Top 15 Reasons Bray Wyatt Would Be A MUST See WWE Champion

Over the years, the WWE has had many superstars attempt to solidify themselves as a MUST see superstar. Time and time again, only a select few superstars have been able to take the ball and run with it. Talented names like Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Dean Ambrose are examples of fan favorites that always come so close to winning the prestigious WWE World Heavyweight championship, but can never get the job done. Although these are some of the biggest and popular superstars WWE has to offer, there is one man who hasn't had a one on one chance at winning the title, and that man is the patriarch, Bray Wyatt.

For almost three years, Bray Wyatt has been one of the companies hottest superstars. He's been in feuds with some of the best stars including Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, and the man that runs the place, John Cena. All of these matches turned into month long feuds, that unfortunately, didn't revolve around the WWE championship. Bray Wyatt has tasted the main event scene only a select few times and the company has yet to show interest in putting him in the main event spot.

This past Monday on Raw, we seen a glimpse into what could possibly be the beginning of a main event push for Wyatt and more importantly, a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

After a brutal match between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose, that would end in a disqualification, the CEO and current WWE World heavyweight champion, Triple H, made his way to the ring where he approached a wearied Dean Ambrose. A confrontation between the CEO and Bray Wyatt took place in the ring as they both stared one another down. The crowd was feeding off the emotion going on in the ring as they cheered "YES, YES, YES." They could sense that Bray wanted something. It was made clear what he wanted, as he glared down into the WWE title that laid upon hunter's shoulder. He brushed his fingers on the title, laughed, and made his way out the ring.

It was at that moment we knew this could hint that Bray could be paying a visit to the main event seen very soon. Here is 15 reason why he would be a MUST see champion.

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15 Represents a New Generation of Talent 

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NXT has shaped some of WWEs best talent thus far. Its becoming essential that every up and coming superstar makes a mark in NXT before they make there way up to Monday night's longest weekly episodic show.

Bray is one of the very few that have made an impact on the main roster coming out of NXT. Stars like- John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and The Undertaker have ran the locker room for years now, but for how much longer?

Bray has already proved that he is main event material and becoming the WWE world champion is his first step. The new generation is upon us and Bray Wyatt is shaping up to be one of the leaders of the new age.

14 He's Loved Even Though He Loses 

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Not many superstars can say they have lost almost every major feud they've been in, but came out with the same credibility as before. For years now, Bray has been one of the best talents on the roster and has been under-utilized for far too long now. He has lost his feud with Cena, Roman, and The Undertaker. He's been a main event star in the making for years now, but has been playing the jobber for other superstars. Every time it looks like he's climbing the ladder to grab the brass ring, he gets pulled right back down. The time has arrived. 2016 is the year of Bray Wyatt.

13 Charismatic 

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Many superstars have been gifted with undeniable talent in the ring. Getting in the ring and performing on the road 200 days a year is no walk in the park. Although wrestling skills are a major key in the WWE, the one thing that could make or break you is your charisma.

Luckily, Bray Wyatt has a presence that attracts fans of all ages. It's not often that you see a superstar that can get on the mic and not one single person in the arena is saying a word because they're mesmerized by what they have to say. The patriarch shows passion and oozes a vibe that is hard not to notice. When he's on the mic, hes got the whole world in his hands.

12 He Has Already Faced the Best WWE Has To Offer 

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It's written in the title. He has beaten the best WWE has to offer. John Cena, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and the list goes on. How has someone with such an elite list of matches not been given a one on one match for the richest prize in the business? Almost all of these feuds have resulted in some of the best matches of the PG era. With the title around his waist, he can re-start feuds with a new purpose: to keep the title around his waist.

11 Bray in the Main Event Will Be Refreshing 

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One of the company's biggest mistakes over the years has been keeping the same exact people in the title scene. Time and time again, the fans will get behind certain superstars and the company will fail to place them in the title scene. Over the past two years, a handful of the same guys, have graced the title scene. Seeing Bray Wyatt in the title scene will be refreshing to the fans because, as we've mentioned a couple of times now, he has yet to have a one on one shot at the title.

Outside of the six man Money in the Bank championship match in 2014, Wyatt has not had his shot at the gold. Having Wyatt in the title picture could intrigue the everyday fans and possibly bring back some of its former viewers.

10 Putting Superstars Over 

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Being the WWE champion means you're the best in the business. You have a line of hungry superstars that are gunning for the gold. That doesn't necessarily mean you will win every match. Bray is the type of star that can suffer a lost, without him losing credibility.

No one likes a superstar that wins everything. Look at the reception that superstars like John Cena and Roman Reigns receive. If you book a superstar the right way, meaning he's not invincible, then you can keep your casual fans satisfied.

Expect him to be booked as a PPV winning champion, but will help out the talent on Raw by suffering losses here and there.

