Top 15 Reasons You Will Always Love DX More Than The nWo

We have now drawn the line in the stand. "Are you Ready," to join the DX Army, or are you part of the New World Order "For Life?"

WWE fans will often come up with their decisions as to who was the greatest wrestling, and most of the time, you'll hear D-Generation X or the nWo.

Quite frankly, there isn't a right or wrong answer. The nWo gave WCW major momentum in television ratings for years, while DX provided fans with one of the most iconic shifts in history during the late '90s when they helped create the Attitude Era.

Needless to say, both factions featured multiple WWE Hall of Famers, both were reasons why their respective companies did so well in ratings, and both helped pro wrestling as a global powerhouse.

Hulk Hogan's memorable heel turn to join the nWo put WCW on the map, while the formation of DX brought a whole new level and form of entertainment to wrestling fans all over the place.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels re-formed the faction twice, while the nWo reformed countless times,  though none of the reunions between the nWo were as successful as the first.

Even though both groups were excellent in performance and entertainment, one has to think that DX simply deserves the advantage in most aspects. WCW fans may not have realized it, but there really isn't much doubt that DX had the better faction all along.

Here are 15 reasons as to why you will always love DX more than the nWo.

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15 The Cast

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Though Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are both WWE Hall of Famers, they were already legitimate Superstars as Razor Ramon and Diesel, respectively. Hulk Hogan made the nWo big because of his name.

Shawn Michaels was already a star, but Triple H didn't become a huge main event man until DX came along. Ever since the formation, the two men took their careers to the highest of highs.

Meanwhile, Chyna, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, and Road Dogg will always be remembered for DX. Without it, they'd be easily forgotten commodities.

14 DX's First Reunion Was Better

When the nWo officially joined WWE in 2002, it was a nice storyline for the fans, but it did not last long at all, eventually fizzling out in June as the group disbanded having never completed what could have been a major storyline.

When Triple H made an epic face turn by flipping on Vince McMahon in 2006, he and Shawn Michaels officially reunited the DX faction. Needless to say, it was just as good, if not better, when they were together for the second time.

13 Entrances

Nothing was more iconic than the Green colors and the "Are You Ready?!" theme song from DX.

Granted, the nWo's theme song and black-and-white titantron was also iconic for WCW fans, but honestly, there's no comparison here.

DX would always come out with attitude and a certain sense of cool, While the nWo walked out with their own attitudes on display, they never ended their entrance with an explosive crotch chop.

How much cooler can it get?

12 DX Rivalries

Here's what the nWo did, and it's what past WCW Superstars have stated many times during documentaries:

The nWo would grow larger and larger over time, and each time they appeared, they just beat up a bunch of wrestlers together. What is so fun about seeing 10 guys jump one?

DX, on the other hand, had all the rivalries you could think of: With The Nation of Domination, The Hart Foundation, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and even the McMahon family.

When it came to rivalries, DX had more variety while providing more entertainment.

11 Appeal to Fans

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D-Generation X was an awesome faction for all age groups, but when you consider how the wrestling industry appeals to teenagers and young adults the most, DX won.

Their ways of embarrassing their "bosses" and the vulgar angles were intriguing to the fans who were born in the '80s and '90s. DX just found ways to appeal to fans when it mattered most, but the nWo didn't have any of that whatsoever.

10 Making fun of Vince McMahon

My favorite two segments of DX embarrassing Vince were when they played around with his microphone in 2006 and when they dressed up as Shane and Vince as a parody.

But those were just some of the hilarious moments they had. Fans love to see the arrogant and smug McMahons get embarrassed by DX.

Meanwhile, the nWo's "boss" (Eric Bischoff) aligned himself with them, while Ted Turner never appeared on television for WCW segments.

9 Their Second Reunion

As we've touched base on earlier, nWo had multiple reunions, and all of them in WCW sucked to say the least. The one with WWE was a minor hit, but nothing spectacular.

