Top 15 Reasons You Should Stop Watching WWE

As a wrestling fan whose earliest life memories revolve around The Undertaker being the Devil incarnate every Monday night, it should pain me to have to write an article like this. I really want the W

As a wrestling fan whose earliest life memories revolve around The Undertaker being the Devil incarnate every Monday night, it should pain me to have to write an article like this. I really want the WWE to be the reason why Mondays don't have to suck and to disapprove of anybody who didn't watch this week's Raw because good God almighty you missed out!

But I can't.

The truth the WWE has been on a downward slope for a long time. It didn't exactly spring up overnight though. Much like the frog who gets killed by being put in a pot of water slowly reaching boiling point, WWE has slowly chipped away at my patience until I couldn't handle it anymore. I have no urge to tune in to WWE programming.

Instead, I've compiled 15 reasons as to why we should as a fanbase stop watching WWE. Honestly, it's for our own and WWE's good. We are the drug addicts who need to kick the habit and WWE is the drug dealer who needs to clean up their life and get a morally upstanding job. Now obviously the list is going to have some entries that you should take in stride in a joking matter. The on-air product on the other hand is anything but a laughing matter. The company is in dire straits and if they scream up to us to help them, we should just simply say... no.

15 Even Legends Are Having A Hard Time Watching


It's easy for us fans to criticize the product because we have nothing to lose. We don't have business or personal relationships with anyone in WWE to worry about if we crap on the product. Different story when you're Mick Foley.

14 You Could Be Searching For Love


Not to be mean or make mass assumptions, but we've all met those wrestling fans who just make you shake your head and wonder how on Earth they made it through life without having somebody tie their shoes for them. Really this goes for all obsessed fans of pop culture but pro wrestling in particular gets some real charming creatures. Sometimes being locked up in your basement watching wrestling can make you forget the finer things of life, like love.

13 You Can Be Training To Be A Wrestler Yourself


If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. If you see something done the wrong way and think you can do better, do it! You can always give the old college try and become a professional wrestler by signing up at a wrestling school. Storm Wrestling Academy and the Wild Samoan Training Center are two renowned schools headed by former pro wrestlers and the WWE Performance Center itself is world class by all accounts.

12 Netflix And Chill Is A Thing


You've seen the jokes on social media, you've heard of the expression but yes, Netflix and chill is a real thing. Browsing through the vast library of titles from Netlfix and cuddling up with a partner while not so secretly working at another goal is certainly a better use of time than watching Sheamus hold a world title.

11 Daniel Bryan Probably Wrestled His Last WWE Match


Write it down on your calendar ladies and gentlemen: April 16th, 2015. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd versus John Cena and Daniel Bryan. The match which very possibly could be the final match Daniel Bryan has in the WWE.

10 Just Look At The Current Main Event Feud


Personally this was what did it for me. Survivor Series was the WWE's chance to hold on to me as a fan by giving me a heel turn from either Dean Ambrose or better yet Roman Reigns and giving fans a feud between former best buds turned enemies. Unfortunately, Sheamus had the Money In The Bank briefcase...

The problem isn't the in-ring talent of these guys as I think Sheamus is one of the best big men the WWE has on their roster. The problem is that Sheamus was doing absolutely nothing since winning his MITB contract and Roman Reigns' promos still make me change the channel. Neither of them have heat, the worst possible situation for a main event program.

9 Your Favorites Are Staying Where They Are


Here's a rundown of some of the more popular wrestlers from the internet and a large section of WWE fans in general: Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, Cesaro and Stardust. All immensely talented performers who have done nothing but languish as a result of WWE's incompetence.

8 Divas Revolution Has Been A Scam


We as a collective fanbase collectively exploded with joy on July 13th, 2015 when Stephanie McMahon came out and introduced Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks to the main roster. Together, they kicked the asses of Alicia Fox and The Bella Twins. It seemed too good to be true the Divas Revolution was here! Oh yeah, it was too good to be true...

7 Competition Is Good For The Business


As legendary wrestling figures like Jim Ross have pointed out over the years, WCW was absolutely critical for WWE's success in the late 90s. Having another company breathing down their neck forced WWE to adapt and make changes to their product lest they be left behind.

6 You Don't Have To


Quite simple ladies and gentlemen, nobody is telling you to watch WWE. Really. This might seem like a stark revelation for some people, but Vince McMahon isn't actually in your living room screaming "DAMNIT I'M VINCE MCMAHON AND YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ROMAN REIGNS' PROMOS!" Don't go on a wrestling news site to complain that tonight's episode sucked for the fifth straight week in a row. Instead, wake up from your McMahon hallucination and realize that you have freedom of choice. In the words of the Sir Big E: DON'T YOU DARE BE SOUR AND FEEL THE POWER!!!

5 Other Companies Are Trying Something Different


While WWE is undoubtedly the biggest provider of professional wrestling in the world (even if they don't want to admit it), there are other companies who are trying to add new things to an admittedly dated form of entertainment.

4 It Could Force Vince McMahon's Hand


Spoiler alert: Vince McMahon has a massive ego. Despite evidence to the contrary, McMahon in his own mind believes that he knows what today's audience wants to see. This includes scripting Roman Reigns promos to include such timely references like "sufferin succotash" and Jack and the Beanstalk storytelling. But why would he? Their net revenues climb every year so why bother changing it?

3 It Used To Be Much Better


It almost hurts to write this slide over and over again like I did in other articles but it bears repeating here. WWE used to be so damn good. The Attitude Era had its fair share of problems, I will be the first to say that, but there was also so much damn good about it.

2 Many Other Options On TV

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

One of the constant struggles faced by myself every Monday night for the past few months was to either watch Monday Night Raw or watch Gotham on Monday nights. To be honest, I chose Gotham most of the time.

1 Nothing Will Change If You Watch


If you want something to change, you have to start doing something different. We see comments all the time that if so and so wins the title we'll stop watching or we're not gonna watch until such and such happens. Maybe though, it is time to really stop.

Think about it. We need to be the proactive force by boycotting the company who has repeatedly ignored our cries for change and continually shoved their chosen ones down our throat and have stuck to same damn formula for years. Well WE are the WWE Universe, and we're not gonna take it anymore.

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Top 15 Reasons You Should Stop Watching WWE