Top 15 Recent WWE Victories That Have Meant Absolutely Nothing

Throughout our lives, we all encounter moments of absurdity that make us question our worth. The ruts we dig are often extremely deep, sometimes too deep to climb our way back out. And then we are left with nothing more than a nameless grave. The eternal dirt nap is real and a mere game of waiting. It is what we do during that wait that defines our time alive.

However, it is not uncommon to fall prey to eternal pessimism. Those who have worked countless hours only to remain in place and never move forward are justified in their unhappy horrors. They say "time is valuable" but we spend most of our time working just to get by and stay alive for another week. Life is rough and there is no real way to win its twisted game.

Which is why the feeling or worthlessness comes into effect. That sense of meaningless monotony. That everything we have ever done essentially means nothing. And that's where our topic of the day comes into play:

In WWE, there needs to be a winner and a loser. The fans pay to watch competition with a definitive outcome. Which is why double count outs or double disqualifications usually draw great amounts of heat from the live crowd. Such a result proves and settles nothing. The people want a winner.

The most meaningful victory in recent memory came at WrestleMania XXX when Brock Lesnar defeated The Undertaker and ended his undefeated streak. However, not all WWE victories mean as much these days.

For the purposes of this list, all entries will have occurred within the past five years. The wins that really didn't feel like much of a win at the end of the day; leaving one to wonder: how does the winner turn out the loser in the long haul?

These are the top 15 recent WWE victories that have meant nothing:

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15 Fandango Defeats Chris Jericho 

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This is probably an unexpected start to this list but let's begin with a match that went down in the shadows of New York at WrestleMania 29 where Fandango would compete in his very first 'Mania match.

And what better way to make your WrestleMania debut than with a legend like Chris Jericho? That night Fandango would emerge victorious over Jericho, who is always willing to help younger talent get over.

However, from there, Fandango went on to become nothing; rendering his big victory meaningless. And it's no secret as to why: the name and gimmick are stupid. Perhaps if Fandango were packaged in a different way, his match with Chris Jericho would have mattered.

14 Bad News Barrett Wins King of the Ring 

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The King of the Ring concept is played out and should be shelved indefinitely in WWE. Actually winning the crown has not meant anything to anybody for quite some time and that will not be changing anytime soon.

The most recent King of the Ring winner was Bad News Barrett. Needless to say, Barrett did not have an "Austin 3:16" moment following his victory or anything along the lines of that success.

Therefore, what does it mean to be known as King Barrett? Nothing. Barrett is not going anywhere. The top of the card is not a place Barrett will ever be allowed to experience which is a shame considering that Barrett is such a strong talent.

13 Curtis Axel Wins the Intercontinental Championship 

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In a very touching moment, Curtis Axel would win the Intercontinental Championship on Father's Day at Payback 2013 in a Triple Threat match that involved Wade Barrett and The Miz.

At this point in his career, Curtis Axel was going nowhere. However, the addition of Paul Heyman by his side and the Intercontinental Championship around his waist indicated that the future was bright for Axel... or so we thought.

Over time, the relationship with Paul Heyman would dissolve and Curtis Axel was soon left to fend for himself once again. After dropping the belt, Axel would never reclaim the title and never advance on the card. Touching victory indeed but meaningless all the same.

12 Cesaro Wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal 

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The inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal would take place in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX. The winner of which would prove to be Cesaro, a promising victory for the wrestler.

It appeared as though Cesaro was finally about to receive the push he so rightly deserved as he was paired with Paul Heyman in the process; certainly a beneficial pairing for any talent on the rise.

However, it would soon be made apparent that winning the Battle Royal was going to mean nothing for the career of Cesaro, who continues to find support from the fans but not those in charge of the company.

11 Dolph Ziggler Wins the World Heavyweight Championship 

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In a moment that should have taken place at WrestleMania 29, Dolph Ziggler would cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase the following night on Raw to win the World Heavyweight Championship from Alberto Del Rio.

The post-WrestleMania crowd provided a massive pop to the moment even though Dolph Ziggler was working as a heel. While Ziggler was not afforded that great WrestleMania moment, this was still something special.

However, Dolph Ziggler would find himself plagued with injuries and unable to be the champion he should have been. Eventually, Ziggler would lose the title back to Alberto Del Rio making his initial victory seem like an afterthought.

10 Stephanie McMahon Defeats Brie Bella 

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It had been many years but at SummerSlam 2014, Stephanie McMahon would make her return to in-ring action in a match against Brie Bella. Surprisingly, Stephanie looked great as she would pick up the victory, but why?

Brie would lose the match when her sister Nikki turned on her and sided with Stephanie; setting up a Bella feud that went absolutely nowhere and was quickly resolved proving that the match at SummerSlam was pointless.

If Nikki was going to be the reason for Stephanie walking out the winner, then her relationship with Brie should have effectively dissolved; providing a new twist to the otherwise bland twins.

9 Team Cena Defeats Team Authority 

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The highlight of last year's dismal Survivor Series event was obviously the official WWE arrival of Sting, who would aid Team Cena in their victory over Team Authority, thus knocking Triple H and Stephanie out of power.

