Top 15 Reasons Fans Are Tired Of The Rock

Do you SMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEL what The Rock....is cooking?

Unfortunately, not all that much, anymore. Not as much as WWE fans did during the late '90s and early 2000s, when Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, was the biggest name in the industry of professional wrestling.

Like many WWE Superstars (hello, John Cena!) some gimmicks just die too fast, and then the wrestler can't adapt, and they end up getting stale and boring. The Rock, in some ways, is like that. But he's not as stale as others because he returns once or twice on WWE television a year.


Let's get the party started. In all seriousness, The Rock is probably the most iconic name to wrestling fans, but to me, I didn't grow up watching him. I was watching The Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Kane, Big Show, Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Edge, and others in their prime.

WWE really relied on The Rock and Steve Austin too much, and it was easy for fans to forget about the tremendous careers these guys have had. I was really thrilled when The Rock had back-to-back WrestleMania matches against John Cena, as I finally got to see him in action.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's still great for him and the WWE Universe that he does make the sporadic returns, unlike past stars (Hi there, Mr. Austin). But in some ways, The Rock doesn't deserve the extra-special treatment over other current Superstars. And I hope I can convince you why.

Here is why The Rock is getting boring, and maybe a permanent career in Hollywood may be best for him and the WWE.

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15 The Catchphrases Are Losing It

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99.9 percent of catchphrases used by WWE Superstars get boring. Ric Flair's WOOOO is just about the only one I can think of that you're able to keep using.

Every John Cena catchphrase got boring after a month. The Miz' "I'm awesome," got boring.  The Rock's "If you smell," used to be cool when he was a full-time wrestler. But he's barely there anymore.

He doesn't have the same awesome delivery like he did when he was a wrestler. So maybe he shouldn't use it.

14 His Style Is Boring

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Whenever he shows up, The Rock isn't doing a whole lot to impress in the ring other than the fact he showed up to make more money for himself and the WWE.

I mean, sure, his WrestleMania appearance last year was cool, but it wouldn't be that awesome if Ronda Rousey didn't show up. His microphone skills are excellent, as we all know, but after a while, some action in the ring would sure make his appearances more worth our time.

13 Sporadic Appearances

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Must we really give our full and undivided attention to a guy who decides to show up once or twice a year, if even that?

Again, it's great how he shows up, because his old-time fans will never leave. But The Rock doesn't really deserve to be overly-hyped when he appears for an average time of 10 minutes a year on WWE television.

Just because he shows up, doesn't mean he deserves all the headlines. Those deserve to go to the full-timers who are devoting their lives to the WWE.

12 He's Mr. Hollywood Now

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The Rock should be viewed more as an incredible Hollywood actor whose a special guest, instead of a WWE Legend whose making an epic return.

Seriously, it's hard for the younger generations of WWE Superstars to view him as a guy whose making his return, in a way that the likes of Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan have in the past.

It's not much different if you were to bring Bradley Cooper or Leo DiCaprio on WWE television. The Rock is an actor, not a WWE Superstar in many eyes now.

11 His "Arrogance"

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Obviously, The Rock isn't as arrogant in real life as he is in WWE storylines, as he's actually one of the classiest celebrities in real life.

But there is no doubt, behind the WWE scenes, there is a form of arrogance that hovers over his head. Many WWE Superstars have expressed frustration as to how he got to main event status right away when he returned to feud with Cena.

If The Rock wasn't cocky, maybe he'd realize this and not steal the show from so many other stars. But that's not my business nor is it my decision.

10 The Non-Stop Rumors

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I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like every month, I hear how The Rock is going to make a special appearance, or headline WrestleMania, or make a run for the WWE Championship.

And frankly, these are getting very boring and irritating. I'm sick of hearing he MIGHT return when I'd rather hear he either is or definitely not coming back anytime soon. It's just another way of generating fan interest.

But I, like many others, am not buying them. So please don't waste our time.

9 He's Been Gone Forever

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Similar to last points made, The Rock hasn't been a full-time wrestler in ages, so why does he deserve all the spotlights and red carpets?