9 When He Wins, The Wyatt Family Wins 

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For some time, The Wyatt Family have been causing terror to opponents for almost 3 years now. There comes a time when you gotta think, when is it time for them to win some gold? It all starts when Bray captures the WWE Championship.

More main event spots and time on television will help bring credibility to each member of the family. They all can;t rely on Bray to keep them at the top of the mountain forever. So what should they do? Exactly what Evolution did it 2003-2004, hold all the gold.

8 Sister Abigail 

Dating back to 2013, Bray Wyatt, in numerous promos, has mentioned Sister Abigail. We know that his finishing move is named after her, but who is she? Is she a myth, Someone we never seen before? Or even possibly someone we see weekly. There's not much any of us know about her, but Bray holding a title could be a perfect opportunity for her to debut, if there actually is a her.

7 The New Face of Fear 

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Since his character debuted, Wyatt has played the leader of The Wyatt Family. Bray's character is meant to be spine chilling from his entrance to his cryptic promos. There has been only one man before him, that would send chills down your spine, and that man is The Undertaker. With Bray's character, there are endless possibilities of the different directions the WWE could go with him. He gets in his opponents head and feeds off their fears and weaknesses, which could make watching him as champion that much more interesting.

6 Injury-prone 

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Since his debut, he has fortunately been injury free. He has suffered some bumps and bruises, but hasn't suffered an injury to keep him out of action. Many of today's top stars have fallen victim to injuries, forcing them to relinquish the title (Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Seth Rollins) and ending their runs early. His wrestling style is very unique and doesn't require him to wrestle at a fast pace, so he has a better chance of keeping himself injury free. An injury prone champion is what the WWE needs and Bray Wyatt could be that guy.

5 Crowd Reaction 

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Lets face it, today's WWE fans are hard to please. When they don't want something, they make it clear (like the last three Royal Rumbles). They're like little kids who want something, but knows they can't get it, so they complain until they get what they want. Anyway, It's not everyday that the WWE can feed the fans a superstar that every single one of them like.

Out of the few really popular superstars out there, Bray Wyatt stands high among those that almost all fans like. When his entrance music hits, everyone in that arena gets out their cell phone and shines their flashlight as he walks down the aisle. Since his debut, he's played a character that's the first of its kind and he's played it exceptionally well. His creepy persona and amazing mic skills make him one of WWE's favorite feels. What makes a must-see champion? A champion that gets huge reactions and make his matches seem like a big spectacle.

4 Possible Babyface Turn 

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Anyone that watched this past Monday night Raw was ticked pink when Bray Wyatt went face to face with the CEO and current WWE Champion, Triple H. As we glimpsed into the future, the first vision I could see was a Bray Wyatt babyface turn. He's shown signs of a babyface-like character during his feuds with Cena back in 2014, but has never officially been considered a face. He already has the majority of the fans behind him, so we can only imagine how he would get over if he captured the title. Everything from his entrance to fighting style is very much admired by the fans, so it might be a natural switch for him.

3 Has Never Received A Proper Title Match 

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He's spent three on the main roster and he has not captured a single title, despite being universally loved. Better yet, he has not had been given a singles match for any minor or major title. Seems a bit crazy, right? How could someone with such talent, charisma and wrestlings skills, be out of the title picture? What's remarkable about this is he was able to maintain relevance without holding a title and created his own legacy. He's overdue for a one and his first title shot will hopefully be for the richest prize in the business.

2 Passing of the Torch 

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Over the years, WWE has had some creepy characters. Names like The Boogeyman, Gangrel, Papa Shango,Kkane, and The Undertaker. The Undertaker brought a presence to the arena that is unmatched. You got the chills, you were glued to your TV, and most of all, you were entertained. There wasn't anyone like him, until now.  His entrance, much like The Undertaker's, gives you goosebumps that you only get when someone special walks to the ring.

In what was believed to be a passing of the torch match at WrestleMania 31, the WWE failed to put Bray Wyatt over, as he fell victim to The Undertaker making him the 22nd victim of his illustrious 22-1 WrestleMania record.

Having Bray win the title could possibly set up a possible future rematch between the two. The torch could finally be passed in an unforgettable match, where we could possibly see The Undertaker put his career on the line verses Bray's title.

1 Pipebomb 

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When Bray is on the mic, he has the whole damn world in his hands. This was a dead give away for the number one spot. He's better on the mic then almost everybody on the roster. He possess the ability to say something absolutely insane on the mic and everybody in the entire arena are persuaded to believe it. He gives fans a variety of emotions that make his character that much more sinister.

As a champion, Bray can feed the masses more promos to tune into every week. His challengers will go through various mental obstacles, that can create month long feuds that only get better as the feud goes on.

The new face of fear has arrived.

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