Top 15 Reasons Roman Reigns Will Never Be "The Man"

At Survivor Series 2012, three men rocked the wrestling world when they interfered in the WWE Championship match and helped then champion CM Punk retain the title. These men were The Shield. The group consisted of "The Architect" Seth Rollins, the unpredictable Dean Ambrose, and the powerhouse Roman Reigns. They went on to etch their name in history as they completed dominated the WWE until they split in 2014.

Like every faction there is a guy who has the look and there’s a guy who is the workhorse. Sometimes it is the same person, often times it is not. Seth Rollins was the workhorse of The Shield. He took all the big bumps and did all the crazy spots. Then there was a 6’3, 265 pound Samoan who ladies screamed over as soon as he hit the ring. His name is Roman Reigns. If anyone who has been familiar with the WWE during the '80s, they would look at Reigns and see that he was the prototype. A guy who is in great shape and looks larger than life.

Since the split of the Shield, it was clear that the powers-that-be wanted Roman Reigns to be "The Man" but the more he was forced on the WWE Universe the more they rejected him. Vince McMahon used to say, “you people don’t know what you want, I tell you what you want.” Well since wrestling fans have more access and a bigger voice than they ever before, they have proved that theory wrong. On more than one occasion, they showed that they did not want Roman Reigns. Here are the top 15 reasons, Reigns will never be “The Man.”

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15 He Does Not Embrace His Female Fans

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There is no secret that Roman Reigns would probably win a beauty contest amongst the boys. Most females who love wrestling, love the way Reigns looks. Even if they do not like his style, they want to see him on their television. Look back at Shawn Michaels in the '90s and The Rock in the early 2000s, they found a way to make every female jealous of their valets or female backstage announcers based on the way they spoke to her. When Reigns has the microphone, he does not even wink at the ladies.

14 His Promos Are Boring

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When a wrestler has the microphone he has the attention of people across the world. Since being put in the main event, Reigns has had double the mic time than he did with The Shield. Prior to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he had the same message, week in and week out: "I’m down but I’m not out" as he would rise again to the top. After winning the Title, his promos continue to be stale and mic work goes a long way in the industry.

13 He Does Not Relate to Wrestling Fans

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Roman Reigns comes from one of the biggest families in the world of professional wrestling, The Anoa'i Family. His dad, Sika who is one half of the Wild Samoans, is a WWE Hall of Famer. His cousin, The Rock, would sit on many fans’ Mount Rushmore. Reigns on the other hand was a former football player, much like his cousin. Reigns' football career did not work out either and therefore he became a professional wrestler. There is no doubt that Reigns is a hard worker, but when fans see the documentaries, it is hard for them to relate to him because wrestling was not his passion growing up. There are old school picture of The Rock pretending to be a wrestler, there are none of Reigns.

12 This Isn’t the '80s

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In the 1980s, the big guys dominated the squared-circle. Vince McMahon preferred the guys whose bodies would appear on magazines like Muscle and Fitness. Today, fans want guys who are workhorses and who can entertain them. While entertainment was important in the '80s, you needed the body to go along with it. If you had the body, there was a manager who could entertain for you. Reigns may look like a million bucks, but his lack of charisma quickly puts fans to sleep.

11 He Didn’t Put in Work on the Indies

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When wrestlers enter the WWE, most fans are familiar with them because of their work on the independent circuit. Guys like Cesaro and Kevin Owens were having 5-star matches with each other in front of 300 people before they joined the company. By the time they had their first matchup in front of the WWE Universe, many knew they were due for a treat. Since Reigns went right into the WWE developmental territory, his exposure to die hard wrestling fans was limited.

10 Royal Rumble 2015

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Fans will never forget the infamous 2015 Royal Rumble. The WWE’s most popular superstar Daniel Bryan had just returned from injury and due to the fact he vacated his title, fans always felt that they were cheated out of his title reign. Bryan entered the Royal Rumble at #10 but was eliminated early as boos filed the arena. When Reigns entered, the boos elevated. At this point, fans knew he would win and they were not happy. At the end of the night, with his hand being held high by The Rock, they continued to boo him. It would be hard for anyone to bounce back from being booed out of the arena after winning the Royal Rumble.

