Top 15 Real Life Feuds Taking Place In WWE Right Now

WWE is in a very tough position in the year 2017. The ratings are are horrible. Their booking decisions are questionable most of the time. They have some of the best wrestlers in the world yet they misuse most of them. And worst of all, they're two biggest stars are part-timers in Brock Lesnar and John Cena. It has to eventually get better but the year 2017 has been tough to watch for fans just of WWE. Luckily New Japan Pro Wrestling is having a great year as far as story-telling and wrestling. Times in WWE behind the curtain have to be hostile. Wrestlers must be frustrated with their current position and are hostile towards management. Wrestlers are in certain positions they shouldn't be in and more deserving wrestlers are infuriated. The aforementioned part-time wrestlers come in and take over as if the people there everyday don't matter. Certain wrestlers have used who their dating as a method to remain in their position at the thus screwing over other professional wrestlers.

Here are 15 feuds in WWE going on behind the curtain.

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15 Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

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The list begins with WWE's part-time Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar ended the short title reign of Goldberg at WrestleMania 33. Since then, he's made hardly any appearances on Raw as we should all expect. Brock Lesnar's employment to the WWE makes zero sense. He does nothing when he appears on WWE television. His matches are legitimately all the same unlike wrestlers who fans complain about. And worst of all, he's holding down the wrestlers who are there every week. Roman Reigns should have beaten Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 instead of holding it off another year. This could have slowed down the hatred of Roman Reigns. Reigns like many other on the main roster have complained about Lesnar being difficult to work with. Austin Aires was fired for the same thing recently.

14 Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss

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The WWE Women's Division on Raw is in a very strange place. Alexa Bliss has the strongest character and mic work on Raw but her ring work is usually not good. Bayley's character has run it's course and she has been destroyed by the creative team. Last but not least Sasha Banks works best as a heel and she's face. WWE isn't do them any favors with their horrible booking of them. Two of the aforementioned stars unfortunately don't see eye-to-eye. Unlike most of the women on WWE's main roster, these two do not follow each other on any form of social media. In one of their more infamous interactions Sasha would cut Bliss off anytime she would speak which is hardly ever done in promos. These two are nowhere near acquaintances let alone friends.

13 Xavier Woods and Paige

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Paige's fiancee Alberto El Patron is very bitter about Xavier Woods and the entire WWE for that matter. He's gone on several rants and has yet to receive a response from anyone as people refuse to give him attention. He's bitter about WWE for him not succeeding and being treated unfairly because of his ethnicity. He's bitter about Xavier Woods because Woods had sexual relations with his fiancee. Everyone knows the story by know but for those who don't, Paige had several inappropriate pictures and videos leaked. One of the videos leaked was Xavier Woods and Paige together while being filmed by Brad Maddox. Surely Paige wasn't appreciative of the line involving her during the rap battle.

12 Kevin Owens and Brock Lesnar

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Although these two have hardly touched, Brock Lesnar has been one of the wrestlers who has been screwed over the most by Brock Lesnar. Kevin Owens reign as Universal Champion was horrible for 95% of it and towards the end of it, was he was picking up serious steam. He had turned on Chris Jericho and became a much more serious character oppose to being a joke. At Fastlane 2017, WWE put the breaks on that and had Owens lose the title to Goldberg. This was so an already important match could have a title to go along with it as Goldberg would lose to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Kevin Owens was given the United States Championship as a consolation prize.

11 Naomi and Nikki Bella

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Nikki Bella's reign of terror over the then divas division in 2015 can be compared to Brock Lesnar's run since he's been back with WWE. Nikki Bella's run with Diva's Championship was so unfair to rest of the women's roster and what made it worse was that she lied to the fans faces about it. She defeated AJ Lee in late 2014 and turned face randomly in 2015 to feud with Naomi. Naomi was finally getting her feet underneath her as a singles character and it was the perfect timing but instead, Nikki Bella had it changed at the last minute and she retained her title and pinned Naomi. She would go on to win the title two years too late. Nikki Bella would go on to deny the fact the she is able to go to her fiancee John Cena or step-father John Laurinaitis and ask for favors.

10 John Cena and Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar's second appearance on this list comes against WWE's biggest star John Cena. Cena was chosen to be the man to face Lesnar when he returned to the company. The match was phenomenal but the wrong man won when Cena pinned Lesnar clean. As compensation for losing clean, they told him Cena would be leaving on a stretcher. Many people who watched the pay-per-view know that he didn't leave on a stretcher. Lesnar ended up winning nothing in the first feud between the two and Lesnar was very upset by Cena's decision not to leave on a stretcher. He did however cut a promo that same night and said he had to go away for awhile which he failed to do as well.

9 Maria Kanellis and Nikki Bella

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Maria Kanellis made her return to the WWE along with her husband Mike Bennett. Her return was delayed many years by one aforementioned Nikki Bella. Maria Kanellis was a contestant on WWE's second ever Diva Search. Although she didn't win she was given a contract on the main roster. She was never a women's champion but she did grace the cover of Playboy magazine. Her time with company came to an end in 2010 as she was future endeavored. She attempted to make her return but she was stopped by The Bella Twins. According to Maria, the heats stems from Maria claiming that the Bellas had no talent. Maria also stated that Nikki was offended by Maria dancing with Nikki's then boyfriend Dolph Ziggler. Bella delayed her return for several years and Maria is just now returning to the company in which she made her name.

