Top 15 Reasons Dean Ambrose Should Be The Face of WWE

Imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin without the beer, without a Texan accent, and with a full head of crazy hair; the person you would then be seeing is Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has many of the same characteristics of Stone Cold; blatant disrespect for authority, riding to the ring in a bunch of different vehicles, and not caring what anyone else thinks. The only difference is that he has not reached the height Stone Cold has yet, simply because the WWE has held him back.

Though stability is cherished by many, the WWE fans want a superstar who is unstable, unpredictable, unhinged, a lunatic if you will. This all describes Dean Ambrose. He has a great connection to the WWE universe, and can easily be as big as any other fan favorite. For some reason the WWE either does not see or isn't interested in pushing Ambrose, hence making him lose in several matches. For example, his match at TLC in 2014 against Bray Wyatt ended with him electrocuting himself pulling a monitor out from under the ring. Fans were greatly disappointed not only at his loss, but at the ridiculous way they went about it.

Dean Ambrose, since coming to the WWE in 2012, has been nothing but entertaining. Since debuting at Survivor Series, Ambrose has brought a comedic element to the business of professional wrestling. He was the one who was sure to bring laughs in The Shield; the one who fans knew would bring nothing but energy and excitement.

After the split of The Shield, we saw what Ambrose was truly capable of as a singles competitor. He gave us some of the best matches in the PG era, and some antics we have not ever seen. He should very well be "the man." Below are some of the reasons he should be on top.

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15 He Worked The Indy Circuit

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Dean Ambrose started off selling concessions and setting up the ring at HWA, the Heartland Wrestling Association. In just two short years, he actually got in the ring debuting as Jon Moxley. He then worked for organizations such as Dragon Gate USA and Insanity Pro Wrestling. One organization that really gave him some recognition was Combat Zone Wrestling, which is famous for extrememly hardcore matches with tables, ladders, chairs, bats, and barbed wire, all things that WWE fans would love to see. That explains Ambrose being comfortable around various weapons.

14 He Stays In Character

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Staying in character may be easy for him to do considering Dean Ambrose is just different personas of Johnathan Good. According to Ambrose, "There is no creative process to come up with a character of Dean Ambrose. Dean Ambrose is a collective experience of 29 years of life. It's the good, bad and the ugly after 10 years plus wrestling." Even during interviews, meet and greets, and television appearances, you are guaranteed to see nothing but the Dean Ambrose persona, which makes the fans feel like they know him personally and feel closer to him.

13 He Is Charitable 

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So he may not have granted as many wishes as John Cena (not many have), but Dean Ambrose is still a popular request for Make-A-Wish children. In fact he was one of the most popular Superstars to do so while working with The Shield. He also visited places like the children's hospitals, often accompanied by his real life girlfriend Renee Young. Spending time is often harder than spending money, but Dean Ambrose has shown that as valuable as his time is, he is willing to share it.

12 Unique Character In PG Era

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Today's PG era has taken away creativity from superstars, but this has not stopped Ambrose from being a one of a kind Superstar. Similar to Stone Cold, he has the attitude and the charisma to take him farther than the rest of the roster. Only someone like Ambrose would take a crash test dummy dressed as a rival to the ring and punish it with its own fallen parts. Ambrose also entertained the crowd by coming to the ring with a hot dog cart, just so he could squirt ketchup and mustard at his opponents. there is seriously no one like Ambrose in the WWE today.

11 His Merchandise Sells

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In the summer of 2014, only one Dean Ambrose shirt was available on the WWE Shop. Today, there are over 10 different shirts, not to mention other products such as mugs, pendants, and pictures. His merchandise is in high demand, and as a matter of fact, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2014, Ambrose's "Unstable" hoodie sold more than any other item on the WWE Shop. WrestleMania 31 generated high sales through an undisclosed major retailer, with the retailer noting that Dean Ambrose was one of the Superstars selling the most merchandise.

10 He Is Endorsed By WWE Legends

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In preparation for his match at WrestleMania 32 against Brock Lesnar, Ambrose received not only endorsements from two legends, but gifts as well. Both Terry Funk and Mick Foley gave Ambrose a pep talk, and also gifted the former Intercontinental Champion with weapons for his No Hold Barred Street Fight; they are the kings of hardcore afterall. Ambrose received a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire from Foley,and a chainsaw from Funk. This was the second time Foley backed Ambrose, with the first being before his Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins, in which Foley believed Ambrose would come out victorious.

