Top 15 Reasons You STILL Hate John Cena

"Your time is up, my time is now. You can't see me, my time is now." The main words we'll always remember WWE Superstar John Cena by. The long-time face of the WWE has captured millions of hearts f

"Your time is up, my time is now. You can't see me, my time is now."

The main words we'll always remember WWE Superstar John Cena by. The long-time face of the WWE has captured millions of hearts from wrestling fans across the world. Despite this, there are a lot of debates as to what his ideal future holds within the company.

On one hand, he's become a modern Hulk Hogan. His endorsements, messages to the fans, ability to bring them to their feet, and major face character has made him an icon of the industry.

On the other, he's been the main star for more than a decade and hasn't changed his character up at all. Many fans believe he's been overused for far too long and unless something drastically changes, he'll go out a dying breed.

Consider me with the latter. I enjoyed watching Cena for years in the WWE, but for the past five years, it's been the same old repetitive storylines. Cena loses a title, comes out to pump up the fans, and finds a way to recapture his championship somewhere down the line.

I don't hate Cena, but I know many long-time WWE fans have grown tired of him, and it's easy to see why.

Cena is going to go down as one of the top-five Superstar to ever perform in a WWE ring when he retires, but it'd be great if he could sustain that momentum of a Hall of Fame Legacy instead of jumping the shark and going for too long.

Whether that happens remains to be seen. All we know is that a lot of people cannot get over their hatred of Cena, and it's easy to justify that.

Here is why WWE fans STILL hate John Cena.

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15 He's Always Champion


Can someone let me know, since his first WWE Championship in 2005, how long John Cena has gone without a title?

We've seen guys like Triple H, Undertaker and Randy Orton provide awesome storylines even though for the past few years, storyline production has not been top notch. However, there's Cena. Every. Single. Time.

Cena's won the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship 15 times as well as the United States Championship 5 times. Is it just me, or is that excessive?

14 His Spinner Belts


Maybe if you were 5 to 10 years old like I was when Cena re-designed both the United States and WWE Championship to spinning models, you found it cool.

Then you grow up and realize it's the biggest piece of garbage concept that WWE came up with. Wow! One wrestler is so important that they'll make a classic championship look became an awful one?

I'll have a tough time forgiving Cena for introducing those belts.

13 Five Knuckle Shuffle


Something tells me this was entertaining and great to rise the fans to their feet for maybe five or so times.

Then, it gets horrible by the tenth time. Let alone the fact we've been having to see him do the five knuckle shuffle for more than a decade. It feels like a rip-off from how The Rock would center his opponent in the ring to deliver the People's Elbow.

Sorry, Mr. Cena. Your Five Knuckle Shuffle isn't exciting or cool anymore. Maybe you want to cut it out of your moves?

12 He's NOT Cool 


Some wrestlers have been able to play face characters while also being incredibly cool; the style of standing up to their boss, doing whatever they want, putting all the haters in line, and so on.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels (D-Generation X, anyone?) As well as Steve Austin had great feuds with Vince McMahon, showing that rules are meant to be broken and nobody scares them.

Cena's been doing that, but he's just not cool at all. No matter what slogans he uses, what taunts he does in the ring, he just isn't as awesome as you'd like him to be. There's at least 50 other wrestlers (past or present) who I would rather party with.

11 His Theme Songs

Like so many of his gimmicks, both of John Cena's self-made theme songs were really catchy and awesome. No, I don't mind him creating his own music, but I have a problem when it's awful and it's repetitive.

His old theme was very off-beat and he could not muster in the music with his lyrics.

His current "The Time Is Now," theme isn't the worst by any means, but he's had it since 2005 and it's time for him to get interesting again and change it up.

10 He Hasn't Changed At All


Hulk Hogan was able to be the lovable star who donned the yellow and red, then join the villainous nWo, then come back as his old self.

Triple H has gone through many gimmicks (Evolution's leader, DX, The Authority).

The Undertaker played a biker and has gone through different variations of the Dead Man gimmick. Randy Orton was able to play a young up-and-coming star from Evolution, then a major face, then a villain, then a face, and so on.

What has Cena done? Nothing. He comes out, uses his terrible insults and "catch phrases" and just goes with the same ol' gimmick that has been boring for years now.

