Top 15 Reasons Why Vince McMahon Is A Rich Man-Child

Vince McMahon recently celebrated his birthday, turning 71 years of age. Fans, colleagues and family wished the Chairman of the WWE a happy birthday on Twitter, which sparked a response from McMahon himself that classically captured his signature eccentricity. McMahon tweeted: “Thank you for all the well wishes on my 71st birthday,” followed by the hashtags: #LuckiestManInTheWorld #JustReachedPuberty. While McMahon may have been trying to be funny with the last hashtag, it could also be taken as a serious assessment of himself.

Various stories by former co-workers and talent have demonstrated that underneath all of those corporate suits and that “No Chance In Hell” persona lays a man who really is an adolescent teenager who has never grown up. Vince McMahon has said as much himself in a 2016 interview with the Orlando Sentinel: “Some would say I’m still a teenager as far as certain aspects of my brain. It’s like I refuse to grow up. I don’t want to grow up. Now I’m old enough to say I’m not going to grow up. So what are you going to do about that?”

From what he finds funny, to his eating habits, to even the way he conducts business day-to-day, Vince McMahon has demonstrated that he is someone who doesn’t necessarily act his age--never has and never well.

Let’s take a look at some of his most outrageous, immature moments, which prove that he's a rich man-child.

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15 Vince’s Private Jet Rules

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Vince McMahon has a private jet which takes him from city to city for RAW and Smackdown and back to WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The people who usually travel with him are the big shot executives like Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn as well as the writing team on occasion. Reports from former writers and staff have clued the world in on some of the ground rules Vince has set when riding his plane: no sleeping whatsoever! McMahon finds it incredibly disrespectful to sleep on his jet unless he’s sleeping—which is practically never since he has made it a habit of sleeping an average of 3 hours per day.

McMahon also has a mandatory soundtrack for those flights around the country: AC/DC and Kid Rock songs, on LOUD. Like a child at a birthday party, his way is the only way.

14 Vince's “Big” Movie Idea

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If one were to gather a bunch of immature teens around to discuss concepts for movies they’d find interesting, it would probably contain various ideas of gratuitous nudity and outrageously vulgar scenes just for the sake of a shock value and some giggles. Did I say immature teens? Oops, I meant Vince McMahon.

When McMahon decided to create the WWE Studios division to create feature length movies, he had the authority to put anything he wanted into his flicks, and he almost did just that. Former WWE writer Dan Madigan wrote the script for WWE’s horror film starring Kane called “See No Evil” in 2006. When they were shooting the film, he received a call from the director about a request that Vince McMahon wanted in the film.

Apparently Vince wanted a scene in the movie where Kane's character pulls out his member, and it’s revealed to be 3 feet long. Luckily, saner heads prevailed and the scene wasn’t included, perhaps to Vince’s utter disappointment.

13 Vince’s Creepy Fetish For Bodybuilders Inspires The World Bodybuilding Federation

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Another trait common in a child is a passionate obsession over a hobby or activity. A child would love the play thing so much that once they come into contact with people who don’t share the same reverence for the thing, it baffles them. This might have been the case when Vince McMahon created the WBF.

After making the WWE a huge international success, Vince had his sights set on doing the same with bodybuilding. McMahon would begin promoting his new company at bodybuilding events like Mr. Olympia and declared war on the International Federation of Bodybuilders or IFBB. Vince would pile in millions of dollars to recruit professional bodybuilders and promoted the WBF on WWE programming.

However, fans of the WWE didn’t really cross over to the WBF and the company bombed hard, bleeding Vince McMahon of a ton of money that he had to shut it down. Vince could’ve swore people would love his new venture but it looked like the only person who really did was himself.

12 Vince Loves To Pick Fights In The Workplace

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Vince McMahon has stated in numerous interviews over the years that competition is key in business. Him having the competition of WCW during the Monday Night Wars brought out the best in him and his company as they churned out the best possible product they could weekly. Vince enjoys a cutthroat atmosphere and when things may be getting too “chummy” backstage, he basically instigates conflict between colleagues for his own amusement.

Vince has been known to pit his WWE talent against each other for the sake of competition and has also gotten into various unsolicited arguments with the writers in the creative department. Former WWE writer, Alex Greenfield noted a time that he got into an argument with Vince McMahon over a storyline that got Vince McMahon so angry that he nearly got into an altercation with him. The only thing that would stop Vince from getting into fisticuffs with the much smaller Greenfield was his height.

Vince would state “Dammit, I wish you were 6’7” as if that was the only reasoning he was restraining himself—he wasn’t a large behemoth.

