Top 15 Reasons Kevin Owens Will Be A Better Champion Than Dean Ambrose

Kevin Owens became the WWE Universal Champion on Monday night after one of the most thrilling finishes you will ever see on Monday Night Raw. Most of us had to assume it would be a clean finish, but nobody thought Triple H was going to come out and spoil the party. Well, maybe we did for Roman Reigns when he came back. But nobody thought he was going to do it to Seth Rollins.

Actually, I must say I knew right away he was going to turn on Rollins, it only made sense. Perhaps it's the sign of a Triple H vs. Rollins rivalry, or even a reunion between Rollins and Reigns to try to tackle The Game once and for all. We'll see how it plays out, but all we know right now is that Owens is your champion.

Owens and Dean Ambrose (WWE WorldChampion), are going to have competition to bring more intrigue to their respective brands, but it's quite obvious that Owens will come out victorious. Here are 15 reasons why Kevin Owens will be a better champion than Dean Ambrose.

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15 Owens Has the "IT" Factor

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When you look at a great wrestler, they have to be great in-ring performers, have great characters, appeal to the crowd, produce memorable moments, and of course impress the bosses--the McMahon Family and Triple H. Owens just seems to do everything necessary to be one of the WWE's main event Superstars. You see the excellent promos he cuts, and the fact he's been able to have great matches against some of the company's best wrestlers.

His partnership with Chris Jericho will also show his ability to work side-by-side with some legends. When you look at Ambrose, you can tell he just isn't coming off as a bonafide main event wrestler. His microphone skills have never been that great, but WWE hasn't tried to work with him to enhance those problems. You just look all around and they're pushing Ambrose far too quickly and trying to force his stardom early. It's not working.

14 NXT Factor

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Triple H is doing a phenomenal job recruiting talents and training them in NXT. From there, they join WWE and hopefully become main-event stars. Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Enzo and Cass, among others, have shined already in the WWE after spending plenty of time in their "farm system," if you will.

Having Owens already come through NXT only to become the WWE Universal Champion is a great sign for the company in many ways. Superstars aren't needing years and years until they become main event guys. It's also giving fans hope that these storylines won't be so dull anymore. For far too long, it's been obvious who would headline Pay-Per-View event and who would win. Owens' championship win provides plenty of hope for NXT and WWE that they don't need to spend forever to make a huge impact.

As for Ambrose? The WWE World Champion is not cut from the NXT cloth and again, was rushed way too early and isn't working right now as the top guy on SmackDown Live.

13 Owens Works the Crowd Better

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When Ambrose is cutting his promos against some of the biggest heels (think back to Evolution, The Authority, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho and even the babyface Dolph Ziggler), the crowd isn't in awe that much. Remember when he attacked Y2J and ruined his iconic jacket? That was a pretty special moment, but it didn't lead to fans going all that crazy. That's not a good sign of being a champion. You have to either pump them up or make them boo like crazy.

But Owens keeps finding ways to get the crowd to either hate him or love him. That promo he did months ago in Boston where he told them they have nothing to do with the city's sports success is a perfect example of what a great heal does. Owens is one of the smoothest trash-talkers on the mic and he's so good at it, that he draws a lot of cheers and "Fight Owens Fight," chants...even as a bad guy.

Compare any Owens promo to that of Ambrose's. It's pretty clear who works the crowd better.

12 New Change

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From Seth Rollins to Roman Reigns to Sheamus to back to Roman Reigns to Triple H back to Roman Reigns to Seth Rollins then right to Dean Ambrose. The pattern of who was WWE Champion became obvious, boring, and exhausting. That's not what WWE fans want to see.

But everyone knew that Ambrose would embark on a long championship journey that probably won't end any time soon. And most people had to think that Reigns or Rollins were going to win the Universal Championship on Monday Night Raw. After all, when was the last time there was a surprise champion in WWE? Carlito stealing the United States Championship from John Cena in 2004? That's just my opinion, but that's almost 12 years ago!

Owens' title win reminded me of when Mankind stole it from The Rock during the Monday Night War. You know, when WCW ran themselves out of town with the infamous Fingerpoke of Doom and giving away of Raw results? Owens stole the title and it gives fans plenty of hope that title matches won't have such obvious outcomes.