9 The Ladies Love Him

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Girls seem to love Dean Ambrose and it's not hard to see why. There are videos on YouTube dedicated to him, as well as pages on Facebook displaying some his best looks decorated with hearts and flowers. His fan girls are so hardcore, that they have been harassing his girlfriend Renee Young on social media. Apparently, Young had enough and tweeted for some of the fanatics to "grow up." Whether you believe she was right or wrong for doing so, it is certain that Ambrose has the looks to make girls go crazy, a group that makes up a large part of the WWE Universe.

8 He Is Hilarious

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Ambrose is perhaps one of the funniest wrestlers in the WWE today. He is very comedic during his promos, and has some very funny and memorable one liners. For example, calling Seth Rollins Justin Bieber, or pouring water down Rollin's back for what he called "charity". It seems like Ambrose pays fan services constantly, like his Money in the Bank prank, when he stole Rollins' briefcase. Upon returning it, he booby trapped it so that it squirted green slime on Rollins when he opened it.

7 He Works Well In A Team

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Though there was some fighting in the ranks of The Shield, Ambrose stayed loyal to his brethren. Even after The Shield disbanded, Ambrose teamed with Roman Reigns several times, proving his loyalty to his "brother" was deep. Ambrose has teamed with many others, as well such as John Cena, Jimmy and Jey Uso, Dolph Ziggler and more during his run in the WWE. This shows that not only can Ambrose hold singles gold, but he can eventually move into the tag team division as well. Every great wrestler held the Tag Team Title at one point, and Ambrose can easily be no exception.

6 He Is A Risk Taker

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Dean Ambrose is no stranger to risks, as he has put his body on the line frequently. During his ladder match in Wrestlemania 31 against six others for the Intercontinental Championship, Ambrose was power bombed through a ladder by Luke Harper. He put his body on the line the same way at 2014's TLC PPV, when Bray Wyatt put him through a table. Whether he is the one punishing or the one being punished, Ambrose is an ultimate risk taker.

5 He Has Interesting Rivalries

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Since his days of being in The Shield, Ambrose has always had the most interesting rivalries. The Shield versus the Wyatts, and The Shield versus Evolution were matches that really got the crowd on their feet. As a singles wrestler the rivalry he had against Seth Rollins lasted about four months, yet never turned stale. This rivalry not only gave great promos, but unforgettable matches. His rivals after included Bray Wyatt, Kevin Owens, and Brock Lesnar.

4 He Is A Fan Favorite

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Every time Ambrose's music goes off, the fans go wild, much more so than Roman Reigns or John Cena. As mentioned before, he has a huge female fan base, but it does not stop there. Ambrose is loved by all, men, women, children, PG era fans, and even Attitude Era fans. These fans stay loyal to him even though the WWE has been putting him in some terrible booking situations, and put him on the bad side of many storylines. Whether Ambrose is winning or losing, fighting Lesnar or Tyler Breeze, the fans will continue to applaud and chant his name through it all.

3 He Puts On Great Matches

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Whenever Ambrose is in the ring, you can guarantee the match will be more than exciting. One of the best matches we have seen from him, was when Ambrose took on Antonio Cesaro in a no disqualification match on an episode of Smackdown. It was a pay per view quality match, similar to the matches he puts on every week on Raw. His pay per view matches themselves are filled with action and thrills. The WWE must know this much at least, considering he main events many of their house shows, and weekly programming.

2 Fans Will Embrace Him As WWE Champion

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Ambrose has unofficially won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship twice already. The first time was during his match against Seth Rollins at Elimination Chamber in 2015. Rollins pulled the referee in front of him as a shield when Ambrose was going for an elbow drop. While the ref was out, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and pinned Rollins until a second official counted the pin. The first referee reversed the decision stating that Ambrose won by disqualification and therefore did not win the WWE Title.

The second time he was cheated out of the belt was against Triple H at Roadblock. Near the end of the match, Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds and the ref stopped the count at two stating that his feet were under the rope.

For both brief periods in which fans thought he had won the title, they went bananas, as Gorilla Monsoon would say. This proves Ambrose would make a great champion for the crowd.

1 He Is Already (Unofficially) The Man

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Simply put, Dean Ambrose is the man already. He has already been the Intercontinental Champion and held the U.S. Championship for a record amount of time. Even with all the terrible booking, Ambrose has been able to make himself look good. He has starred in the WWE film, 12 Rounds 3; Lockdown showing us that not only can he wrestle, but he can act as well.

According to Ambrose, "I am actually as good as everyone else pretends to be." Ambrose knows it, the fans know it, now it's just in a matter of time until the WWE will notice it and give Ambrose the chance he truly deserves.

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