11 Vince Doesn’t Like To Lose

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McMahon proved to the entire world he wasn’t a loser when he vanquished his life’s biggest enemy in 2001 when he purchased WCW. Now that WWE has a monopoly on the pro wrestling industry, McMahon may have a void when it comes to fueling his competitive side so he tries to get into contests the WWE talent roster and staff.

Ex-WWE writer Court Bauer recalled a time when Vince McMahon challenged Court to a drag race after a late meeting in the parking lot of WWE headquarters. Court reluctantly agreed they would race on an open highway. Vince would shockingly box in Bauer so that he was heading straight for road construction. Court had to slam on the brakes to avoid an accident. Vince sped off, having "won" the race by nearly killing his employee.

Another instance was when McMahon challenged Mark Henry in a lifting contest and the next day called Henry to say that he was in immense pain and that challenging Henry was a mistake.

10 Vince Loves To Horseplay With The Boys

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Boys will be boys when it comes to being rambunctious and in this case, McMahon will be McMahon. Vince has always wanted to be a wrestler and enjoys the camaraderie and antics of the wrestlers in the locker room. Just like Michael Scott’s character in the office, even though Scott just wants to have fun with his employees, it’s still weird for the boss that signs your paychecks to be roughhousing with you.

A prime example is when Vince McMahon challenged Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle to an impromptu amateur wrestling exhibition by surprising him with a takedown at a hotel room hallway one time. A rematch would take place—in Vince’s private jet of all places on a long flight back from Europe— where Angle would wrestle Vince to the ground and pin him only to be choked out by the Undertaker who thought they were really fighting.

9 Vince's Mean, Bullying Pranks

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Vince McMahon loves pranks. Not so much the fun-loving ones, but the mean despicable and often terrifying ones where the only one who finds the stunt funny is Vince himself.

McMahon’s kiss my ass club comes to mind when it comes to pranks that played out on television. Vince also chose to make fun of Jim Ross’ colonoscopy and Bells’ Palsy symptoms on television in tasteless segments that were cringeworthy for viewers.

The prank that has to take the cake though is when Vince would prank former WWE personality and current ESPN anchor Jonathan Coachman by having police "arrest" Jonathan Coachman for running a betting pool at work. As the officers would take Coachman away, a disgusted Vince would take a moment out to verbally rip into Coach for being unprofessional and irresponsible. The cop car would return to the arena and Coach would see the entire locker room in stitches laughing from the prank.

Coach would need a moment to cry profusely from relief from such a traumatizing ordeal—all in good fun.

8 Vince’s Perversion

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Give a teenager with raging hormones creative control of his own television show and a roster of beautiful WWE divas, it’s quite likely that the kid would use a few of those segments to live out some of his hottest fantasies. Yup, you guessed it, that horny teenager was Vince.

In the Attitude Era years, Vince added an element to his character that made him out to be a great big pervert. Vince would insist on being put into angles, largely for no apparent reason than to get his rocks off with the WWE Divas on his payroll. Candice Michelle, Stacy Keibler, Sable, Torrie Wilson and Trish Stratus all had scenes with Vince where they had to make out and be groped by him.

If Vince had it his way, he may have done the same with his own daughter Stephanie! Vince repeatedly would pitch a “Who’s the daddy” incest angle with Stephanie McMahon which would’ve ended with him being revealed as the father. Thankfully Stephanie objected to the angle.

7 Vince's Obsession With Funk Music

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Funk music was all the rage in the 70s but it’s safe to say now that it’s an outdated genre. Don’t tell that to Vince McMahon though as aside from jamming Kid Rock, Vince has a soft spot in his heart for funk music. This love of Funk music was first noted when Vince performed his “Stand back” song for WWE’s music album Piledriver in the 80s. The gaudy and cheesy dance number was lampooned in later years but may be something Vince has never shook from his system.

Vince McMahon would reintroduce funk to WWE’s fanbase with the gimmicks for various wrestlers like Flash Funk in the 90s followed by Brodus Clay in the 2010s. Vince would just not let that “Somebody call my mama” theme die. Funk is so outdated but he’s the boss, who are we to tell him what he can and can’t do?

6 The Funniest Thing To Vince…

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As this list as already noted, Vince’s sense of humor is something to behold. However on an episode of the WWE Network exclusive Stone Cold Podcast, Vince McMahon revealed to the world what he finds to be the funniest thing in the world—shoving unsuspecting people into swimming pools.

