Top 15 Reasons Dean Ambrose Won't Be 'The Man' In WWE

If you’re an avid WWE fan, then you’ve definitely heard of the lunatic fringed Dean Ambrose. From The Shield to a solo wrestler, Dean Ambrose is more of a B+ type of wrestler. There’s no doubt Ambrose

If you’re an avid WWE fan, then you’ve definitely heard of the lunatic fringed Dean Ambrose. From The Shield to a solo wrestler, Dean Ambrose is more of a B+ type of wrestler. There’s no doubt Ambrose has the ability to wrestle and can compete with the best - including his Shield brother, Roman Reigns. Still, fans are hyping him so much, that they may be disappointed in the long run. For example, he recently wrestled for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Roadblock, and was so close to winning, but couldn’t get the job done. Of course, he puts on a show, but his finishers aren’t that exciting and it clearly shows since he hasn’t held the World Heavyweight Championship belt over his shoulder yet.

Now he faces an even bigger task at WrestleMania, challenging the beast incarnate, Brock Lesnar. If you watched WWE over the past decade, or even UFC, Lesnar is someone you would not want to mess with because he’s so big and dominate. Lesnar was the only person to defeat the phenom, The Undertaker, breaking his streak at Wrestlemania. Ambrose can take a beating, but when he gets in the ring with Lesnar, he is in a world of hurt when as he steps into Suplex City. Sorry, WWE fans if Ambrose is one of your favorite wrestlers, he’ll always be one step short.

WWE may be giving Ambrose somewhat of a push right now, but it doesn't seem like they're ever going to fully embrace him as a top star in the company. Since The Shield split up, Ambrose has been less of a priority to WWE Creative than Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. It doesn't seem like they view him on the same level.

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15 He Needs The Shield


Dean Ambrose was more effective when he had his "brothers", Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. Like most groups that decide to band together, they became unstoppable forces like Nexus, Evolution, The Wyatt Family, New Day and others. If Seth Rollins didn’t decide to back stab his teammates, The Shield could still be ruling the WWE. Instead the three split up, and Ambrose has arguably done the worst out of the three.

14 His Ring Gear


Think about your favorite wrestler, no really think about it. Is he wearing a long diamond studded robe, how about all black trunks and knee braces, maybe he is wearing a singlet with polka dots. You know what he isn't wearing? Jeans and a t-shirt.

Dean Ambrose can't ascend to the top tier of the WWE without an image change to his ring gear. It looks like Ambrose gets dressed for the day, and then comes out to wrestle in those same clothes he woke up in. It's not fitting for a top talent, never has been, and never will be.

13 He Is Like Mick Foley


The sighting of Mick Foley on an episode of Monday Night Raw recently could foreshadow that it’s Dean Ambrose’s time to take up the mantle of WWE's hardcore main event talent. If you watched WWE back in the day, Foley was the guy who could take any bump, whether it was on a chair, ladder, steel cage, or whatever Foley could take the pain. Ambrose portrays similar characteristics like Foley, which is a never quit attitude and keep fighting mentality.

Ambrose will jump and crawl his way to win a match and won’t back down from a fight, but if WWE is trying to make him the next Mick Foley they may be in for trouble. While Foley was an icon during the Attitude Era, and worked with all top talent, he was never "the man"; the same fate could await Ambrose.

12 Reliance On Weapons


Ambrose is no doubt entertaining with a weapon in his hands, having effectively used chairs, kendo sticks, and whatever he can get his hands on during a match. The only problem with that is WWE doesn’t have many matches where you can use weapons on a regular basis. This serves as a problem, as Ambrose fights in many more normal matches, and without a stipulation his matches don't tend to pack the same punch. Additionally, what does it say about your star, if he needs a weapon to win every match.

11 Dolph Ziggler Effect


Let’s be honest, Dean Ambrose is another version of Dolph Ziggler. Both are talented wrestlers, but both that will remain in middle of the pack, due to being stagnant. It’s hard to compete in a company that has Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H and other big names returning frequently.

Dolph much like Dean has held WWE gold before, but for a short period of time as a singles wrestler. Both wrestlers are utility players, both trying to reach their way to the top. They’re the type of wrestlers that are put in plenty of title matches, but fall short every time.

10 Not Given Great Opponents


If WWE was actually trying to make a push for Dean Ambrose to become a bigger name, then he should have been scheduled to take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania this year. The Undertaker isn’t getting any younger, and his time with WWE is soon to come to an end. Ambrose is not exactly the ideal type of opponent fans would want to see face The Undertaker, but it would lend to the credibility of his character moving forward.

Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose does spark headlines, but Lesnar is almost certain to come out on top. Since WWE isn't going to let Lesnar lose clean, why not stick him with a different opponent, and let Ambrose actually wrestle one of the all time greats.

9 His Working Punch Is Horrible


Dean Ambrose is also known as the lunatic fringe, and has a knack for throwing loads of fists at his opponent. It’s cool at first, but then when fans are watching it on television, there’s a point where they start to notice that he really is just flailing his arms. It's hard to take him serious as a main event talent, if he isn't willing to throw punches that look real; especially against a former UFC Champion like Brock Lesnar.

8 Gimmicky Tactics


When Dean Ambrose gets shoved, he tends to duck his head under the rope, and jump back onto his opponent. It does look like he’s getting momentum that way, but it seems unnecessary to duck his head under the rope when most wrestlers would just use their body to bounce off the rope. Wrestling is just as much about psychology, as it is about physical ability, and this move makes no sense. In fact Ambrose’s move seems like he’s wasting his energy to throw a normal clothsline, that doesn't add to the story at all.

7 His Theme Music


His theme music is utterly loud, irritating, and annoying when you hear it for the first time. Yes it sounds cool at first, but hearing a motor run on repeat gets old after a few minutes. It’s only a 30 second entrance, but switching up his theme song for something new would help him tremendously. In fact, every iconic wrestler has had an iconic theme (some have had multiple), and something is just lacking in Ambrose's theme music.

6 Dirty Deeds


The name doesn’t sound as bad as the move actually looks, and it simply looks like a typical DDT. Of course Ambrose is loved now so his move is acceptable, but Dirty Deeds is nothing like a RKO, a Spear, Attitude Adjustment, Pedigree, and so on. The DDT is a move that is in most wrestlers' move sets, so having a finisher that is so plain isn't good for the long run. Ambrose may need to add a variation to it, similar to Bray Wyatt's Sister Abigail finisher.

5 His Mic Skills Need Polishing


When Dean Ambrose grabs a hold of a mic, he looks the part, but doesn't exactly act it. He has his way with the WWE Universe now, but to a certain extent he likes to ramble during promos. Usually his musings are all to similar, spouting off about how he will always get back up, and won't stay down. These things are good for an underdog, but the top babyface needs more confidence when holding the microphone... he needs to be the one talking about keeping the other guy down.

4 Heel Turn


The best possible scenario for Dean Ambrose to get more interesting is if he heel turns and goes against the WWE Universe. Even then who knows if he’ll be more interesting to watch because he may still do the same moves which is ducking underneath the rope and clotheslining his opponent or his finisher, Dirty Deeds. It worked out for Seth Rollins and he became the WWE champion so anything can happen. Plus, maybe Ambrose can have a new finisher like Rollins did with the Pedigree. There’s no doubt he can wrestle, but if Ambrose wants to stand out then maybe a heel turn could be in the near future.

3 Roman Reigns Is Next In Line


Roman Reigns may not be the most popular pick for the next face of the WWE, but he is "the guy". Reigns' accomplishments tower over most in the WWE, especially over the likes of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose is smaller than Reigns, has less of "the look" that WWE likes, and is missing the ring presence that is needed to be a ring general. This isn't to say that Reigns has those attributes, but they are building him up to learn those things, by putting him into top teir situations - leaving Ambrose down in the upper-card rotation, but not the "top guy".

2 Too Valuable As An Enhancer


Dean Ambrose is one of those guys, who is able to make most people look better than they actually are during a match. The fact that he is able to enhance others, is actually one of his greatest assets; and will be his biggest downfalls. WWE needs guys like Ambrose, who can put over main event talent, without actually hurting their own character. In some respects finding wrestlers who can do this, is actually harder than finding main event talent, and because of that Ambrose is more valuable in his current position.

1 He's Not WWE's Type



While there's a lot about Ambrose to like, he's not necessarily WWE's cup of tea. While Stone Cold's reckless character worked in the Attitude Era, WWE's not exactly in the type of era where they would allow Ambrose to really thrive in that role. It seems he'll always be somewhat held back and Ambrose having that edge would be his greatest asset in trying to be the no.1 guy.

WWE seems very comfortable with just playing it safe and going with the guy with the look and a wholesome character for kids. While many will always love what Ambrose represents, WWE will keep passing over him.

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Top 15 Reasons Dean Ambrose Won't Be 'The Man' In WWE