9 Daniel Bryan

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Roman Reigns' first attempt to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship came at the expense of fans not getting Daniel Bryan when they wanted him. Even after the Rumble debacle, Reigns defended his WrestleMania spot against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. Even though Reigns won and Bryan shook his hand, fans were not satisfied because it was Reigns going into WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar not Daniel Bryan. Fans will never forget that it was Roman Reigns who stood in the way of their hero’s return to glory.

8 Forced Run

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Since the split of The Shield, it became evident that Roman Reigns was the guy who the company wanted to be the next face of WWE. Reigns did not go through the mid-card, as soon as Rollins turned on him he was in the main event, while his partner Dean Ambrose was feuding with Seth Rollins, the man who turned on them. Reigns won a Slammy for Superstar on the Year, despite being injured for a few months. Forcing someone as the face of the company does not sit well with fans.

7 His Feud with Vince is Stale

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Vince McMahon has feuded with nearly all of his biggest stars. However, they each bring something to the table. Roman Reigns has been carried by Vince every step of the way. Sure, the night Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, he received a huge pop and everyone went to social media to react to the title change, but since then his momentum has slowed down. When Vince was feuding with Austin or The Rock, everyone couldn’t wait til Raw the following week. This is not the case with Reigns.

6 He is Not a Super Heavyweight

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When you see Roman Reigns, he comes off as a powerhouse. People often compares his look to Diesel, but Roman is not bigger than Triple H. Roman Reigns is 6’3 doing a Powerbomb. When Diesel and Sycho Sid did the Powerbomb, it made sense, their opponent was being dropped 8 feet out of the air. Coming from Reigns, it's not that convincing as the entire concept of sports entertainment is to sell the moves being performed in the most real of ways.

5 He Looks Like a Shield Member

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When stables break up and everyone has hopes to be a main eventer, they usually change their look. Seth Rollins changed his gear and music. Dean Ambrose changed his gear and music. Roman Reigns...same gear…same music…same entrance. How can fans really take him as a serious face of the company if he still looks like he belongs to a group in which he was not the leader of? The decision to keep Reigns in Shield could have been made as a tactic to get him over but it didn't work.

4 Even as WWE Champion, He is Not the Top Face

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When Roman Reigns won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, fans cheered, but he was not the guy they were paying to see. Even with a depleted roster due to injury, Reigns has failed to be number one. Reigns may be champion, but Dean Ambrose is the guy fans are paying to see these days. He is the top face in the company (thanks to the absence of John Cena). When he appears on the screen, fans are locked in. That’s the attention that Regins should be getting.

3 Seth Rollins is Coming Back

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The worse thing that could have happened to Reigns was for Seth Rollins to get injured. Had Rollins been there to put Reigns over there might have been a chance. Rollins was the top heel in the company and if Reigns had beaten him then maybe fans would have gotten behind him because he would have ended the 8-month reign of Rollins. Instead Rollins got hurt and sidelined. When Rollins gets back, he is going to be a returning baby face because when his music hits, the roof is going to explode!

2 There Are a New Breed of Stars Coming

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WWE fans know it will be undergoing a change and there will be a new set of stars coming. WWE has signed some global superstars who will come in a make an impact. Fans have been following these guys around the world hoping that one day they could just get in the WWE. Now, they will finally get their wish. The days of Roman Reigns being "The Man" will end before they really have a chance to begin as everybody fights for not only a roster spot but the top spot.

1 The Rock is His Cousin

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No matter how many championships he may win, Roman Reigns will always be looked as the cousin of The Rock. Some wrestlers have found ways to get out of their relatives shadows. Owen Hart found a way to get out of the shadow of his brother, Bret. Randy Orton found a way to became bigger than his Hall of Fame father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Roman Reigns has no where near the amount of the charisma as The Rock. Unlike The Rock, he cannot entertain the fans, and not even The Rock could get his acceptance at the Royal Rumble. And quite frankly, Roman has no swag.

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