9 He's More Focused on Hollywood


In 2015, Cena made more headlines and gained more notoriety for the films he starred in, instead of what he did in the ring.

This is a trend we've seen for many wrestlers: The Rock, Batista, among others. They become Hollywood stars and barely (if at all) make sporadic WWE appearances. At this point, Cena's more worried about his movies than WWE.

There's nothing wrong with that, but the WWE needs to stop treating him as a main event star if that's his choice.

At least he was great in Trainwreck and Daddy's Home.

8 He's Not Needed


I will give Vince McMahon and co. credit. For years, it was impossible to think of life without Cena. Fortunately, they're not bad at all.

Without Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns have emerged as new faces. Though I've made it known I don't agree with them as the major faces, they've become huge successes with the fans.

Cena's off-screen time has also pushed Brock Lesnar, The Wyatt Family, and the League of Nations, especially Sheamus.

When Cena returns, WWE may realize he's no longer needed. Which means the Cena show may finally end.

7 His Time Is Up


It happened with Hulk Hogan, it happened with Randy Savage. Same for Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Every WWE legend and icon hits a point where they aren't as appealing or special anymore. And Cena has been at that point for several years now. He's just not as special to Cenation as he was some years ago.

It's time for his career to start winding down, unless there's a new storyline to intrigue the fans. (Heel turn, anyone?)

6 He Made WrestleManias Boring


I'm sorry, I know this opinion is unpopular. But just about every WrestleMania in recent memory has been boring because you knew Cena was going to win or take part in the headline match.

In 12 career WrestleMania matches, Cena has won nine of them. He won the WWE Championship against JBL at Wrestlemania 21, beat Triple H for the same title at Wrestlemania 22, then Shawn Michaels for it again at Wrestlemania 23 and the trend continued.

He beat Edge and Big Show for the World Heavyweight title several Wrestlemanias later, then Batista for the WWE Championship the following Wrestlemania.

Then, he wrapped up his major feud with The Rock by beating him at Wrestlemania 29 for the WWE Championship.

Did anyone else get bored of this after Wrestlemania 23?

5 Better Superstars


The jury is out on whether or not Ambrose and Reigns will succeed as the future faces of WWE.

Lesnar, Triple H, and Undertaker will always be popular for as long as they wrestle. The Wyatt Family has become an entertaining heel stable, and Sheamus' League of Nations could see a major push too.

With Cena gone, more wrestlers have become much more fun to watch. Chris Jericho and A.J. Styles also have a great feud going on. The Dudley Boyz begun a huge heel turn, sparking new interest in their dying characters.

See a trend? Everyone is improving without Cena. If he stays around, these wrestlers become lost in the pile.

4 You Can't See Me


This doesn't need a lot of explanation, but I'll go ahead any way.

Quite frankly, we can see you, Mr. Cena. We've seen you headline every nearly main event for the past 12 years. We've seen you try to act so cool and hope your fans will stay for the ride, but it hasn't been that way for the last couple of years.

Please ditch the slogan if you hope to continue a successful career.

3 Attitude Adjustment


No matter what names Cena gives his finishers, they all suck: The STF, the Attitude Adjustment, whatever.

It's the most painless-looking finisher of all-time. I'd let him do the finisher on concrete if he paid me five bucks. The finisher sucks.

The name for it sucks and his way of trying to portray it as the most awesome finisher ever is just pathetic.

2 His Slogans


We've touched base on the "You Can't See Me," and how annoying it is.

What about the "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect," one?

"Never Give Up." "Rise Above Hate."

Yes, John. These were great lines for little kids to use on their elementary school bullies. But all kids outgrow it overtime. The best wrestlers keep one slogan throughout their careers, not come up with a new one every two years.

1 The Fans


Cena is so (un)popular that WWE ranked their number one fan chant as "Let's Go Cena, Cena Sucks."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you still enjoy hating John Cena the most! Half of the fans just love to portray him as The Rock, Steve Austin, or Hulk Hogan. Even though he isn't even close.

The other half like to realize how overrated he is and how his time as the face of the WWE needs to wind down.

The rivalry between these fans make your hatred towards Cena the most enjoyable.

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Top 15 Reasons You STILL Hate John Cena