Top 15 Reasons WWE Still Needs John Cena More Than Anybody Else

In all aspects of life, there are those who simply stand out more than others. This is not to say that the "others" are of less significance, they just tend to shine less bright. Meanwhile, the "one"

In all aspects of life, there are those who simply stand out more than others. This is not to say that the "others" are of less significance, they just tend to shine less bright. Meanwhile, the "one" is a glowing example of excellence that provides a shine so sharp it could damage your retinas.

This concept of the "one" can be found everywhere. In religion and politics, the "one" is usually a contorted vision of many that becomes muffled in a crowd of followers and seekers. Cult leaders are often said to be the "one" as delusion outweighs common sense but such is the path of many.

In professional sports, the idea of the "one" is more clear and less controversial. In hockey there is "The Great One," Wayne Gretzky; a man who will most likely remain at the top of the NHL record books until the end of time. Gretzky stands alone and while many men have come close they remain a few steps behind.

In basketball, Michael Jordan is the "one." In the modern era much debate has formed regarding LeBron James and his comparisons to Jordan but until further notice Jordan is the "one" (Sorry LeBron fans but that's the truth). Jordan is the standard to which all other players attempt to attain.

Now let's move on to professional wrestling where the concept of the "one" varies as opinions are rarely matched. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ... they have been considered the "one" at some point in wrestling's past. Currently, wrestling's future remains unclear: who will be the next "one?"

There are many who believe that the process is well underway in WWE. However, if you have tuned in to the product in recent weeks, you will have noticed a certain element lacking from the show. The absence of John Cena. Like it or not, John Cena is still the "one" in WWE.

With the product looking worse each week, it has become clear that WWE needs John Cena back sooner rather than later.

These are the top 15 reasons WWE still needs John Cena more than anybody else:

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15 The Main Event 


When they hand out those Slammy Awards later this month, Seth Rollins should be named "Superstar of the Year" despite missing the final month and a half of action due to an unforeseen injury.

If Seth Rollins were healthy heading into the new year, the main event picture would be all right; but he's not and the main event feels less important than it should with the likes of Sheamus and Roman Reigns.

And you know full well that if John Cena hadn't already booked time off prior to Seth Rollins' injury, he would be in the main event picture right now.

14 The Demand 


In the wrestling industry, growing stale is very common. The fans get bored and can easily lose interest in a character. Such is not the case with John Cena who - after all these years - can still maintain the attention of the audience.

John Cena is an in demand WWE Superstar; more so than anybody else on the roster (deal with that fact) and there are still enough members of the "Cenation" to keep Cena in popular demand for quite some time.

13 The Excitement Level 


What makes a John Cena segment exciting to watch? The unpredictability and possibility of something "off script." John Cena is one of the few guys in WWE - maybe the only guy at the moment - afforded this right.

Once you're the top dog, you can get away with a lot more than the rest of the mutts who are battling for scraps. If John Cena says something controversial than John Cena says something controversial; end of discussion.

Perhaps if other Superstars were given as much freedom they too would provide a certain level of excitement.

12 The Connection 


Connections are a key component of the wrestling industry. If a performer fails to connect with the fans, chances are said performer will fail in the industry as those who do not connect are those overlooked.

There is no disputing the connection John Cena shares with the WWE Universe. Cena radiates and people are drawn into that. The current state of WWE has very few Superstars with such a connection.

11 The Disconnect 


On the other side of our previous point comes the disconnect. John Cena fans want to see Cena in action each week and without the star around, they may not tune into the product with such dedication.

Sure, they can go searching for someone else and you may be thinking: "there are other Superstars out there," but you must keep in mind that John Cena fans are a specific breed of loyal consumers.

10 The Emotion 


You can deny many of the points made on this list, but one which you cannot dispute is the fact that no other current WWE Superstar can illicit more emotion from the audience than John Cena.

When that music hits and the "John Cena sucks" sing-a-long begins, the people are hooked. It doesn't matter which side they stand on, the emotion immediately pours out when Cena arrives.