11 A Better Entertainer

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Let me ask you something. Would you rather watch Hulk Hogan in his prime years (the '80s) or Roman Reigns today? I'm comparing Owens to Hogan already, and Ambrose to Reigns. Sorry, but hear me out. Owens is like Hogan in the fact he's really feeding off the crowd energy and is getting major reactions out of them. Ambrose is much like Reigns in the fact he's overhyped, being pushed too much, and not exactly appealing to the fans, while doing the same ol' boring promos over-and-over again.

Owens cuts better promos, gets more crowd reaction, and is just a better wrestler in the ring all-around. Seriously, there isn't anything about Ambrose's ability in the ring that impresses me. Owens is big yet very quick and agile. He's simply going to be the guy that's a bigger draw for fans than Ambrose. Just look at how the crowd reacted when Owens won the title on Monday night.

10 The Better Wrestler

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Professional wrestling is just that--professional wrestling.

Wrestlers simply perform moves in the ring to appear as ultimate fighters. Their in-ring work is the point of the show's entertainment. Fortunately for us, Owens may be arguably the best wrestler the WWE has right now. It's a completely different story for Ambrose, who looks silly fighting in jeans. Who in the world would where jeans while they wrestle...for a career? That's like an ice cream man dressing up as a janitor. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Fans love a guy who can wrestle, and Owens does it. Hulk Hogan was never a great wrestler and just entertained fans from a character perspective. Ambrose is only popular because Seth Rollins turned heel when breaking up The Shield and the fans got bored of Roman Reigns. The man can't wrestle and therefore cannot be considered reliable to put on great matches. Do you really want Ambrose headlining future WrestleManias over Owens?

9 More Charisma

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Being a WWE Superstar is like being a politician, you simply have to say stuff (whether it's scripted, a lie or the truth) to buy the love of your audience. Why did Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister of Canada? He did pretty darn well in his speeches, if you ask me.

Owens just loves talking on the microphone. He gets really into his promos and appears to go off-script a lot, because like Chris Jericho, it comes naturally to him. He knows what insults to use against other wrestlers and fans. Owens also knows how to respond to the trash talk his fellow wrestlers give him. He's super excited and passionate about being on the microphone and relishes every opportunity he gets.

With Ambrose, he had a freaking PLANT on his talk show. Wait, when's the last time that his show was a thing again? Ambrose just seems so awkward and nervous every time he's on the mic. Not really what a lunatic character should sound like.

8 Better Talker

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Owens' promo to kick off Raw prior to becoming the WWE Universal Champion was out of this world. Going through some of his best stuff, he talked about how great he was in his gear and how he was perfect for change in the WWE, claiming the fans have been cheering for "the same old garbage for years."

Maybe a bit harsh, but how epic is that to make yourself a bad guy? Then there was the aforementioned time when he told Boston sports fans to stop gloating about their championships because they do nothing with their lives and it's really the athletes who win. THAT IS A PROMO, FOLKS!

Owens simply knows how to talk on the mic and make himself the most ruthless villain of them all. We are in an era where mic skills are as important as in-ring ability and Owens has it all.

7 The Fans Have Spoken

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Throwing Dean Ambrose in a WWE World Championship match against Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam was an extremely big risk, considering how Ziggler did a phenomenal job cutting promos to make himself appear as the underdog. At SummerSlam, the fans were disinterested in their match and booed Ambrose multiple times, showing they're getting bored of this dull guy running SmackDown Live.

So there you have it. Ambrose is starting to fail as the top face on SmackDown, just like how Roman Reigns failed to be THE GUY (see what I did there) on Raw while Rollins was sidelined. Owens is always feuding with top faces, but yet he's always drawing a ton of love from the crowd. If you're being booed as a face and cheered on as a villain, then there's really no competition as to who the fans love better. Owens continues to build up his character beautifully. You're not a real champion until the fans accept you as one, and Owens got one warm reception when he pinned Rollins.

6 The Boss Loves Him


Just a couple of months ago, it was reported that Vince McMahon was a huge fan of Owens and was preparing a huge push for him. It's always important to have a vote of confidence from Mr. McMahon. That's why he hasn't given up on pushing Roman Reigns, simply because he loves the guy. You can't blame him for having so much dedication. Though we've been critical of Vince for years, you gotta love the decision for him to finally bring Owens to the top.

