Top 15 Reasons WWE is Worse Than Ever Before

WWE is one of those things that every sports fan must have followed at some point(s) in their lives. Though the sport is scripted and acted out as everyone knows, it still has provided us with some

WWE is one of those things that every sports fan must have followed at some point(s) in their lives.

Though the sport is scripted and acted out as everyone knows, it still has provided us with some of the most iconic and entertaining athletes that we could have ever imagined.

The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Triple H are among the big names that revolutionized the industry.

Under the power of Vince McMahon, it's become a global phenomenon and followed by millions across the world every single night they go on the air.

However, some old-time WWE fans may find today's product at an all-time low; or simply not as exciting or entertaining as before.

I am one of those people. I grew up thinking I was watching the top Superstars ever, and boy was I right.

In so many ways, the WWE just hasn't been as compelling to watch over the years, and it's been much harder to follow on a weekly basis.

You could say that it's more fun when you're a kid and you believe these guys are fighting for real, but that's a small portion of the many reasons why it's hard to compare this era to past generations.

Granted, McMahon deserves a lot of credit for maintaining interest around the world, but there are a lot of ways the WWE has fallen behind its prime moments.

Here are the top reasons why WWE is worse than it's ever been.

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15 The Best Wrestlers Are Long Gone


Though I missed the times of the New World Order, The Rock and Steve Austin, I was still blessed to grow up watching many other old-timer talents.

Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane, John Cena and Big Show provided entertainment every night.

I'm not blaming McMahon here, it's just a reality. WWE was better when it was loaded with future Hall of Famers.

14 Matches Get Repetitive


Every time I watch a main event on Monday Night Raw, I'm expecting a form of interference or some strange twist at the end of the match.

Usually, I'm right. The finishes are just becoming boring to watch over and over again. Sometimes the fans want to see a good match from start to finish. Does someone really have to interfere every time?

I just don't see a lot of creativity in the matches that are put on today.

13 Today's Top Stars Are Boring


I'm just not sold on Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins as being some of the top of the top faces in the WWE.

Their characters just don't provide much excitement. The former Shield members have nothing special or unique about their characters.

They're just guys with long hair in pants. Last time I checked, Edge was a great villain and Michaels had earned the name "The Showstopper," for a good reason.

Neither guy is good on the mic, either. Ask The Rock or Triple H, those are half the skills you need to be a top Superstar.

12 Top Guys Are Barely Used


If Brock Lesnar wasn't fighting less than five times a year, then I would be much more intrigued. He's a household name and is the top Superstar on their roster if you ask me.

Obviously, Lesnar isn't going to fight every night, and that just makes it boring. Same with Undertake and Kane. They're both old and their bodies can't take as much, but it'd be fun to use them in more storylines.

And don't get me started with Sting. In his mid-50's, he joins WWE and gets to lose his first two matches before a real-life injury sidelines him?

It would have been more fun to see The Icon get more screen time before he has to call it quits for good.

11 Old Superstars Are Getting Boring


John Cena, Randy Orton and Big Show are three of the oldest names on the WWE roster who are also running out of creativity.

Unlike guys like Undertaker and Hogan, these guys simply haven't done any character changes whatsoever.

It gets incredibly boring after a while. In fact, it got boring about five years ago.

10 Where's Vince?


I'm not sure how my fellow WWE fans feel about this one, but it was sure more fun to watch the product when Vince McMahon was on television.

Don't get me wrong. I think The Authority is the top storyline in WWE right now, but I can't deny how much I miss the signature walk and "You're Fired," segments from WWE's main man.

McMahon is now 70 and surely enjoying what'll likely be full-time retirement soon enough, but it'd be nice to see his character again.

9 No Epic Moments


When I grew up, you had D-Generation X revive twice. There was Evolution, until Batista betrayed them.

You had epic WWE drafts and so many superstars return out of nowhere. Though it's scripted, those moments were awesome to watch.

WWE has cut back on signature moments that give you goosebumps. They got it right with bringing back DX and the nWo at this year's WrestleMania, but that's the last epic thing they've done in a long time.

8 Same Old Storylines


As I mentioned in the last slide, there were always so many awesome storylines to follow.

Now, it's the same old. Two friends backstab each other and go at it for a few months or some guy comes out and keeps interfering in a title match.

WWE just isn't bringing out any new storylines that make you think "Wow!"

There is nothing new or exciting about today's Superstars. I'm personally watching it for the actual fighting than the Superstars.

7 One Brand


I'm sure it's going to get divided here, but I loved the idea of the Raw and SmackDown brands having different rosters with the separate World Heavyweight and WWE Championships.

You had a bunch of top guys to follow. Each brand had one major champion and one or two main challengers.

Now, it's all about Roman Reigns and Sheamus, and those two only. Big deal. Can we get some more Superstars involved?

6 No Surprises


I've brought this up in other slides, but where are the surprises? Brock Lesnar's shocking return in 2012 was fun.

Chris Jericho's return at Night Of Champions was fun. WWE set those moments up perfectly.

And the dissolution of The Shield was a shocking turnaround that turned out to be a great storyline. But that's not happening anymore. WWE's best moments are when surprises come out of nowhere.

And that's not happening.

5 Misusing Cena and Orton


Though I said that the WWE isn't bringing out Lesnar enough and treated Sting like garbage, and that Cena and Orton are becoming boring, I still want to see them.

They're the two main superstars that have been around for more than a decade and have earned a lot of time. Cena's filming right now and Orton's legitimately injured.

Even then, how were these guys not at the top of the card? Cena fighting for the United States Championship was not right.

Orton has been thrown all over the place and hasn't been exciting. If these guys were put back in the main event status, more old-timers like me would be watching again.

4 The Storylines Drag On


The Authority's storyline may be great but how much longer is it going to drag on?

Why do you think WCW failed? They relied way too much on the nWo storyline which was a huge reason they lost the Monday Night War.

The Shield went on for too long. So, now that we have Sheamus' League of Nations, how long will they be kissing his boots for before the storyline gets boring and they all betray one another?

Storylines shouldn't stay around for more than a year. Instead of enjoying some storylines, I just tell myself "here goes another boring one for two more years."

3 The Divas Revolution is Failing


WWE used to own some of the absolute greatest Diva performers ever. Trish Stratus remains the biggest name ever in that regard. She's long gone.

Lita and Stacy Keibler were also awesome in the ring and even better on the microphone. Victoria played the tough female that terrorized the Divas. It was great entertainment.

Aside from Charlotte, who's successful because of her father being an all-time great, the other Divas have no product or anything special about their characters.

2 Mid-Card Wrestlers Are Boring


I'm not in for all of these alliances dominating the mid-card status. The Wyatt Family should be a main event one or not interfere in everything.

The Lucha Dragons just look like Rey Mysterio parodies to me with their style and costumes.

The New Day has some excitement, but again, they shouldn't be in the mid-card if WWE is going to use them so much. They should be main guys.

For what it's worth, WWE was so good 10-15 years ago that guys like Edge, HBK, Big Show, and Randy Orton were in the mid-card level quite frequently.

Yup, it was that good.

1 It Just Works That Way


In the end, the WWE is a great form of entertainment and I admire all of the hard work everyone in the company puts in to make it a huge success every night.

But some people like myself can't help but live in the past. There were far better moments and wrestlers for ages.

Today, the storylines and wrestlers just aren't exciting and there's no sign of that ending anytime soon.

If you're a WWE fan, consider me a scrooge and ignore it. But I'm sure a lot of people can relate to some of the reasons I pointed out.

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