8 Maryse and Nikki Bella

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Maryse like Maria Kanellis was a former Diva Search contestant. She was a participant in the 2006 version and also like Maria did not win. Maryse was still given a chance to work for WWE and she excelled at her role for several years. She was a very good heel and won many championships in her first run. Her wrestling ability was what you would expect to be at the time. She left the WWE on good terms in 2011 and was basically given the freedom to return whenever especially since her husband is The Miz. Unfortunately, her return was halted by the Bella Twins. This issue was brought up during The Miz and John Cena feud. Maryse brought up the fact that Nikki has used her fiance to keep people out of the company. Unlike most of the women's wrestlers these two do not follow each other on social media.

7 John Cena and Dolph Ziggler

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John Cena's holding down of WWE's most talented wrestlers cannot go unnoticed. His list of wrestlers includes the late Umaga, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, and Damien Sandow. His buried wrestler list also includes Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler know has very little of a fan following and people couldn't care less whether or not he's on television. In 2012 however, that was a different story. Dolph Ziggler was the most over man in the WWE and fans were all for him. He won the Money in the Bank in 2012 and fans knew it was a matter of time until he won a World Heavyweight Championship. Before getting to the title he feuded with John Cena and the two had a one-sided feud and Cena got the best of him nearly time. Ziggler would eventually win the title get injured and fall back down the ranks. Ziggler has stated his dislike for Cena and he hates the position he's in.

6 John Cena and The Miz

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John Cena makes another appearance on the list as his burial tour continues. The Miz won the 2010 Money in the Bank briefcase. He had an incredibly rough WWE tenure prior to winning the Briefcase. He was bullied by much of the locker room when he got there and was a comedy act for much of his WWE run. In 2010 he was finally coming into his own as a serious character. He pinned Randy Orton for the WWE Championship and at WrestleMania XXVII he faced John Cena. Unfortunately, he was the third most important man in the match as he was overshadowed by The Rock and John Cena. The following month, he would lose the title to John Cena and won in the biggest instance of him being overpowered as he took out The Miz and Alex Riley. It would take The Miz five years to once again become relevant.

5 Daniel Bryan and Vince McMahon

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The current SmackDown Live General Manager has had made his voice known that he rather wrestle than be in his current role. Vince McMahon has made it known that he never wants to see Bryan return to a WWE ring. McMahon wants the best for Bryan and refuses to see him come close to another concussion. Because of this, the current SmackDown General Manager has made it known that intends to wrestle elsewhere once his WWE contract expires. After Cody won the ROH World Championship, Daniel Bryan tweeted that his contract expires towards the end of 2018. If McMahon lifts the wrestling ban on Bryan he surely wouldn't leave but many do not expect the ban to ever be lifted.

4 Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar

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This one took myself and many other fans by surprise. The two had an entertaining feud going into WrestleMania 32 and fans were expecting it to be the best match at WrestleMania. Sadly, we're given the same Brock Lesnar match, and to put it bluntly a squash match. Many fans were left asking the question "Where did this match go wrong?" On a WWE Network edition of the Stone Cold Podcast we were given light as to what it's like to wrestle against Brock Lesnar. Ambrose exposed Lesnar for being incredibly difficult to work with and this garnered him unfair backstage heat. Ambrose claimed that Lesnar was lazy and refused to do anything Ambrose wanted.

3 Sasha Banks and Vince McMahon


Sasha Banks main roster tenure has lasted two years and I'm sure she's not pleased with how it's went. She's feuded with essentially one person and while her feud with Charlotte was entertaining and it brought us very memorable moments, Sasha gained zero from the feud. WWE's first mistake was keeping her a face this long. Her promos as a her not good and generic. However, her main roster run isn't all her fault. When she got to the main roster, it was made known that Vince isn't a complete believer in her. McMahon believes that she is injury prone as she has had a couple of injuries on the main roster and she is a danger to herself in the ring as she has had a some close calls.

2 Mauro Ranallo and JBL

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For a short period of time, WWE considered having JBL instead of Mauro Ranallo. JBL who's the worst commentator in professional had a commentating job over the best commentator of the modern era in Mauro Ranallo. Thankfully WWE somewhat came to their senses and rehired Ranallo. To make everything right now they need to take JBL off of commentary. The issue stems from Mauro missing in episode of SmackDown from what we thought at the time was bad weather. It later came out that he was no-showing SmackDown so he wouldn't have to deal with the bullying of JBL. Many people came out in favor Mauro who is bipolar. WWE chose to go the other way and agreed to end their contract with Mauro. Fans as you would expect became outraged and many months later we have Mauro back commentating with NXT.

1 Triple H and Vince McMahon

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Triple H's and his father-in-law Vince McMahon are not seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to the future of WWE. Triple H has ran NXT to perfection and help create a better product than that on the main roster. Both SmackDown and Raw has produced hard to watch television. It is very difficult to watch the main roster which is a shame considering the main roster has the best talent it's ever had. Unfortunately the talent that has come out of NXT has not always been used correctly. Sami Zayn is the clearest example of this. He has lost all of the steam that he had in NXT and Vince McMahon has made it clear that he is not a fan. Triple H has made it known that he displeased with the way the NXT talent has been treated on the main roster and the WWE will be in a better place once Vince is less hands on.

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