McMahon, being the guy who is the Chairman of WWE and all, gets what he wants. He finally saw the talents of Owens and knew it was time to stop wasting, well, time and to get him to the top as quickly as he could. Though the boss has made some bad calls before, nobody is going to complain about this one. If Mr. McMahon loves KO, then there's no reason he should be stuck fighting guys half as talented as he is. He is now the main guy.

5 His Relationship With Triple H

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Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan basically told Dean Ambrose he was their guy as WWE World Champion. How exciting. Having weak in-ring competition, hasn't done much to build up his character.

Meanwhile, here we have K.O. who survived a seven-foot tall monster and Raw's two most marketed Superstars. Yes, Triple H screwed over Reigns and Rollins to help Owens win the title. Rollins' character became a main event draw because of how he sided with The Authority and began a working relationship with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, where they hailed him as the new face of WWE.

Things have changed quickly, and now we get to see how Kevin Owens will work with Triple H. The Game screwed over his old partner and turned his focus to Raw's rising Superstar. This is almost like Evolution all over again. How can anyone not be excited about this?

4  4. Ambrose Has Fierce Competition

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You look on Raw, and Owens should automatically become the company's top star. Roman Reigns never cut it, no matter how hard WWE pushed him. Rollins hasn't had the face turn yet, and the top guy can't really be a major heel. Owens doesn't have many threats on Raw to overshadow him as THE GUY.

But when you go over to SmackDown, there's plenty of star-power that Ambrose will have to outshine. The fans haven't stopped loving Randy Orton, and John Cena easily remains that brand's most marketed and popular star--at least to the younger audience. Ambrose is nowhere close to being what Cena was in his prime. The crowd also seems to love A.J. Styles, as his heel turn didn't exactly pan out that way. The fans cheered for him over Cena at SummerSlam.

Ambrose has a long way to go before he truly can be recognized as SmackDown's top gun. Owens may not be there yet on Raw, but he will be real soon.

3 Owens Will Be a Bigger Draw on Raw

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With all due respect to Ambrose, this isn't the WWE of the Ruthless Aggression Era. Therefore, fans are far more interested in Raw than they are in SmackDown. And it's not even close. It was more equal 10-15 years ago.

So when the fans are watching Monday Night Raw more than SmackDown, Owens is going to gain more exposure, viewership, and draw more all-around for Raw. He gets the chance to shine more working with Reigns and Rollins, who fans seem to want to be defeated once and for all. Working hand-by-hand with Chris Jericho also promises to make Owens look like a bigger star.

Oh, and working with Triple H and co. should also make Owens seem like a bigger deal. Until Ambrose develops stronger rivalries and friendships on SmackDown (and that brand really has to grow), there's no reason to believe that he's going to be a better champion than Owens.

2 Oh, Canada

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Though the WWE Universe expands all over the globe, and wrestlers come from all corners of the planet, it's predominantly ran by Americans. Almost all of the legendary WWE Superstars are American. We aren't going to debate this and we never will.

So having Owens, the Quebec native, come in and steal the title promises to bring a more intriguing angle. You can bet that many old-timer fans who got bored of the PG Era are coming back to watch Owens represent the Great White North proud. Owens' smooth trash-talking skills open up the opportunity for a Canada vs. USA storyline, much like what we saw with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels in the '90s, and The Un-Americans. Oh, we all know how great those days were.

Owens brings WWE its most talented Superstar since Edge had to retire due to a neck injury a few years ago. With all due respect to Chris Jericho, he's not the main event draw he once was. It's like having a new Bret Hart.

1 The Rivalries

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There are limitless intriguing rivalries for Owens to go through as WWE Universal Champion. It's likely going to start with Seth Rollins, who's likely bound for a face turn. Now, you have him against the top star on Monday Night Raw. What is there to complain about? Another option could be Roman Reigns. Perhaps WWE finally turns him heel and Owens becomes the face. Now, you have a face the crowd actually loves and a heel the fans will actually boo. Problem solved. WWE can finally have it done right once and for all.

Owens and Sami Zayn could rekindle their rivalry down the road. And then there's the likely upcoming rivalry with Finn Balor, who'll surely get his chance to fight for the championship once he returns from injury. Owens could also continue his rivalry with Enzo and Kass, with the support of Jericho. There are so many great options with Owens here, while Ambrose failed his rivalry with Ziggler. A.J. Styles is the only guy to feud with at this point. Not that exciting.

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