When Triple H brought back Michaels to form a third DX union in the summer of 2009, fans knew they'd be in for a treat. DX feuded with The Legacy, then had a great run as Tag Team Champions, and then the Michaels/Undertaker rivalry was a great end what was the final run DX had together.

Whenever DX reunited, it was always exciting and they provided great moments. But anytime the nWo reunited, fans simply thought "Here we go again," with rolled eyes.

8 The Humour

Though WWE simply tries to have humorous angles, most of the time they just suck and fans ask "Who would even write this?"

However, DX was off the charts when it came to humour. All of their vulgar speeches, ways of embarrassing Superstars, and any other crazy idea they had always brought major laughter to the fans at home and in the arena.

The nWo, of course, wasn't supposed to be funny  but DX scores more points for being hilarious also.

7 The Chants and Motions

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The S*CK IT chants and crotch chops, although something you shouldn't ever say or do in any matter, became iconic in wrestling lore.

You may see some fans still re-enacting such motions today, and even though it's not an ideal situation, it at least shows how DX carried out their legacies. With the nWo, there isn't that catchy slogan or motion that fans could ever do to show their allegiance to the group.

6 DX Army

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This was another form of showing how they appealed to fans: Triple H and Shawn Michaels highly encouraged the fans to join their "DX Army," and that's how you promote your company.

Again, the nWo was villainous, so they weren't supposed to get fans on their good side.

But still, every fan wanted DX attire, and whenever they did their entrance, the arena was loaded with DX glow sticks. It just goes to show how much interest they got from the fans.

5 Championship Reigns

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D-Generation X dominated when it came to belts, despite having an alliance a fraction of the size of the nWo's.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H would both hold the WWE Championship while serving as the leader of D-Generation X.

Meanwhile, the nWo would see the likes of Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash serve as World Champion, which fans were tired of seeing.

DX title reigns were clearly more entertaining than those of the nWo.

4 Ability to Change It Up

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However DX performed, whatever storyline they were in, and whenever they reunited, they found ways to make it all work.

They had to fight in the Attitude, Ruthless Aggression, and PG Eras but never failed to succeed in any way.

They were able to transition away from the vulgar storylines in their second and third times together; and were able to perform even better in the ring each time they got together.

The nWo? Yeah, all it was: Reunite, beat up the other guys, repeat.


3 Always Exciting

Similar to the last point, DX was involved in multiple feuds but none of them were ever busts. They had multiple feuds with the McMahon family, and it was always enticing.

With their backstage promos and ability to make any rivalry exciting, it put DX over the top. No one will ever complain about their rivalries.

And a friendly reminder: Fans got bored of the nWo after two years as its constant reunions led to its downfall.

Meanwhile, DX were always on the cutting edge each and every Monday night.

2 Their WCW Invasion

This just goes to show how much more the DX crew cared about their professions than the nWo.

During a 1998 Nitro live show in Norfolk, Triple H led the "DX Army" tank outside an arena where WCW Nitro was taking place. Triple H called them out and was able to get fans to talk trash about WCW while attending their event.

Meanwhile, where was the nWo's invasion of WWE? Nowhere. DX wanted to win the Monday Night War more by doing intense moves like this.

1 They Won the Monday Night War

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The best way to determine whose better between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is to take both of them in their primes and see who would win one-on-one.

Unfortunately, that's impossible. And fortunately for us, we did see DX and the nWo go toe-to-toe in television ratings supremacy.

So here's how it goes: WCW is dominating, because everyone is living their nWo storyline. It's cant-miss television. But then WWE shifts towards the Attitude Era, and that means bringing in DX. The fans become far more intrigued, and over time, WWE wins the ratings.

You know the rest: McMahon wins and buys out WCW, taking in their wrestlers. And that's because the nWo was all Ted Turner had, and it became a huge waste of time after a while.

But thanks in part to the DX Army, WWE put an end to the Monday Night War.

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