Top 15 Reasons You Still Love Hulk Hogan

Say or do what you want about Hulk Hogan (I'm talking to you, Vince McMahon) but the Hulkster is by far the most marketable, loved, and accomplished wrestler in the history of the industry.

During the '80s, '90s, and 2000s, Hogan captured the hearts and minds of millions of people across the world. His in-ring ability, role model, and ways of reaching out to his fans made him the biggest icon in sports.

Sadly for Hogan, he and Vince McMahon haven't had a good relationship, and Hogan's had several departures from WWE, but none have been more controversial than the summer of 2015, where leaked racial remarks made by Hogan were made public.

WWE wiped out any mention of Hogan and his merchandise on their website, pretending he doesn't exist, which will never work because of the many wrestling fans' lives he was able to impact.

It's a debatable topic, but most would probably tell you that Hogan's received harsh treatment, considering he's gone on television, broke down in tears, and begged fans and everyone else for forgiveness in light of a huge mistake. Hogan said it best, that everyone makes mistakes and can't be judged for their worst one.

Some WWE fans may feel betrayed and upset by what Hogan said, but no matter what, most of them aren't going to be able to forget everything he did for the company, because he was just that successful.

Here are the reasons why you still love Hulk Hogan, for better or worse, for richer or poorer.

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15 His Moustache

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The handle bars moustache has remained the most recognizable part of Hogan, and no one has been able to pull it off the way he has.

Hogan has kept it for his entire WWE career, and still sports it to this day: A sign that he's always going to be Hogan, not his real-life persona, Terry Bollea. The fact he wants fans to remember him by the stache goes a long way.

Hogan's stache rivals the best of the best, including Tom Selleck.

14 The Red and Yellow

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When you see any wrestle donning the red and yellow, you instantly remember the first man to make those colors iconic in the industry. Hogan's yellow trunks which were followed up by his iconic yellow-red shirts and pants inspired kids who grew up watching him to wear those colors.

I'm sure many people to this day don the colors to look like their hero. And that will never go away.

13 He Knows His Mistakes

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The most annoying people on this planet are ones who blame everyone else for their own problems instead of being able to own up to their own screw-ups.

Hogan has said that he was a racist at times, and has begged for everyone to forgive him. He's done more than enough to earn apologies from anyone who he offended. He's not like Donald Trump where he runs his mouth and blames certain groups for every problem.

The people that deserve respect are ones who can own up to their own mistakes. What he said was wrong, but at least he can admit it and go on national television to say it.

12 He Loves His Fans

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Find me another professional wrestler, or athlete for that matter, who spends daily time on social media AND does everything in their power to ensure that their fans can meet them or talk to them?

Hogan's become one of the best when it comes to reaching out to fans. He often tweets or retweets a fan's message, and replies to fans' comments on his Facebook page. Most other athletes aren't entitled to doing it, but it sure makes you more likeable.

Hogan lets his fans know how much they mean to him, and that's a great thing.

11 Hogan's Beach Shop

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Similar to the last point, Hogan does whatever it takes to help fans...by owning his own shop that sells Hogan merchandise.

Hogan's shop allows any fan to email them any item that they want Hogan to sign and personalize. He encourages it frequently on his Facebook page, and sells hundreds of autographed pieces of memorabilia.

One of his workers is dedicated fully to making sure any fan can have their item signed by him. That's as classy as it gets.

10 Role Model

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Hogan was one of the greatest role models any sport had produced. He did countless commercials, and the iconic "Say your prayers, eat your vitamins," was a vital memory for any kid who watched him.

He trained incredibly hard to become a star, and didn't let the fame, money or power go through his head. Half of his character involved him building relationships with his followers.

How much did he love his fans? He's talked about how hard it was to make a certain career change...

9 Heel Turn

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Perhaps no moment in the history of pro wrestling was more iconic than his heel switch, when he joined Scott Hall and Kevin Nash to form the villainous New World Order (nWo) faction.

Nobody thought the Hulkster would turn to the dark side of wrestling, but he did that in 1996. It was just another way of Hogan showing that he would always do what was best for business.

Say what you want, but his heel turn took wrestling to new heights and paved the way for other stars like Sting to take over.

8 Social Media

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We have touched base on this, and we all know how much he talks to his fans, but Hogan does more than that.

He has one of the most entertaining Twitter and Facebook accounts. He's constantly promoting journalists' work off various websites, he posts hilarious and insanely cool photos of himself back in the day, and posts many tributes to wrestlers like Roddy Piper and Andre the Giant.

I find myself going through his accounts frequently because of how great of a job he does of running them. So should you.

7 The Shirt Tear

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It's anyone's dream to be as tough as Hogan, and to do that, they have to know how to tear their own shirts in half like Hogan did.

Okay, so it's not incredibly hard to do, but it was arguably the most iconic characteristic that Hogan did. Coming out into the ring, and tearing off his shirt may be the coolest thing any wrestler ever did. And thousands of fans screamed any time he did it.

6 He's Been Through A Lot

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People need to sympathize Hogan for all the hardships he's had. As we've said, he's been let go multiple times by McMahon, had WWE do their best to ensure everyone forgot about him, and way worse.

His son, Nick, was in a serious automobile accident years ago, where he and three friends got into serious accidents, with one of them requiring full-time care now.

Hogan also lost a ton of fortune with his first wife Linda, and is in a major lawsuit over a leaked tape. Hogan has never had it easy, and people need to admire him for picking himself up over and over again.

5 His Marketing

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Who can forget all the commercials Hogan did? All the toys and merchandise made for him?

Say what you want about his Pastamania at the Mall of America, but Hogan was able to promote himself like no other wrestler. That was strongly appealing for children growing up.

He put himself and wrestling on the map with all of the endorsing he did. Where's the respect?

4 His Rivalries

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Hogan's rivalries with Vince McMahon in the early 2000s were great: McMahon played the arrogant, no-good boss that all the fans hated. Hogan constantly came out to humiliate him in front of the fans, which provided good humor.

Everyone wants to see the bad guy lose. His win against Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania, and feuds with The Rock, among others, made fans love him. No one played the hero role like Hogan did.

3 His Legacy

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A two-time Royal Rumble winner, major star in TNA, WCW, and WWE, and Hall of Famer did it all for fans. Hogan won countless championships in every major professional wrestling promotion you can think of.

Even if he didn't win championships, he had great matches against the likes of Shawn Michaels, Sting, The Rock, Chris Jericho and others.

His legacy is set, and no WWE Superstar will ever be able to come close to what he did. Fans can't forget everything he did for the industry.

2 His Character Changes

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Hogan was able to do what many Superstars couldn't.


He played the All-American hero as the guy who came out to save the day every time, but once that got stale, that's where he became the leader of the nWo, which may be the greatest wrestling alliance ever.

His Mr. America gimmick wasn't as great as he had hoped, but it still sparked some love from fans. As Hogan got older, he was able to find new ways to perform in the ring and entertain his fans.

That's something John Cena, the current face of the WWE, hasn't been able to do. Perhaps no other wrestler will.

1 It's Hulk Hogan

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Look back at the first 14 things on this list, and tell me you won't be able to love Hulk Hogan anymore.

Hogan has done far too much for everyone to lose love. He entertained, inspired, performed, loved, gave, sacrificed, and did everything in his power to bring wrestling to a whole new level.

You can't tell me that a couple of mistakes take away all of his accomplishment. It's not going to work, Mr. McMahon.

And you shouldn't let it get to you.

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