However, this was simply a seed for Triple H vs. Sting at WrestleMania as the Sole Survivor of the match, Dolph Ziggler would benefit nothing from his victory and The Authority were back in power weeks later.

The whole angle didn't make sense anyway: why would Vince McMahon force the parents of his grandchildren to fight for their jobs? And why would John Cena be given the power to bring them back into position?

8 Randy Orton Becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion 

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Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2013 would be an "epic" night for WWE ... but not so much. In a TLC match, WWE Champion Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion John Cena would combine both titles.

The winner of the match was to be dubbed the WWE World Heavyweight Champion; a name not agreed upon by the WWE Universe. If you can recall: in a vote on the WWE App, fans decided to call the winner the Unified Champion.

This obviously didn't sit well with the company that is so "in tune" with its audience, as these familiar opponents did battle in a new setting in a match that really didn't make the impact that was promised.

7 Triple H Defeats Brock Lesnar 

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There is a simple formula to use when dealing with Brock Lesnar in WWE: "The Beast" should never lose. Lesnar is there to destroy, so allow The Destroyer to do what he does best and have him win all the time.

When Seth Rollins cashed-in Money in the Bank during the main event of WrestleMania, having him pin Roman Reigns for the title was the right move, as nobody technically defeated Brock Lesnar.

Therefore, what was the purpose of Triple H defeating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 29? Ego trip, perhaps? The win meant nothing for Triple H and made Lesnar look beatable. Bad move.

6 Batista Wins the Royal Rumble 

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When Batista retuned to WWE in early 2014, for a brief moment, fans were excited to see "The Animal" back in action. However, the reaction would soon sour when Batista's purpose was realized.

Batista came back during the rise of Daniel Bryan, the most organic fan-Superstar connection since Stone Cold Steve Austin. The return of Batista was doomed from the start.

Then along came the Royal Rumble, which was won by Batista much to the dissatisfaction of the WWE Universe. Eventually, the Daniel Bryan situation was rectified making Batista's victory at the Rumble meaningless.

5 Roman Reigns Wins the Royal Rumble 

via dailyddt.com

There are many who say that Roman Reigns simply wasn't ready to win the Royal Rumble at the start of 2015. Others attribute the negative reaction once again to Daniel Bryan.

Regardless of the reason, Roman Reigns would gain the opportunity to headline WrestleMania with Brock Lesnar; a match where Seth Rollins would emerge with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The fact remains that Roman Reigns' victory at the Royal Rumble lead nowhere, as the fans developed a great disdain for the chosen victor. Another simple case of ignoring the outcries of the WWE Universe.

4 Daniel Bryan Wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship 

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All this talk about Daniel Bryan being the chosen Superstar of the fans; let's dive into a meaningless victory for Bryan. The biggest win of his career no doubt, but one that would disappoint in the long run.

The closing scenes of WrestleMania XXX were great. Daniel Bryan had won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship over Randy Orton and Batista. WrestleMania is about "feel good" moments and this was certainly one of those.

However, injury and injustice rendered Daniel Bryan's reign virtually useless as Bryan would eventually surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, leaving an unresolved feel to his victory.

3 CM Punk Defeats John Cena 

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It was every wrestling fans favorite victory of 2011: CM Punk defeating John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank in Chicago. Followed up with the "kiss goodbye" to Vince McMahon.

The wrestling world was abuzz and the business felt as though it was about to get steaming hot again. Then the delusion wore off and CM Punk was screwed out of the gold by Kevin Nash; a ghost of the past haunting the future.

In hindsight, the CM Punk victory was a great moment in WWE history but one that didn't mean anything. Punk was never paraded as the face of the company because officials simply hated the outspoken wrestler.

2 Kevin Owens Defeats John Cena

via mirror.co.uk

What has been the most exciting moment in WWE this past year? It could be the Seth Rollins cash-in, the arrival of the NXT Divas, or perhaps it was a simple one-on-one victory over the face of the company.

Elimination Chamber: Kevin Owens - in his first official WWE match - would defeat John Cena with a clean victory. Suddenly, Owens was the hottest topic in wrestling as a real wrestler had finally arrived.

Then of course, Kevin Owens would lose the rematch and the rubber-match to John Cena; proving once again that nobody gets the better of Cena. The opportunity to catapult Owens was squandered.

1 The Rock Defeats John Cena 

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WrestleMania XXVIII: the biggest 'Mania main event in years as the "Once in a Lifetime" battle between The Rock and John Cena was set to take place in Miami. The score would finally be settled.

That night, The Rock would defeat John Cena in the generational contest, proving that he was the better man and everything would have been fine if WWE didn't decide to save face with The Face and even the score.

The following year, The Rock and John Cena would once again face-off at WrestleMania with Cena coming out as the victor. Why? The main event that belonged to CM Punk was simply a recycled match.

Evening the score has made this feud mean nothing. The Rock won and should have remained on top of John Cena as a rematch was completely unnecessary.

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