During an exclusive podcast sit-down interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince go into a soliloquy over how much he enjoys pushing people into swimming pools: “The look on someone’s face when you shove them, and they’re in the air and they’re saying to themselves ‘No this can’t be happening! I’m not really going in the pool (blub blub blub noises)…it is one of the funniest things in the world.”

Vince McMahon’s immaturity knows no bounds.

5 Vince’s Weird Eating Habits

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When you’re a child, you usually latch on to a few favorite foods and eat them over and over again, never diverting from the diet and trying new things. Vince apparently still does the same thing into adulthood.

To get through the kind of hardcore work day that Vince McMahon chooses to go through, you need fuel. So what does WWE’s CEO consume to keep him going? Tuna. And lots of it. It has been reported that his office usually stinks of tuna fish and he often has cans upon cans of tuna piled up and goes through while in the middle of meetings.

Another odd thing is that his writing staff is usually sitting around coming up with ideas for shows without a decent lunch break while McMahon eats the same thing every day.

When he’s not devouring mounds of tuna, Vince enjoys eating a steak wrapped in a tortilla with ketchup, basically a burrito. The funny thing is that for the longest time he didn’t even know what a burrito was and was eating it in front of his writing team daily.

4 Vince Hates It When People Sneeze

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A lot of people who have worked closely with Vince McMahon have stated that based just off of his work ethic and competitiveness that he is not a mere human, but a machine. However, machines don’t sneeze and unfortunately for Vince, he sneezes and thus he is human.

Sneezing is an involuntary part of being human, it just happens and there’s no way that you can control it and that is exactly why Vince, who loves to micromanage and control everything from the WWE product to his day-to-day living, despises sneezing. Former WWE writers have gone on record to say that when someone sneezes, Vince has gone off on the person noting it as a sign of weakness.

There are rare occasions when Vince McMahon has sneezed, as noted by Paul Heyman on the Talk is Jericho podcast.

"If you're in the room with Vince McMahon and he sneezes,” Heyman states, “go on your Blackberry for the next 20 minutes because nothing you say to him is going to get through ... Cause he gets really p-----d off. Cause he can't control the sneeze."

3 Vince Loves To Fart

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While Vince McMahon may not be able to tolerate the involuntary action of sneezing, he sure does love the often involuntary fart. Vince McMahon is apparently 12 years old as he gets a chuckle out of farts, so much so that he has laughed at farts he would emit in his own sleep.

CM Punk would tell the story of having to share a room with Undertaker, JBL, Edge and Vince when the company was overseas taping a Tribute To The Troops special in Iraq. CM Punk would have trouble sleeping due to snoring from JBL. As he was up, Punk would overhear Vince McMahon farting in his sleep and laughing at his own emissions.

Another infamous story is when Vince McMahon tried to make Gerald Brisco puke from a fart after having learned that Brisco had a weak stomach when it came to smelling farts and would accidently soil his pants right before walking out for a talking segment on RAW.

2 Vince Lives In A Bubble

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Vince McMahon lives, eats and breathes the WWE. It’s his little baby and he invests all the time he can in nurturing his baby, to the point where he hasn’t a clue of what’s going on in the world outside of the WWE. Numerous WWE writers have spoken about Vince’s “life in the WWE bubble” mentality where he doesn’t have a pulse on anything trending in pop culture.

Some notable examples of such is Vince McMahon watching the movie Borat years late and finding it absolutely hilarious and wanting WWE to do segments similar to the movie. Another instance was recalled by former WWE writer Freddie Prinze Jr who was on the WWE plane wanting to watch Richard Pryor stand up when Vince saw what he was watching.

Prinze recalls: “He literally is like, 'why don't you have on WrestleMania?' I'm like, 'Vince, I just want to laugh' [and McMahon replied] 'well, we have Santino'. I'm like, 'great, I love Santino [but] that's not Richard Pryor!'"


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Snowcones are a delightful summer treat. On a hot day, you’ll find many children flock the nearest snowcone truck or shop and get themselves some sweet and icy relief. What you probably will be surprised to see is our favorite old billionaire CEO also in line to get himself a few cones.

An anonymous but verified former WWE employee who went under the name MetsFan4Ever on Reddit, shared a peculiar time where Vince McMahon had one to many snowcones and then declared his love for them:

“A few years ago the company had a Snow Cone party. Kind of weird, I know. This was in the back lot of the TV Studio (not the actual large Headquarter building everyone always sees). Well apparently Vince is a huge Snow Cone fanatic. So much so, that he had a lot of them. Like 10. At one point he got up and announced in front of everyone in his Mr. McMahon "You're Fired" voice that he LOVES SNOW CONES. It was awkward and I had to fight to hold back my laughter. It was surreal."

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