He hasn't wrestled on a full-time basis since 2003, when George Bush was President and Facebook didn't exist. When HBK returned in 2002, it was different, because he came back to WWE to once again perform on a full-time basis.

Let's face it: The Rock's WWE prime years ended over a decade ago. Can we move on, yet?

8 Other People Can Use the Mic

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The Rock's best used these days to bring some trash talk to The Authority or other heel figures in the industry. Unfortunately for him, there are better trash talkers on the mic today that are able to replace anything he can bring.

Sheamus and Chris Jericho are two of the league's best at talking. Whether it's insulting their opponents to make the crowd laugh or mocking the crowd as heel figures, they make it work.

Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, The Wyatt Family, Paul Heyman, you name it. The Rock isn't the only person who has this unique skill anymore. His footsteps are so easily replaceable.

7 WWE Has Other Stars

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Believe it or not, this is one of the most stacked rosters in terms of talent the WWE has. So, unlike three years ago, The Rock isn't needed that much anymore.

The Authority, Wyatt Family, New Day, and League of Nations are all ridiculously talented and entertaining heels. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose appeal to the fans, while old-timers Cena, Orton, Undertaker, Kane, and of course Lesnar are still providing a lot of entertainment.

So yeah, The Rock isn't exactly needed at this point.

6 Not Fair to the Wrestlers

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Other wrestlers have said in documentaries that they've been working their entire lives to get to main-event status in the WWE. So, if they're putting the effort in, they deserve to to get there.

With The Rock, he comes back whenever he wants or when Vince McMahon needs him, and BOOM! There he goes.

If you worked at a company for 15 years, and your former co-worker left shortly after you started, then came back and got a promotion right away, would you like that? It's what the wrestlers are going through.

The Rock has millions in past wrestling matches and in Hollywood, too. There's no reason he should be put above them whenever he wants to return.

5 He Doesn't Wrestle

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Like I've said, and I'll express it again: When The Rock appears, he's not wrestling. What is so exciting about that?

People want to see him use the People's Elbow and Rock Bottom, not insult the heels time and time again. We have other figures like that. Let's see some entertainment in action, please.

The Rock has not wrestled since losing the WWE Championship to John Cena as WrestleMania XXIX.

4 He Should Leave On a High Note

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The Rock needs to be careful. He could be one or two very unsuccessful storylines away from somewhat damaging his legacy in the WWE. No one wants to see a fan favorite arrive at a point where they get boring and leave.

We've seen it happen many times: It's happening to Big Show, it happened to Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, and gosh I could go on.

The Rock should probably perform one last match, and then leave. We don't want him to pull off a Brett Favre and ruin his legacy by constantly coming back to the point where there's nothing left.

3 He's Just a Household Name

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When some people hear The Rock's name, they think he's going to make it the greatest show ever.

But honestly, he's only entertaining because of his name. It's intriguing enough, sure, but that doesn't mean it's going to be successful. If some MLB team signed Barry Bonds, you'd get excited over his name.

Doesn't mean he's going to perform. And The Rock isn't doing that whenever he shows up. The Name doesn't fit the event.

2 He Needs Others to Make the Show

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If The Rock faced a mid-card wrestler at WrestleMania, instead of Cena, would people care?

No, not really. Same with his appearance with Ronda Rousey at last year's WrestleMania. If she didn't join him, the cameo wouldn't be that special. Basically, he needs other big names to market him whenever he shows up.

That goes to show he's not a big deal anymore.

1 WWE Needs To Move On

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It's great how the WWE brings back the old legends to provide the once-in-a-while entertainment for the crowd. But it's now an era where they need to make their wrestlers big.

Relying on The Rock to show up at every WrestleMania doesn't bode well for business. It shows their lack of confidence in developing main event-caliber stars who can headline the Grandest Stage of Them All.

The WWE needs to keep developing the talent they have now, so that in 20 years, they can make the odd appearance like The Rock.

As Triple H says, he does what's best for business. Well, maybe giving the Rock something new to cook would be best.

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