Era and swooned over many with his charisma. While he was a highly entertaining character in the ring, he was an equally foul one outside it as his urban legends are limitless, stretching from urinating on people to spoiling the food and possessions of those who didn't want to sleep with him. Allegedly Michaels was well-protected by Vince McMahon because he had a rather intimate relationship with the allegedly bisexual Vince in the 90s. Michaels is also linked to getting a bit too close to buddy Triple H and while it all seems rather unbelievable at first, knowing his drug abuse and attitude back then, this could be another urban legend which is actually true about the Heart Break Kid.

5 Sunny And Chris Candido Had A Threesome With Jake Roberts 

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Sunny may have been one of the hottest women in wrestling during the 90s, but she has done some stuff which she definitely regrets and had the reputation of sleeping around with wrestlers at the time. She was with Chris Candido when she initially came to the WWE and it didn't take much time for them to get addicted to the wrong kind of drugs and when they ran short of it, they went to Jake "The Snake" Roberts for help. Apparently Sunny and Candido agreed to have a three-way with Roberts in exchange for the drugs. Sunny has been accused of exchanging drugs for sexual favors so this doesn't really come off as that shocking, as this only goes onto show the desperation she and Candido had for drugs and how they could've done anything to get some for themselves.

4 Diamond Dallas Page Loaned His Wife To Eric Bischoff For A Sustained Push

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Diamond Dallas Page was one of WCW's prized assets in the 90s because of how he sort of grew along with the company, but even he had to make some sacrifices to "please the boss" that was Eric Bischoff and make sure his push was sustained in the company. Apparently, DDP went to unbelievable lengths to make sure he was being pushed by the company and even "loaned out" his wife Kimberly to Bischoff to make sure he had a sustained push in the company. Bischoff apparently did everything he wanted with Kimberly at the time and was pleased enough to keep DDP's push going and booked him to become one of WCW's top stars at the time. This seems absolutely shocking knowing how DDP is in real life, but when it comes to professional wrestling and reaching the top, nothing can be discarded.

3 Vince McMahon Had A Threesome With Sable And Brock Lesnar

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Vince McMahon may be the boss who is responsible for the WWE being the multi-billion dollar company it is today and the main reason for them delivering the amazing product for the past 2 decades or so, but he loves to get down and dirty with his talent at times. Vince has been linked to having slept with many WWE divas in the past in order to push them, but the most shocking urban legend of his is that he's apparently even slept with Sable and Brock Lesnar. Now many say that he's bisexual so Vince probably didn't have any obligation to a three-way and it's pretty shocking to realize that Sable and Lesnar even agreed to it. This probably proves why the two were always booked strongly by Vince, as this shows how even the "top stars" may have had to "please the boss."

2 Rhyno Used To Please Himself In Open Locker Rooms

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Rhyno was a dangerous, terrifying individual back in the day when he excelled as part of ECW and tore everyone apart with his devastating finisher. He did some really extreme stuff in ECW which got him a job in WWE later on in his career and as it turns out, Rhyno was quite the raunchy guy in real life back in the day as well. He didn't really care about what someone thought about him and allegedly used to please hismelf in the middle of the locker rooms in between independent shows. That's actually quite disgusting and goes on to show just how much of a crazy human being Rhyno was.

1 Lita May Have Taken Part In Some "Showers"

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Lita was one of the main reasons for the growth of Women's Wrestling in the WWE as her amazing wrestling skills and legendary feud with Trish Stratus helped develop both as two of the greatest of all time. Lita may have been such a terrific wrestler for the WWE, but she had to take the hard way to get into the company in the first place. She went to train to Mexico where she was known to give "favors" for wrestling training and when she came to ECW, she continued getting down and dirty with wrestlers. Lita was apparently "showered" by ECW wrestlers Steve Corino and Danny Doring when she was in the company! This gross urban legend proves how even someone as legendary as Lita had to stoop to lows to get to where she's at and how the road to success is anything but easy.

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