9 The Big Feel 


The "big feel" is a feeling that comes with all competition. That Super Bowl feeling. That World Series feeling. That Stanley Cup feeling. That big fight feeling. It's hard to explain the feeling; it just kind of lingers like some strange emotion.

Think about most of the "big feel" bouts that have taken place in WWE over the past decade. While not all, most have involved John Cena. The fifteen-time World Champion simply provides that feel.

There are other like Brock Lesnar, but none quite like John Cena.

8 The Leader 


Backstage can be a strange place in WWE. The personalities displayed in the ring do not necessarily match the personalities behind the curtain. And yes, there have been negative backstage reports about John Cena, but more positive ones.

John Cena is the leader of the WWE locker room. Cena leads the team and inspires along the way. The charity work done by Cena is matched by none but also inspires others to get involved with the cause.

The backstage leader plays a pivotal role in the direction and morale of the company.

7 The Hero 


There was once a time in WWE when Bruno Sammartino was the Italian-American wrestling hero of the North East. Then Hulk Hogan came along as the All-American hero. Then of course, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin showed up as the anti-hero.

Who was next to follow these legends? John Cena. The Superman of WWE. John Cena is the biggest hero of young wrestling fans around the world and remains as such. The kiddies may enjoy some of the other Superstars, but Cena is still their guy.

6 The Confession of the Fans 


Kick and scream and deny all you want but you know damn well that you miss seeing John Cena on WWE programming. John Cena is the hottest topic of any room watching a wrestling event.

It may piss you off that your girlfriend thinks he's hot or it may annoy you to no end that your son forced you to buy him a John Cena t-shit. However, you really enjoy all of this. And, of course, you will never admit to such a wild accusation.

5 The Measuring Stick 


You may recall some Triple H promos from the early part of this century where "The Game" referred to himself as the "measuring stick" of the business. Was he really that good? Well, it sure was made to seem as such on WWE programming.

However, that measuring stick needed to be passed along and it now belongs to John Cena. Is Cena the best wrestler on the roster? No. That distinction belongs to Kevin Owens, but it doesn't matter.

John Cena is the sports entertainment measuring stick and all those who come up will have to live up to those standards.

4 The Spotlight 


It is fairly obvious that the WWE spotlight shines brightest on John Cena, which is a double-edge sword for upstart talent but still a necessary component to their success within the company.

When you work with John Cena, you are automatically placed into the spotlight; which is great for an up-and-coming Superstar. However, if Cena comes out on top - which he usually does - than where does that leave said Superstar?

Just think about Kevin Owens, Rusev, and Bray Wyatt; all have feuded with John Cena recently but Cena has toppled each of them. So, who benefited? It's a tricky situation which could easily be rectified if Cena were to lose more often.

3 The Biggest Face 


The formula for a professional wrestling match is simple: good vs. bad or in industry terms: "face vs. heel." In WWE, there is no bigger face than John Cena. People absolutely adore Cena.

All the women ogle while all the kids cheer as the sex symbol/superhero remains their favourite Superstar. And, despite what they hear from others, they will continue to chant for John Cena.

2 The Biggest Heel 


In a weird twist, John Cena is also the biggest heel in WWE despite not being presented as such. It's strange but it is also quite entertaining. People simply loathe Cena and everything he represents.

The men in the crowd can't stand the sight  of John Cena and are quite vocal about their disdain. Which is why Cena can literally work with anybody on the roster, thanks to the strange and duelling emotions of the fans.

1 The Biggest Draw 


The wrestling industry is all about money, there is no secret about that. While the action is entertaining, the promoters are out to make as much money as they possibly can off these men and women.

It should come as no surprise that John Cena has been the biggest draw in WWE for years and continues to be the cash-cow of the company. Cena sells tickets to events and a whole lot of merchandise.

It's time to face the truth: until somebody else comes along - which may take a while - John Cena is needed more than anybody else in WWE.

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Top 15 Reasons WWE Still Needs John Cena More Than Anybody Else