Top 15 Reasons Triple H Really NEEDS to Retire

Time to play The Game... again. This year at the Royal Rumble event, none other than Triple H would emerge the victor and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion; dethroning Roman Reigns in the process and

Time to play The Game... again. This year at the Royal Rumble event, none other than Triple H would emerge the victor and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion; dethroning Roman Reigns in the process and securing his spot in the main event of WrestleMania. "The King of Kings" has embarked on his fourteenth reign.

While this may have been a welcomed change for haters of Roman Reigns, what does it all really mean? Have WWE lost confidence in their current talent pool, so much that they had to place their most coveted prize on Triple H; a man who is now more involved with the corporate and creative side of things?

Throughout his WWE career, Triple H has innovated and irritated as a wrestling iconoclast. However, the Attitude has changed and the Aggression has become less Ruthless. These are no longer glory days for Triple H. These are meant to be the days of the next generation.

There is an understandable aspect at play here as WWE prepares to present WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium; a venue which will undoubtedly hold more spectators that any other WrestleMania. Therefore, the need for a legitimate headline act holding the title heading into the event makes sense but should it really be Triple H?

With John Cena injured prior to the Royal Rumble, once would have placed money on Brock Lesnar leaving Florida as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Whether or not that is popular among die-hard fans is irrelevant as Lesnar presents that global attraction factor where even non-wrestling fans may tune in to witness "The Beast" in action.

Nevertheless, a decision was made and now Triple H will main event his first WrestleMania since the event's 25th Anniversary when "The Game" defended the WWE Championship against Randy Orton. Of course, all this Triple H talk leads many to believe that it is no longer time to play The Game.

These are the top 15 reasons Triple H really NEEDS to retire:

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15 King of Attitude 


As much as it pains a die-hard fan of the Attitude Era to admit: it is time to let it go and fade into history. Complaining about the current product is not going to revive the Attitude Era in anyway and it's time to accept that.

Aside from Kane and the occasional match involving The Undertaker, Triple H is the last of the Attitude Era greats. Triple H outlasted everybody from his time period and should rejoice in the fact while settling into retirement

14 Take His Own Words Into Account 


During the Monday Night War, WCW managed to sign both Hulk Hogan and "Macho Man" Randy Savage to contracts. The very two men who represented WWE as the biggest names in the industry.

In an interview during this time Triple H would state that Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage were "great" but that they were also "dinosaurs." Funny thing considering these men were around the same age as Triple H right now.

13 Doesn't Look the Part Anymore 


When Triple H walked on Monday Night Raw with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist and hidden under his suit jacket, something felt off about the scene.

Gone are the days of Triple H looking like a million dollar World Champion. Triple H circa 2002 looked the part better than anybody else in the business. Triple H in 2016, simply looks liked an aged version of that man.

12 Joined Clubs 


With his victory at the recent Royal Rumble, Triple H joins the prestigious Two-Time Rumble Winner Club which includes Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena, Batista, and the only man with three victories under his beer belly, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

Aside from this, Triple H is one of few men to have won ten of more World Championships, the King of the Ring tournament, and headlined multiple WrestleMania events. Membership approved: time to leave.

11 Collect Credit 


Keeping with accomplishments of Triple H: there is no denying the impact Triple H has had on WWE and - regardless of opinion - Triple H is recognized as one of the greatest of all time.

Which is why "The Game" needs to hang up the boots and enjoy the accolades. The celebrations of his career which will surely takeover and entire episode of Monday Night Raw and induction into the Hall of Fame.

10 Lost a Step 


Something didn't look right about those Pedigrees and High Knees during the Royal Rumble match. Triple H once performed these manoeuvres with general ease as a smooth Ring General (Jim Ross term).

Time is never on a wrestler's side and while Triple H didn't look horrible in the ring, "The Cerebral Assassin" didn't look great. Once a man can no longer perform at top standard, it is time to call it a day ... do not be like Hulk Hogan.

9 Time to Focus on Other Aspects of WWE 


Triple H has done an incredible job with the talent of NXT. In many ways, the product has been better than what has been presented on the main roster. Triple H should be commended for his involvement with the brand.

And this is where focus should shift. Triple H doesn't need to be an on-air performer anymore, let alone WWE World Heavyweight Champion. "The Game" needs to be involved in created the next set of Superstars.

8 Pass the Torch 


There is nothing more rewarding than passing the torch; in any profession. It symbolizes greatness and faith put forth in a new generation. Triple H has achieve his greatness and it is now time to place faith.

To whom should this torch be passed? Well, there are a number of Superstars on the brink of stardom: Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose, and Bray Wyatt serve as prime candidates to receive this symbol of excellence.

7 Image 


The "face of WWE" should never be one in an executive position. This is not a strong statement to make business-wise. What exactly does Triple H holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship say to investors?

With Triple H as top dog, it appears as though the company has no real future. Such situations must leads one to wonder just how much faith WWE has in the their future Superstars if they keep reverted to old names?

6 Don't be Like Vince 


There remains this hope among wrestling fans that once Vince McMahon is gone, Triple H will drastically improve the product. However, the Old Man may have rubbed off a little too much on Triple H over the years.

Vince McMahon once made himself WWE Champion. Why? Simply because he had the power. Optimistic fans needs to hope that Triple H will stray from all Vince-related customs once he takes hold of the reigns.

5 Selfish 


Let's get down to hard facts here: Triple H as WWE World Heavyweight Champion is a selfish move, an unnecessary capture of the top title in WWE and a played out concept which should have never re-emerged.

While Vince McMahon most likely made the final decision in regards to the Royal Rumble outcome, Triple H could have used his position to at least veto the idea in favour of someone else winning the title.

4 Looks Bad in the Back 


Think about the young upstart talent in that WWE locker room who each day must face their hard reality; knowing that mid-card is all they will ever achieve as long as part-time performers and hosen Superstars are pushed to the top.

How do you find the next John Cena when nobody is ever allowed to defeat John Cena? This year's Royal Rumble was finally the perfect time to make a new mega-star but WWE squandered the opportunity in favour of the past.

3 Interest Levels 


Many young WWE fans may only know Triple H as the "evil Authority guy." While, fans who followed the progression of "The Game" have simply stopped caring. Either way, interest levels are down.

And now, as fans, we must witness Triple H headline one more WrestleMania against - in all likelihood - Roman Reigns. Such a main event could provide a terrible scene for WWE as the possibility of relentless backlash arises.

2 Holding Back Talent 


There is no excuse anymore for holding back talent. Sure, none of these guys have reached Triple H status and that's because they are constantly held back and overlooked for part-time performers.

Triple H currently occupies a spot that should belong to a fresh-faced Superstar; a new face for the main event. However, we're all going to tune into WrestleMania anyway so in the long run, the machine will win.

1 "Evolution Has Just Passed You By" 


"If you don't have what it takes then Evolution will leave you behind. So, if you wake up one day and you're lying in a hospital bed and you're all beat up and you're wondering to yourself 'what in the hell happened?' Then there's just one answer for 'ya: Evolution has just passed you by."

These were the words spoken by Triple H when - along with Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton - Evolution was officially formed on Monday Night Raw. All these years later and Triple H's own statement can be used against him as ammunition.

There is a new breed on the horizon; a new style of "sports entertainment" which has left Triple H behind.

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Top 15 Reasons Triple H Really NEEDS to Retire